Every Picture Tells A Story



Every picture tells a story, and that is exactly what I would like for each one of you to do. Please choose one of the images from above and write a clever, imaginative, and thoughtful short story. Create a title.  You must have a hook at the beginning to grab the reader’s attention and an introduction to let the reader know what he/she is about to read. Two paragraphs must follow which should include the details and descriptions, the heart of the story. The final paragraph should be the conclusion, which provides a satisfying ending to your story and one that leaves the reader with a parting message or something to ponder.

Your story must be four paragraphs, and I am looking for your best effort as far as content is concerned. Spelling and punctuation should be correct. Read over your story to be sure it makes sense. While I want you to have fun with this, I am not looking for anything silly. Work on getting your last sentence of each paragraph to lead off into the first sentence of the next; this is called a transition. Think of the book you are reading now in terms of how the words flow from one paragraph to the next. Your story doesn’t have to be exceptionally long, but it must include all the key parts of an essay and show your best effort work to receive full credit.

The Fun Theory