Boys – Okay For Now – Tell the Story in the Plate

Hi Boys!

Choose one of John James Audubon’s plates and tell the story in that plate in the style of Gary Schmidt. There is also a photo I found from the University of Pittsburgh that shows how large the plates actually are in an official “page turning ceremony.” The largest plate is of the Crested caracara. The plate with the white and black birds is the Black guillemot. And the last one is of the Bank Swallow or violet-green swallow. Be sure a lead sentence clearly explains which plate you are describing. Begin creatively.

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  1. The black guillemot is looking over his babies yet also looking toward the future. While the babies don’t care what’s going on. The babies just want to splash around and have fun. But the parent is having to make sure that theirselves and their babies stay safe and have a bright future. The parent is seeing the good stuff ahead. They know that there is a good in every bad.

  2. Have you ever wanted to fly? I think that’s what the little brown bird on the left would like to do. The little bird sees a larger bird flying above him boldly, but he isn’t able to take flight. The other brown bird could likely be the smaller birds mother. I think she’s calling out to the flying bird to ask something, or maybe tell him something. The larger flying bird could be swooping down to interact with the brown birds. There are many different stories that can come out of one plate, but how you interpret Audubon’s drawing can have many different possibilities.

  3. The Black guillemot reminds me of kids playing. The parent is the bigger one and the little black birds are the smaller one. The “kids” are disregarding the parent and are playing in the water. The little birds are playing but the big bird isn’t looking at the little birds. The mother seems to watch over her babies to keep them safe.

  4. The two brown birds watch as Violet-Green Swallows fly by racing each other far into the distance. With bright, hopeful looks in their eyes, they swoop down towards the ground. They’re zooming by so fast that if they go any faster they would be going at the speed of sound. They whoosh over the rocky terrain ignoring the other birds around them as if nothing matters in their world, in their lives, except reaching their destination, it’s as if it’s their life long dream. But the most beautiful part of it all, they’re doing it together.

  5. I chose the crested carcara. It gives me the filling of flying, venture, and survival. Flying because you see the bird that’s going straight into the other one. Adventure because it kind of looks like the one on the branch stole something from the other one and that’s why it looks like there fighting. Survival because the one flying into the one on the branch might have seen food in his mouth or him as a snack.

  6. I like the black and brown ones because they look like there eating each other… And that’s funny. I think it’s kinda cool how the feathers are so detailed. I think that the one on top is a cannibal and its trying to eat the one on the bottom. But the one on the bottom is defending itself from being devoured.

  7. The Bank Swallows are trying to hide from the Violet-green Swallows. It seems like they are trying to find shelter so they can hide. The Violet-green Swallows seem not to care, they are just trying to get them. They seem to be having fun, but the other birds seem sad and hating every moment of it. They should all just get along with each other.

  8. The picture of the The Black Guillemot looks like parenting. She flys over ignoring the bird in the water because I think she is teaching him a lesson, telling him to get out on his own. The other bird looks at the one in the water wanting to help, but is resisting for some reason. The bird in the water asked for help, but he knows he is on his own. The mother looks as if she is looking into the future with a worried eye so she think she must teach them early.

  9. So this is what the Plate looks like. There are two young birds, plus one large bird who is probably the mother. The young birds are looking at their mother who is flying and not looking at them. One youngling is swimming in ocean and has his mouth open like he wants food, or he is calling out to his mother. The other youngling is is on a rock and he is just sitting there, looking at the other birds. The mother has her wings tucked in and has her head stuck out proudly. The mother is also white with some feathers of dark blue and black. The two young birds are both a mixture of dark blue and gray. There are some snowy mountains off to the left of the Plate. This Plate by Audubon is full of detail and all of his birds are amazing.

  10. In the Crested caracara plate there are two birds. What I see is one bird soaring in the sky, and the other on the branch watching it, wondering whether it should join in. It’s almost like the top bird is trying to get the bottom one to fly with it, goading it, and the bottom one is going to take off. The bird on the branch seems anxious to join the bird in the sky, and I think it is having second thoughts. The flying bird seems to have bad intentions, maybe it’s going to try to humiliate the other bird. The bottom bird should trust it’s instincts, because your instincts are almost always right. But, this is only one interpretation of a very complex painting.

  11. The Black Guillemot really tells me a story. I see an adult bird flying over the sea while the black birds are aspiring to be what the other bird has become. It really sends me an inspiring message because the black birds seem determined to try and fly like the other. It really feels like The black birds are inspired by the adult like I was by the plate. This plate seems like the white bird is on a mission, and the others want to follow

  12. The violet-green swallows appeal to me because it’s very interesting. The swallows are dive bombing on the little black birds, who are trying to hide. The little birds know they can’t stay hiding forever. I think the swallows will eventually catch the little birds and eat them. My final comment is that the painting is unique and detailed very well.

