What if Adults Started Acting Like Children?

Hi Students!

For today’s blog post, follow these three steps:

  1. Read the poem handout titled: Growing Down by Shel Silverstein. Do not mark on the handout as it needs to be collected at the end of class.
  2. Watch the video below titled: If Adults Acted Like Toddlers (Video is on a Google slide so be sure to click on Present to view.)
  3. Answer the following questions:

What would it be like if the adults in your life suddenly started acting like children?

What traits do you attribute to childhood?  If you have a short funny story about when you were young, feel free to share! 🙂

Do you think there are some childlike traits that adults should adopt to lead happier lives? If so, which ones?

One good paragraph…watch sentences and punctuation

LInk to video via Google Slides


Be the Designer

Welcome to your class blog, sixth-graders!

This week’s post allows you to be creative and inventive. Let your imagination run wild!

Your job is to design a new, more efficient storage system to replace the lockers in your middle school.

You should include the following criteria in your design:

Must be able to lock in some way

Must have some student identification

Must have the capability to store books, book bag, etc.

What would your new storage system look like?

Where would it be located?

What would you call it?

Anything else?

One good paragraph. Remember to use complete sentences, punctuation, and as much correct spelling as you can.


Which Book Character is the Most Upset?

Hi Students!

Follow the directions on the prompt. Take into consideration ALL of the characters from ALL of the books that you have read so far this year. Think! Which character would be most upset with how the author portrayed or dealt with him/her/it? Remember to back up your ideas with what you know from the story.

One good paragraph. Watch your sentences, spelling, and punctuation. Be creative!

Be sure you mention the character’s name, and the title of the book (the important words) should be in capital letters.


Create a Terrifying Creature


Follow the directions on the image. In addition: State your creature’s name (yetishark) or (explain the name if you modify the parts: sheti) and why the combination you chose is the most terrifying. Describe any special qualities/characteristics of your new creature and what your new creature does.

As always, begin with a creative lead in sentence and conclude with something thoughtful. One good DESCRIPTIVE paragraph. Let’s see some commas!

Who Stole Frosty’s Nose?


A terrible crime has been committed! Someone stole Frosty the Snowman’s nose! You say you didn’t do it but, how do we know for sure?

Write your very best alibi explaining your whereabouts and how you couldn’t possibly have stolen Frosty’s nose. Be very persuasive…otherwise…

One good paragraph. This is a persuasive write, meaning you need to be very convincing with your reasoning. Good luck!

Have a very fun holiday break, safe travels, and see you in 2018!!