Utopia ~ Your “Perfect” Society

Students, we begin prereading discussions on The Giver by exploring utopias. By  definition, a utopia is an ideal and perfect society in which everyone lives in harmony and everything is done for the good of its citizens.

Describe what a “perfect” society means to you.

Who should be in charge of the “perfect” society?

Would you rather live in a “perfect” society or a flawed one?

Name some aspects of our society which are flawed and could be improved. What improvements would you make? (for example: more affordable health care, crime rate, etc. )

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  1. A perfect society to me would be one where there is not a lot of arguing and where there is no war. It would be without pollution. There would also be no crimes or bad accidents that cause people to get injured really badly. Everybody wouldn’t be the same though because if everyone was the same then and everything was the same everyday then what would there be to work to.

    I don’t think any particular person or group should be in totally in charge. I think the people should elect a group of people to work out a problem if the people can’t work it out themselves.

    I would rather live in a flawed society because if we lived in a perfect society it would be boring and there would be nothing to work for. You wouldn’t be able come up with an invention and no one is able to object to anything or change the way they do something because it is against the law. If could change some of the flaws in todays society I would get rid of war, crimes. I would also make sure people could sustain themselves and not live on the street.

    1. I’d argue that the society you describe is not perfect, simply the best case scenario for the result of the natural development of our own. In my opinion a society in which there is total equality for all majority and minority groups is not required. Rather, I’d prefer a society which was simply able to adapt to newly discovered groups without discriminating simply by natural instinct, instead of one which has learned to treat all currently known social groups as equals simply by trial and error.

      The best way for me to explain this is to talk about the way I think of different societies and cultures.
      I believe that societies are most significantly defined by their core beliefs and values. These are generally the beliefs and values that are embedded in children at the very early stages of their growth. For example, in our society, ideas like ‘do not steal’, ‘do not hurt other’s people’ feelings’, and ‘do not harm other people’, are all incredibly solid morales from our point of view, because we absorbed them when we were so young. To create a better society than our own, a perfect society, I would argue that it is these base values that need to be altered, rather than gradual evolution of learning what is right and wrong through trial and error, as stated previously.

      In fact, from my point of view, a utopian society already exists. Or, rather, used to exist. I am very interested in history, so know a lot about Native American tribes, the Sioux tribe in particular.

      In case you do not know, most Native American tribes were split into a large number of. Bands, which would travel from place to place, usually being made up of 50-100 people, all families and in some way related to each most of the time. For the Sioux, this worked very well as small groups of people, who don’t come in contact with other groups of people more than twice a year, are much easier to mold into perfectly functioning societies.
      Evidence of is would include the fact that the Sioux, like many other tribes, did not have sexism. The two genders did have separate roles, but this was not inforced by law, as there was no law. There weren’t even any rules to do both this in the bands. Women made and cleaned the clothing, and prepared the meals, and men did the hunting and the fighting&, not because they were forced to, or encouraged to do so by a forceful social system, but because they we taught to do this by their parents, who taught their children solely based on their experiences. In Sioux bands, men taught their sons, and women taught their daughters, and the just tended to teach their children to be like them. There are several recorded cases in which individuals took a role not common to their gender, but this was never discouraged as long as they performed this role as well as their fellows.
      Marriages were chosen solely by the two individuals involved, and solely based on their opinions of each. Men tended to have more than one wife, but this was simply because there were less men because they died more.
      Another example of the Sioux social perfection would be their lack of punishment. Rather being taught not to steal from the cookie jar because they would be punished, they were simply told that it was wrong. When they did so anyway, they were shamed. People very rarely committed ‘crimes’ not because they would lose anything physically, but because they would lose the respect of the only people they knew. This was a successful system, mainly due to the fact that children want whatever they don’t already have, and don’t want to lose what they do have; this is their most important characteristic. For the Sioux, names were not permanent or given at birth, more earned throughout one’s life, based on their actions and how they help the band. Therefore, if you did something bad, you ran the risk of wearing the shame of this bad act with a name that could last forever. Not only this, but it also meant that children, and in turn adults too, did not do anything in order to gain material possessions, but to earn the respect and admiration of those they cared about.
      Also, as soon as you reached the point where you could talk and think for yourself (generally around 5), no one would tell you what to do. The Sioux values freedom above all else, and every major and minor decision was made through discussion and popular agreement. If someone did not agree with the majority, they would not be forced to take part in whatever was decided, but would not be expected to push the issue until the next discussion was arranged. No one did anything based on rules, but because they thought it would make them popular with those they knew, and anyone trying to enforce their own way of living would be quickly put in place by a unanimous agreement that forcing anyone to do anything was not right.

      As a result of all these base beliefs and values -which Sioux people considered to be as important as we consider our hate of murder and theft to be- the Sioux lived in relative harmony with each other, and war was a rare occurrence which was never started for selfish gain, more as the result of a need for the men to prove themselves or a recent migration.
      They did not have to overcome discrimination and poverty, because it was not in their nature to cause those things or let them happen.
      I believe that this constitutes a Utopian Society, and it saddens me that there will likely never be one again.

      1. Erm, so what you said is good and all, but I don’t think fighting unnecessary wars is part of a utopian society, often this was merely through boredom or young bucks trying to prove themselves. Also, if enemies were captured it could range from taking them into the tribe, to hideously torturing them until death, that’s not very utopian is it.

