The Human Footprint and Track My T

Do you know what your human footprint is? Your human footprint is how much of the world you consume during your lifetime. Please visit the National Geographic website of The Human Footprint to find out how many of each item you consume during your lifetime and how that measures up with the rest of the world.

Explore each item at the top of the website and be sure to watch the “behind the scene” videos. There are photos to view too.

The Human Footprint

What interesting things did you learn about your human footprint?

Have you ever wondered how your favorite tee shirt is made? Track My T is an interactive website that shows you how a tee shirt is made from beginning to end. Click on “track a Random T” to begin your journey. Be sure that you explore all the tabs.

How was your journey?

What Is Your Human Footprint?

Footstep in SandWhen I refer to the human footprint, I am not asking you what your shoe size is, or how big your foot might be. In this case, the human footprint, ecologically speaking, refers to how much of the world you use in your lifetime.

For example: “When you eat an egg, you’re not just eating an egg. You’re eating the gas truck used to deliver that egg, the coal used to generate electricity for its refrigeration, and the resources used to boil, fry, or poach that yummy egg. And that’s your human footprint – how much of the world you use in your lifetime.” (http://channel.national

This is an interactive website which means that not only is there content for you to read and information to input, but also images and video to watch.

Please visit each of the ten items at the top page menu bar. You will be asked to input some info, and the results of that info will pop up on the right hand side. You will be surprised! Also, please watch the informative videos on each item that you can find by visiting “Look Behind The Scenes.”

Please visit this National Geographic site and answer the following questions:

I would like for you to write at least ten facts that you found most interesting about your human footprint. ( at least one for each item)

What surprised you the most? What did you learn about yourself that you didn’t know before?

Have fun!