Who Wants To Move To Victory City?

Victory City, anyone? It’s the wave of the future!

Students, please visit the following website on Victory City and take the Victory City tour. Then click on Residents Guide and select at least 4 of the areas to explore and write about. Include the following guiding questions in your responses:

Overall thoughts?

What areas do you like/not like?

Do we need  Victory Cities? Explain.

Anyone ready to pack their bags?




  1. First off, I want to express the fact that Victory City sounds like the name of a town that thinks way too highly of themselves.

    Place 1: Overhead of a Victory City

    The aerial view was somewhat appealing, but when I read that the Cities would be built in a “scenic countryside” I knew that this would be awful for the environment. Why would anyone want such industrial-looking buildings in the middle of a place so lush and green? Haven’t we already paved over enough?

    I do not like any of it except for the shape of the buildings. It would look nice in a small model, or for a hotel or something high-end of the sort. It would be something that would be populated by the people who think that we are moving forward as a country right now. Many average people would be intrigued by this picture, but not me.

    Place 2: Small Residential Building with attached Splinter Elevator Building

    I sure hope there is a shorter name for this.

    This sight does not tell much but the top of a building, which, if generations of people live in these cities, will never be seen. What I mean is that after a long time, these people will be so spoiled that they will never go outside, and be afraid of the sun.

    I do not like that the buildings will be 102 stories high, because: 1. That makes them more vulnerable to natural disasters. If an earthquake strikes, these buildings will crash in a heartbeat, and 2. The elevators would take an extremely long time to ride in. I don’t like anything about this place.

    Place 3: Cafeteria Featuring the Circl-Serv™

    This area is way too crowded, and with such an industrial environment, the food must be mostly artificial, anyway. If this city is anything like modern society, the sights and sounds of this building would be a complete madhouse. How many people do you know that fight? Think about what would happen if there were some 16,000 people in one building. The thought makes me shiver.

    Although none of my overall thoughts will change, there are a few things I like about this. Assuming there is not assigned seating, it would be a popular hangout spot for some friends, just not for everyone to be required to eat. The Circl-Serv™ is a great idea for a large restaurant, an airport, a train station, etc. But for the entire town, there would be no telling how many ways this could spiral out of control.

    Place 4: Fire Escape for Family Cart Area of Cafeteria

    This makes me sick. This is not a Fire Escape. Not one person on this structure would “escape” from a fire. Whoever though this up is a disgrace to the name of safety. First of all, the buildings are 102 stories tall, there might need to be a slightly steeper decline in order to have anyone descend within the hour. Second of all, there is not an entrance to the fire escape on every floor.

    I like that they are thinking of the little children, but then why not just use the ramp? If 102 stories worth of people are going down stairs, someone is going to fall, and they all will go down like dominoes. No safety is involved in this fire escape.

    Place 5: Exterior, Ground-Level View of Front of Victory City

    This city looks like an army of giant industrial monsters. It looms over the only bit of “nature” that I have seen so far like it is going to eat it. This is the reason that these cities have no business in the countryside. We have already paved over way too much, think of all of the endangered species that are about to die out because of this type of thing.

    I like how they try to trick us into thinking that this is natural by planing bushes, vines, etc. I like nothing about this picture. I’m surprised that they didn’t make everything in vibrant colors to make it seem “beautiful”

    Have I not made myself clear enough yet? NO! We are already spoiled with what we have. We think it is the right thing to do for ourselves. We say “survival of the fittest.” I think that we have proved our worth quite enough already. I’m not saying to give up everything that we have ever built and go back to being wild animals, but we should at least think of someone other than ourselves. Our honor pledge says “to treat others with respect and courtesy,” maybe “others” doesn’t just mean our peers, maybe it also means other animals, and plants. We just did a science project on an organism. A substantial amount of the animals that I looked at were endangered, or extinct. The reason was almost always the same: human development.

    No I am very happy where I am, thank you very much, and I pray that I will never be a part in anything like this when I grow up. I hope that I have gotten my point across, and that none of you reading this will ever see a “Victory City” or anything like it ever.

  2. Obviously, our world is not near perfect. There are many aspects that we lack, that need improvements, and/or have too much of. We need to change something or else our world will become more and more dystopian because of our flaws. About 14 percent of the world is considered overweight. This number needs to stop increasing or else the life expectancy will dramatically decrease. The fresh and healthy food choices in Victory City would clearly help us lean toward getting fit, and toward making better overall choices. Also, since colleges and high schools are free in Victory City, and the workload of teenagers in the fields would increase there, our recession would decrease.