        1. Actually funnily enough it does sound quite utopian to me. Sure, it might not be as happy-sappy perfect as some other suggestions, but it’s definitely more realistic in terms of a long lasting society. By humanity’s very nature we are cruel, violent and competitive. For a utopian society to be achieved we would have to accept this fact, and make the best of a system which worked with our aggressive nature. The thing about Sioux warfare was despite being as brutal and terrible as any other war, they were always fought for names or horses or, as you said, boredom. No Sioux tribes hated each other, they were just naturally competitive. The resulting suffering wasn’t unjust because they all willingly accepted it as a natural part of life. This is much better in my opinion than the ideological warfare of today, in which no one is happy until everyone believes what they do.

    2. “no arguing” is a scary concept
      the only way to eradicate arguing is to make everyone agree on everything which smells a lot like oppression to me
      free and open debate is one of the pillars of democracy

  2. A perfect society would be perfect. Everything would be in order, no crimes, no hunger, and not homeless/unhealthy people. Everyone would have what they want. Everyone should be nice to each other and get along. No one would argue. Everyone would be really organized. People should agree on the same things.

    If you are in a perfect society then you shouldn’t need someone in charge of everything. There should be elected leaders in case there is a problem or a conflict. Everything would be perfect so, the person in charge would not have to do anything. There would be no criminals, and no arguing. Everything should go well. But u would need someone in charge if anything went wrong.

    I would rather live in a flawed society. If I were to live in a perfect society then it would be boring. Everything would be perfect and you wouldn’t do anything. A flawed society would be much more exciting.
    Improvements that we could make in our society would be crime rate, health care, wars, fighting and unemployment.

  3. Sorry Mrs. Coob. In the last sentence of the second papragraph I meant to say “you” instead of “u”. Sorry. I do not konw how to edit.

  4. My idea of a perfect society is one with a few flaws. One that communicates and works together with out fighting. I would much rather be in a flawed society than a perfect because war and arguing are what makes us humans. In a perfect society no one is in charge because there would be no reason to be in charge, everyone and everything is perfect. We should work on not spending money that we don’t have. The government, is in such a big debt, over ten trillion dollars! We should work on are debt, becuase it is not going to go away with the flick of a wrist.

  5. A perfect society is one that has no flaws. Everyone is happy. Nobody is different. There is no war, arguing, hunger, crime, violence or murder. Everyone also gets along with everyone else and people do not hate anyone. Everybody also has the same religion and beliefs.

    Nobody should be in charge of a perfect society. For it to be perfect, nobody rules which means nobody is upset about the government because there is none. Everyone has their own say and that helps keep order.

    I would rather live in a flawed society because if I lived in a perfect society, everything would be so boring and simple. People would all get along and that means that everyone is the same. If everyone is the same, then nobody is different. For instance, let’s say someone had a cool super power. If everyone had that super power, then it wouldn’t be that cool.

    Improvements our society could make are, less regulation from the federal government, less taxes, less wasteful spending and put a tariff on Chinese products.

  6. What a perfect society means to me is everyone is pretty much perfect. By this I mean that everyone is nice and friendly, everyone helps each other and there is never fighting or argueing. Also that know body really sticks out as being weird or different, and know body is ever made fun of for being different.
    The person that should be in charge of a perfect society should be a president. The president would run the society in the way everyone wants him too. Everyone should elect the president. Also there should be special rules that you would have to agree to in order to be the president. Like the rules and presidents we have today in our society.
    I think that I would rather live in a flawed society then a perfect society. I would pick the flawed one over the perfect society because I believe that I have been living in more of a flawed society most of my life then a perfect society. So it would be too weird and different to change from a flawed society to a perfect one. Also if I were to keep living in a flawed society I would know how to handily situations more normally then if I were to be lived in a perfect society because I would be confused with a perfect society.
    Some flaws in our society that I would change include people disagreeing.
    In a perfect society everyone would agree on the same things. But in our society people always disagree which leads to fighting. What I would also change about our society is that it is really dirty with trash. In a perfect society the streets and sidewalks would be cleaned and nice looking but in our society there are a lot of rappers and bottles lying around.

    1. “What I would also change about our society is that it is really dirty with trash. In a perfect society the streets and sidewalks would be cleaned and nice looking but in our society there are a lot of wrappers and bottles lying around.”

  7. A perfect society to me is when there is no hunger, arguing, fighting, and criminals, there are no obstacles between the rich and poor, etc. In a perfect society there is no fighting or teasing it’s basically perfect. Everyone in a perfect society should be treated fair and equal.
    I think in a perfect society there shouldn’t be one person ruling there should be more like three or four. I think that because if there is only one person ruling, then whatever they think is right, moves onto be a law/rule. If there are more people in charge then it will not be whatever the ruler thinks. It will be a majority vote.
    I would rather live in a society with flaws because I think a society can’t always be perfect. That there has to be some things you don’t like and you can work on fixing them. If you have flaws then you can learn from them.
    Two flaws that I think are really bad are not having affordable health care and crime rate. The health care expenses keep going up and are getting really expensive. This prevents people from having health care. The criminal rate is also increasing because people don’t have jobs. If we did not have as many crimes then people wouldn’t lose money. When I say losing money I mean if someone robbed a business that you own then in the end you could lose a lot of money that you have worked hard for.

    1. “If we did not have as many crimes then people wouldn’t lose money. When I say losing money I mean if someone robbed a business that you own then in the end you could lose a lot of money that you have worked hard for.”

  8. In a perfect society for me there would be perfect harmony between nature and humans. Also everybody would get along. There would be no pollution, extinct or endangered animals, or murder or hatred. Also everyone would believe in equality for all races, genders, class, or religion.

