Girls – Kiki Strike – Which Girl Are You? And…Adding Yourself to the Story

Hi Girls!

If Kiki came and recruited you to join the Irregulars, it must be because you have something┬ávery special to offer the group. What is that? What is your unique trait or ability? Please don’t make something up! Think! You are all special and unique in your own ways.

Should you finish early, then you can do this:

Please open the Puffin browser (if you are on your iPad) to launch the following website. It does use Flash as it is an interactive experience. Have fun as you revisit each girl using their tab at the top. Then take the Irregular’s quiz to see which girl you are. Who are you?

Kiki Strike Website



  1. I would be chosen because I am calm and think things through instead of rushing to do something, and I am patient with other people. I will do the dirty work if I have to and with moderate complaining.

  2. I am tri-lingual I can use my ability to speak Polish, or French to confuse people. That would be one good reason that I would be invited to the Irregulars. I could trick people and get past them. Just like Poona did.

  3. If Kiki recruited me to be in the Irregulars, I would probably be picked because of my awesome acting abilities. This is because the Irregulars would need someone who could act like anyone they needed. I could speak in different accents or pretend I’m a completely different person! If the Irregulars ever needed someone to act like a monster to scare someone, I would be there for them, with Betty’s help, of course.

  4. My quality that the irregulars would recruit me for is the fact that I can make anyone look like anything! I have a huge makeup box that has everything from blush to eyeliner! I could make Miley Sirus look like Selena Gomez. I know that Betty would love me. I would love to meet Betty and share fashion ideas. It would be so cool to see all of the irregulars!

  5. There might be a password to get into a secret room, but no one would know what it was, except for me. I have a great memory. The Irregulars would need someone with a good memory if they had to buy a certain object or get to a certain address. I can memorize information really fast. They would be able to get into more rooms and explore larger areas, and I can help them make maps because I can remember where everything is . I could remember where a certain person is or where an entrance is to the shadow city. The Irregulars would be even better with me in it.

  6. If Kiki came to me and recruited me to the irregulars, she would probably recruit me for my fashion sense. I would know what to wear when rescuing someone, fighting someone, scuba diving, exploring different places, what to wear to look innocent, and a lot more things. I could get outfits from Publix to Pink and they would still be adorable.

  7. Theatre is defiantly something I would be recruited for. Kiki Strike may need an actress to assist her on a dangerous quest. A mission done the right way, should always include an actress. Using my acting skills I could pretend to be anyone I put my mind to. In Kiki Strike they needed an actress to get them into Sidonia’s house. They hired Iris who is an amateur, when they could have hired me instead. If I teamed up with Betty, we would be unstoppable. An actress and makeup artist could do extraordinary things. After all, You can’t completely play a part without a realistic costume. An actress would be an amazing addition to the Irregulars because pretending to be someone else can play a major role in a sneak attack.

  8. Kiki would recruit me because I am a KILLER baker! Ditch that cake mix, and let’s start from scratch! I could bake poison into my cakes and offer them to villains! Also, when the other Irregulars get hungry, I could bake delicious delicacies for them. Everybody loves my chocolate chip brownies with fudge sauce!

  9. Kiki Strike would probably recruit me be because I can steal and build things. I could steal money from people or I could build tools for the group. I could get molds of keys or get IDs from people.

  10. One day I was told that I was a great actor. Also that I am great a tricking people into doing things, like doing what ever I say. That can come in handy when we have to get something. I can convince somebody to get me chemicals for Deedee, and more fabric for Betty. Me and Betty would be best buds because she can make me clothes.

  11. I’m a great actor, especially on the spot. It’s a gift without it I would be in trouble every day. I’m also trilingual I can speak a different language to also confuse them. Just like Oona did, I can speak Spanish a little, fluent french, and english. I also am a fast runner and swimmer, so I can escape fast. I can also trick people into getting me things because I have heavy charm. I’m also great at makeup and costume change, I’m great at makeup and changing my appearance. Me and Betty would have a blast.

  12. Why would kiki want to recruit me in to the irregulars. Maybe because I can make people look like some one else with make up and face art. If they ever need some one to make Kiki or another girl look like a different person, so girls wouldn’t recognized her and chase her down. I would be the girl for that. I can also do really cool hair styles. So if they had to go to a special event or a party I could do their hair really quick and make it look cool. But still,why me?

  13. My special ability would be running. I can run fast and long distances and that might come in handy if the Irregulars ever wanted to deliver a special message to someone. It also may help if someone was getting away I could run after them. It could also help out if the Irregulars were trying to go somewhere important quickly. Running could help the Irregulars do all their daily tasks around New York.

