60’s Day Reflection ~ Choose One To Write On

Students, please write a one paragraph reflection on your 60’s Day experience. What were the highlights of the day for you?

What are some things that stood out for you from the sessions with Mr. Collins, Mr. Hodgson, and Mrs. Grau?


Choose one of the creative writing prompts to write on and follow the directions. Be detailed and creative. If you choose to write on the hipster princess prompt, just write a summary of what your story would be.





Seventh Graders Rocked The 60’s ~ Oh Yeah!

Williams Advisory from Amy Cobb on Vimeo.

Idinge Advisory from Amy Cobb on Vimeo.

Hodgson Advisory from Amy Cobb on Vimeo.

Cobb Advisory from Amy Cobb on Vimeo.

Collins Advisory from Amy Cobb on Vimeo.






Students, what a blast from the past!
Please reflect on this day as a whole and tell us your thoughts.
Also, tell us one thing you learned from the mini sessions on the Peace Corps, segregation, and Mrs. Grau’s life in the 60’s session. What did you think about 60’s style dancing? And finally, hard to make a music video, huh?

Seventh Grade Rocks Out On 60’s Day!


What a great day!

Please answer the following questions about 60’s Day:

What did you like best about the day?

Please reflect on each of the stations you visited telling me somethings you learned at each rotation and what you liked about each one.

Do you have any ideas on how the seventh grade team can make 60’s Day even better for next year?

What are your thoughts after seeing the movie? Which character do you like the best and why?

Any final thoughts?