Rare Titanic Footage and Other Interesting Stuff

I know that many of you have seen the movie Titanic, and even if you haven’t, you still pretty much know the story behind this majestic vessel. If history could be rewritten, would you have liked to have been a passenger on this ship?

Why can’t we walk in a straight line when blindfolded? Why do we always end up going in circles? The same goes for driving a car or even swimming when there is no point of reference. Why do you think this happens? And…….to this day there is still no clear answer to this puzzle.

Be happy that you are not in school in 1895. Do you think you could pass this eighth grade final exam?
Eighth grade final exam in 1895

Your thoughts?

Snow White, Disney’s first animated feature, was released in 1937. Disney’s 50th film has just been released. Take a look back at all of the Disney films. Which one is your favorite and why?


  1. I would have loved to be a passenger on the Titanic, even if the ship still sunk. I think the adventure would be worth my life and it would be even cooler if I survived and lived on to tell the story! Fitting everyone (and some people still didn’t fit) onto those life boats must have been hard work. And the people that were rescued were probably so grateful, they didn’t know what to think when people came to save them. So, yes, I would have loved to be on the Titanic!

    I learned in 4th grade that if you were to walk across a desert in a straight line, you couldn’t do it. You would end up back at the same place you started. Your feet walk in a certain angle so that when you take a step, one foot very slightly turns inwards or outwards and the other foot follows. The movement is so tiny, that you have no clue you’re even doing it. Why our feet do this, I don’t know. I think that it might have to do with the bones in our legs that hold our feet in a certain position and our steps are slightly angled inward or outward in this way to make us move in a circular way. I hope that one day we’ll have an answer! 🙂

    I know for sure that I could not pass the eighth grade final exam in 1895! I thought that over time, our world was becoming much smarter and more advanced, (we still are of course, I don’t think they had iPad’s in 1895 🙂 ) but still, if you asked me: “What is meant by the following: Alphabet, phonetic, orthography, etymology, syllabication?” I would have absolutely no clue! I think that if I grew up in that time and I was taught that in school then I would be able to pass it, but these kids must have had to do a lot of studying!

    I thought this was really ironic, because I had actually just gone to see the movie “Tangled” with my brother last night! It was a really cute movie. 🙂 I can’t believe how far Disney has come in animation over the years. I think “Snow White” has always been one of my favorite classics! The witch in that movie still scares the heck out of me! I still put a blanket over my head whenever she comes on the screen. 🙂 And I also wouldn’t eat an apple unless my mom or dad took a bite out of it first! (Just to make sure it wasn’t poisoned) 🙂 I can’t watch the movie “Dumbo” without bawling my eyes out! We used to call my chocolate lab Dumbo because he had such big ears it seemed as if he could fly! And “The Aristocats” was also one of my all – time favorite movies. I still love it! I’m not a big fan of cats but this movie has always stuck with me. Disney is so amazing in what they’ve accomplished over the years and I can’t wait until they come out with another movie! 🙂

  2. I wouldn’t have liked to be a passenger on the Titanic because I probably would’ve died. It would’ve been cool if I was on the Titanic and lived, but a lot of people died, so I would have to say no just so I wouldn’t have to take that risk of living or not. I also wouldn’t want to be on it so I wouldn’t have to see all those other people die.

    I am not exactly sure why we can’t walk in a straight line with our eyes closed, but I think that maybe we just naturally turn without noticing even when we are walking with our eyes open. I think the only difference is that when our eyes are open we notice that we are turning but when our eyes are closed we can’t tell that we are turning.

    I don’t think I could pass that eighth grade final exam from 1895. I think that is because a lot of stuff that was important to learn then is not as important now. Now we have more important things to learn about and those have just faded into the background and become unimportant in this day and age.

    I think my favorite Disney film would be Cinderella or Monsters inc. Because I would watch them all the time when I was little. I would watch Cinderella because I liked to watch it and then I would watch Monsters Inc. because my brother loved to watch it. We would end up watching Monsters Inc. almost every day. That is why I like Monsters Inc. I love a lot of Disney’s movies. I haven’t seen all of them, but out of the ones that I have seen I like just about all of them.

    1. If time had to be rewritten and the titanic wasn’t going to sink it sounds like fun to be on it. I would be able to witness all the cool stuff that happens on the ship and I would get to see what the ship actually looked like on the inside. I would be able to see all the things that are different between our cruises now and the cruises back then. I think that there are a lot of differences and then there are some things that were the same as they are now.