    In the perfect society there would be an elected committee where each member creates a group of laws, and whichever committee member’s rules a family likes best, they would join that committee’s community.

    I would rather live in a flawed society, because in a perfect society you could make no difference in that society, therefore you would always be on the same level as anyone else. No one would be famous, no one could make a difference in there world, and no one would be known for anything.

    If I could mend one flaw, I would make everyone happy and not sick so they can live their lives to the fullest and not b stuck unemployed or unhappy.

  9. To me, a perfect society is a society where everyone is happy. Not a general way of life where everyone does “happy” things but a society where you choose what makes you happy and it will be given to you. I don’t think a perfect society should be chosen for people. Because, everyone has something different that makes him or her happy.

    In my opinion there shouldn’t be a leader in a perfect society. There shouldn’t be rules and regulations either. A perfect society should be a place where everyone is happy. They should be allowed to do whatever they want to make themselves happy. The only rule that a utopian society should have is no weapons because weapons shouldn’t make anyone happy…. If there was a leader then they would be very stressful trying to handle all the responsibilities of keeping everyone happy in the utopian society.

    I would rather live in a flawed society because if you live in a perfect society there will be no mistakes to learn from. If there are flaws then the community comes together and tries to fix the problem. If the society is perfect, then everybody goes about their own business and they’re not a friendly community.

    Some flaws in our society are racial, religious, or lifestyle intolerance. These flaws can be improved by having a better understanding of others, and a willingness to open your mind to other cultures.

    1. “Some flaws in our society are racial, religious, or lifestyle intolerance. These flaws can be improved by having a better understanding of others, and a willingness to open your mind to other cultures.”

  10. A perfect society is a lot to ask, but a perfect society needs everything. It needs fun places to go like bowling, putt-putt golf, movie theatres, and other fun places near everyone. A perfect society also needs better then the best restaurants in the world, but places aren’t everything that needs to be perfect. People need to also get along with everyone. No rules will be broken in a perfect society. These are just a few things to make a perfect society.

    Everyone should be equal in a perfect society. There wouldn’t be anyone in charge of anyone. Everyone would get the same amount of respect. It doesn’t matter whom it is everyone would get a say in everything.

    I would rather live in a flawed society. Everything would be weird and creepy in a perfect society. Everyone likes different people because we are all different. I wouldn’t even second-guess about living in a perfect society.

    Our world needs many changes to it. One big change that we can do is to help the less fortunate, and make a more equal society. We don’t need anyone begging on the streets. People who don’t have as much money are starving in the world. We need to do something about it.

  11. A perfect society can’t really happen because there will always be problems in the world. But if I could live in a perfect society it would be that everyone had a smile on their face and enjoyed life. Also they would want to cherrish life and make it as fun as possible. There is no murder and no arguing. No complaining and everyone patient. If your not good at something just get better at it instead of quitting and getting made and never doing it ever again. Everyone would get along and no war. Also world peace. There is a lot to change in the world and a lot to ask for but it might never change.

    In a perfect society there should be one main person that listens to everyone and let’s them speak. He or She would take everything into consideration and have a final say in everything. So that there is no communism and everyone has a say in all that happens.

    I’d live in a flawed society. A perfect society would be scary, really scary. Everyone would has a smile on their face and staring at you asking how your day was. If everything was all the same no one could compare anything to anything. Also that would mean nobody has there own life. Everyone would have the same and be the same.

    There is a lot to change in this world right now. The most important to change would be everyone has everything needed to live a life and survive. No one should be on the streets begging for stuff. Also we need world peace, no one should be dying just because people don’t agree or someone is doing the wrong thing and ruling his people terribly.There’s a lot to change but not enough will power for people to step up and do it themselves.

  12. For me, a perfect society means many interesting and complex ideas. Firstly, everyone, for me, must have equal opportunities to do the things they like, have a good job, get a great education, and raise a family. With this foundation, the society would have a great base for happiness across the board, but will also b a great foundation for economic prowess. Next, everyone should be allowed to be an individual, not just another person. You should be known for whom you are and what you do, not as a number, or just a name. You should be allowed to make choices for yourself, not the community, and always be able to do, appear, or feel however you want. We lose our individuality, and that is the thing that makes us great, so in a perfect society we should cherish and embrace that. Thirdly, racism and other categorizations should be thrown out the window, and no matter what you religion, skin color, ancestry, or social class, everyone is on the same level, no one is superior, and people of all different looks and backgrounds could come together and live in perfect harmony with each other. In addition to racial harmony, there should be natural harmony. Everyone would appreciate and cherish nature, for it really is something that is truly unique to this planet, and the way that we are polluting the earth, driving animals to extinction, and ruining our planet makes me sick, and in a utopia, everyone would appreciate nature, our planet, and the truly unique and beautiful our environment really is. Along with all I just said, the usual things still apply. No crime, jobs for everyone, healthcare for everyone, ect. are all great things, and should be included in a utopia. In conclusion, a utopian society lies not in keeping everyone the same, but encouraging the differences that make us a global race unique and perfect.

    Honestly, this is an interesting a challenging question when you have to sit down and think about it. But, I believe that a perfect society needs no ruler. We need laws and judges, rules and police, teachers and schools, but, if everything is so perfect, then why do we need a ruler to control us? There would be no crime in a perfect society, no wars, no inter-party government fighting, no poverty, and no dissent. The ruler is obsolete in a “perfect” society because there is nothing and no one to rule. But, if you need a ruler, then there is obviously something wrong, for a ruler is needed in times of strife and crisis, but there should be no dominant leader or overlord. Sure, we need leaders to be the bosses, run the factories, and lead groups on projects; otherwise society and the economy would collapse. But, in my mind, the real question is: If it’s a perfect society, then why do you need a ruler to rule over a perfect world?