    Another colossal flaw of our world is the crazy-high level of pollution in the air. As a result of the high pollution, temperatures are skyrocketing, the air is less clean and clear, and ice in the arctic is melting, endangering animals. Since the water is polluted, animals are dying and making our water even less clean. Most of the pollution comes from cars emitting harmful gases into our atmosphere. In Victory City, since the town is smaller and more organized, more people would be walking, and those who did use cars would use more efficient and less harmful electric cars. Also, high-speed elevators would be used for transportation without emitting any harmful gases.

    Our polluted, overweight, currency-troubled world leads some people to believe that the only way to progress in life is to take what others have worked hard for. The highly monitored system in Victory City would effectively eliminate theft and assault and encourage good behavior. Accidents happen no matter what, but it makes things much easier when there aren’t many major accidents to be made. The number of fires will dwindle because there will be no wood used in buildings, which will also help the forests stay intact and therefore continue to provide us with the oxygen that we need– and there won’t be any fire-starters.

    Although it is crucial to control financial and environmental work, everyone needs some time to relax and have fun. The gigantic Tri-Center would include activities for almost any desire, from sports facilities and swimming pools to social and entertainment complexes. It would bring the community together as a whole to enjoy some well-deserved quality recreational time. Everything that we love to go to in our cities is merged in Victory City to form an exceptional building that would hold the key to happiness for residents of all ages and interests.

    Overall, I think that heading toward Victory Cities is a great idea. It has everything that we enjoy in our lives now, along with the solutions to most of our world’s flaws. The places that I visited, the Tri-Center, the food system, the safety and security system, and the method of transportation exceeded my expectations. I do not think that our world is ready, yet, for such a drastic change, but I do believe that we need to start looking for an alternative for where we live, and we should definitely consider progressing to Victory Cities. There needs to be a change, and it needs to come soon.

  3. It was a very good idea to create Victory Cities.I thought that the most important areas were safety and security, transpotation,recreation, employements and employee benefits,and residential apartements and resident guideline.So I went to check them out.

    I think that putting all the furniture for you is a good idea and a bad idea.It is a good idea because when you move you just have to pack your stuff, and you do not have to pay money to move your furniture. I also think that it is a bad idea because you can get tired of Cityseeing the same thing in every appartements in Victory City. I also liked their transportation system. I thought that it was good because they use electric cars so their will be less pollution,and less accidents because they said that those cars were realy easy to drive.I also thought that using elevators was good because they said that nothing was far and that you could go somewhere realy fast.

    It would be realy good to have Victory Cities.However, I would not live in one.I think that Victory cities have to much strict rules.We do have rules in our world but less strict than rules in Victory cities.This is why I would prefer our world to Victory cities

    1. I meant I also think that it is a bad idea because you can get tired of seeing the same thing in every appartements in Victory City.

  4. I think Victory city is a very creepy place to live. It sounds like the kind of place they would send people when they are mentally ill.

    Some decent ideas were the food. It sounds pretty good. I like the idea that it comes fresh from their farms. others were I hated the idea of no dogs or cats but birds. i have a dog and i would hate not being able to bring her with me. I would wanna read more than one boring old newspaper everyday, but the Cerc-serv sounds like a good idea. I dont think we need victory cities.

  5. Victory city is a victory leading to an uprising, in other words I don’t like the idea. Being right next to your neighbors and living in an apartment your whole life sounds like someone’s going to get greedy and start an uprising and there will be chaos.

    I think the pets department is just dumb. If you want a pet it has to be smaller than a bird and it’s a mile away from you . Then people will just get to lazy to go to their pets and then there are all these pets with no owners, do I need to go on?

    The food system reminds me of communism, which isn’t a bad system till someone gets greedy. The most of the food system says it can feed like 5% of its population. In three hours but that would mean that it would take 60 hours to feed the whole population. And I want my food today. Not in 60 hours. And who know how long it takes for the 16 thousand people to finish their food.

    The money system is like a credit card but in book version. So that’s a nice way to get money. But maybe it should be work more, more food, water and time in the apartment.

    Transportation is the only thing I think is pure of mistakes it is something we should do to the whole world not just certain cities. All in all I think victory cities should take a hike, a long one too, one where they mysteriously don’t come back.

  6. With Victory City’s cars, trucks, buses, monorails, and railroads, citizens will never have to worry about being late again. I think that having these types of transportations would be great. The only thing I don’t understand is how these types of high-speed transportations could work with out it being dangerous. With the city having such a large population and children even being aloud to drive, there would be so many of these types of cars and other types of transportation on the roads that there would have to be traffic.

    School in Victory City sounds terrible. I would never want to go to school in Victory City. Going to school five times a week is all ready a lot, I could never imagine going to school seven times a week for a whole year. I seems like at the Victory City schools kids would never be able to have free time to enjoy their lives. At this school it sounds like a whole kids childhood would be devoted to school, doing homework, and studying. Going to a school like this would not be very fun.