  14. I could help the Irregulars by using my direction skills. I know my way around town and I remember streets, addresses, and phone numbers easily. This could help the group on their investigations because if we were lost in the Shadow City, we could find the way out and escape the darkness. If I were recruited to join the Irregulars, I would be able to remember important messages or secret maps. When Kiki leaves notes, or if we find messages, I can remember them. For example, there are many secret notes written by Sidonia’s people. I could remember them and then we could add up all the clues to solve our investigations.

  15. A reason why I might be chosen for the Irregulars is that I love science and math. Most girls that I know don’t like either of them, especially math, but I love both. I think that they are interesting because they both always have new things to discover, no matter how much people try to know all of it. People probably thought that they knew everything about Earth thousands of years ago when they discovered that the Earth was round, or when they discovered irrational numbers and pi, but now, thousands of years later, we still are not anywhere close to knowing everything about math and science. This fact fascinates me. I want to learn everything tat I can and more about these topics, and one day maybe discover something new. I think that me loving science and math and being curious enough to always want to know more would help the Irregulars in finding out more of the Shadow City, as I could maybe help them find secret entrances.

  16. A long time ago I learned that not everyone can read a eight hundred page book in less than four hour and remember everything that happened in it. Kiki would choose me for the Irregulars because I have a really good memory and I can read over one hundred pages of a book in about thirty minutes. This might come in handy if the Irregulars had to research something, but did not have much time to do so.

  17. If I was recruited for the Irregulars, it would be because of my fast running and loud voice. This would help for being part of the Irregulars because if they would need anything I can run and get it for them. My loud voice would help because if there were danger I could scream or yell to warn the others. I also can run while being loud. If they needed to send a message to one another and there phones might not have signal, I can use my speed to deliver the message. My voice could also be used as a warning because it echoes and if I want it to it pierce you ears. So, Kiki think about these reasons why I should be in the Irregulars.

  18. If Kiki Strike recruited me to join the irregulars, it would be for my typing. I’m a fast typer so if there was an emergency and I needed to text one of the irregulars fast, I could do that. When something exciting happens I would text them fast so they can know about it right away. I’m also good at making up stories/ excuses. If something happened and we needed a story for an excuse because we did something wrong that we could get in trouble for, I could make it up.

  19. If I was chosen to be apart of the Irregulars, it probably would of been because of my love for athletics and sports. I enjoy being active and being apart of a team. To be one of the Irregulars is like being on a soccer team. I could be helpful for when the Irregulars are in danger. I can kick the Fsu Tsang Gang in the gut, just like I’m kicking a soccer ball! When we are running from rats in Shadow City, it won’t be a sweat for me!

  20. If I were chosen for the irregulars, it would be because of my computer skills, I can program and code, just basic stuff, but I’m actually learning some more complicated things in real life. That would be helpful with programming a little robot or something to gather information or something. I’m also okay at finding good spaces to hide, if that would ever come in handy, I could find a good spot to hide in a dangerous situation, I’m good at hiding and fitting into small places that no one would ever dare to look in.

  21. The day Kiki Strike came and knocked on my door, I could only think of two reasons that someone as skillful as Kiki Strike and the other members of the Irregulars would ever want someone like me. I have the knowledge of literature. I am huge into reading! I know more than just the surface of the story. Books can teach valuable lessons, like the Harry Potter series and The Hunger Games trilogy (yes, The Hunger Games! You’d think a book about someone fighting for their life wouldn’t have much to it, but its depths are limitless!). The Harry Potter series teaches that love conquers even the greatest of evil. The Hunger Games teaches that with perseverance, love, and a touch of rebellion, you can overcome even the greatest of obstacles and put a stop to evil and things that aren’t right. I could use these lessons (and techniques they use for fighting and survival) to help the Irregulars.
    I also take karate. I have learned the pressure points of the body, how to knock someone out in three moves, and how to make anything you can find around you a weapon of self defense. I could help Kiki fight a member of the Fu-Tsang gang.This being said, I wholeheartedly accepted the invitation to join the Irregulars. Oops, I have to go! The next Irregulars meeting starts in fifteen minutes!

  22. The first time I ever came across any Irregular was when me and another young girl, Ananka Fishbien teamed up to unlock all the secrets of a mysterious girl who went by the name Kiki Strike. We would try and follow her after school and attempt to keep a close eye on her at all times possible, we did this for several months and soon me and Ananka became best friends. And in one mysteriously foggy day Kiki Strike told us that we possessed special traits that we were yet to uncover. She then left us a note witch read “meet me at The Cafe at 8:00″ Ananka and I were very excited.
    Once we arrived she told us that she wanted to travel through the underground layer in New York called Shadow City. Ananka then ask,”Why us” Kiki replied and said, “You two are special.” She than went on and said, “Ananka you have access to one of the best libraries in the world, and you, you’re clever, you can find great hiding places, you can find us meeting places, and lastly you are good at being undercover since you have such an innocent vibe. She than concluded the meeting by saying welcome to the Irregulars.