    I would rather live in a flawed society, plain and simple. Firstly, I have lived in a flawed and in some ways, dysfunctional society my whole life, and so far, it has been great. I get to be an individual, learn what I want, think what I want, and be myself. I get to be independent and different, and that has been terrific. In all the “utopias” that I have read of, none of them allow you to be different and individualistic, and that is something that would be terrible. In a perfect society, I believe I would be bored with the repetition. I would, I believe, eventually crave something different and spectacular, and not the monotonous, tedious, boredom of a perfect life. That is why I would chose a flawed society over a perfect one any day of the week.

    There are many things in our modern society that are dysfunctional and terrible. Three of the main issues, I believe, are world strife and conflict, the cost of everyday living, and pollution. To change world strife and conflict, the first thing that I would do is outlaw it. Hopefully that will stop some of it, but, of course, it will not stop all of it. To stop those persistent crimes against humanity, I believe that the world should create an unstoppable military force used to crack down on the conflicts that do arise. It would firstly encourage people to sit down and talk it over, but it will hopefully make people take the time and realize that these are just petty differences that needlessly erupt into bloodbaths every day. Secondly, the cost of everyday living for billions of people worldwide is way too high. To fix this, I believe that each and every family that falls below a certain poverty line should be given a monthly food allowance, which will allow them to put food on the table. Also, as long as families are receiving the food checks, the adults and any children of age should have to go to mandatory work counseling sessions, that would allow them to find jobs and work their way out of the whole that they have dug. In addition to that, there should be free housing for those who can’t afford it, but also a careful selection process to ensure that they need it, and aren’t just being frugal. Finally, global pollution. Firstly, I believe that to stop this problem, we need to transfer more money into projects that support sustainable and renewable energy. This will allow the renewable energy sector to produce more electricity, which will allow us to shut down traditional power plants, which belch smoke and carbon dioxide into the air on a daily basis. Secondly, there should be a tax given to people if their monthly pollution output is over a certain level. Then, after sufficient resources, power plants, cars, and other such appliances have been created, the world, as a whole needs to go completely cold turkey, with no pollution of any kind escaping into the atmosphere. Those are three of the problems most prevalent in our world, and ways that could effectively better the earth forever.

    1. “We lose our individuality, and that is the thing that makes us great, so in a perfect society we should cherish and embrace that.”

      Great post, Henry, tons of effort!

  13. A perfect society to me is a society that is not perfect. There is still crime but not a lot. People still get sick but not as bad. It’s quiet but not too quiet. It doesn’t have to be a fully developed community to be a perfect community to me.

    In a perfect society there doesn’t to be a full time leader just a part-time leader. If a society is perfect then you really don’t need a leader. Everyone should trust everybody and should work and care for everyone in unison.

    I would rather live in a flawed society because in a perfect society every thing is already done for you and it would be more because there would be nothing to do.

    Most of the flaws in our society are major. I would fix many flaws in our society. Such as crime, heath care costs, traffic jams, crashes, robbery, Identity fraud. I could go on forever but in my society I would try to fix them all.

    1. “A perfect society to me is a society that is not perfect. There is still crime but not a lot. People still get sick but not as bad. It’s quiet but not too quiet. It doesn’t have to be a fully developed community to be a perfect community to me.”

  14. I think that a perfect society is a place with no conflict, no anger and no sickness.

    The person that should rule the utopia should be happy, smart, care about the peoples needs, and be connecting their community with the rest of the world to help people be peaceful.

    I would rather live in a flawed society. If in a perfect society you do the same perfect things on the same perfect day all year-round, you would get bored and not be happy. If you live in a flawed society, you will have no idea what will happen to you that day. therefore, it’s not boring.

    Some things that COULD be improved in our community is that people smoke and smoke and smoke and don’t really care for the consequences. And the giant sidewalk, where did that come from!?! I don’t know about you, but that took like eight months to build and now nobody even uses it! It’s meant to be a bike path but you’re not allowed to ride you bike on sidewalks anyway! it was a total waste of time and it’s still not completed.

  15. A perfect society to me would have no wars, no fighting, no stealing, no hurting others, no bad language to others, and everyone is happy. Everyone would be different in their own special way. Everyone who gets sick can get a cure for free. The people in the society will elect their fair, good, and smart ruler. At times I would like to live in a perfect society and at tiems I would like ot live in a flawed one, but overall, I would like to live in a perfect society. In my society the healthcare rate could be better, and their could be no crimes so when people go on vacations they would not have to get worried about being robbed.

    1. “A perfect society to me would have no wars, no fighting, no stealing, no hurting others, no bad language to others, and everyone is happy.”

  16. In my opinion, a perfect society means that everyone lives in perfect unison. Nobody fights, or is rude and threatening to another person. There are no issues in the community and nobody forms cliques.

    The person in charge of the society should be the one that practices perfection to the right level and knows how to solve every kind of feud, issue, etc.

    If I could possibly choose whether to live a “perfect” society or a “flawed” one, I would have to go with a flawed one. I would go down this path for a few reasons. First, if you live in a perfect society, everything is exactly the same every time you engage in an activity. I believe that there should be some sort of spunk in everything you do, if not there would be no purpose or diversity in anything. Second, if everything was perfect, there would be no challenges, which would make life far more interesting. Lastly, just remember, there is nothing that is perfect, this is why you must go on to make every day and everything as perfect as you can get it to be.