  3. I wouldn’t want to be a passenger on the Titanic because I would be dead. Even if I lived, I would not want to tell people my story of how I lived because I would be scared to tell. I also wouldn’t want to be a passenger on the Titanic because I would have seen the other passengers struggling to live and see some die.

    I think this happens because you can’t tell when you are turning or not when you are blindfolded. You also can’t keep your balance that well because you have know idea where you are going!

    I don’t think I could have passed the 1895 eighth grade exam because I have not studied many of those things. I didn’t even know any of those dates you had to write about! This exam seemed difficult but not that long.

    My favorite Disney film would be 101 Dalmatian’s. That Disney movie is my favorite because I love dogs and those bad guys were so dumb that it made the movie funny when I was younger.

  4. I wouldn’t have like to have been a passenger on the Titanic because I would’ve been afraid that I would do something weird like sleepwalk off of the boat in the middle of the night. But, I would’ve liked to take a tour of it or something like that, so I could’ve seen how amazing it was.

    Right when I read that nobody can walk in a straight line with their eyes closed, I had to try it out. So, I walked across part of my house, and I walked in a straight line! I was so proud of myself. Then, I realized that I probably didn’t walk a long enough distance to start tilting myself in the wrong direction. I think that if I were to walk a longer distance my steps would be going to the right or left a little bit. That would be enough to not allow me to walk straight after a while.

    If I were an eighth grader in 1895 I’d have to know how to explain a lot of grammar rules! Right now, I do not think I would do so great on their final exams, but if I was learning that stuff at the time I’d do better. Even if I was studying that stuff I’d still dread final exams!

    I think Disney movies are the only movies I ever watched when I was younger. I love all of them so much just because they bring back so many happy memories! My favorite Disney movies from when I was little were: Finding Nemo, Tarzan, The Lion King, Hercules, Mulan, and Dinosaur. I can’t even say how much I love them!!!! I’ve probably watched each of them at least ten times! I have so many different memories for every one of them. I remember my mom would never let me watch Dinosaur because my brother thought it was too scary. I’m pretty sure I know every single word in Finding Nemo! I loved watching that movie because the ocean’s so pretty, and the characters are so funny! What I remember most about Tarzan is that I watched it a billion times, and when I lived in Toronto my brother and I would play a Tarzan computer game. I love all of the animals in Tarzan! I used to be, and I still kind of am, obsessed with animals. Now I’m kind of addicted to music, but I’m still in love with animals. I love all of these movies soooo much! I want to watch all of them again soon. 😀

    1. Monster’s Inc. was also one of my favorite movies! I thought the little girl was adorable. I also loved seeing all of the monsters!

          1. I know! That is one of my all – time favorite movies! I didn’t know that was a Disney film though! Yea, Mrs. Cobb, your really need to watch it! It’s so cute!! 🙂

        1. Are you sure it’s a Disney movie? I think it’s from Pixar? No matter, I’ll be sure to watch it….maybe over the break!

  5. I don’t know much about the Titanic, but I know I would have never gone on the Titanic back when it sailed. It was too big and too new. Even if history could be rewritten, I would still not go on it. I would be too nervous to enjoy the ship and be thinking I may be risking my life.

    I think the reason why people can’t walk in a straight line is because one half of everyone’s brain is stronger than the other. When people don’t have a reference point they turn slightly toward the right or left side depending on which side is stronger.

    I would never be able to pass a Kansas eighth grade final exam from 1895. I would be able to answer some questions in all most all the sections, (most in Grammar) but I have no clue what a bushel or a rod is. I could probably do better if the exam was from Florida, since we have studied its history.

    I did not know that Snow White was the first Disney movie. I thought Cinderella was the first movie by Disney and I love Cinderella. I remember seeing Dumbo and I cried so much, but I was happy in the end. I just saw Tangled and it was so cute. I loved it.

  6. The titanic was extremely popular at the time when it was opening. The people would board the ship and they expected to have the time of their lives. However, most of the people died from a fatal accident when the “unsinkable” ship hit an iceberg and eventually sunk. If history could be rewritten where the ship does not sink, then I would have loved to board the Titanic. It would have been an amazing adventure. If I knew that there were going to be no troubles, I would have gone on the ship.