    Is living in Victory City a joke? Living as a resident in Victory City would be terrible. I would hate for tons of people to have to live in a apartment with my family and I. No part of being a resident on Victory City makes sense to me. The only part that does is that all programs would be turned off by Victory City between 10-11 PM, and the volume turned down between 9-10 PM. This makes sense to me because according to the school, kids would have to go to school every day, so there would never even be time to watch T.V. or listen to music because right when a child would get home from school they would have to devote all your time to studying and working on homework for the next school day. So in my opinion there might as well not even be any programs at all, because you would never even be able to watch them.

    Modern day recycling has never sounded better! There might be some positive things about recycling in Victory City, like for example all scrap food would be fed to animals, this would help not waste so much food. And only having one kitchen for everyone in the whole apartment would be terrible. Having a kitchen that a whole community would share would be so gross, and the kitchen would be so dirty. Also, it would be so sad to have Victory City cremate a loved one, then send them off to some other disposal site just so that there would have to be no cemeteries. Cemeteries mean a lot for some people and it would be so sad if people could never visit there loved ones grave.

    I guess you could say Victory City is a perfect community. But I just don’t see it as being perfect. If people really were to live in this community I think it would end up being a nightmare.

  7. Victory City kind of seems like a copy of Disney World. Actually more like old fashion commercials for the future. I don’t really like the futuristic city’s format, but I do like the idea. Victory City also seems like something I’ve heard and seen before. If you have ever seen the movie “Wall-E” the transportation in the movie is similar to what they described. Anyway I personally don’t like the transportation because it would decrease the amount of people that walk and knowing the world today we would probably come up with some way you can travel without walking entirely. The garbage disposal and Cafeteria idea is good but having only a handful of cooks will take away jobs. Also, some people that don’t cook for jobs enjoy it and that would be taking away their joy. Isn’t this idea supposed to make people happy? I don’t like the recreation because it is mostly inside and I enjoy playing some sports outside; also, we would erase the sun from our life. Finally, I don’t think we need Victory Cities we just need to tweak our own society.

  8. Victory Cities are a good idea for the future. The money system, postal service, transportation, and recreation areas are great for these cities. The money system with the bankbook is easier, faster, and also uses less paper. The postal service and mailboxes in the apartment complex is a good idea and saves money from buying stamps. The transportation system would be easier and more efficient because no one would use cars. The recreation area would allow people to have fun and there could be sport events and shows.

    I like most all the things for Victory City and the only thing I don’t like is the “all-electric kitchens” because I think food should always be cooked in a regular type of kitchen for quality of food.

    I think we don’t need Victory Cities because what we have now is good because we are all still alive and well. Making victory cities would be a lot of money and again we are good with what we got now.

    I would not like to live in a Victory City because everything is done one way and there are many different ways to do things in life. The food would probably not be as good as a home cooked meal also. Victory Cities are good ideas but im not ready to go live in one.

  9. I think Victory City is very high tech and carefully planned out. What an interesting concept. The inventor of Victory City, Orville Simpson, thought of everything with his design. I can’t really think of much he could have done to make the city more efficient. I think that if there really were a Victory City, it would be very cool to live in. One thing that especially impressed me about Victory City was the amazing security level. Anyone living there wouldn’t need to worry about protecting his or her home or them self.

    One of the areas I liked best about Victory City is the overall design. It is very safe. I think that it is smart to have buildings made of non-flammable materials. If the building wasn’t made out of these materials, one little tiny fire could start and spread to a vast area in a short time. One of the few areas I believe should be changed is the money system. In Victory City, every citizen has a bankbook. No one carries around cash. It is a bad idea to not be allowed to have cash because what if you need to lend someone money right away. You wouldn’t be able to give them any money because it would all be in your bankbook.

    Yes, I do think we need Victory Cities. I think they are great ideas because they can help by saving space. The amount of people the building can fit into a tiny space is unbelievable. This will save cutting down forests for houses. A Victory City will also cut down the amount of trees used to make the building, since it is not made out of wood. Victory Cities are good for the environment.

    No, I am not ready to pack my bags and move there, but sometime in the future I think we will need to have Victory Cities. But for right now, I don’t think we need them. I am perfectly happy in my own city of Clearwater.

  10. Victory Cities are less free than us, but more free in the community in the Giver. They are more similar to us and they have knowledge of things other than themselves.I think Victory Cities could get by by for a while but would eventually get bored of doing the exact same routine every day.

    The places I looked at were the Food System, Schools and Education, Recreation, and Pet Care. The idea of completely fresh food, plus you actually get to choose what you eat. One thing they said is that they want to eliminate salt, witch can be quite vital to flavor.