    If I could name a few of the many problems in our society, I would stress on environmental pollution, poverty, and violence/crime as these problems have gotten way out of hand. To fix the issue of pollution, I would try to encourage clean, new energy techniques. For poverty, I would suggest improved educational opportunities and increased job offers. Lastly, for the horrible topic of violence, I would lessen the exposure from TV and the media arts to guns and other dangerous weapons to discontinue growing young violence.

    1. “I believe that there should be some sort of spunk in everything you do, if not there would be no purpose or diversity in anything.”

  17. In my eyes, a perfect society is a place where everyone is happy. In a perfect society, to me, everyone is equal and there wouldn’t be a rich and poor. I’m not saying everyone would be the same because everyone has something different that makes them happy, but everyone would have the same opportunities. There would be no teasing, fighting, stealing, bickering, or anger. There would also be no racism, it would not matter what religion, skin color, or who your ancestry is. Also, there would be no pollution because nature and animals are what makes a place unique and we couldn’t live without them.

    In a utopian society there would be no leader or rules. The citizens would not need a leader or a set of rules because if they live in peace and harmony, there would be no arguing or complications. If you needed a ruler, there is obviously a problem with your society. You wouldn’t need rules, but teachers and people to guide you and teach about life and obstacles that may occur.

    If I had a choice, I’d rather live in a perfect society. I’d choose the perfect society because I would never have to hear tragic or sad stories ever again. It would also be nice to never hear someone argue again. There would be no pollution or racism, some of the biggest problems our world has. If I lived in a utopian society, I would feel I would never have to worry again. I could be happy everyday along with everyone else. If I could have one wish, it would be to be able to live in a perfect society.

    There are many characteristics of our society that need to be improved. Racism is one of the biggest problems we have as a whole. To fix racism, I would make a law that says all people are made equally and that everyone can have there own beliefs. Another flaw is pollution. Pollution is destroying our world and we have to stop it. To stop it, I would make more sever punishments for the crime which would hopefully give people second thoughts. Another aspect of life we need is world peace. No one should be dying for other peoples actions. Overall, we have a lot to work on.

    1. “I’m not saying everyone would be the same because everyone has something different that makes them happy, but everyone would have the same opportunities.”

  18. A perfect society in my opinion is when there is no crime, there is no hunger or war, and there is no verbal/physical abuse. For example, if I could create a utopia, I would take away all violence, and everything that can lead to something negative. Also, I would remove anyone who would bring pain to people/animals.
    In my society, there would not just be one leader, but a group of four leaders who must cooperate to make changes to the society, or to Make new rules. Also, in order for someone to be “Released” they must have done something against the set of rules. Also like “The Giver”.
    I would much rather live in a flawed society than a perfect society. I do not like perfect society’s because I find them very creepy and I don’t like it how everything is “perfect” because it is not possible. I think this because I don’t think that anybody can always follow the rules, and never make mistakes. Also, I do not believe that kid our age should know such advanced vocabulary, I think that they should learn the vocabulary over time as they grow up.
    In the present society, I would probably improve world peace. I would do this because thousands to millions of people die every year because of war. I would also stop war because it does nothing except tear nations apart, I think that they should all help each other out in times of need, and then share your resources with eachother.

    1. “A perfect society in my opinion is when there is no crime, there is no hunger or war, and there is no verbal/physical abuse.”

  19. A perfect society to me would have an equal education, same economic benefits, and no decisions to be made. All things would be free and all people would be in good health. Everyone would work moderately hard and families would be together more often. Everything would run very smoothly and everyone would be happy.

    Who would rule this society? There would be no ruler because the right things to do will be the same for everyone. If people live in a perfect society they have to be perfect too, right? A ruler would be too commanding for a perfect place and everyone, or no one ruling just seems right.

    I am one of the few people that would live in a perfect society because it sounds a whole lot better. With complete happiness and no things bad, a perfect society would be an ideal place for everybody. It would take some getting used, but in the long run I would live in a perfect society over a flawed one.

    To make our society better I would completely eliminate politics. No more arguing or pointing fingers, just a relaxed, smooth field for making decisions. I would also make everything free and education equal everywhere. Our society is pretty good now, but small or large changes might make it perfect.

    1. “I am one of the few people that would live in a perfect society because it sounds a whole lot better. With complete happiness and no things bad, a perfect society would be an ideal place for everybody. It would take some getting used, but in the long run I would live in a perfect society over a flawed one.”

  20. A perfect society would have absolute peace and would have no disturbance of such. There would be no war between any nation and would have no conflict or question with individual people.

    In order to run such a place, you have to know what your doing. I say this because there is you are the one making it so peaceful. You would have to answer every question and would have to give everyone a position so nothing goes out of hand.

    I would not function well in a utopian society. In a place that is perfect, everything is decided for you so it stays perfect. I have to make choices so that my mind is able to stay open. Having an open mind is important because you be able to think freely about anything you desire. That is something you can’t really do in a utopian society.

    The #1 problem in this world is pollution. Our air is full of unnatural gases that highly effect our ecosystem. We are coming up with solutions but we still need to work on it.

    1. “A perfect society would have absolute peace and would have no disturbance of such. There would be no war between any nation and would have no conflict or question with individual people.”

  21. I don’t think that there is such a thing as a perfect society, but it would probably have no violence, fighting, or war. People would never hurt each other and would only support each other. People would only eat vegetables so no animals would be harmed at all.

