What’s Your Favorite Sandwich?

Smoked turkey, hot pastrami or thScreen Shot 2015-04-21 at 8.33.36 AMe classic P.B. & J.? Spicy mayo, a drizzle of olive oil or pickled peppers? Sharp Cheddar, pepper jack or Gruyere? Toasted rye, sliced focaccia or a sesame-seed bun?

There are an infinite number of ways to make a sandwich. What’s your favorite?

In “Build a Better Sandwich,” Jeff Gordinier writes:

It is one of life’s nagging mysteries: Why is a sandwich you order at a restaurant so invariably and intensely better than a sandwich you make at home?

Is there some immense secret realm of sandwich-master knowledge that mere mortals have no access to? Why do you find yourself in the kitchen, pressed for time, bereft of inspiration, staring slack-jawed into the refrigerator and succumbing to yet another bland slapped-together calorie blast of cold turkey and mealy tomatoes on supermarket white? With every bite, you taste only regret.

To remedy that, we fanned out across New York City, where plenty of chefs (and butchers and bakers) are applying their deep-tissue understanding of flavor, texture and technique to the task of converting every sandwich into a midday marvel.

Fair warning: Making a better sandwich means avoiding the shortcuts. “People see a sandwich as so casual, so last minute,” said Gil Calderon, the chef and general manager of Meat Hook Sandwich and a man who gets swept up in very serious discussions of “textural play” and “temperature contrast.” “The best sandwiches are the ones that have a little more time devoted to them.”

— What’s your favorite sandwich? What are the ingredients? Is there any extra care required to get the sandwich just right? Is the sandwich something you make at home, or do you order it from a particular restaurant? (You may choose to write on a hamburger, if you want.)

— Do you have a simple go-to sandwich — something you put together quickly when you’re in a rush or have a craving?

One-two paragraphs. Must have creative lead sentence and concluding sentence. Reminder: Add those descriptive adjectives and adverbs!

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  1. I watch as the gooey mozzarella trickles down the side of the pressed bread. A chicken pesto panini. Inside the warm bread lies the chicken, mozzarella, and the pesto. Boy oh boy! You take the fresh pesto and lather it on the bread. Next, chicken is laid on top of the pesto. The mozzarella is then carefully arranged on the other side of the bread so the excess cheese doesn’t ooze out the sides of the bread. Finally, you combine the two slices of bread and lay the sandwich on the press. I prefer to make this delectable delight at my house.
    The go to sandwich for me is a simple roast beef sandwich on a potato roll. It is like comfort food. I prefer my delicious pesto sandwich, but a roast beef sandwich is good too.

  2. My favorite sandwich would have to be a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I like how it’s so easy to just get two slices of bread put the jelly on one slice and peanut butter on the other. I love peanut butter and jelly but I can’t eat if there is crust on the bread! It’s the easiest think to make if your in a rush just peanut butter one side jelly the other, and it still tastes good even if you made it in a hurry.

  3. The best wrap in the world is at Cheddar’s Grill. I get it with fried chicken, savory pickles, and shredded cheddar cheese, that melts down the sides, in a warm flour wrap. It is on a huge plate and there are four enormous wraps, in fact I can never finish them. It is also some of the best fried chicken I’ve ever eaten. At my house I could never made this wrap but I do eat lots of Nutella sandwiches, maybe too much. Sometimes I get sick of them.

  4. Don’t you just love a great sandwich. My favorite sandwich is a ham,cheese,and bacon sandwich with nothing else on it. The ingredients are simple ham,provolone cheese,bacon,and sub bread.The little extra something that makes my sandwich great is having it toasted. Having it toasted makes the cheese melt,and the bacon cooked.Its the perfect sandwich for me.I get my favorite sandwich from Firehouse Subs.
    My sandwich is pretty much the same at home except without the bacon. When I’m in a rush I just go-to a simple ham and cheese sandwich on white bread.

