Halloween Memories

Students, since we have been talking about memory the last few days in regards to our reading of The Giver, and since Halloween is right around the corner, I thought it would be fun if we shared favorite Halloween memories. This was a fun blog post last year, too. Please answer the prompts below:

Looking back on past Halloweens, what was your favorite Halloween costume and why? Please describe.

Did anything funny or scary ever happen to you on Halloween?

What are your plans for this year?

This Halloween picture is of my children many years ago with Harvest, one of our beloved Goldens. She loved to dress up and go trick-or-treating, too!





  1. Worm spaghetti, eye ball soup, and blood soda. Those are all of the food I served when I was a Halloween chef. This was my 2009 Halloween costume and it was my favorite costume because my cousin and I were both gross chefs. We had a chef outfit on with blood and guts all smeared on it. Then we had trays with plates and cups filled with disgusting “foods.” everybody loved our costumes and it was fun to scare people with our dishes. I will always remember that costume.

    Of course Halloween is always fun and scary but I remember one year when I was trick or treating and this one guy came up to me with a mask on and just yelled in my face. I was pretty little so it scared me very much and I started to cry. My mom and dad were really mad and they were yelling things like “Why would you to that to a little kid! and do you get a thrill out of scaring children!” it was not a fun night.

    This year I am going to be a girl dressed in all pink, from head to toe. I bought a pink puffy skirt and a pink mask and tights and shirt and I am going to paint my hair pink. I even bought a pink Moustach to tie the whole outfit together. I am going to go to my neighborhood and my friends neighborhood. I expect a lot of candy this year but I am also scared that a lot of the candy I get I won’t be able to eat because of my braces. Maybe people will think about braces and will not give gooey candy, but I doubt it. Can’t wait till Monday.

  2. I don’t really have a favorite Halloween costume so I asked my parents about it, and they said that they had a hilarious one. I still don’t get it. One Halloween when I was three, we went over to our preschool to all go trick or treating with all of my classmates. Everybody was ready but me. They kept trying to get me to change into my costume, but I wouldn’t do it. I refused to change into my costume, so I ended up going trick or treating in my Blues Clues overalls. Whenever we walked up to a house everybody would shout “trick or treat” but me. I always shouted “Happy Birthday!” at every door that I went to.

    I have never really experienced anything funny or scary on a Halloween. It’s not that I don’t have Halloween spirit. It’s just that it has never happened to me.

    We don’t have any plans for Halloween this year but we might go with some friends from my old school (from Canterbury not my preschool.) We might just trick or treat around our neighborhood, or we might stay home and hand out candy, too.

  3. One of my favorite Halloween costumes has to have been the costume I wore last year witch was of Peter, the king from Narnia. I liked the costume because it was comfy and I got to carry around a big fake sword! I had a big fake knight uniform on as well.

    I have had a few funny and scary Halloween experiences. One of the scary experiences was when I went into a haunted house and at the end their was a big “fake” guy holding a huge bucket of candle, well I thought that the guy was fake at the time but turns out that he wasn’t! As I was reaching for the candy the guy jumped up and yelled at me and I went running out of the haunted house screaming like a little girl. One funny occasion was when I was waiting outside of a haunted house waiting for my dad to come back out and while I was waiting there was a guy in a very scary costume who was following me. When the guy started to really creep me out I eventually just sprayed him with silly string and it got all matted in his costumes fur.

    For this year I am planning on being an evil scarecrow and my brother is being a ninja. We are having our usual party with some of my friends coming over as well. As of right now it looks like it is going to be another fun Halloween!

  4. One halloween I dressed up as Scooby-DOO and I had a tail and everything. It was awesome. I just loved dressing up as a dog.

    Nothing scared me or exited me on halloween.

    My plans for this year is Im going to create a graveyard and when little kids walk by Im going to jump out and scare them

  5. My favorite Halloween costume of all time was probably when I dressed up as Zoro in second grade (an old sword fighter from a movie if you didn’t know) because I got to wear a black cape, mask and top hat/ sombrero. Also my mom got me a plastic sword so I could pretend that I am fighting bad guys. My mom was so proud that she paraded me through my neighborhood telling people how cute I was. Embarrassing I know, but I loved the attention I was getting!