    The school was the most similar. They offered a public education system that works the same way as the one our government provides today. Grade advancement seemed kind of confusing. Overall it gives it’s students a good education that is fundamental and effective.

    Recreation seemed quite good. They give many choices of activities that fit many peoples interests. From water sports to basketball, the Recreation center is fun for everyone!

    Pet Care was my least favorite of the places I visited. Yes, dogs can live in the city, but they are not allowed to stay in the same residence as you.One thing I found impressive is the technology they use to take care of all the animals. An electronic veterinarian seems really interesting.

    Victory cities are a good idea to some extent. Someone moving to this place that is used to a normal lifestyle might have a hard time getting use to this kind of place. I am someone that would like this place for a little bit, then it would get old. The only way it could get by is if people kept coming and going.

  11. Victory city seems like the perfect place to live. No crime, no murder and no problems, just a perfect city under a roof. No over population, and no Bragging, It does seem like the perfect place to live. Also, there are apartments that are top notch. It also appears that the food service is very good and has everything the people would ask for, including getting healthy food in an instant. It would also appear that the education facilities are completely up to date and are very useful.

    Living in one of the apartments seems amazing, everything is taken care of for you, and there are five-minute renovations! Everything seems too good to be true! Also, I like that they have “Quiet” and “Regular” zones. I like this because if you know that you cannot read a book with some noise, and then you can go to the quiet zone and relax, also, if you think about it, it also said that there are spacious luxury rooms. So that there are rooms for every type of person depending on what they like.

    The circl-serve system was very unique. I thought that that was a very good idea because then nobody will be upset if they don’t get food fast enough because everybody gets food faster because it is a circle, and not everyone is crowded around one little table. I also like the fact that it is always in sight of the customer. This is convenient because if you need to get something else you can get up and get it fast.

    I like the education/learning facilities a lot too. I like them because I like the fact that you can audit (listen to other classes) for example a fifth grade student can audit a high school class. I would find this very useful because then you can learn things that will be ahead of you in your other years to come. I also liked the fact that all of their technology is up to date and state of the art. This is good because you have the whole world at your fingertips and you can get information in the snap of your fingers.

    Overall, I think that Victory Cities could be a good thing, but I do not think that we are ready for it yet. And yes I know that they are absolutely a basically perfect place to live, but I think that we should wait to live in them until it is absolutely necessary.

  12. When I first clicked on the website I had my doubts about the so called “Victory City,” although when I put some more time into looking at it I realized that this could possibly be the city of the future.
    My overall thoughts on Victory City now are that these cities may be a great victory in the battle of a growing population and overly polluted Earth.

    The first section I looked at was the money system. I extremely enjoyed the idea of the Bankbook, because then I will never have to worry about losing my pocket change or dropping a dollar and forgetting about it. In Victory City all of your money will be stored in your bank book so you’ll never lose those pesky pennies again. Even if you drop your Bankbook your picture is located on the inside of it so it can be returned to you; on the other hand if you drop regular paper money the chances are very very slim of you ever getting it back. Also with your bank book you will always know all your money is in one safe secure place.
    The next section I looked at was the recreation section. I like how they incorporate being healthy and active into every day life in such a bustling and busy place. The Tri-center is an amazing idea since it would be an awesome place to hang out after school and meet new people. Also having a lake outside the complex is a great idea, because it will remind people that even though they have most of life’s necessities at their fingertips in the city the outdoors is still a wonderful place to be.
    Another interesting aspect of Victory City is the means of transportation. Since cars and other gas powered vehicles will only be used for transportation between other cities the pollution in and around a Victory City will be drastically reduced. Instead walking and eco-friendly alternatives will be used. Also to get between floors, high speed elevators can take you to your desired floors. Although one negative to living farther out in the country is that when traveling to most major cities you will have to use their airport.
    The last part of Victory City that I explored, and most likely the least agreed on part was the Pets and Veterinary Care section. In this community you would have to be separated from your cat or dog and they would be taken care of in the Pet Park. Only caged birds, Goldfish, and certain other animals would be allowed in your apartment. Owners will be allowed to visit the Pet Park and spend time with their pet and feed them, but that is much different from having your companion at home.
    To be honest before I would pack up my bags I would have to take a short trip to one to see what kind of lifestyle the people their live. I would not yet be able to give up my lifestyle and go into a completely different experience without trying their life first.

  13. A so called Victory City does seem to be an interesting concept, but I doubt this will ever happen. I do think that this would eliminate a couple of problems that the human race are facing currently, like theft, vandalism, and obesity. There would be advantages, but with all advantages there must be some disadvantages.

