Flash Mob Videos ~ Happy Holidays Everyone!!

A flash mob is defined by Wikipedia as “a large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and pointless act for a brief time, then quickly disperse.”

Students, if you were asked to come up with an idea to create a flash mob video, what would your idea be? Where would you hold it? Who would participate?

Have a fun, safe, and restful holiday break. See you in the New Year!
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  1. If I could create a flash mob video, it would probably take place at a walmart or target. 100 people would be walking around the store and at a certain time, they would all scream for about ten seconds. Pause for about a minute and then scream. They would do this 10 times. When it’s all over, they stampede out of the store. There would probably be around 100 people participating. It would be pretty funny.

  2. If I were asked to create a flash mob it would be something comical. I would ask for a group of about thirty people to make a riot scene. They would probably be some of my friend’s parents. It would take place on a semi-blocked off street or an ally. Twenty of the people would be holding non-patriotic signs and hand them to some by-passers. Then they would start protesting and the civilians would have no clue what was happening. The other ten people would march out of the different sides of the street with riot shields and start to converge on the crowd. They’ll throw non-harmful smoke bombs at the “protesting” crowd. The civilians won’t know what’s happening and their actions will be caught on camera for a show. After the flash mob is over they’ll be told it was all just for entertainment.

    No school.

  3. I have several different ideas actually.

    My first idea is to have about one hundred people all at once start crying. And they would be sobbing so people would understand that they are crying. This would be held at an airport. Anyone could participate if they wanted to. Instead of crying the mob of people could laugh.

    My second idea was to have about one hundred people all at the exact same time start coughing. This could be held at a hotel and like the first one anyone could be a part of it.

    I thought the videos were very clever and humorous. I think that it would be really fun to do a flash mob.

    1. Coughing! You would have people running from all directions! Mayne some of the people could be wearing masks, that would really make others nervous! 🙂

  4. If I was to create a flash mob, I would do it in the middle of somewhere that would be packed with people! I would like to do it in New York.I would like to do it in Central Park, in a spot where a lot of people are. It would be in the winter, so snow would be on the ground. 🙂 I would get my friends and we would come up with this amazing and complicated dance! I would also like to put in a ripple effect, but with frizbees! We would all be in a line, and one after another, we would throw our frizbees! Then, we would start doing the dance again. Music would be playing, my choice would either be pop or rap.

    At the very end of the song, we would all drop to the ground and act dead! We would stay there for about two minutes, maybe. Everyone around us would be flabbergasted! I also forgot to mention that we would be wearing yellow coats. Oh yes, stylish. 🙂

    Happy Holidays! 🙂

  5. My idea of a flash mob dance would be walking in Slo-Mo, but not like the Home Depot video, even slower! I didn’t think that the Home Depot video was as Slo-Mo as it could’ve been so that’s what I would fix. It would take place in Time Square in New York City and I would want a bunch of people to participate so it looks as if it’s just the person was the only one seeing it. Everyone would be wearing identical outfits and must carry at least one item such as a Starbucks coffee to a briefcase. Also, to even have more people in on the act, if I could, I would get police officers to join in so it looks really real. And remember how I said it would be really slow, I’m talking that it would take five minutes just to cross the street!

    Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! Happy Kwanza! Happy Hanukkah! Happy New Year! See you next year!

  6. Hey everyone!

    I’m actually holding a Christmas Flash Mob at a mall near my home! My friends from the entire MD are joining! We’ll be doing Jingle Bell Rock! I’m really excited! We’ll be dancing and singing. Jack, that was a pretty good slo mo idea!


  7. If I were to create a flash mob dance, I would do it on a roof of a major store in New York City. Everybody would be wearing Tampa Bay Rays clothes too, just to have some fun with thos Yankee fans. We would stand still for about an hour (so those Yankee fans could take it all in) and then break out in some preplanned dance. I would probably try to get a bunch of my friends, my mom’s friends, my dad’s friends, and my brother’s friends.

  8. If I was given the “honor” of creating a flash mob… I would have it at Nordstrom. It would be pre-choreographed and there would be as many people that I can collect before a deadline. Everyone would be wearing boots and leather jackets, when the song Boots and Boys, by Ke$ha, would come on over the loud speakers and every one would start dancing with the boots on the shelf.

    I thought that the videos were pretty cool.

  9. If i could have a flash mob thing happen it would be a dance. It would be the best dance ever. It would happen at publix. It would happen there because then if anyone gets hungry they can have a snack. All my friends would dance with me and it would be a lot of fun. Everyone will be dancing and having fun. By the way I really liked the videos you posted Mrs. Cobb.

