What Would You Pack?

Hi students and welcome to your blog!

This blog prompt has to do with summer reading, so you will choose one of the two summer reading books to answer this prompt. Be sure to give the title of the book and the main character’s name. The title of the book should be capitalized and enclosed within quotation marks. (While answering to the prompt, please don’t give away any spoilers in case someone wants to read your book.)

Pretend that you have been invited to spend a week with the main character of your book. Of course, you want to be prepared for the journey. Knowing what you know about your character and the story, what would you pack in your suitcase?

Some ideas to think about as you pack:

Setting of the book, time, and place…weather? (If the story takes place in winter time, what would you need?

Anything needed for survival?

What do you know about the action?

Think outside the box and be creative (no silliness)

In addition to telling us the items you are bringing, you need to explain why you are putting these items into your suitcase in regards to what you know about your character and the story. For example, if you are packing a flashlight, you need to tell me why (from the story), you would need a flashlight.

Safe travels wherever you may go!



Which One and Why? ~~ Summer Reading Choices

Welcome seventh graders to your first blog post of the year!

This blog prompt has multiple parts, so be sure that you answer all of them. Remember to proof for spelling errors, and you may self correct after submitting and posting by hitting the “reply” link under your post. I am always looking for the details and descriptions in your answers….the “why?” behind  your opinions. You must use complete sentences and write in paragraph form. You will not be able to indent your paragraph when writing in a blog to indicate a new thought or to indicate a response to a new part of the prompt, so just put a space between your (paragraphs) answers. (As I have done.) This makes  your comments easy to read.

Of The Graveyard Book and The Maze Runner, which one did you enjoy the most? For what specific reasons?

Describe your favorite part of the story of the book you chose. What is it about this part that you liked so much over any others? Be specific with details. Was it the character?  Or did this part make you feel a certain way?

You should always try and read some of the posts from your classmates. If you want, please comment on the posts of others……that’s how conversation starts! At the very least, be sure to check back and read my reply to you.

Who are Holling Hoodhood and Nobody Owens?

Welcome students to your first post of the school year, and to our first discussion on the summer reading choices, The Wednesday Wars and The Graveyard Book. I want to explore the two main characters of each novel, and so this blog prompt will have multiple parts that I would like for you to answer. I would suggest that you jot down on a piece of scratch paper all the parts of this prompt and use it as a tool as you write. Be sure to write in complete sentences, no text, spelling correct, and be as detailed and as specific as possible with your answers. Also, start a new paragraph every time you answer to a different part of a prompt, as you are switching to a new train of thought with explanation each time. (Think of how you would write it in essay form)

What words would you use to describe each of these characters? Based on these character traits, are you more like Holling or Bod?

We can say that Holling is a realistic character. Why?  Can we say the same thing about Bod?

How are these two boys alike, and how are they different? Think beyond the obvious.

Describe one favorite scene in each book that involves each of these characters and tell me why it is one of your favorites.