We Are What We Learn

Please watch some highlights from President’s Obama’s speech to America’s school children. After watching the video please respond to the following guided questions below the video. I will delete any comments that stray from the prompt and which discuss personal political views or attacks of any kind.

What stood out for you after viewing this speech? What lines or phrases do you remember?
What is personal responsibility? How are you responsible for your own learning?
What are goals? Do you set any for yourself? If so, what are they? Have you ever achieved something you set out to do?
What do you think makes you successful as a student and as a person?
What do you believe are the challenges of your generation?

After viewing the following rare video of Annie Sullivan and Helen Keller, what can you say about persistence, determination, learning, and the setting of goals?

The Miracle Worker

Who was Helen Keller? As we began our unit study on this remarkable woman and learn about her early life through the reading of The Miracle Worker, a play by William Gibson, I would like to start off discussions by having you explore The Helen Keller Kids Museum Online.  This is a vast site with a wealth of information including images and videos, which will provide you with good background knowledge of Helen Keller and her amazing life’s journey. If anything else, it will show you what determination and will can do when faced with life’s greatest obstacles.

Please answer to the following two prompts:

1. When exploring the above website, what information has an impact on you? Why? Do not tell me about two things. I am looking for a response that shows effort and depth of thought, and one that shows you took time to go through the site.

2. Which do you think is a greater disability – the loss of sight or the loss of hearing? What severe problems does the loss of either faculty create? How could someone who has lost both senses learn about the world and become a literate adult?