To Learn Is To Play

Texas Independence Simulation This is a great website where you will learn all about how the Republic of Texas was created. You will need Flash player for this. It is free and you do not need to sign in or login. Watch the movie The Road To independence and play the simulation game In Washington Town.

NASA Be A Martian This is a fantastic simulation game from NASA. It is free and again you do not need to sign in but can play on a Tourist Visa.

UPM Forest Want to explore a forest? Then this is the site for you. Turn up the volume to appreciate this site.

Stop Disasters! A disaster simulation game.

Students, choose two of the simulations for your response. You should visit all four, but your response should focus on the two you enjoyed the most.  All sites are free and do not require sign in or login to play. Of course, you can register for any of the sites if you want, and I believe by doing so would allow you to then be able to save any game content. Understand that if you are not able to view or access a site (like the WolfQuest site)  it is not because of the site, but due to how your computer is set up as far as hardware, memory, etc.

Please tell me what you liked about the simulations you played and what you learned. I am looking for specifics that will tell me that you took some time to go through these sites. So many of you asked for more game simulations, that I thought you would enjoy another week of fun and exploration.

Earth Day Everyday. Be A Poet.

GL-07 Store Glacier from Extreme Ice Survey on Vimeo.

April is National Poetry Month, along with Environmental Education Week and Earth Day on April 22. The video of the Disneynature movie Earth, the glacier video, and the interactive website links below are meant to get you thinking about Earth Day and all of its inhabitants, as well as ways we can go about respecting our environment and how to preserve it for future generations. We all can be doing something to raise awareness of our changing world and help make it a better and safer place to live.

Your task for this week is to write a poem either on Earth Day or our changing environment. In addition, I would like to know your ideas for ways we can help preserve and conserve the resources of the world we live in. Also, what interesting things did you learn from the websites below?

Electro City

This is a great interactive game from New Zealand. Let me know how you do!

United Nations Environment Program

Interactive atlas of the changing world. Follow the directions at the bottom of the atlas.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Interactive website

National Geographic Forces of Nature

Cool Interactive

Please check out the tabs (new pages) at the top of this page. There is an “elecam”  which is live streaming of the Elephant Sanctuary in Texas on Read Out Loud, a writing prompt on Think Out Loud, and on Speak Out Loud, video of behind the scenes with Grammar Girl.