    I actually find it very interesting that people cannot walk, drive, or swim in a straight line. I agree with the possibility that maybe people have a dominant side of their body or brain, and this side would be the direction they curve to. People may also take bigger steps with certain feet or take bigger strokes with certain arms. I, too, don’t have a great explanation for this.

    The 1895 eighth grade final exam looks pretty darn hard. I have already learned some of the content in this exam in previous school years, but the information is not fresh in my mind. I doubt I would have any chance in passing this exam, and if I did, it would be a considerably low score. I am not familiar with some of the questions on this exam at all. This would be a hard exam for me to pass.

    My favorite of all the disney films in the past is Toy Story. When I was little, I would want to watch Toy Story every day. Buzz Lightyear was my favorite character and i dressed up as him for Halloween one year. I always loved to hear his words, “To infinity and beyond!” I loved the storyline to Toy Story and thought it was clever how modern toys all came to life and formed a connection with one another. I still like Toy Story!

    1. I actually had the words “To infinity and beyond!” over my classroom door when we were in the H Wing during the year our building was going up.

  7. I wouldn’t have liked to go on the Titanic because I hate boats, I get motion sickness so easily it’s not even funny. The last time I went on a boat I threw up off the side of the balcony (not fun) and that was on the first day. But my parents would make me go on the Titanic, (ha see’s what they know that ship sank).

    I think people cannot walk in a strait line because one side of the brain is stronger. That’s a real challenge. Swimming in a strait line is way easy, but blind folded? Maybe I can do it, but I will probably hit my head on the other side. 🙂

    I’m glad I didn’t live in 1895 WOW that test is hard. Now what’s a bushel? The volume of the wagon was easy-ish, now what’s a bushel?! And why would I know what happened in 1607?! It makes no sence.

    I remember I was four or five I went to see Finding Nemo with my best friend Shane. He was like five I think. We went bought our tickets and stuff and went to the theater, sat down and watched the movie. Dory was my favorite character, and still is.

  8. I would not want to have been a passenger on the Titanic if I could go back in time. There was still much more to discover about this magnificent invention. Weather it was about how it worked or how large it could be. Also, the possibilities of it crashing would be too large because it is still a new discovery.
    Well, just as it said in the video, you have to have a point of direction in order to walk in a straight line. I think this happens because our brain is confused where to go. It would be the same as if you were placed in a big white box and were told to walk from one side to the other.

    My favorite Disney animated film would have to be The Lion King. This is my favorite because when I used to watch it when I was little. My cousin would jump around on the couch and pretend that he was Simba, growl, and jump at me nearly breaking mu neck!

  9. If history could be rewritten, I wouldn’t want to be a passenger on the Titanic, even if I were one of the lucky ones that didn’t die. The reason being is because it would be the most terrifying tragedy that I have ever been through. I also may feel bad that so many people died and I didn’t.

    I have no idea why, if blind folded, a human cannot walk in a straight line. If I had to guess, my guess would be because one of your legs is longer than the other causing you to turn without knowing. But, this would not explain why a human would also turn in a car if they were trying to go straight.

    The eighth grade final exam in 1895 is extremely hard, and I do not think that I would be able to pass it if I took it next year. I might be able to pass it if I went to school in 1895.

    I don’t remember most of the Disney movies that I have seen because I saw them a long time ago. But, if I had to pick my favorite movie, I couldn’t pick one, I would have to pick two, which are The Jungle Book, and The Little Mermaid.

  10. If history could be rewritten,I would want to be on board because it would be cool to see how ships would change over the time, that is if I would live to see the others. I also would have second doubts because it would be very sad to see so many innocent people die.
    I think that humans can’t walk when we’re blinded because we are not aware at the time where your going and are not aware of actions so your legs are not in sychronization with the rest of your body. I think that I would probably fail the eight grade exam if most one question right. But also, the people taken the test have already learned all of this so they would have the edge in this.
    My favorite disney movie was Toy Story. I used to look up to Buzz Lightyear when I was younger. (not anymore). I also used to dream about having powers like Buzz Lightyear. I had just realized I had watched some Disney movies.

  11. I don’t know anyone who would not like to be on the Titanic because it was an amazing ship with all of the chandeliers all of the china and the rooms they offered it was an amazing ship and I bet it cost over a billion dollars just to build the hull or mold of the ship. I would have been an amazing experience to have. It would also be amazing to travel to New York from England or the port were it set off from to see North America for the first time in person.

