What if Adults Started Acting Like Children?

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For today’s blog post, follow these three steps:

  1. Read the poem handout titled: Growing Down by Shel Silverstein. Do not mark on the handout as it needs to be collected at the end of class.
  2. Watch the video below titled: If Adults Acted Like Toddlers (Video is on a Google slide so be sure to click on Present to view.)
  3. Answer the following questions:

What would it be like if the adults in your life suddenly started acting like children?

What traits do you attribute to childhood?  If you have a short funny story about when you were young, feel free to share! 🙂

Do you think there are some childlike traits that adults should adopt to lead happier lives? If so, which ones?

One good paragraph…watch sentences and punctuation

LInk to video via Google Slides



  1. My life would turn into a complete disaster if parents turned into children. There would be messes every where. My mom would be jumping on her bed and on the couches ( my mom hates it when people jump on the couches). My dad would run to the fridge and pull out some ice scream or some peanut butter and eat it with their fingers. They would respond in “no” to about everything. They would want to sit on the ground and just laugh and play with stuffed animals. I don’t think that my dad and mom should adopt some kid traits. My parents are pretty chill so it’s fine.

  2. If adults started acting like children everything would be out of control. Adults are responsible for many things and if they act like children it would be a disaster. Adults have to pay bills, make dinner, drive us to school and if they act like children they would have a tantrum every time. Instead of making dinner they would just say no. Once the dinner is on the table they wouldn’t care about anyone and try eating all the food. Some characteristics of a child are them always being careless. They always act like everything is theirs and they don’t listen. Children are very dependent of their parents and if the parents didn’t act responsible they would go crazy. Adults have a lot of stress in their lives and some things that kids do would make them happier and create a happier life. Some things they should do is try to have fun. Adults should try and have fun because you can’t always live your life being stressed out. It wouldn’t be good if they completely act like a child but if they have fun with things it wouldn’t hurt.

  3. If the adults in my life acted like children there would be lots of issues. For example if my parents were toddlers I would have to make my own food, walk to school, make money somehow, deal with all taxes and finances, and take care of them. Some traits toddlers usually have are they are usually very needy and irresponsible. Most things toddlers say are mine and no. I definitely do not think adults should adapt any childlike traits because they still need to be responsible and act their age. Most toddler traits aren’t good for any adult to have in my opinion.

  4. If adults started acting like kids it would be funny at first but then get annoying after a while. It would also be freaky because it’s not what we would expect. After a while our world would get a little chaotic because they are a lot me responsible than kids and they are smarter than us in situations. When I was little I would use to put my parents clothes on and act like them. I would also climb on to everything trying to freak them out. If adults could have a trait that a five year old has I would want it to be stress less. Kids don’t have any stress which makes life better and more fun. When we’re going to see something or have plans my mom is very stressed on getting us out of the house on time.

  5. My whole entire life would be over, in many cases. This is because I wouldn’t have food to eat. I also would have to get my own job at 12 years old a make a living. Having a job means school would be hard to get to indicating that I would stay at the same job forever. I would be living in a shack eating ramen noodles, I would in fact be in survival mode. One of the traits I had when I was little was was not doing something I didn’t want to do. So as I called it I bunkered down. Which was pretty much pulling the covers over me and not going out. Although it did lead to lack of oxygen. I semi think that childlike characteristics do lead to happier lives, because like playing games is ok and fun but not jumping up and down on the couch.

  6. It would be very odd if all the adults in my life acted like children. If my mom acted like a child then I wouldn’t the up for school in the morning. I would also no get help on any of my homework. It would be a crazy world if adults started to act like little kids. I attribute laughing to a little kid and I think of not really caring about anything. I also think about keeping things to them selves and if something is wrong then they wont tell anybody. I relate to that a lot. When I was younger my parents told me to not touch a razor. I of course said yes I won’t touch the razor. That night I completely disregarded my parents advice and touched the razor on my thumb. I was yelling so much and my parents wanted to see and I wouldn’t show them my finger. It was only a small cut and I blew it out of proportion. I don’t think adults should adopt anything about a child.