    When I was younger my mom choose all my costumes because I didn’t really know what halloween was- in fact I sometimes just said give me candy when they opened the door- so once my mom decided to dress me up as a firetruck. She took a couple cardboard boxes and paint and she created an actually quite awesome firetruck costume. Then being the show off-fey mom she was she took me to the county costume fair and I won first place.

    Truthfully I have no idea what I’m doing because I do not know the area. I might just stay in my neighborhood passing out candy and scaring people, but if anyone knows anywhere to go could you reply. Thank you. 🙂

    1. Nice post, Parker! If you like really busy and crowded places, definitely check out Old Northeast. It is amazing during Halloween, although, I have never been trick-or-treating there ! One time they had fire breathers, I heard! I always go in Venetion Isles because I live there. In my neighborhood, they have cotton candy, s-mores, and my neighbor gives out little gifts. Venetion Isles is better if you want really good candy, but a smaller crowd. I hope this helped! 🙂

  6. My favorite Halloween costume was being Scream. The costume is a white face and a huge open mouth like he is screaming. There is a button that you can press where there is blood that flows down the mask and there is a long black dress sort of thing. I had a really funny and scary thing happen to me one halloween. One halloween me and my brother were wearing mohawk things that weren’t actually our hair but it kind of looked like it. What happened was we were waiting for our parents to catch up and there were torches next to us. My brothers “hair” caught on fire and burned the middle out. He then didn’t look like a rockstar he looked the IT. My plans for this year is I’m not going to have a legit costume I’m just going to wear yellow contacts and normal clothes. I want to go hang out with my friends while my parents are having a halloween party.

  7. My favorite costume is one when I dressed up with a big sombrero and had a fake mustache. That was all of my costume the rest was just an orange shirt and regular shorts. It was the easiest costume ever to put to together. The hat was so big the I bumped into people without paying any attention to it. The mustache hung down so it was hard to talk but that was part of the fun. This is one of the three costumes I can remember. The other two were an alien and a Scream costume.

    In my neighborhood not many people decorate a lot and mostly just hand out candy but there is always one house that decorates well. Every year there is something new at the house. The put up the decorations the day before so you will be surprised on halloween.

    My plan for this year is pretty much the same as every other year. This year I plan on dressing up with a gold cardboard box on my head(another hard costume). I don’t plan on spending much time going to houses because I don’t have many friends in my neighborhood and it gets kinda of boring. I might build a big net and drop it on people when the come for candy.

  8. Hmm… my favorite costume… It would have to be my black and red ninja costume. I’m not quite sure when I wore it, but I think I was nine. I had the standard ninja outfit, the hood the face mask thing, the robeish top, the pants. I also had twin swords that were made out of emerald. Not real emerald, of course, just shiny green plastic. We had to go all the way to… I don’t really remember where, but it was an hour away. This was also the costume I wore during the funny story.

    When I was about nine with my black and red ninja costume, two friends and I were trick-or-treating. We walked up to someone’s front door, and the owner of the house opened it. There were a couple teenagers in the neighborhood, and they liked to scare people on Halloween. This person was hiding in bushes right next to the man’s front door. He jumped out and screamed, trying to scare us. Instead of scaring us, the man, who had a bowl of candy in his hands, dropped the whole bowl, ran inside, and shut the door. We couldn’t stop laughing.

    This year, I’m going to do the same thing as every year. I’m going to go trick-or-treating with my friends (Drummond and a pillow sack(haha)) in my grandparents’ neighborhood until my legs fall off. Then, we’ll return to my grandparents’ house and trade candy, giving all of the almond joy’s and other coconut stuff to my granddad.