    I think it happens because when you walk with no point of reference because your brain can’t tell your feet were to point and your one of your feet are slightly pointed in so you walk in a small circle with out even noticing it or sensing it.

    I would half to say it would be Peter Pan because that was one of the first movies I have ever seen and I just loved it and I watched it over and over and over until the DVD broke and it wouldn’t work any more.

  12. If history could be rewritten I would have liked to be able to have seen, and maybe walked on the Titanic, but I wouldn’t have wanted to be passenger when the boat sunk.
    Scientists seem to think that the reason we can’t walk in a straight line is because one side of our brain, or body is stronger than the other, so we lean toward that direction. We end up going in circles because if you lean in one direction, sooner or later you will walk in a circle. I have no idea why this happens, but if I were to guess it would either be one side of our body is stronger than the other (which is true,) or maybe a long time ago (like cavemen years) our “instincts gave” us the disability to walk in a straight line. Maybe so we wouldn’t get to far away from our home, but I’m not sure, it was just a guess.

    I am so happy I didn’t go to school in 1895. Even just looking at the very beginning of the things you needed to know for the exam I can see that it was very hard; I definitely would have failed.

    For some reason I have always thought that there were more Disney films, but I guess fifty is a lot! If I had to pick one Disney film that I liked, I think it would have to be Jungle Book. I think the movie has some sentimental family value for me. When I was little I owned The Jungle Book tape. When I was probably around five my dad recorded us singing a song from the movie. We still have the recording and I think it’s really funny.

    1. -Alice in Wonderland
      -Beauty and the Beast
      -Lion King
      are like my top favorite Disney movies too. = )

      P.S. I like the snow Mrs. Cobb = )

  13. If history could be written I probably would go on the Titanic. I think it would still be amazing to be there during the ship wreck. If I could go back in time and be on the ship I would hope it wouldn’t sink. But, if it did, I would hope that I would survive so that way I could be alive and I could be able to share the story with my friends and family. So yes, I would have loved to go on the Titanic.

    We cannot walk in a straight line when we are blindfolded because there is no fixed point (no moon, no sun, no mountain top). Scientists think that we will walk in circles because it was some form of handedness, a right left brain thing, maybe one side is more dominate, or maybe it was just because of symmetry.

    I don’t think that I could pass this eight grade final exam. I do not know most of these answers. I don’t even think that one of the smartest people in our grade could pass this exam. For some of the questions I don’t know how I would get the answer. For example, a wagon box is 2 ft. deep, 10 feet long and 3 ft. wide. How many bushels of wheat will it hold?

    Oh my goodness! While I was watching the video I was trying to figure out which movie was my favorite Disney movie when I was a kid. I couldn’t pick one. So I picked three.

    I used to LOVE the movie Cinderella. I was obsessed with the Disney princesses when I was younger. My mom told me I used to have little Disney princess dolls that I would carry around wherever I went and that I would always dress up as Disney princesses for Halloween.

    Another one of my favorite Disney movies is Peter Pan. When I was little I would always watch that movie. I would tell my parents that when I was older I wanted to be a fairy just like Tinker Bell.

    My third favorite would be Lady and the Tramp. I love dogs! My favorite part is when Tramp pushes the meatball across the plate with his nose. SO CUTE!!!

    While I was going through the video I saw the movie Dinosaurs (number thirty nine in the video). I have seen that movie so many times! My brother and I used to watch that movie all the time. Every time my mom asked us what movie my brother would say Dinosaurs every time.

    1. OMG the Disney princesses! when I was at the conference at Disney, Mrs. Brill and I went to the Disney store on Pleasure Island…..all the princess costume stuff is so cute! All the little girls there were walking around with glitter in their hair!

  14. If history could be rewritten, I don’t think that I would like to have been a passenger on the Titanic because that isn’t the way I would like to die. I want to die of old age, not dying of drowning.

    I have know idea why we can’t walk in a straight line blindfolded. I think we always end up going in circles because we need to have a point of reference. A circle has no end. It just continues and continues and continues and continues and continues.

    I don’t think I would pass that eighth grade final exam in 1895. It just seems sooooo hard!!! I don’t think that anyone would be able to pass that, unless they had a copy of the test answers.

    I love every Disney film. I could never be able to choose because they are all so good. I think I have seen every Disney film in the You Tube clip!! They are films that you can see over and over again. You will never get tired of them.
    One last thing, Mrs. Cobb, Did you know that your blog is snowing????