  5. Me plus sandwich equals gross, but a panini, well that’s another story. There is apparently a “difference” between a sandwich and a panini. My way of making it is very simple. I take a slice of Cuban bread and put some olive oil on it and stick salami and provolone cheese. Once it is heated the cheese melts down the sides of the bread. My panini is so simple that I think if I go out to a restraint they would say, “that may be a little to simple.” So yes, I make it at home because some restaurants think they are to “fancy” to make a simple panini. BTW restaurants you are not to fancy! The only things that make the panini inedible is, if it is not warm, the cheese is not melting, and if it is to oily. Sorry guys I guess I’m to picky, and FYI there is no difference between a sandwich and a panini.

  6. What’s my favorite sandwich? Well, it would have to be a Cuban sandwich. It has yummy
    Cuban bread, ham, roasted pork, melty Swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard. The bread is crunchy, and toasted it practically melts in my mouth with the cheese. I go to a restaurant to get a Cuban sandwich, because I could never make it so good as the restaurant does. But it is worth it.
    A simple sandwich that I could make in a jiffy is a grilled cheese. I can just put cheese on bread and put it on a pan for a couple minutes , and bam I have a delicious sandwich. When I have a craving for it a make it and I try to savor it. But I can’t, because it is so good.

  7. Mmm…The classic cheeseburger! My stomach craves a delicious beef patty and warm melted cheese between two fluffy hamburger buns. Cookouts are the best because I get to spend time with friends and family, and I get to stuff my face with as many cheeseburgers as possible. I don’t care how it is cooked, just as long as the cook doesn’t burn it! Since I can somehow manage to set a bowl of corn flakes on fire, I make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich when I want to eat a sandwich. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are good if you need a quick-to-make sandwich, but when I have time, I always opt for my favorite American classic: a cheeseburger!

  8. I hate Gorgonzola cheese. My favorite sandwich, an Athenian wrap, has grilled chicken, caramelized onions, warm lettuce, tomatoes, orange onion sauce, and, unfortunately, Gorgonzola cheese. This sandwich takes a really long time for me to make because I have to take apart the entire sandwich and replace all the Gorgonzola cheese with goat cheese. I use goat cheese because the cheese is a little bit tart, which makes the sweeter sandwich taste better. I have had many different versions of this wrap, but the only restaurant that makes it not taste too sweet is Acropolis.
    My go to sandwich is just a wrap with chicken, goat cheese, and a lot of salt, which is the closest I can get to a Athenian wrap at home.

  9. I’m a picky eater, so I prefer the ordinary ham and cheese sandwich. I can’t resist the seasoned bread with mayonnaise dripping down the sides, along with the provolone cheese layered with ham. Every bite is packed with delicious flavor that makes my day. I don’t understand how the chefs at restaurants make such better sandwiches than the ones I make. It’s also my simple go-to sandwich.

  10. Sweet Hawaiian bread, juicy ham, and Swiss cheese are the ingredients make the most best tasting sandwiches. These sandwiches aren’t very complex but they leave a sweet savory mouth watering taste in your mouth. These are simple to make sandwiches with only three ingredients, and there also my go to sandwich. I have these for snacks after school and sometimes before swim practice. This type of sandwich doesn’t have a name like a PB&J for example so I call them the HH&S which stands for Hawaiian bread, ham, and Swiss cheese, which is my very favorite sandwich.

  11. Have you ever wanted a sandwich where you have a warm, tossed, croissant, within it caramelized onions, cooked tomato with Brazil, warm cheese where it’s oozy in your mouth and you can’t get enough of it (preferably cheddar). Nice crispy lettuce, and assemble in this order and only this order, the bottom of the croissant, then the tomato, then lettuce, then the cheese, and last is the caramelized onions. That is my sandwich sadly I got this in Paris and haven’t found a similar yet.
    The sandwich I make in a fats emergency is a croissant with Nutella tested. This is a classic that I love most in my life.

