From the Jamestown Settlement to the New York Tenement

Students, please take some time and visit the following interactive sites on the Jamestown Settlement. When you are finished viewing and playing through the sites, please answer the following questions below the last link.  You will be exploring Jamestown in Social Studies this week, and this blog prompt will be a good source of background information.

The Jamestown Online Adventure

America in 1607: Jamestown and the Powhatan

Jamestown Exhibit

Why is Jamestown important?

Explain three things that you learned about Jamestown from visiting these sites. Be specific so I can tell by your answers that you actually explored these sites.

Any thoughts on the interactives?

Tenement Museum

An immigrant to New York between 1890-1924 faced challenges similar to those of the settlers of Jamestown.

What did you learn about life as an immigrant in New York? Share three things you learned from this site.

Do any of you have ancestors who immigrated to New York via Ellis Island?

From The Jamestown Settlement To The Orchard Street Tenement

180px-JamestownsettlementSince you are learning about the Jamestown Settlement in history and playing a Jamestown simulation game, I thought I would offer a cross curricular blog prompt this week and post some fun interactive sites for you to visit on Jamestown which will hopefully add to your Jamestown learning experience.

Jamestown, Time Magazine This link takes you to a Time Magazine article and interactive tour of the James Fort. Follow the directions.

The Jamestown Online Adventure This is a fun interactive online simulation game. You will need Flash 7 or higher to play. Free download is there for you if you need to install it.

On The Trail Of Captain John Smith, A Jamestown Adventure Fun interactive game

Jamestown This interactive is from the History Channel and also requires Flash 8 Plugin to play. This is a great extensive site.

Please answer the following questions: Prompt 1

What do you find interesting about Jamestown?

Did you learn any new information from visiting these websites? Which site did you enjoy the most?

How are you doing playing the simulation game in history? Based on your game playing experience so far, what was life like at the Jamestown settlement?


Prompt 2

From Ellis Island To Orchard Street This is a great interactive website that explores immigration in 1916. Be sure the volume is turned up on your computer. You will become an immigrant and explore and learn what is what like to travel to America and start a new life in an unknown city. Follow the directions. You also will have help along the way to guide you on this journey.

What did you learn from this site?

What did you like best about this site?

Did any of your ancestors immigrate to the United States?