In addition to Mrs. Cobb, Skyler, and Jacob, have you ever noticed having an outsider near you? Maybe a new classmate, neighbor, or an acquaintance? Well, if you have, how did you react to the person? Did you show them around? Introduce them to other people and your friends? Most importantly, did you make them feel welcomed? If this is the way you treat outsiders, could you please respond to this post and tell what you do? I am sorry if this is similar to Skyler’s post.

-Victoria B.picture about post

Interesting “Outsider” Video

Sidney Poitier

In addition to Mrs. Cobb and Skyler’s posts, I decided to compile one of my own. Please take the time to watch this video pertaining to being an “outsider”. I hope you enjoy it. What were your thoughts of the video? Did anything stand out to you? Were you confused about any other material the video covers? Also, feel free to write any other thoughts. Thank you!


Witnessing an “Outsider”

In addition to Mrs. Cobb’s response, I would like to ask a few questions about witnessing an “outsider”. Do you ever see someone “outside” and help them come “in”? Do you not help because it would be a waste of your time? Also, do you ever get annoyed when you see one of your friends trying to be “inside” a different group?

Looking Inside The Outsiders

What do you think it means to be an “outsider?” Who are “outsiders?” Have you ever felt left out of a conversation, for example? What does it feel like to be on the “outside” of a social circle or situation? Please respond with details and specifics. After commenting on this post, if you would like to post another thought in regards to this topic for others to comment on, please feel free to do so.