  9. Over the years, I have dressed in many costumes, but nowadays I don’t really like Halloween. My favorite costume has to be the costume I wore was the one I wore two years ago, when my friend and I went trick or treating in my apartment building. We found this cow costume for two people, and we thought that it was a perfect, funny, and kind of stupid costume, which made it perfect for us. It had two sections, with someone in the front and someone in the back. It was actually pretty funny, in retrospect, to think about the fight we had over who would be the front, and who would be the back. It was a great costume that was very funny, and also, it was a perfect candidate for the blog because this is the one that I remember the most. Overall, it was a great costume, and was a great memory to put with my last Halloween in NYC.

    Overall, absolutely nothing ever happens to me on Halloween. I go out, walk around, and come back home with no memories to share. People in NYC apartment buildings get really crabby after 8:30, so the fun always stops there. The only remotely memorable thing that happened to my brother and I was when we rung a woman’s doorbell at around 8:35, and she came out and said, “Don’t you kids read the tenant handbook? It says to not ring any doorbells after 8:35 on Halloween!” She looked really mad, so my brother and I took off. Overall, I want something memorable to happen, but that doesn’t seem too likely given my past record.

    This year, I’m going over to a friend’s house and then going into Old NE to look around and trick or treat. My costume is not very creative or outlandish, but a “Hello, my name is…” sticker with a false name like “John” on it. I don’t really dress up for Halloween, so this is the best and funniest option that comes to mind.

  10. My favorite costume for Halloween was when I dressed up as Evan Longoria. It was three years ago and it was the best one I can remember. My friends and I were out till I say about 12:30. We spent the night going through the neighborhood and doing the regular trick-or-treating. At 10:00 clock, that’s when the fun started. By then, two of my friends were left and the parents were still having their little “Halloween Social”. Everybody had gone in for the night and we were the only ones out there. We began by running up and down all the streets and grabbing peoples bowls and putting the remaining candy in. It was always a big fight to see who would get the bowl. We did get caught by a couple people, but they never asked us to give back all the candy. Once we got back to my friends house, our bags were absolutely full. We started to eat the candy and walked up and down the street and just talked.

    I never had freaky experience on Halloween, but we did see a black cat walk across the street the same Halloween I described. We saw it at 10:45 after everybody went in.

    This year I plan to do it again, but a lot better.

  11. My favorite Halloween costume I have ever been is Spiderman. Spiderman was a very fun costume to be, and when I went trick or treating a lot of people told me it was a cool costume. The costume was half-blue, and half-red. This costume also had black designs on it. On one Halloween I went over to my friend’s house. When I got out of the car, he jumped out of the bushes and scared me. That is the only scary thing that has ever happened to me on Halloween. There are no funny things that have ever happened to me on Halloween. My only plan for this year is to get as much candy as I can. I am the Grimm Reaper this year.

  12. My favorite costume was when I was elvis. I have a really good elvis impression so it worked out perfect. I had a wig and a pretty cool costume. It was my favorite because I won best costume in my neighborhood. one halloween my neighbor and I were scaring kids under a street lamp. When we jumped out at one kid he didn’t even flinch. He turned and faced us. Then the street lamp went out and it freaked my neighbor and I out. It turned back on a few seconds later. The kid was gone. I went back to my house and started handing out candy and the kid came up to me and started laughing. He said the street lamp was old and always did that. I am not for sure what I am doing this halloween.

  13. Sorry Mrs. Cobb, The Spacing Was Not Correct, here is the correct copy.

    Ever since I was I was born, I always loved Halloween, but now, not as much. Although, my favorite costume was when I was in 1st grade. Back then; I dressed up as a girl. I still remember that night like it was yesterday, I was in my neighborhood, and some people actually thought I was a girl, well until I started to talk. It was hilarious to see the faces of the people when I started to speak. The Costume was my sisters’ old dress that was the color pink, my mom’s high heels, my sister’s bra, and a blonde wig. I also remembered towards the end of the night, I snapped my mom’s heel, and then she got really mad at me. But through and through, it was definitely the funniest and best Halloween’s I have ever had

    Oh, the good old days of the “Scary” Halloweens. The same year, I remember, I went to a house and they had a “scarecrow” on their porch, and when I went up to get candy, it was a person, and they screamed, and I was scared out of my mind, I ran home as fast as I could and didn’t look back. I wish I had a video of it, I would watch it and laugh every time. But ever since that one Halloween, I have never gone to a house with a “scarecrow” on their porch.