    The first place I looked was the money system. It is an interesting concept, having bankbooks. This would decrease robbery severely, because most robbers look for money. I don’t really think if someone draps below a certain balance that they should be moved. I think it would be much better if you were assigned a certain apartment, and the salary of your job decides if your apartment will be expensive or cheap.

    The next place I looked was the school. I find it pretty nice that school is free to residents, I think school fees are the number one reason we are in a recession. It is also nice that you can jump several grades ahead in some classes. If a student is very good in one subject, but bad in another they can take an easy, slow paced for the class they are bad at and take a more challenging class for the subject they excel in. The summer program seems strange. The rest of school is free but you have to pay for more school? Seems strange to me.

    The third thing I looked at was the Circl-Serv cafeteria system. It seems like one of the best things in Victory City.It will allow many people to get food fast, with minimal labor. Many people who eat the food will try different things because they are so nearby.

    Finally, I looked at Environmental Issues. It surprised me that there would be no cemeteries. Where would you go to honor the dead? It is a very bad idea if you asked me. I liked the idea that apartments don’t have kitchens. That will reduce waste by a lot.

    Honestly, Victory City isn’t a bad idea. It is not very good right now, but with some improvement, it could be the city of the future. Someday, it probably will be.

  14. My overall thoughts on Victory City are that I like the concept but, it jams too many people into one space. It’s sort of like a giant resort full of people. There are only apartments and small residential houses. I don’t think you get much freedom here and your income level controls you.

    The money system is based on bankbook that is used for payment and your is deposited into it as well. There is no form of currency, checks or credit cards only the bankbook. The bankbook is a little booklet with your I.D. that gets stamped and is used for all payment. Your bankbook is based on your income level and your apartment is also, once your income level goes down your apartment is switched to a lower grade. The transportation is mainly mass transportation: buses, monorails, railroads, and cars. They will take you to other Victory Cities, airports, and other Victory City facilities. You can not go anywhere other than the Victory City areas. The food is all grown or raised in Victory City Farms, it is all made fresh every day eliminating the need for preservatives and processed foods. The teenagers work on the farms in order to get a free high school and college education. The recreation center is for social activities, entertainment, and sports. The cafeteria is here too. There are a lot of activities: sports, parties, dances, operas, and conventions. I like the recreation center because, there were a lot of social activities you could do with people like you. I didn’t like the transportation because, there was a lack of freedom as to where you could go. I like the food system because it’s a healthy way to feed a lot of people. I liked the money system because it’s very organized.

    I think we need Victory Cities because even though they’re not very free and they would be very crowded but they are very efficient and would prevent homelessness and hunger. I wouldn’t want to move to Victory City because it would be crowded and not free but, for some people it’s a great life.

  15. Victory City, wow, what a place! From what I have seen, I know that it is well-coordinated and ready for tenants! Overall, I think that Victory City is pretty impressive. It seems to want to cater to everyone’s individual needs and wants to help bring a perfect environment to potentially the whole world. From residential apartments to special dental picks, this city has it all.

    When reading the guide, I stumbled upon four areas of planning Victory City has to offer which are the food system, the plan for pets, medical care, and the residential apartment plan. I appreciated the plans and agreed with what they had to say. The residential plan states that a vacant apartment will have it’s walls taken off and taken to storage, having them replaced with new and improved ones. I also thought that it was clever to have a place for new parents and their new children to stay for a while. Another thing I liked was that people looking to move in the city could stay and experience the place. As for the food system, I like that the food is kept very fresh and given to people the same day it’s taken from the farm. In the area of medical care, I like the idea of when a person is in the hospital, they can actually have their room be like a hospital room and have a doctor check up on them very often, as this makes things very efficient. In the pet plan, the one overall thing that I didn’t like about the city was that a pet such as a cat or dog can’t be kept with you. What is the point of having an animal if you can’t live with it?

    After reading the Victory City site, even though it has some items I disagree on, is very efficient, clean, and helpful. We need a city like this to help with issues we have in the environment, as said in the area about food, there are no trucks to deliver the food, leaving less fumes. This also has efficient apartment complexes, and since you can hold more people in one building, we won’t need to build as many structures. This could be very helpful.

    I am undecided as to whether I would move to Victory City or not, because I happen to have two dogs and a cat and wouldn’t enjoy living in the same city, but not being with them. Also, since there are a lot of people to a building, I would feel smushed. Every city could be a Victory City, but it will always have a down-side.

  16. I think Victory City is a great idea! It’s a well-organized, and thought out way of making a city more efficient. If I had to choose four of this city’s outstanding areas to be the most efficient, I would choose: the Money System, the Food System, the Recreation Center, and the overall Transportation.