  23. Look at my sweet, innocent little face. How could I be involved in such a crime? Kiki Strike would choose me because I am great at acting innocent, just ask my sister (Who I blame everything on). Also, I could Kick Butt! Five years of Tai Kwon Doh does something for a person!
    I think me and Kiki could get along trading different kicks, and me and Betty with different disguises and acting.

  24. I would be recruited to the Irregulars because I have connections to famous people. My mom is famous so I have met, and become friends with those types of people. If they wanted something to go viral I could make it happen. If they need to get on to something dealing with television, I could make it happen. Kiki would also recruit me because I know how to fight. I toke marshal arts for 2 years, so I know how to defend my self. I also have been fighting my brother in wrestling matches for 12 years so I know all those painful places. My mother also taught me all the most painful pressure points. Kiki would want me because if someone attracted use I could help her fight.

  25. I can befriend any Horse! I would benefit the group by taming horses for the Irregulars to ride. I could also train the Irregulars to ride, so it would be easier to travel and explore the Shadow City. They could also learn to gallop and jump so that if we were being followed we could get away really easily. That is how I would benefit to the Irregulars.

  26. Irregulars? Me? Well, Kiki probably would use my reading skills to help the group. I love to read especially interesting stories which is probably what the Irregulars usually read about. They get to read about tunnels, history of Augustus, rats, costumes and many other things. Speaking of costumes, another thing I would be helpful with would be helping out Betty. I could be Betty’s assistant! I would love to learn about all the cool costumes she does and I love designs and costumes so I think I would be a big help. It would be a amazing experience to work with the Irregulars. If I ever had the chance, I would definitely saw yes.

  27. I am very fast! If the Irregulars had someone who could run fast, it would be very helpful because if we went down into the Shadow City, I could run through the tunnels and get past the rats. If Kiki and the Irregulars wanted to get into a building that leads to the Shadow City, I could run through and open the door, so they could get in. If I was on the Irregulars, I would do my best to help them solve every missions, and every challenge that stood in their way.

  28. If Kiki Strike herself recruited me into the irregulars, then I think I would have something to bring to the table. Something that I love to do, and that I’m good at, is gymnastics. When we are in the shadow city I could pull a tumbling move out of my sleeve, then when one of the gang members come I could kick their faces out. I’m pretty sure that would be useful in a mission. I think it would be useful, because Kiki would have a partner to help take down her enemies. Being part of the irregulars would be super cool and fun, but also a great honor to be part of saving the city.

  29. Swish! I run past the bad guys, when they tried to capture me. I have an ability to run very fast. I can take quick turns when someone, like my brother, tries to catch me because I took his phone. I could be in the Irregulars because, when Thomas Vandervoort would try to grab me as soon as he saw Ananka, Deedee, Oona, Luz, and I. Then I would quickly run behind him and punch him the back. A great runner would be great in the Irregulars because, there were many times where they all had to take the hard way out to get to their destination. Like, there were a bunch of old, nasty, gangster in front of the ware house. Sooo..instead of swooshing past them, they had to go underground, and deal with the scary rats.

  30. Imagine if I was in the Irregulars, wow would that be awesome. I really like to tumble. So what I could do to help is I could do a backflip and kick the bad guys in the face. When they’re shooting guns or something, I could do back-handsprings and dodge all of the gun shots. Also it’s fun to do so I’d be having fun in the process. If that doesn’t work out then I could be a designer. I like to pick out really cool outfits and nice clothing styles. So when they need to go undercover I can help them pick a new style. I’m not really a unique person but I can do some cool things to help out.

  31. I would be a great addition to the Irregulars. I’m a good actor and I love to read. I could use my knowledge in books and what happens in them to apply it to real life. I could even use Ananka’s library, I would love to have access to it. It would be like having a library at your fingertips, without the library due dates. I would love to join the Irregulars and explore the shadow city, but honestly I would be kind of scared. Although I would really love to be a part if the Irregulars.