  13. The crested caracara is a very simple, yet there are many possibilities that could be going on. The bird on the bottom seems terrified and looks looks like it may be fearing that the bird may be trying to attack him/her. The bird that may be attacking seems that this bird wats something from the defending bird.They might be fighting over food or something. This photo was overall pretty straight forward.

  14. As the Black guillemots watch the other bird flying by telling them to come on, the birds want to but they agree scared. They don’t know what to do. They want to go but they can’t, they are sacred of being held back. They are plagued with indecisiveness. The water is blurring their feet out in the same way their mind is confused. If only they could decide.

  15. The painting I like is the one were the little birds are in the holes. I like this one because all the birds are going in to there holes. The things I see in the painting is some birds flying into there nests, and some birds already sitting in there nests. The two birds that are in green, blue ,and red look like there trying to dive boom the two birds how are flying into there nests. The nests look like there in the side of a mountain. The panting is very good, and it looks like it is in a action seen.

  16. The two birds about to attack echother is interesting to me because it’s look like one bird is mad at the other bird and the other bird wants to defend himself. It looks like the bird flying down to the other bird wants the spot in the tree. The bird diving could be the other birds brother or his mom.

  17. I am responding to the amazing Black guillemot plate. In my eyes I see the white bird that seems to be the parent looking out into the endless world waiting for someone or something to come. The bird also seems to be looking after her little birds bobbing up and down in the water. One of the small birds seems to be chirping out in distress as if something is coming. The other is resting nice and relaxed. The parent’s eye is a little worried. The worried eye.

  18. I’m shocked that the two Crested Caracaras are fighting each other over a branch. One thing that really stands out to me is the way that the bottom bird is rearing itself back: as if it knows that it doesn’t stand against the bird on the top. The top birds expression is saying: ” I know this guy is done.” I also think that the bird on the branch is being foolish because it has a chance to run away and avoid its doom, but instead it’s making a final stand on its tiny piece of territory.

  19. The Black guillemot is a very interesting plate. To me, it appears that the larger bird is soaring away from the two smaller birds at the bottom. It seems the smaller birds are maybe yelling at him, telling him he can’t do something, and the larger bird doesn’t believe them and is spreading his wings and attempting it anyway. Plus, the larger birds eyes appear to be fixed ahead, as if he is paying no attention to the doubters. Overall, this plate seems to convey a lot of meaning.

  20. The baby black guillemot is so scared he feels paralyzed, due to the appearance of another older black guillemot flying above. Meanwhile the mother black guillemot swims franticly to her baby. If this plate was in okay for Now would mean soon Doug would be in a bad situation that he would have to get out of himself because his parents won’t be able to help him.

  21. I look at the soaring beautiful bird above me. In this plate I see A I mother of the black guillemot sitting on the rock while his mother screaming him saying, “Get in the water”. The baby bird is scared and it seems that he looking out at you from the picture saying, “Why are you not making her stop yelling”? Then the mother is gawking at him because he is not listening to her and he usually does. Suddenly the mother is shocked because her baby flies with the bird up in the sky.

  22. In the Black guillemot painting I see a bird that has had something very sad happen to him. I can not say what might have happened, but it made the white bird very sad. Now he is on his way, in sorrow. The two black birds are stranded and they can not leave from where they sit. One of them is crying out for help and no madder what happens, he will never lose hope. The other one thinks that no one will save them because they are worrying about their own problems. This is what happens in real life. People are so caught up in their own problems, that they do not see the other people that are in need of help.

  23. The crested caracara’s are angry at teach other. The top one is attacking, flying fast towards the other one. The bottom one is scared, trying to defend his ground, but he is ready to flee at a moments notice. The bottom bird is dodging the attack, while the top one is trying to alter its path to hit his enemy. The bottom one is yelling, and almost slips. The top one will end up attacking again and again until his enemy is defeated, that’s how determined he is. And the bottom one wants to stay and defend his branch, but he knows he might have to flee.each bird is determined to get what it wants.

  24. I’m really shocked that his fellow bird is not really budging to help. Even though the other one looks like he is having trouble floating on water. The part of the picture that instantaneously surprised was that the mother really did not come to aid one of her offspring. She just kept on flying, like both of her offsprings learnt how to float and fly and now live alone and not with there mother! Even though the bird look likes it was chirping for help and it had a worried expression on its face. This picture tells me that the mother and the bird that is sitting don’t give a “rip” about him or her.