    The Money System seems very helpful. It would be much easier if everyone only had to carry around a bankbook to pay for everything. It’s too much of a hassle to have cash and checkbooks filling up your bag. This way you just hand the clerk your bankbook and voila you’re done! The only thing that I don’t like about this money system is that there’s no way of knowing if the person who took your bankbook is deducting the right amount unless you follow your balance. This might be a problem.

    The Food System is a great way to conserve energy and keep everyone eating healthy fresh foods. I think it’s great that Victory City has its own farms for harvesting fresh fruits and vegetables. And it doesn’t stop there; they also raise their own animals for meat and dairy products! I like the idea of having fresh foods grown and put together by your own community. It reduces air pollution, too, because of lack of factories that are used to make processed foods.

    The Recreation Center looks really detailed. I think the three sections (social, entertainment, and sports,) are a really great idea. Also, the details of what will be placed in each section are remarkable, due to the amount of space. For example the social area will have the Circle Service cafeteria, party rooms, a dance hall, and a convention room. The Circle service cafeteria is very well-organized, it doesn’t take up a lot of space, and everyone can get their food easily.

    The Transportation system really surprised me. It helped me get an idea of how the building was set up—so that you could pretty much walk everywhere you need to go. I like the idea of limiting the trucks and buses for traveling long distances. The transportation in Victory citing is great when it comes to stopping air pollution. The fast elevators would really help too if you’re in a hurry to wherever you’re going. The fact that only elevators and electric cars are allowed for transportation inside victory city is very resourceful.

    I think we could use some Victory Cities in America. It would really help with keeping the earth clean. It also seems to make everything much easier, since it has so many places in one small area. If there were Victory Cities, I think stress would go down for most people, therefore, making everyone happier!

  17. Victory Cities are not really a victory. the important parts of this were Residential Apartments and Resident Guidelines, Money System, Safety and Security, and Transportation.

    The rules are too binding for the residential apartments and resident guidelines,and the money system. If your money drops below a minimum amount, you are thrown out. This is privet property so you are basically giving your life away. You are turned into a slave because you want to stay where you are but you have to do something for it.

    For the transportation, I would not trust a wheelchair to children yet these people want to give them mini cars. There would be games being played like tag with these. I don’t think these were designed to have many crashes. They might be safe but what if someone fips over and dies? The city could not be responsible for that and they would try to sue them or just kick them out for property damage. This is this corporation’s way keep only the people that they want in and the others out. This gives them a power over people.

    The security is a way to spy on you and yet another reason that you could be thrown out for. They would spy on the offices and hallways, and when they want to see inside a room call for a sweep for fire and bombs.

    Though some of the ideas were good they are only a way to control you. I would never pack my bag for this place even if I was the only person left in the old cities. The place is too binding like I said. If you get rid of everything then move to this place then get kicked out you are on the streets. If it were a government place were you could own places and let them be your own then I would go.

  18. Victory City is The City of The Future, but it doesn’t seem like that kind of city could really exist in the future. Everything is too perfect, and at first you might want to live there, but there are some disadvantages to living there.

    Some of the good things are having no stress about money, and having everything done for you already. Life would be easy for people living there. However, there are some bad things about Victory City, too. One thing is that it seems that you can’t be an individual there. You get the same things as everyone else. It is almost like a Robot City. Life in The Victory City might get boring, because there are no surprises. Everything is planned out.

    I believe that we do not need Victory Cities. It would cost too much money to the government. It is unrealistic to have a city like that. Even though it would be fun to be there for a few days, I like the city of St. Petersburg better. I like that everyone is different and independent. We can live our own lifestyle and there are not so many people in one small space. I also like that we have different options in St. Petersburg. I definitely would not be satisfied living in Victory City.

    The Money System in Victory System requires no money. That is good in a way, because you will never lose your money or get it stolen. Having one bank in the whole city would make it a lot easier, too. The Recreation area, called the Tri-Center, sounds like a lot of fun. It is a good place for kids to play and hang out with their friends. It has so many fun activities that you would never, ever get bored. The Transportation system includes the electric car, which kids can drive. It is safer than the transportation used in St. Petersburg. The monorail also sounds like it would be a blast. It would remind me of being at Disney World or the Airport. The Food System serves fresh food that is grown right in Victory City. This saves money and helps the citizens to eat healthier. The cafeteria is very high tech and can feed a lot of people in a short amount of time.

  19. I think that Victory City would be a great idea for our community especially because of all of the problems we are having with pollution. I think that Victory City would helps cut down on pollution and I liked the place that they were planning on building it a lot. If we really wanted to live in a city that isn’t perfect but isn’t polluted then I think that Victory City is the place to live.