  12. My all time favorite and delicious sandwich of all time would be the simplistic peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I prefer to make my own delectable delight. The ingredients to the simple/classic PB&J is Peanut butter and the spread out Jelly. Confusing right?I put peanut butter on one side of the soft white bread and jelly on the other soft side of the bread. I love the idea of white bread with the edges cut off into a perfect circle, or even better a heart shaped bread. People most likely haven’t tried a toasted PB&J, but don’t say ew before you try this… Also my favorite go to sandwich is the classic, nobody can hate… The oozing creamy Peanut butter and the swished across the bread jelly sandwich. I especially would love it with cut crusts and amazing Taste. Yum!

  13. Just thinking about it makes me hungry. My favorite sandwich is a tuna sub. It is on white toasted bread which makes it nice and crunchy. It also has black olives, pickles, tomatoes, and cucumbers. The cheese has to be nice and melty to give the sub a tasty flavor, it is American cheese. One important fact is that I will not eat it if it is not not toasted. I don’t make the sandwich at home I only get it when I eat out. When I’m at home, and make a sandwich the sandwich would probably be plain and simple on wheat bread it would be a turkey and cheese sandwich.

  14. My favorite sandwich is a sandwich from subway. It’s a rectangle tasty sandwich. It’s a toasted sandwich with tomato, cheese, lettuce, turkey, and mayonnaise. The sandwich is 6 inches with italian bread. I love the melted. mozzarella cheese on the warm bread. I also like how the lettuce and tomatoes stay cold. The mayonnaise has to be spread out across the sandwich. It’s a very good and fresh sandwich. It’s a perfect size for me and has a delicious taste. When I’m in a rush or when I’m starving, I make the classic grilled cheese. I like it heated up in the toaster so the cheese is melted and delicious. I cut it up in two triangles. It’s a simple and tasty sandwich that I can make at home.

  15. I taste sweet, tangy, and chocolate flavors in my mouth as I eat one of my favorite sandwiches. Delicious! My favorite sandwich that I can whip up at home is a nutella and jelly sandwich. I love the two totally different flavors in my mouth. I like it on white bread with the crusts cut off. It is super easy to make, just having to slather the two spreads on some bread. It is also super delicious to eat!
    My to-go sandwich is a PB & J. It is really quick, and has plenty of protein to keep me active. It also tastes really good whether I’m running out the door, or I have plenty of time to sit, and savor my lunch.

  16. I can already taste the salami and turkey on my tongue! Sandwiches are my favorite thing for school lunches or even just a quick and easy lunch at home. I am very picky with things like mayonnaise or tomatoes, so I don’t put any of those things on my sandwich. I have two favorite sandwiches that you might think are very plain, but I really love. My first one is from Subway, it has Herb & Cheese bread, turkey, bacon, and then you toast it. It is very simple. My other favorite is a sandwich that is simple and easy, so I make it at home. It has white thin bread that is toasted, salami, and turkey. I put this sandwich in the microwave and heat it up because I don’t like to eat the meat cold. These are my favorite sandwiches. They are very plain, but super delicious.

  17. All of this talk about food is making me hungry! My favorite sandwich is just a simple peanut butter sandwich, I really hate jelly. I usually have a peanut butter sandwich for lunch. I do not like toasting my bread, there is not anything I have to do to make it just right, but if there is way to much peanut butter I refuse to eat it! I only make my sandwich at home I do not eat them at restaurants I eat other types of food. When I am on the go I quickly make a peanut butter sandwich! It is really easy to make when your not that picky about it. That is what I make when I am really hungry but still very busy! Yum, I love sandwiches!

  18. Subway ham and cheese. Now that’s a sandwich! My favorite sandwich is ham, swiss cheese, and sliced dill pickles on Italian white bread. I only like this from Subway. It doesn’t taste good AT ALL when I make it at home. I get a footlong and usually eat all of it. I eat it plain. It can’t be toasted, pressed, or grilled. Since I can’t make it at home usually my go to sandwich is a simple peanut butter sandwich. I don’t really like jelly so it’s just peanut butter between two slices of bread. I can make it on my own which comes in handy a lot! So, the Subway ham and cheese and the at home peanut butter sandwich are my favorite two sandwiches.