    I think that if I had a utopia I would have a large amount of people, probably around ten, and they would vote on matters much like a democracy.

    I would rather live in a flawed society than a perfect society. If I lived in a perfect society, it would be very strange. Everything would be in an exact order, that, if violated, would mean severe consequences. I don’t think I could live with that kind of pressure.

    Our society is very flawed, and could be improved in the following ways: better health care, lower crime rates, less poor people, and more affordable food and resources.

  22. A utopia is a place with no violence, crime, or abuse. No bad all good. The person in charge would be the leader, but would have equal rights of the other people except for making rule, but the rules must be approved by everyone. I would rather be in a utopia because there would be no bad things happening. To improve our society I think that the criminal rate should be more controlled, also the economy should improve to make it a better place.

  23. A perfect society to me would be that no one is left out, no crimes, everyone is happy, and that everyone is equal.Everyone could have anything because it would belong to everyone. Factories would be maned by machines and other machines to fix them. Everyone could do what they like except there were small spaces like twenty feet by twenty feet rooms that were for every person. There would be no weapons. There would be small communities of twenty families not large ones with set amounts of land, but can trade with other communities to get what they need like steel and water. The communities will be organized by what the person likes such as adventurous people would be sent to mountains and caves.

    The leader would be a group of five people that can work together and are capable of leading. This would be for each community.

    I would live in a perfect society because if I would get what I wanted. Also I would get everything I need. I could be relaxing in the sun or snowboarding down mountains.

    In our community we need to work on food. There are people in the world that get nothing to eat when we get all we want. Also we need to work on money levels. If the rich and poor would become middle class all over the world and no one raised the prices then the world would be easier to live in. The people could only get what they need and a few things that they don’t need like iPods.

  24. To me, a perfect society obtains certain characteristics that must be flawless. First, everyone has enough money to survive a stable life. People can work for extra wealth for accessories and everyone is eligible to make the extra money. All pain is done away with. Whenever someone is hurt, they instantly feel better. Basically, nobody has to deal with any troubles, physical or emotional. All temperature is kept the same with a cool, pleasant atmosphere. People never have difficulty with anything, including transportation. Anybody can instantly teleport themselves to anywhere. Food and drinks were always provided and health was kept at perfection. Everyone is relaxed and is able to freely do anything they desire without distraction or interference.

    In my perfect society, there is no one person or group of people in charge. Government with absolute power never works out well to me. Everyone has different beliefs and customs, so no one should be forced to convert to someone else’s way of life. In my utopian society, no one has a higher rankling than anyone else. Nobody can order anyone else around. Some people are elected to make sure everyone behaves and there are no fights.

    I would much rather live in a flawed society than a perfect one. We live in a world where nothing is perfect. Life to me is circled around individual. Without individuality, everyone would be exactly the same. Being different is what separates everyone from others. Everyone has special abilities that create the responsibilities that we take on. Without different responsibilities no one works harder than anyone else, so everyone shares everything and there is no way to make friends or decide how good of a person someone is.

    Fighting happens much too often in our world. If there were no more wars to cause tragedy, death, and missing someone, the world would be a much more peaceful place. Global warming is also starting to be a big problem in our world. Temperatures are drastically rising all throughout the world. Ice glaciers are starting to melt in places like Antarctica which is endangering many species that live there. People in our world are forced to work for money, which in my perspective is a positive, and trust their money in banks. Some people rob banks, just creating more interference with the smoothness of our world. If robbery stopped, people would not have to have such protection over their possessions. Our world is certainly not flawless, and there could be many improvements that could be made to improve our lives, but I would rather live in the world today than a utopian society.

    1. “All pain is done away with. Whenever someone is hurt, they instantly feel better. Basically, nobody has to deal with any troubles, physical or emotional.”

  25. A perfect society, for me, would be simple, but smart. We would have a mayor with representatives and all that. People should be allowed to do what job they want. People may leave the town, but people from out of town may not come in. Parents may be allowed to have up to four children.
    I would live in a flawed one because I am so used to it that it feels there is one way to go.
    With healthcare each member would receive complimentary health insurance. Crime, would leave Utopia. Taxes would be cut really low.

  26. A perfect society for me would be a society with no wars, no homeless people, not a lot of people, no one ever suffered. I also think in a perfect society they would have some sort of way for population control so that no one died from lack of food and water.

    I think in a perfect society there would be positions within a neighborhood like leader, policemen, firemen and so on. Also there would be no one person always in charge I think it should alternate every five years. In my perfect society it would be neighborhoods were run by themselves. Lastly in my perfect society people could become part of different neighborhoods if they wanted to so basically no immigration laws.

    If I could choose what type of society I lived in I would live in a flawed one. I would live in a flawed one because in a flawed society you can only advance while in a perfect society you have a world of possibilities to unadvance.

    If I could fix some of the many flaws of our society they would be no one person or government in charge, no one would be homeless, everyone would be fed, finally there would be no need for money and people would do their jobs just from the kindness of their hearts.

    1. “I also think in a perfect society they would have some sort of way for population control so that no one died from lack of food and water.”

  27. A perfect society to me would be the people who lived there would have the same amount of rights. They would have a perfect supply amount of the things needed to live. There would be no social class. there would be no crime and there would be peace. You would need to earn money to buy whatever you would like but you would have to work for it. There would be freedom.

    There would be no leader of a perfect society because everyone is their own boss. They all made their own decisions but any type of crime would never come into anyones mind. Everyone has freedom for themselves and so if their was a leader then that wouldn’t be freedom.