    I really enjoy the fact that all the power cords and such are going to buried witch not only looks better but is also good for the environment. Having all of the important cables buried will help so that if there is ever a major storm then they can not get struck by lightning and cause a major electricity or power outage. Another thing that I really like about Victory City is that the guide says that the city will require less money witch will mean no more economical debt witch makes everybody much more happy so they can spend more time saving money and not spending it to just stay alive.

    Two areas that I do not like is the fact that you are not allowed to have bigger animals like dogs and cats. I don’t know about other people but I could never live without my dog or especially my cat for sure. I would never give them up and I would most likely end up getting kicked out of Victory City even though there are certain things that I do like and there are certain things that I don’t like. Another things that I would not enjoy while living in Victory City is the fact that one basic house unit would house up to 47,500 people. I know that I rather live in a very flawed city rather than live with 47,500 other people in my same house. I can barley handle having one brother but have around 47 thousand more, I think I would kill myself!

    Even though there are some major pros and some major cons I still think that we should have a Victory City because if we did have one then we could figure out what the people want and then we could change the city to their pleasure.

  20. Victory city seems like O.K. place, but it seems like an amusement park. By the way they explained it, it seems that many people are in the same place at the same time. It sounds too crowded. There isn’t a lot f individuality in Victory city. Everyone eats the same thing, buys the same thing, and goes to the same places. Victory City could be a break through in modern-day life.

    Four interesting places in Victory City I read about was the food system, healthcare, transportation, and the money system. The food system sounded great. The idea of having fresh food everyday for free is great. It’s being grown right next to the city and a way for community service for the kids. Healthcare was very good too. Healthcare won’t be too important with all the safety precautions, but if someone was injured they would no exactly what to do. Eliminating all of the polluting, unclean transportation would make the air cleaner and fresher. Victory City’s transportation would also eliminate all of the injuries from car crashes in our city. The money system sounds like it would be very successful. The Bankbooks would be a great form of currency. There would be no poor or rich which would make people more equal. The only area I don’t like is the burial ideas. It sounds like people in Victory City think they are better than other people. Sending their dead to be wasted in their land, it just isn’t right.

    I don’t think we need Victory Cities. Our communities are good the way they are. Victory Cities would just be another target for terrorists. I wouldn’t move into a Victory City. I need my space and individuality. I like our societies freedom a choices, and wouldn’t want it to change.

  21. I think that Victory City is a great place. There will be less murder and less everything. The economy will stay the same and everyone will just be happy. Also it will make travel and deal making much easier. I felt that the money system, food system, and the transportation system were that best. They all make the city much more efficient and easier to live a daily life.
    I like the money system the best though. Because of how everyone just has their own booklet. So that if someone tried to steal yours they couldn’t do anything with it, because your picture shows up whenever you make a purchase. But the only problem with this system for me is that one really tricky company could be taking more money from you then they should. When I read it there was nothing about a way to see how much money has been taken off and onto your account.
    The main one I have a problem with is School and Education. I don’t think that it’s fair that if someone has lived in Victory City all of their life then they get a free education. What if someone couldn’t pay or didn’t have enough money to live in Victory City. Every child should get the same rights no matter where he or she lives.
    I don’t think we need Victory Cities because I don’t everything perfect. If everything was perfect then life would be boring. It might be safer and easier to live life, but then there’s no fun in it. You might as well sit on a couch all day doing nothing. It would be very boring.
    I don’t think I’m ready to pack my bags. If this city was a real city, then everyone would try to mess with it and there would be a lot of protesting and too much for the President to handle. I like where I live, I have a great house that I enjoy living in, great friends, an amazing family, and most of all a wonderful life. So I’ll wait for the next train to Victory City.

  22. I had my doubts before I visited this site, but victory cities sound like a great idea. I’m interested in how a densely crowded industrial area can be cleaner than any other city. With 332,000 people living in a three square mile area, I would get claustrophic, but I think I would manage. Despite these faults, this efficient, low cost, and environmentally friendly city would be great for the world in the future. We are not at the point now where everything must be done to save our civilization, but we will someday. These cities will save earth from death and make people happy as well.

    I like the currency system a lot. Money, checks, and credit cards are substituted by the bankbook. It seems easier and more efficient to carry around a bankbook because there won’t be any bills other than high expenses to be paid off in ten days. No family would struggle because they would only buy what they could afford and everything is affordable in some smaller package deal. Salaries immediately get put in the bankbook straight from your employers bankbook, eliminating fraud. No one would steal anyone’s bankbook because there is a photo of the owner on the front. The system seems practically perfect.