  32. When a mysterious girl handed me a white card with a golden, italic i on it, I knew it must be for a reason. I think the reason that Kiki picked me was for my artistic skills. I could draw sketches of criminals we’ve caught or spotted for the police, or make fake Fu-Tsang posters to make the gang think they were going somewhere to meet, when in reality the Irregulars wuld be ambushing them! I could help out Betty and design outfits, and I could help Luz with blueprints for new scientific items. I’m also a pretty good actor, so I could fake being someone important and order around the bad guys. Since I’m a fast runner, I could run messages back and forth from Ananka to Kiki, or when the Irregulars need a quick getaway, I could go and grab Kiki’s Vespa or a cab.

    I got Kiki Strike as who I am.

    ” Mysterious is your middle name. People find you intriguing, but have trouble figuring you out. It doesn’t matter – your confidence is contagious and they want to be around you nonetheless, making you a natural born leader. You keep any self-doubt hidden far beneath the surface and carry yourslef with maturity beyond your years. Just be careful, all that self-assured intrigue may make it hard for you to get close to others and you are a personality worth knowing!”

  33. If Kiki came and recruited me to join the Irregulars, it might be because they needed someone fast, but quiet to do important missions. I could go really quickly and grab the enemies weapon that they might use against use before he can use it. If I don’t get it in time, or I do, but the person starts coming after me, I could just run as long as it takes to get away from the person. I would never be behind the irregulars when we’re all trying to get away from someone and I can run for long periods of time. After we run for a long time, I wouldn’t really be that tired, or if I was, it would probably only take a couple seconds for me to be revived and ready to run again. I could also train the Irregulars to run faster, if they needed to.

  34. If I was part of the irregulars, I would be the martial artist (I don’t know what you would call it!) because I have been taking kung-fu for five years and I’m halfway to my black belt. I guess that I would be Kiki’s assistant! I suppose that I would come in handy when Kiki was fighting the boys on the way to the warehouse.

  35. Yes,I finally found out who this Kiki girl is and she recruited me to the Irregulars! If Kiki were to recruit me to the Irregulars I would be Anankah. Anankah because I love finding new things and new people. I would love going to hunt down people to join the irregulars. Boom! Even being there for Deedee’s explosion disaster would be awesome. Learning how to work the reverse pied piper would be cool. The reason I love mystery and new people is mystery is what I have grown up with hearing new story’s about police stuff from my dad. New people is the reason I love going to the Saturday morning market,is to look at my local citizens. Now I know that the New York ad the shadow city are safe all thanks to the Irregulars.

  36. Kiki would pick me because I have a lot of energy. From playing soccer, I have gathered a lot endurance and can be active for a long period of time. This would help the irregulars because I can run through all he tunnels of the Shadow City without getting tired. Also, when the rats were chasing the irregulars it would easier for me to run. Overall, joining their regulars would be super cool!

  37. The irregulars would definitely need me because I have a great memory. I could remember what doors lead to what place, and where we left off the night before in the Shadow City. I could memorize maps of the Shadow City and entrances to the real world. I could memorize exactly what to do on missions, and I could memorize faces of people. That’s why the irregulars would pick me.

  38. If Kiki Strike came to me and recruited me to join the Irregulars it would probably be because I am a good at running. That can help me if we need to run away from the rats down at the Shadow City, or if some bad guys were after me. It is always safer to know that I can escape someone and something that is after me. It makes you a lot more confident about what you are doing even if it is dangerous.

  39. The irregulars would definitely need me because I have a great memory. I could remember what doors lead to what place, and where we left off the night before in the Shadow City. I could memorize maps of the Shadow City and entrances to the real world. I could memorize exactly what to do on missions, and I could memorize faces of people. That’s why the irregulars would pick me.

  40. I would be part of the Irregulars because I am good with math and strategizing. I could figure out what the best way to climb a building would be, where to place our footing to climb higher. Once we got to the top I could figure out how to get inside. Where the weakness is in the ventilation system that would cause us to fall, or if the place where we tied the rope to would hold while we climbed through the skylight.

  41. If Kiki recruited me I would be excited. I think she would recruit me because of my skill of solving the puzzle. What I mean by that is I can figure things out. I’m also good at getting info out of people. If I asked a question I usually twist to make it tricky. That makes the other person uncomfortable so they will get tricked and ‘confess’ at least that is usually what happens. So, I could help the irregulars a lot.

  42. I would be a great edition to the irregulars because I can write very realistic letters. I would be used to forge notes, or even better, write a ransom note. I could be Kiki’s right hand man, or left hand man. whatever hand is her dominant hand. I would have the most best friends in the world, but I am sure I will get into a lot of trouble in the years.

  43. If I was in the irregulars, I would probably be a behaviorist. I would be a behaviorist because I like noticing small things people don’t, especial things that seem suspicious. I would have helped when they were rescuing the princess, by noticing something was off. I think I would have seen through a lot of lies.

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