    In terms of this year, I plan on going to Old Northeast, or going to another friends neighborhood. I don’t really trick or treat, we just hang out and eat the candy from our houses. But mostly we are probably just going to go outside and maybe throw a football or something in that nature, or maybe we will walk around, But nothing is really set in stone

  14. My most memorable halloween costume was when I was in Junior Kindergarden. That year was the year the classic movie Finding Nemo was released. To commemorate the occasion, I went as Bruce the shark. I remember holding up a sign that said: fish are friends, not food!

    Something both funny and scary happened to me once on Halloween. I was three years old and had somehow convinced myself that I needed a medication. I climbed up onto the bathroom counter in my room and opened the medicine cabinet. I opened the cabinet and opened a bottle of cold syrup,somehow opening the “child-proof” cup. I filled up one of those little disposable plastic cups and drank the whole cup. My mom panicked and called poison control. After they told her I would be fine, she pulled me into the golf cart we use to drive around and go around collecting candy. I was in a daze and can’t remember any of that night, and my mom claimed I was out like a light.

    I’m not sure of my plans this year, but I may just stay home and eat candy. That’s always a good time. But my plans aren’t completely certain, I may go with some younger kids and help them. Nothing is certain quite yet.

  15. My favorite Halloween costume was my zombie costume. I wore it in 2009. It had a plastic piece that made me look like my rib cage was open. I was also covered in dirt. My mask was bloody and wrinkled with long, dark hair. On accident, I forgot to wear shoes and bring a bag. Another one of my favorite costumes was when I was less then one year old. I was a chili pepper. I had a hat that looked like a stem and my body was the part that you eat. The only problem was, there were no arm or leg holes so I couldn’t move. But, I was still too small to even need to move because I was inside.

    Something funny that happened to me on Halloween was when I was wearing the zombie costume. I went outside to see if it was dark enough to start walking around and I got locked out of my house without my shoes. My parents weren’t home so I was in trouble. I had also left my bag inside. When I went to a house, I had to eat the candy fast before the next house. When I finally went back home, I decided to sit next to the same costume that I was wearing, but it was filled with newspaper. One of my dads friends came over and didn’t know that I was really alive. He started poking the fake one and turned around to talk to my dad. I quickly stood up and when he turned around he screamed.

    I am not really sure what I am going to do for Halloween this year. I just realized that Halloween is Monday. I think I am going to just stay home and give candy. I might also try to scare kids by hiding around my house. If I do get candy, I will probably use an old costume or my cool jacket. I might also have a friend over and go to a haunted house. There are a lot of options for me this Halloween, but I don’t know what I want to do yet.

  16. Halloween is always a fun experience for me and my friends. I had a lot of good costumes but, by far, my favorite is last year’s when I was “Chef Boyardee”. I had a mustache, a chef hat (which I got on a cruise 2 years ago), a chef scarf, a chef shirt, and a pair of black pants. You’re probably thinking that no one knew what I was but, you’d be surprised at how many people recognized me. That Halloween I was in the Boca Ciega neighborhood and everyone there had pillowcases stuffed with candy while I, not realizing that there was so much candy there, had a small bag which soon broke after I was an eighth of the way around the neighborhood.

    I’ve heard a lot of funny and scary Halloween experiences but, unfortunately, I’ve never experienced one myself but, I hope, someday, maybe Monday, I’ll experience one for myself.

    This year I’m going to be an Iphone 4S. I’m going to make it myself using a cardboard box and spray paint. The reason I’m going to be an Iphone 4S is that it’s a big advancement in futuristic technology and I’m fascinated with “Apple” products. I hope this will be the best Halloween yet.