    The food system is cool, too. I would appreciate all fresh food that tastes delicious, wouldn’t you. The food is healthy, too. I don’t like the food service however. I think people could be given ingredients to cook and eat with there family because an outdoor cafeteria with 150 people is loud enough.

    The transportation is very interesting. The city would take hours to go around without elevators or electric vehicles. I am worried about how crowded the halls and elevators would get with so many people in one building. The monorail system sounds like what Disney does, by connecting different parks with hotels. I would be worried about car accidents because if people never drive, then they are more likely to crash when they actually do.

    The education sounds boring. Seven days a week, 365 days a year does not make me shout with glee. Incorporating more movies and T.V. would be interesting to try. Teenage labor also does not sound good because your teenage years are the hardest years of your life. Why make them harder by adding work.

    We currently do not need Victory Cities because we are not in a terrible crisis. The cost to build one of these would also be huge and the construction would take many years. I would be cautiously excited to live in a city like this. A new way of life would be exciting at first, but would then fall into a monotone lifestyle. Victory Cities are the cities of the future, but we need to live in the present a little bit longer in my opinion.

  23. I think the Victory City is a good idea but it’s not perfect. The city would be efficient and clean, but it would also be very crowded and controlled.

    I think the food system sounds really nice! There are both pros and cons to this idea. I would love to eat freshly cooked, healthy meals everyday. There would be no added preservatives, artificial flavors, artificial coloring, monosodium, glutamate, excessive spices, cornstarch, pectin, cellulose, bleached degerminated white flour, salt, refined sugar, water and numerous additives and chemicals. Everyone would be much healthier and skinnier. Although it would save money, many people would also lose their jobs if there were no grocery stores, warehouses, trucks to carry the food from place to place, food processors, packagers, canneries, bakeries, meat packing places, etc.

    The postal system sounds very organized but I’m not sure I like this method. For one thing, all mail men and women would lose their jobs. Also, there would be thousands of mailboxes in one area where everyone went to get their mail. The mailroom would be total chaos! It would be hard to find the mailbox of someone that you were trying to send mail to. I don’t like this area of the Victory City.

    The recreation area or the Tri-Center sounds really fun! It will include a Circl-Serv cafeteria, convention hall, meeting and party rooms, a dance hall, and more. The entertainment part will have movie theaters, a music hall for concerts and operas, and facilities large enough for circuses or ice shows. Outdoors there will be a lake for boating, fishing, and water skiing. Indoors there will be a gym with basketball courts, bowling alleys, and more. I would come here everyday after school to hang out with my friends. It would be a great place to meet new people and try new activities.

    The ideas to put an end to ecological and environmental issues are very well thought out. In each apartment, there will be no kitchen, only a main kitchen on the first floor. The kitchen will be using permanent type containers that won’t create any trash. Leftover scraps will be fed to animals on the farm or used as fertilizer. Also, the dead won’t be buried in the land. Instead, they will be either cremated or sent to a cemetery in an out of date city. Money will be saved on the cost of funerals and the land will not be poisoned with deceased bodies. I agree with these ideas.

    I would like to pack my bags but only for a couple weeks to see what the different life-style is like. Honestly, I don’t think it’s a good idea for a long time. It would be very crowded, controlled, and I think it would be boring to stay in one building for the rest of my life.

  24. It sounds cool, but for me. I think the city should be more like New York City and have the streets separated from the buildings. I didn’t like anything about the city because it is all in one building and it holds 360,000 people in 3.5 square miles. It would be to extremely cramped. We do not need Victory Cities because we have better cities today. I will not be packing my bags for Victory City.

  25. First of all, Victory City freaks me out! Everything is the same and nothing is unique! It’s great to know they take care of our society’s problems now. But, I think that later on in the future, people would get tired and try to rebel, I know I would! It’s very controlled and overall creepy!

    I thought it was weird that there was cameras set up to watch our every move. This idea has pros and cons. The pros is that it’s a good way for security, and it would totally help crime rates go down, but I think it’s a little awkward for someone to be watching me through a TV screen.

    I think it’s just idiotic that all you can have a is a silly little goldfish and a caged bird! I think our pets nowadays are fine and we should be allowed to have any pet we want, if it is safe.

    I think the postal system works but mail men and women would lose their jobs, and their would be no employment for them.

    I don’t like the idea of the residential apartments because everyone has to share the same bathroom and it’s unsanitary!

    I don’t think we need victory cities because I think we are fine now, but we do have some problems in our society but, those are somewhat fixable and I think we are just fine for now.

    I don’t think I’m packing my bags for Victory City.

  26. This sounds like a great idea. I would like to live in one of thee apartments already. The one thing that I dislike about Victory City is that if you have a big family, the apartments won’t be large enough. and I believe that we do need Victory Cities all around the country.

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