  25. Look at that jerk created caracara what a bully trying to kill that creased caracara. Why is the other created caracara not doing anything he must be some kind of thug. That bully created caracara just won’t care if his joke will kill the other bird what a jerk. And the other one seems to care but he is such a chump he will just let the other bird kill him. That little jerk bird looking him in the eyes almost as if he is happy that the other bird will get killed. Look at the other one having so much trust in everyone and anything thinking he will be saved what a chump. Look at that jerk bird that malicious eye such a evil bird. Look at the other one look at that bird knowing he is going to die with that terrified eye just like the Arctic tern what a jerk. When that bully bird strikes that other one will die and he would sadly be happy what a jerk.

  26. In plate two, some may see two birds calling to another bird high above, but I see some thing different. The two navy and black birds floating in the calm waters seem to be scaring off the bird above. The flying bird above has a cloud shape around him, and the cloud is dark, as if the white bird above is bringing along a storm behind him like a train pulling the caboose. The two birds are not yelling at the white one, they’re yelling at the storm. They know that if a storm comes, the water will become a sea of rough, white waves. The whitecaps may brutally wipe out one of the relaxed birds before it can fly away. Then one bird will be deeply saddened because it’s friend is gone.

  27. The White Guillemot is looking over its kids. It’s seeing one of them swimming and having fun in the water. It also sees the other on the bank not going in the water with there sibling. The sibling in the water is yelling at the Mom asking here to make his sibling go in the water. The sibling on the bank is refusing to go in the water. This relates to real life when two siblings like different things.

  28. In the Black Guillemot plate, the three birds are a family. The little bird on the bottom right is sitting in the water and calling to the mother white bird to tell her a storm is coming, but the mother doesn’t seem to have a care in the world, and doesn’t notice the first bird. She has this dreamy expression like she is thinking about the best thing in the universe. Meanwhile, the small bird on the left is staring at the bird on the right, too scared to get in the water and admires the bird on the right for being able to do just that.

  29. I gaze and stare at this plate for a few seconds and then I see something. They are attacking each other with their sharp claws and pointed beaks. The one at the top of the plate is swooping down from above and the one on the branch is trying to defend itself.

  30. Bilbo Baggins, the introverted Hobbit, took after his father, Bungo Baggins. Gandalf, a clever wizard tried to convince Bilbo along with twelve dwarves to join them on a quest of revenge on Smaug, a powerful dragon.
    Bilbo’s mother, Belladonna Took came from and adventurous family who were outgoing and courageous. Bilbo found that small bit in his soul and agreed to join the dwarves on their adventure.
    Along the way, Bilbo had changed from the scaredy cat to the hero, calling shots and saving the others. I mean he even carried a conversation with Smaug, with the help of his magic ring. When bilbo returned home, he was almost a completely different person.

  31. The Black guillemot really spoke to me. To me the picture means moving past the problems and evil in life. The small bird in the water looks like he is about to drown and the other is sitting on the rock. This resembles the problems in life. The bird on the top who flying above them resembles flying above the worries in life. In the world there is so much evil and problems. You shouldn’t let that affect you. No matter what people say or do to you, you shouldn’t let them bother you. Just fly above it!

  32. The Black Guillemot reminds me of a mother looking out for her children. There are three birds in the picture, one mother bird that is white and two baby black birds. I think that the two baby birds are in the water playing, but the mother doesn’t want them to play,yet they ignore her. I think that the mother is worried that her kids are going to get hurt because her eye is very shaky in the picture.

  33. The Black Guillemot reminds me of a mother looking out for her children. There are three birds in the picture, one mother bird that is white and two baby black birds. I think that the two baby birds are in the water playing, but the mother doesn’t want them to play, yet they ignore her. I think that the mother is worried that her kids are going to get hurt because her eye is very shaky in the picture.

  34. He gave up the sky that’s what the black backed gull means he doesn’t want to give up the sky but he is dying but he doesn’t want to give up just yet. That relates to Doug when he is going through tough times and he wants to give up the sky but can’t just yet. He is doing stuff he doesn’t want to in school he is being pushed around by his dad and his brother and his mom is the only person who he likes and is liked by.

  35. In the Bank Swallow plate I see that they are defending their baby birds from the attacking Violet-green Swallows. The bank swallows have thought they have found a safe sport from harm, But then they see the Violet-green Swallows. It turns out that the Place that the Bank swallows found to stay was the Violet-Green swallows home before. They then battle it out in front of the baby birds for the home.

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