  10. In my flash mob, it would probably take place in a store like Target. I would send out a mass text message and email telling my friends that I was organizing a flash mob. Everybody would wear the same exact clothes and everybody would have a partner. The partners would walk in every three minutes and they would both do the same thing. They would not buy anything. Once all of the partners are in the store, they would browse for ten minutes and leave in the order they came every three minutes.

    No school. Yes.

  11. If I could have a flash mob I would do it at Central Park in New York. I would have a whole bunch of people singing and dancing. I think it would be interesting to see how the New
    Yorkers respond to it. I would get some friends like ten friends and have them get all there twitter followers and all their face book friends to

  12. If I was to creat a flash mob video it wouldn’t include dancing or singingcause they’re both skills I do not posess. I would just get a bunch of strangers to freeze in place in the middle of the mall.

  13. If I could come up with an idea to create a flash mob video it would be to freeze in place for ten minutes. I would hold it at a busy intersection in New York and get a bunch of strangers to participate.

  14. I think it would be very cool to be the host of a flash mob. I would have the whole middle school dress up in heavy metal suits(like the band Kiss). Then they would start randomly come out into the middle of the Tyrone mall. When all into position they would start playing air guitar, bass etc. I would love to see the people on their faces. It would be a blast.

  15. If I were to create a flash mob dance, I would make it as big as i could. I would just hand out flyers, and teach it using youtube. It would be at midnight in City Walk Orlando. Everyone involved would wear all black except for glow in the dark gloves. People could wear also anything they own that lights up excluding lamps.

  16. If I were to come up with a flash mob scene I would gather up about 200 people, lots of these people would be my friends. We would all go to Times Square in New York City. Over a very loud music system the Macarena would be playing. As soon as the music starts we would all start dancing the Macarena. Once the song is over we would freeze for two minutes in the last dance position we were in, then just randomly walk away.

  17. I totally loved the one where they all frizzed. It was so funny because a lot of people didn’t know what was happening and they were kind of freaking out.

    If I was to create a flash-mob video, it would be people walking normally, then they would stop for a minute and go back to what they were doing and stop again for a minute, they would do that for about ten minutes. It would be really cool because it would look like they are robots and have “mechanical” problems.

    It would be in an airport because there would be a lot of people, I also love airports because I love planes and I love traveling. It would be awesome because everyone would be walking and then they would see people that are frizzed. I think that I would ask people to sign up at the entrance and I would say at what time they have to stop. I think that about two hundred to three hundred would be good.

  18. I’ve always admired flash mob dancing and it seems everyone who participates always has a blast, so when I saw it as this week’s topic, I was excited to see what the videos would hold in store.
    After watching all the videos, I was both impressed and entertained, though my favorite video was the one at Grand Central because it had just a great idea that really formed together and it had over 200 people participating.
    Although, if I were create my own flash mob, I would have a hundred people in a popular mall, just sitting and socializing with friends until a particular techno song is played on the speakers. Then, all the lights shut off and then the hundred people cover themselves in glowing body paint and start jumping to the beat of the techno song. I would be so much fun and I would love to participate.
    It seems I was inspired by the Homecoming event called “glow”, where instead of dancing to the beat, it’s playing volleyball. My brother swears it’s the most fun you will ever have!

  19. If I were to come up with a flashmob it would probably be some kind of prank. I would either get hundreds of people to go to a mall or airport and pause for five minutes as shown in one of the videos or gather hundreds of people and have all of them drop to the ground as if death had overcome them and watch as a few remaining people stand there in disbelief and confusion and maybe even fright. After the five or so minutes I would have everyone on the ground slowing get up as if they were just sleeping and then walk away as if nothing had even happened.

  20. If I were to create a flash mob video, I would have about 100 or so people dressed in Christmas colors and Santa hats, but to hide all of it they would wear big jackets over the Christmas clothes. I would have them go the big Christmas tree in the mall. First about three guys dressed up as gangsters come with Jingle Bells Rock blasting on a radio (the radio would be on one of their shoulders). They put the radio down and one starts dancing, after that, the other two start to dance. Then about thirty seconds into the song everyone else tears off their jackets and start to dance with them. They would all be doing the same dance at the same time. And when the song is over, we would go back to our normal business and act as if nothing had happened.

  21. If I were to create a flash mob, I would have the entire Middle Division just stop what they’re doing and fall on the ground. The teachers wouldn’t be told about it so they would start freaking out. I think that would be really funny to watch the teacher’s reactions.

  22. If I had to make a flash mob, it would be at a pet store. I would get like fifty people to train their dogs, and then they would all walk in like a normal person gradually over a period of one hour. Then, when everyone was inside, I would blow an air horn once an everyone would start singing, and the dogs would start “dancing”. It would be so funny! After about one or two minutes, they would stop and leave gradually. Strange, but funny!

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