  17. Looking back at past halloweens, my favorite costume I wore was in first-grade. That year, I was a shark eating a human. The costume looked like a Shark that had jeans sticking out, (That’s where your hands would go). Then, you would put your shoes on your hand, so it would look like legs sticking out of the shark’s mouth. I liked this costume because everyone that saw me would laugh.

    On that same halloween, I got a ton of candy. Later that night, something funny happened. I took off my costume because I was getting hot, and stole my brother’s sword. I looked to my right and saw a scare-crow, so I started to poke it. It turns out, he was an actual guy, then he yelled. I jumped back and yelled. Everyone was laughing, but me.

    This year, I’m planning on scaring people in Old Notrh-east, or hanging out with my friends. Also, halloween this year is on a Monday, so it won’t be very fun. I may just hand out candy for my neighbor’s house, and keep watch of my house. My plans are not quite certain yet.

  18. Halloween was always fun for me. I always get a lot of candy had fun. I have two favorite costumes from my past Halloweens. My favorite costume was my pirate costume. I wore this costume in 5th grade and this wasn’t just any costume I made it with my mom. I used an old white shirt and black pants. I cut four bands out of the cuff of the pants and put them on the sleeve of the shirt and then scrunched up parts of the shirt so the bands would support them. On my head I used a jack sparrow wig I had bought and used black eye liner under my eyes. My second favorite costume was a Spiderman costume. It had a full mask and body costume and shorts combined. I had it when I was three and I wore it all around the house.

    Nothing really ever happened to me that was really scary or funny but there was this one Halloween. I was walking down the street with my mom, dad, and brother about to hit the last house and then go home. As we arrive at the last house a guy wearing a mask from the scream movie had a chainsaw he jumped out of the bushes yelling. One funny thing that happened was on the same night as the chain saw guy. I was just about to go to my second house some teenagers had a remote controlled ghost. What was funny was they must have bought the cheapest ghost they could find because you could hear it coming down the cord it was attached too. Also the light from the nearest lamppost was shinning off of the remote.

    This year I am going to spend it with my family. We are going over to my aunt and uncle’s house to for a small party. Then we will all go trick-or-treating.

  19. My favorite costume, was last years, and was my favorite because of the mask. I was a zombie, the overall costume was quite detailed, but the mask had long hair that felt quite soft and I went around saying ” I’m a zombie woman!” One negative thing with this costume is that it wasn’t very durable and was destroyed by the end of the night.

    My favorite, and most freakish memory, was when I was 8 years old and was trick-or-treating in Waco, Texas where I used to live. And looked into the window and saw someone, most likely an adult, was wearing something that combined Bigfoot and the Grimm Reaper and was dancing like a ballerina when he opened the door. He wasn’t paying attention at first, but when he noticed us he gave a big roar. Then someone else came to give out candy.

    I live in Old Northeast which I hear is quite insane when it comes to Halloween. I’ll be dressing up as Einstein and will be operating the candy at my house. My uncle, who is a Genius himself, will be making electronics in order to help with the mad scientist theme. Wish me luck!

  20. Halloween always brings a happy, sort of haunted mood into the air. Excitement courses  through the air as kids run house to house collecting candy in costumes. One of my most memorable costumes was homemade. On October 31, 2009, I was “Zack-In-The-Box.” I wore a giant TV box around my whole body and ran around the neighborhood and stopped at every house. Before we rang the door bell, I crouched down inside the box so they couldn’t see my head. When they opened the door, my friend cranked the handle on the side of the box and sang the “Jack -In-The-Box” song, with an altered ending to say “Zack-In-The-Box” instead. That was my queue to jump out and scare the person in the house into giving me candy. That night I got a lot of candy.
    One Halloween, I came out and noticed that the sky was dimmer than normal at that time. When I looked up, I saw the moon was an orange color that looked just like the pumpkin in my hands. My parents went ahead of me, and when I tried to notify them of the moon, I stopped in amusement at the statue of a devil towering over me. After about 30 seconds of standing there, perfectly still, the statue jumped on me. Terrified, I stumbled backwards to realize that it was actually an old man in costume pretending to be a statue.