  19. I get out the chopping board, the bread, the turkey, the bread knife, and the American cheese and prepare for sandwich time. I first get the hoagie roll out of the bag and open it up by cutting it with my knife, then I first put the cheese on to the bread. Then here comes the turkey! I double it, meaning I put on two layers, and then get my lettuce. I put the lettuce on as well and then close the bread and cut in half. I get some simple side dishes (or snacks) such as apples and chips. I put the delicious combination on to the plate and eat away. My favorite!

    I come in the door from school and immediately head for the kitchen. I get out the bread, jelly, and peanut butter and a paper plate. I get out a butter knife, and spread the peanut butter over the first piece, then the jelly on the second. I smash them together and cut the sandwich into two triangles. I sit down afterwards, and watch tv.

  20. Yum, I love sandwiches! I enjoy eating sandwiches, they can be plain or complex. My favorite sandwich is a turkey with lettuce on white bread. I am a picky eater, so my favorite sandwich is simple. I order my sandwiches from Publix. My sandwich doesn’t have to be toasted or anything, so it is made within minutes. Before soccer games, I have to eat protein in order for me to have energy, so I eat a peanut butter sandwich. Some people like their peanut butter sandwiches to have jelly, but I absolutely despise jelly. I guess you could say a peanut butter sandwich is like my go to sandwich in emergencies. If I were to choose a sandwich I had to eat everyday, it would definitely be turkey and lettuce on white bread!

  21. Your perfect sandwich, or “sammich”, as I used to call it when I was younger. You know the one. It makes your stomach growl whether you’re hungry or not. Whether it’s dripping with Swiss cheese or ripe with sauces, this is the sandwich you’d agree to anytime. I just made you hungry, didn’t I? Well, you’re not alone, because now I’m hungry too. I’m hungry for some BLT. But not just any old combo of delicious bacon, cold lettuce, and juicy tomato. Oh no, not for me. I go all out, adding cucumber slices, lightly toasting the bread, and warming the bacon so that it’s more melt in your mouth than burn your mouth. Well, I don’t do all that. The guy at Jimmy John’s does. I just tell him what to add. Then I savor it’s deliciousness, and wait for the next time I have an opportunity for another sandwich.

  22. My favorite sandwich is from a restaurant called Pom Pom’s Tea and Sandwiches, I know the name is strange, but the food is really good. My favorite sandwich from there is called Asian Barbecue Pulled Pork. It obviously has pulled pork, it also has scallions, and Asian Slaw. I get the sandwich on toasted sourdough bread. I have only been to the restaurant twice, but it is still by far the best sandwich I have had. I usually don’t make sandwiches at home, but if I do I make a grilled cheese. I just take two slices of bread and some mozzarella cheese and put them on the press. This sandwich is very good but I like the Asian Barbecue sandwich better.

  23. I’m not a big sandwich eater, but when I do eat them it should be something good, right? It should be so tasty that when you smell it you start to drool, or your mouth gets really dry and is begging to have more of the delicious taste in you. My favorite sandwich is peanut butter and jelly. It’s simple, I know, don’t judge. To be honest it’s really good. I don’t like having tons of stuff on my sandwiches, to complicated for me, so I’d go with the simple things. I like it without the crust, and to make it better I take out the peanut butter and add Nutella. One day for lunch one of my good friends came over with a sandwich in her hand. It looked weird and I didn’t want it but when she told me it was Nutella, I had to at least try it. It was so good that I kept wanting more of it. I love Nutella. Especially with jelly on a sandwich. Sometimes I’ll feel like the mouse from that book If You Give A Mouse A Cookie. If you give Ivy a Nutella and jelly sandwich, she’ll want something to drink with it!

  24. Everybody needs a good sandwich. Those days when you go to a restaurant, and you can just hear the bread toasting. Everybody has a favorite sandwich, so here’s mine! My favorite sandwich just happens to be a delicious meatball sub from subway. In my eyes, this is the all time best sandwich in the world. A large subway sliced piece of cheesy bread, with the juiciest meatballs you’ll ever see. On top of it I put some fluffy sprinkled on parmesan cheese, with one slice of melted American. This takes extra special care making it perfectly juicy. That is why I particularly love subway.