  7. If the adults in my life started acting like children then it would be a catastrophe. Many of the important job are controlled by adults and no one would be able to control it because they don’t have the knowledge and characteristics to do it.They would want a lot of attention and the older kids would have to be the “grown up.” The adults that turned into kids would almost never listen. They would also have many tantrums and not be very patient or wanting to give up their toys. When I was younger I would grab the camera and video everything including my brother who never liked it and told me to stop, so then I went to my mom and she told me to give it to her but I kept running around the room not giving it to her. They should not care much about everything like work because they always stress about something and they are just gloomy and sad for the rest of the day.

  8. If adults started acting like children, we would have to be the ones to do everything around the house. I would have to do all the cooking, cleaning, and bills. In that case, my whole family would starve in a filthy house with the power out. I wouldn’t want my parents to become full on kids, but there are some traits I wish they could have. I would want my parents to enjoy playing video games or shows I like. I feel that if more adults acted like children they could have a happier life. For example, if adults liked to play games or outdoors, people would be more active and encouraged to exercise.

  9. If adults were children then the world would end if most adults acted like children because chaos would spark. I would be fun for the first few days because you have more people to play with and less people to force you to do things you don’t want to do. Then society would fall apart because people would refuse to work. When people don’t do their jobs a chain reaction could occur. Then society would fall on its face and the world would be filled with uncontrollable people going crazy. I do not have any stories to share but I do know how little kids act. Little kids are uncontrollable, picky, spoiled, and have no knowledge. Adults could be more open minded and less serious when playing with their children.

  10. If adults started acting like children then the children in our lives would have nothing to learn from. Adults with children in their lives need to set a good influence for the children. If adults have no knowledge about any responsibility or memories in their lives how can they raise children the right way? A childlike thing that adults need to bring into their lives is learning to forgive children forgetting items. At school I was having a meeting with a teacher in the morning and she forgot her phone at home. When she came back into the meeting she said she doesn’t blame kids for forgetting iPads anymore.

  11. If the adults I see often/ daily started acting like children, they’d probably be extremely stubborn. Their answer to just about everything would be no. It’d also be harder for them to focus, and they wouldn’t take adult situations seriously. For example, driving. They’d probably pay no attention to the road signs, speed limits, stop lights, etc. They probably wouldn’t even know how to start the car!

    Most children when they were younger were known to have no fears. Personally, I never was scared of anything unless it was something logical like a bear chasing me or something. When I was younger, I was overly generous. I would make money a lot from finding it around my house, the neighborhood, parks, etc. Whenever I’d give my money to my parents, I never wanted them to pay me back, I just gave money to them because I wanted to be kind. A funny story that happened when I was younger was, I was either mature for my age, or sneaky. I used to empty the laundry bin since it was one of those long and wide laundry bins, get inside them, and roll across the floor.

    I do think there are some childish traits that adults should have. For example, being fearless. I think everyone should always have this trait because fear makes it almost impossible to face your fear.

  12. It would be weird and scary. Scary because who would pay the bills. I know how to cook but it would still be very strange. Some traits are loud, crying a lot, curious, and happy. I think my parents should take a break and just have fun because they always work.

  13. If my parents started acting like kids I would be in charge but I would be scared because who will pay the bills. Who will cook dinner cause I can tell you i’m not. I would also be happy because I can do what I want. When I was young this was hilarious so my dad and I were playing catch with a baseball. Then there was one throw it was going off the side and I ran and dove to catch it but when I dove I looked down and I saw the ocean beneath me I fell over the seawall. I was 5 and He said not to go and get but I went and got it. I think adults should still be like fun letting the kid do stuff they want then the adult will be happy that their kid is having fun.

  14. If the adults in my life started acting like children things would go down fast.Everything would be out of order and things would be crazy because my brother and I would be running the house.We would have to cook, and do the things they do and that would not go well.When I was a younger I was crazy.I was always hyper at home and I would drive my parents crazy.A weird thing I would do is whenever I did not want to go to school I would vomit in the car on the way so we had to turn back, and my parents would think I was sick.I was also really annoying to my brother and I would drive him nuts to.For adults I would just say to enjoy the little things, be curious ,and just be happy.

