The Hero’s Journey – Preparation for The Hobbit

Students, please watch this video based off of Joseph Campbell’s famous mono-myth of the hero’s journey. The different actions correspond to each hour around the clock. The graphic organizer that you will use as you read The Hobbit was created from this mono-myth.

Can you think of a book or movie (not Harry Potter or The Hunger Games) which you have read or seen that follows this mono-myth? Explain how it follows the hero’s journey cycle. One good paragraph and be sure to give the title of your book or movie. (Remember that the title of a book or movie is in capital letters.)

What Makes a Hero?

Students, this week we begin our journey into our hero unit. As you read The Hobbit, The Wizard of Oz, or Navigating Early, and journey with your character as he/she undertakes the quest that is meant for only him/her, you will begin to explore and question the qualities of a hero. This week I am asking you to think deeply and tell us who you consider to be a hero and why. I am not looking for you to talk about any family members, or silly superheroes (these comments will be deleted), but instead think back into history and current events. Miep Gies is someone I consider to be a hero for the giving of herself in the face of danger to do what she felt was right. You are not to use her.

What are the qualities of a hero? Who is a hero and how does he/she fit your qualities?

Comment on the video Boatlift with something specific that indicates you watched the video.

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A Holiday For A Hero…….Who Doesn’t Have One

ice_storm_047Students, we have many holidays that are dedicated to individuals or special people whose legacies we wish to celebrate. A sampling of some are Columbus Day, Presidents Day, and Martin Luther King Day, which inspired this blog post.

I would like for you to think about someone you admire who is not honored with a holiday. This person may be someone from history who is not currently being honored with a holiday, another famous person, a family member, or someone else you admire. (no classmates) Imagine that you have been asked to create a holiday for someone you feel is deserving of one.

Please tell me your definition of what makes a hero.

How does the person you choose to honor fit this definition?

In your response you must include the following information and tell me “why?”:

Name of the person to be honored

A title for the holiday

Date for the holiday

Songs or music for the holiday

Specific foods for the holiday

Holiday colors

Any special clothing, decorations, etc.

Survey Says…

What does the survey say? Well, as we know, a hero is someone who wholeheartedly helps another or others out of the kindness of his/her heart even if it is risky to his/her own life and health. In the past couple of weeks, there was a tragic event that ended up leading a man to be hailed as a hero. Who was the man and why was he so important? Also, can you think of any other people who are currently or have recently been viewed as heroes?