    When I am at home and want to eat a sandwich, I go to a simple ham and cheese sandwich. Though it isn’t as perfect as a meatball sub, it is still delicious, and very easy to make.

  25. Mmm… As I tasted the delicious Subway sandwich. I get my favorite sandwich from Subway. Now, in this tasteful sandwich it includes first you have to pick the type of bread, for me, I choose Italian Herbs and Cheese. Then second, I choose a savory chicken patty with American cheese on top. Third, i get my sandwich toasted. It’s more delectable when it’s toasted. Fourth, now for the actual ingredients. On my sandwich I put lettuce first, olives second, then I ask for extra olives, green pepper third, and last but not least the sauces. The creamy, yummy, and divine sauces. There are three kinds of sauces I put on my sandwich, and those are Mayonnaise, Chipotle Southwest, and Sweet Onion. And, there we go! That’s my favorite restaurant sandwich from Subway.

    My simple to go sandwich everyday is a Jelly Butter sandwich. In this carving home sandwich is strawberry jelly and plain butter. To make this sandwich, you first toast the bread. I choose white bread. After the bread is toasted, I put butter on it first, then I out jelly on it. And put the breads together and Bam! You’ve got yourself a delicious home-made sandwich.

  26. Take a guess! It’s something super quick, and easy to make… PB&J, of course. Blueberry jelly. But I’m not talking about some processed Smuckers jelly, like no. Trader Joes, or fresh market that’s it, I don’t get jelly from anywhere else. Anyway, as you may or may not (hopefully you have) known, it requires your choice of jelly, peanut butter, and your choice of bread. I personally like white. REMEMBER, YOU MUST NEVER, I REPEAT, NEVER OVER USE THE PEANUT BUTTER. That is a mistake commonly made by some people. You have to have the perfect balance of peanut butter and jelly, or else it’s totally NOT enjoyable. I’ve (obviously) tried strawberry and blueberry. I think the weirdest one i could possibly try is peanut butter and mint jelly, maybe the peanut butter will make it taste… Not terrible… I’m actually not planning on find that out anytime soon. Maybe I’ll just stick to blueberry…

  27. Turkey sandwiches are my favorite, especially from the Publix deli. I love turkey on white bread with white American cheese yum. I always get salt,pepper,and sub sauce, even tho it gets really greasy I always have a napkin. Whenever I go to Publix I beg my mom just to get a sandwich I love there subs so much. The satisfaction of the first bite is amazing all the flavor so combined into one mmm. As soon as I’m done I want another turkey sub but one is enough for one day. Bye off to Publix deli to get a sandwich.

  28. When the days not going right, or things are just not your way I turn to a Cuban sandwich. It’s hot with melted cheese all over the ham. With mayo, mustard, and pickles. But I mostly take out the pickles because they taste funny. When I retrieve it from the oven it’s all hot and melted. When you bite into it’s like a little peace of heaven. It just falls into your mouth and you can’t get enough. Um taste like perfection.

  29. I like a lot of different delicious sandwiches, but one stands out in particular. I enjoy eating Turkey sandwiches a lot. My favorite place to get them is at The Carvery, a restaurant at the Tampa Bay Rays stadium. I like a little bit of mayonnaise on my sandwich and I have it on rye bread. I also like ham and cheese sandwiches.

    My go-to sandwich is probably a ham and cheese. It’s an easy make and taste amazing. If I need lunch in a rush then I will probably make a ham and cheese. If I have a little extra time I might press the sandwich and have a hot ham and cheese sandwich. No matter what sandwich I’m eating, it always tastes good.

  30. My favorite sandwich is a weird sandwich it’s made with the usual ham and bread. After you get past the normal ingredients you add barque chip. I know what your thinking disgusting how could you eat that. Once you taste it you’ll want to eat it everyday, it will taste that good. All I’m asking is to give it a chance you won’t regret it. Let your taste buds into a world of adventure.

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