  15. If adults started acting like children it would be very strange. Imagine going walking into your parents room and seeing that your mother pooped themselves. Also I don’t know how to take care of toddlers so that to is a big issue. There would be always need stuff and try to boss me around. They would also need to be supervised all the time which would be hard when I have school. I do think adults should be free and not always have something like work to do

  16. If adults started to act like children then the world would be a very crazy place. Adults would not be able to pay bills, therefore they would be kicked out of our house. Parents would not be able to drive their to school, so kids would not get an education. Toddlers are very helpless and curious. Children are unable to do many tasks for themselves. When I was young I refused to take off my princess crown for almost a week. My parents tried to take it off, but when they did I would scream and cry. Children are not introduced to dangerous thinks like drugs, guns and (e.c.t). If adults were not introduced to dangerous items then I think the world would be a happier, safer place.

  17. My life would be a complete mess if all the adults in my life suddenly started acting like children. I would have to switch rolls with them and get up extra early like they do and do everything like them. Then I would be miserable. This brings me back to a time when I was in pre school and one of my classmates spotted a monarch butterfly and when it came closer to our level they decided to smash it down and kill it on a slide in the playground. Once they realized what they had done they came out of no where and started ball out crying because it was spots in the palm of their hand. Crazy experience. I think adults could start seeing things in a kids point of view sometimes about things.

  18. If every adult in my life started acting like a toddler it would be awful! I would have to look after them and make sure they didn’t get into any trouble. I would have to make all the food and drinks and if they didn’t like something I would have to fix it. It would be so crazy because they would keep pestering me about random things! The traits that I attribute to childhood are curiosity and adventure. I was very curious as a young child and I would go looking for things. I had a giant imagination and was always making stories with my toys, (I still do). I would always always wondering about things. My mom told me that I always kept running away and kept laughing and my mom would tell me that it wasn’t funny and then after a while I would go back up to hey and say “Is it funny now?” I was adventurous because one time I had a friend at my house (in England) and we climbed on top of roofs and then jump off them, I forget how old I was but it was around when I was 6 or 7. The childlike traits that adults should have are that you should always have a little fun once in a while. Maybe if you climb trees, go zip lining, or go to a theme park. Something like that just makes you feel young again. That’s what adults should have to have fun!

  19. If adults started acting like toddlers, then the world would be in danger because most kids don’t know how to cook, or work important jobs like the president and shopping market workers. Some traits that attribute to childhood are bossiness, being hyper, silliness, and being curious. I think that there are a few childlike traits that adults should adopt to live happier lives. One is having fun in general. What I mean is that adults should enjoy the small things in life like little trips to the park or even climbing trees with friends. Another one is playing games outside and embracing fun times with others.

  20. If the adults in my life suddenly acted like children this world would crumble. We need adults to act mature so that the world can run smooth. In this world we need a lot of improvement but at least it is not a crazy town. If my parents became children the house would not be able to function. When I was about three I hated needles. I still do tho this day but I was so terrified. When I went for my checkup the doctors had to give me a shot. Now I did not like this what so ever. I refused to let the doctors give me a shot so I hid in the corner. I screamed and cried in the corner. I tried to run out if the doctor’s office. Eventually I got my shot but it was a hassle. I think that adults should let go a little bit. Not be so stressed and take a breather. My mom gets stressed out all the time because if work. I say that she should just think about the happy things and let go of all the stress.

  21. If my parents started acting like toddler it would be chaotic. But the good thing is they won’t be toddlers for long because I would discipline them like they disciplined me. For example if I’m making them dinner and I say “don’t touch the stove.” And they touch it and start crying because it burned them . I will say “ So you’re not going to touch that anymore huh?”. One trait that attributes to childhood is the way I am currently and that is happy and optimistic about everything and not panic when something destructive heads my way. And one time when I was at a restaurant I threw a piece of bread somehow and it ended up going down a lady’s shirt. One trait that I think would lead adults to a happier life when they are younger. Is being optimistic about everything even though their life is turning upside down. Because if they downright panic about the problem and will resolve the problem in the worst way possible and reflect on it more than actually thinking on how to solve it. But if they are optimistic about it then they could handle that problem in a better way with more time and with a better outcome.

  22. If adults started acting like children I would be very mad and happy. I would be mad because they wouldn’t be able to get any food. But very happy to get all my parents money!! When I was young I threw bottles everywhere. I once even threw one at my mom. And I threw one out the window of my parents car. No parents shouldn’t adopt children traits.

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