    I would much rather live in a perfect society, preferably my perfect society. There would be no worrying in stealing and break-ins. You wouldn’t even need a lock for anything. It would be paradise, amazing, and amazing.

    Some flawed aspects of our society would be crime. I would love world peace because you wouldn’t have to worry about break-ins or any of that. Hunger is another one because it is killing a bunch of people and that would be another thing I would change, world hunger.


    1. “There would be no social class. there would be no crime and there would be peace. You would need to earn money to buy whatever you would like but you would have to work for it. There would be freedom.”

  28. To me, a perfect society means that there is no hunger, no poverty, the air is clean and clear, the city should be clean, and everyone should be nice. There would be no internal combustion engines and instead, just electric trains, cars, boats, etc.
    In a perfect society, no one should be in charge. I think this because of the many corrupted selfish rulers, for instance, the rulers in the Middle East like Qhaddafi. Also, many people would argue about who would be a better (governor?) and all arguments always seem to lead to bad fights, which shouldn’t happen in a perfect society, let alone ours. Many people would say that without someone in control, life would be chaos, but remember, this is supposed to be a perfect society.
    I would probably live in a flawed society because in a utopia everything would be extremely strict, and the consequences would be very bad. Also, there would be no change, nothing new. I just think life would be very dull, very hard, and kind of creepy (just from reading the first two chapters of The Giver).
    Something that I think is quite messed up in our society is fossil fuels. That’s practically what we live on, really we do. Fossil fuels aren’t renewable because what it is, is plants, fish, etc. that over millions, even billions of years, have broken down. And most of us (I hope so) know that we are running out. We should stop relying on this old technology and move on to renewable energy like solar. Everyone is saying that solar is so inefficient, but that’s because we really haven’t tried. But, some people have. They have taken advantage of the technology we have, and built amazing things, like this Swiss man, who spent five million dollars to build the world’s largest solar powered boat — a hundred-foot twin motor electric catamaran that is sailing around the world at seven knots (9 miles per hour). It relies solely on solar energy, and has no back-up generators, just solar panels, a bunch of batteries and two giant electric motors. Zero emissions. Compare that to the Queen Mary II, the second largest cruise ship. It has five humongous diesel engines, the most fuel efficient internal combustion you can find, yet it gets half an INCH to the gallon. When I was in Sydney, I saw a solar ferry. I did some further research and found out that it is a 57 foot fiberglass electric ferry. It can cruise at 2-3 knots (4-5 miles per hour) for a day. It has a single diesel generator with a 1 gallon diesel tank, which will let it cruise for six hours at 20-25 knots. I can compare that to my canoe with its engine, which is six horsepower. The engine has a quarter gallon tank that will drive my 15 foot canoe at 18 knots for an hour. That proves that we do have the technology, and solar is VERY efficient. This will stop us from being in debt from fighting over the little resources we have.

  29. I think that if we were in a perfect society it would be everything we dreamed of having in our wonderland and it would have exactly what we wanted in it. None of the countries would be at war and there would be no pollution and you wouldn’t have to work for money to get things. You would earn things if you wanted them, sort of like earning stuff from your parents so that way you would still work but not go through the stress of having a job or trying to get one and your food would be easier to earn. If you were sick or injured you wouldn’t have to earn your food and you would go to the hospital for free. Every one would live where they wanted and everything would be walking distance away from your house.

    If anyone were to pick one person to be in charge they would be bias and pick themselves and that proves my point that I don’t think anyone should be in charge. As little groups of people for each town, I think we should vote together for what we believe in even though we probably would all agree because this is a perfect society. There should however, be a group of citizens that calculate the amount of earnings by all the people. A political group would also be a good but that would develop an uneven economy level and we would no longer be an economically even society.

    I would rather live in a flawed society than a perfect one because there would be no awards or prizes or even having someone be proud of you because they could do the same thing as good as you. There would be no competition or games because you would always get a tie because if you’re perfect you can’t lose. There also wouldn’t be much laughing because there would be nothing funny to laugh at. I think that it’s better that the world is this way.

    The first thing that I would change about the world we live in is I would clean up the pollution and help the environment. Then I would like to stop the war and remove terrorism. I also think that the value of the dollar should raised so that things are less money and that would help us because then we would have a little boost of money to get ahead of the pricing and help catch up. But there’s not much we have to do because the world is great the way it is.

  30. Imagine. Imagine making buckling seats fun. Well that is what my new idea is going to do. Sounds are always fun, there are many interesting sounds. My idea is to make a sound chip that is put into the seat belt so when someone buckles up it makes a new sound every time. This is great because it now makes buckling up fun because you can hear a new sound every time. Maybe it might even make a sound that someone has never heard before and creates thoughts or ideas. This will be located inside a buckle of a seat belt. It will be called Buckle Me. This is targeted for everyone because grown ups might here a sound that will remind them of a memories and kids it is fun to listen to.

  31. i perfect society is a good place to life with nothing going wrong. you still have friends to play so its not boring and you’ll live longer with out violance

  32. My perfect utopian society would be that there would only be one central economy, all of the people in the world would unite as one, there wouldnt be any boundaries, there would be a central committee of only 20 people out of every region of the earth they come from, this one committee will tell the people everything, they will not lie, they will not hide, they will be honest and speak to the people, asking them for what should be done in any situation, the committee will just come into an agreement after everyone speaks their mind. No world hunger, everyone will be given a patch of land to grow their own crops, they will trade in some of what they grow for things they actually need in everyday life, they trade these crops to the stores that sell the food to the people who live in the city. Also, for every 10 people, there will be 15 jobs available, wherever, whenever, the pay would be judged by how much work you put in, and the benefits of the job like health insurance and maternity leave will all be equal to all jobs. nobody will be treated unfairly, education would be considered one of the most primary things, getting a degree would not consist of spending a certain amount of money per year just to study, everything will be substantially affordable.