    My house is now known around the neighborhood for my grandmothers on Halloween. Every year, they sit outside of my house with a table filled with trays of vegetables. As kids approach, they ask if they want any candy or vegetables. Shocked, most kids don’t know what to say, and wait for one of my grandmothers to give up the joke and hand over the candy. However, they only give out candy hidden under the table to kids who either sing a song or put on a play. Almost every kid that wants candy is willing to make a fool of themselves for it. Surprisingly, many kids take vegetables and leave. My grandmothers always have a great time on Halloween, and discover a handful of talented kids, too.
    As I searched for something to be this year, I could only find one of each thing that I wanted. I recalled a comedy show that I once watched where a comedian had his body “split in half” by having one half look like a man and the other look like a woman so he had conversations through the two people. This year, I’m going to be a he-she for Halloween. One half will be wearing some of my clothes and the other covered up by something a girl would wear (probably my mom’s clothes.) I’ll be wearing a high heel on my left foot and a Vans shoe on my right, with a long-haired wig on my left side of my head without any wig on my right. It will be interesting to observe the opinions and faces of my neighbors.

    1. Great post, Zack! I love the idea of a he-she! Very creative! You have to take a picture of the costume and send it to me! (:

  21. Sorry Mrs. Cobb. I noticed i left out a period in my first one.

    Looking back on past Halloweens, my favorite costume of all was when I dressed up as a grim reaper/ghost face from Scream the Movie. I had a chain mallet with spikes on it, which I carried around. I had a grim reaper costume and over that I put on the Scream movie mask. This was my favorite costume because I thought I looked really scary because I wore two masks—the grim reaper mask and the Scream movie mask— so you couldn’t see my eyes through the costume. Also, I got a lot of candy that year because most of the people in my community left out those baskets that you take candy from, so I took three handfuls from each one. It was fun as well carrying around a spiked mallet.

    The only funny thing I remember that every happened to me on Halloween was that almost every year I had two whole bags full of candy, a pumpkin basket and a trash bag, but the funny thing was that I never ate any of my candy because I don’t like to eat too many extras.

    This year for Halloween, my plan was to go to Busch Gardens for Howl-o-Screams, but over the weekend we are busy, so my dad said it would be too tiring. On Halloween, I have a Halloween party to go to. I might wear a mask, maybe not. I’ll have fun, eat, drink, and be scary (that’s what a sign in my room says). I’ll probably leave a basket of candy for any kids that come to my house.

  22. Halloween is a one of my favorite holidays. I don’t remember many costumes that I have worn in the past, but the one that I recall is being a cheerleader. I was about six years old. Mom put my hair in pigtails, and I was wearing a Buccaneers cheerleader outfit.

    The only thing I can remember that was funny was the year Jake and his family teepee my house. They teepee it around 11:30-12:00 in the evening and left a brown bag next to the front door that said, “BOO.” The bag was full of candy. My family and I thought we heard something outside, but knew we were ok because the doors were locked and the alarm was on. There was nothing ever scary that I can recall, if there was anything scary that happened it would be when I was younger.

    My plans for this year are for Kendall to come over and we might hang out with other friends. Kendall is going to be the color yellow and I’m going to be the color red. Kendall and I are just going to wear a t-shirt and shorts that match our color.

  23. My favorite Halloween costume was when I dressed up as a Skeleton when I was in Kindergarten. It had a full skeleton with gloves and a mask and also had shoe covers. The bone part of the costume was filled so it looked 3-D and the rest was black so there was only the skeleton visible in the night.

    One funny thing happened last year when I went to eighteenth street and I saw a big spider being dropped on peoples heads and that was very funny!

    This year my plans are to go to eighteenth street and nineteenth street to look at the decorations and go through any haunted houses and then go to Hawaii Ave and the other streets around there and do the same thing and meet with friends there. I am not dressing up this year.

  24. Awww, Shelby. I’m sorry you were scared when that guy scared you. I hope this year you get lots of non gooey treats. So far I can only think of three.

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