  33. Utopia an impractical perfection . A place and time where our destiny is determined by choice and only by choice . Not luck. Not “fate”. Hence the definition above an ” impractical perfection” . Because if we all lived by making our choice , there wouldn’t be such a thing as perfection . Since our choices are all contradicting & chaotic . So utopia is just nothing more than an imaginary world or an alternate dimension . It doesn’t exist .

  34. Mrs. Cobb,
    I have to say, that in the given circumstances, you have some very talented sixth graders. We read “The Giver” in seventh grade, yet half of the readers couldn’t even understand the concept of a “Utopian Society.” Great work, guys!
    – Laney Strickland (8th grader)
    Crayton Middle School
    5000 Clemson Dr. 29206
    Columbia, SC, USA

  35. In a utopia, I think that there should be equality, where all races, religions, genders and sexualities. Also, I think that people should work together and not alone. Also, when someone is being disruptive or disobedient they would be let out of the utopia.

  36. I think that a perfect society is one that is clean and no one dies exept of old age I think that people shoul have their own opinion but the thing that is the problem is that we all have our own opinion on it but it Is impossible.

  37. A perfect utopia is a dystopia in my opinion.There must be arguments no matter what. If there none, how would they separate land masses into continents with names? Separate even the smallest of farm lands? If one person were to decide all of that, that would be unfair, most likely leading to envy and no matter what you once belived there, it will turn to hatred and “dark ages.”

    Honestly, I think the American system as of 5-18-16, is my utopia.

  38. A perfect society i think is a conundrum of human perception.
    And this perception is not a constant but a variable of the time period in our history.
    In 2016 with the currents state of the planet, most people would include total eradication of disease, wars, crime and hate in a society to be perfect, it would be nice to also include natural disasters but that’s too unrealistic even with our some-what advanced scientific knowledge.

    I think the problem is in the word perfect which I interpret as flawless, as opposed to a well balanced society, a society where humans try to avoid over populating their environment and by doing that they reduce consumerism, by reducing consumption, planet pollution and fossil energy requirements can be countered with sustainable energy supply, we would also diminish rapid climate change and we would stop relying on strong central governments and try rely more on city or state based self sustaining entities.
    With less people there would also be better areas for people to relocate from potential disaster zones. Mass human migration would be a rare issue, and the best part is that you have room for error and improvement, you can try to work out the really complicated issues like how to prevent serious issues like mental illness that lead to violent crimes and genetic disorders that can reduce the quality of life in people, we could also try to develop our science to finally investigate the presence of the human spiritual concept and if its existence can truly be proven then we can solve its connection to the purpose of the universe without having the need for a deity or deities .
    But I think people should have choices, they should decide to participate in these communities or
    not too without harsh requirements like imprisonment or out casting, unless of course their decisions harm others. Then they should still be accountable to the local law enforcement agencies. And those agencies should still be able to beat sense into you while screaming: “Stop resisting!” Just kidding.

  39. To me a perfect society would start with education. An education system where kids are taught and developed to discover their passion and “calling”. A system where the students are in a non competitive environment to learn and discover at their pace. With this education system available to all. Once a student discovers their passion their taken under the wing of a mentor in the field of their choosing. The mentor having gone through the same process and in a field they are genuinely passionate about. As the student develops and grows in skill and knowledge, once they are at a level to pass on the knowledge they have learnt it is encouraged to take students under their care and pass their knowledge. With the non competitive environment and people in fields of passion, self esteem will be high, and a sense of community will be abundant among people with similar interests.
    In this perfect society utility costs will be minimal. Homes and transport will be self sustained with solar power and wind. Homes will be powered by solar panels of rooftops and excess power saved to highly efficient batteries. Personal cars won’t be necessary because of the efficiency of public transport. Public transport will be electric, automated Uber-style door to door service (Elon Musk’s vision of driverless cars in the near future). Fossil fuels will only be in history books. Everyone will be highly educated and aware of their pollution footprint.
    With the birth of highly skilled and passionate people, the perfect society will step away from large corporation style businesses and back to the local business. The stock market will become non existent as large public companies join fossil fuels in the history books.
    In the perfect society Governments are debt free and free from corruption. The Governments sole purpose is to sustain and improve the lives of the people, not only in their country but the world. The only bank in the country is government owned and there to serve the people. Visionaries with a passion for the lives of the human race will govern the country. They will take under their wing the next generation of visionaries and pass on their knowledge. The basic needs for life are taken care of by the government. Housing, food and water are all supplied.
    With the use of fossil fuels in the past, large corporations no longer in the picture, a sense of community, all countries led by incorruptible visionaries with a goal to sustain and improve society, war is something we read in history books and can’t believe these atrocities actually happened.
    Technology and the internet is used to truly connect people and make the world a smaller place. Artificial Intelligence is created and used to solve problems we can’t solve.

    This is what I envision the perfect society to be.

  40. Those kids are talented! Keep it up. I personally know that my 8th grade class (all 8th graders in my school) didn’t even finish the book because they didn’t understand what was going on!! I am very impressed that these kids can think of this high leveled responses! Way to go guys (and girls;) Good job, really).

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