  15. I have always wondered what life on the Titanic would be like. I get an image of formality and gracefulness from the movie, but I wonder if that was what it was really like. If history were to be rewritten, I definitely would have liked to be a passenger on the ship, to see the huge ship and to experience the thrill and excitement of being on the first cruise ship. This is of course if it didn’t have a tragic crash.

    Walking in a straight line has always been a problem of mine. Even without a blindfold. My friends always tell me I cut them off when were walking, and it’s true I do. No matter how much I try to control my walking I always end up going to one side or another. I think people can’t walk in a straight line with a blindfold because when people walk the put one-foot in front of the other, causing them to loose balance. The immediately swerve to one side without even knowing it.

    A few weeks ago, we found my dad’s old paper form high school or eighth grade. We were amazed at the writing it was so well written and typed. The sentence structure was perfect. I didn’t even know my dad could write. He always screws up when he emails me. I think texting and emailing made people loose all their grammar and spelling technique. When our parents were young they had to type on a typewriter, there was no spell check or delete button. You had to know how to spell every word and get every line perfect. Everything was much harder. I would definitely not pass the eight grade final examine.

    My favorite Disney movie, that’s a hard one, I think that my favorite would be Beauty and The Beast. I had always loved the big Be Our Guest number. I loved the costumes at the show at Disney. I had always dreamed of being one of the girls in the flouncy dresses. I loved the shoes and everything. It is also such a heart-warming story. When I was little, and sick, I would lay on the couch and repeatedly watch it all day. I think it is my favorite move as a kid, too.

  16. I think If we could rewrite history I would love to be on the Titanic. It would be cool to be able to see all the decorations. It would be a great adventure to go on. It would be cool to be on the first cruise ship ever.
    I think we can’t walk straight blindfolded because we can’t see anything to walk towards so we have no feeling of where we are. I really don’t think I could pass the exam because I don’t know most of the things on their.
    I think my favorite Disney movie is number 43 in the clip. I can’t remember the name of it. I feel stupid.

  17. To start I would like to say I like the falling snow effect on the blog page. I think that is really cool!

    I would not want to go on the Titanic even if history was changed. I have never been on a cruise, and I’m obsessed with Disney so I would want to go on the Disney cruise first. Even if I had had gone on the Disney cruise the Titanic doesn’t look very safe and I would not enjoy the vacation.

    It is quiet interesting that you can’t go in a strait in a bind folded by foot, by swimming, or by car. I think this might because no ones back is perfectly strait. I agree that it might be because of dominating parts of the brain. I tried this test and I’m guessing that maybe I didn’t go far enough because I didn’t turn. This also makes me wonder if maybe all lines on the road are strait, they probably are though, because you aren’t blind folded when making the road lines.

    I definitely think I wouldn’t pass the exam. I think that might be hard for some high school students too. I’m very lucky that our education has evened out. I remember reading somewhere about China and how there exam for our grade might be similar to that. They are more advanced then we are.

    When I was younger I used to watch a lot of Pooh Bear. The Tigger Movie was the first movie I ever saw in the movie theaters. Because of Kalee, I was obsessed with Lilo and Stitch. Every year Kalee would get me something Lilo and Stitch, I still have the book she gave me in like third grade. I think I liked it be cause Lilo reminded me of Kalee. I also watched Tarzan a lot but my mom would never let me watch the beginning because she thought it was too sad. Tarzan was one of my favorites because of the monkeys. One not listed was A Bug’s Life. I love that movie! All the princess movies were and still are my favorites. I used to hat Belle for some reason, not the movie, but she was my least favorite princess. My favorite princess is either Jasmine or Tina, because they both went beyond there limits to follow there heart. I also used to go to Disney every free weekend we had.

  18. Personally, I don’t really like boats. So I wouldn’t have wanted to be a passenger even if it didn’t crash. I would have loved to be from that time period though and know that someone you love was on that ship. Although when it crashed I would have been devastated.

    I think that we can’t walk in a straight line for the same reason that we choose one color over another: our brains are programmed that way. If I’m trying to walk in a straight line, I obviously can’t and my brain favors one side. I’m not talking about right-brained or left-brained, but something far more complex than that. Something from your parents’ parents’ parents and on and on. It’s there for the same reason you love one person but hate another. We just don’t know what that is yet.

    There aren’t a lot of questions on the final, but they are EXTREMELY hard! I would flunk eighth grade. Well, I guess if I went to that school and learned all the information, I may be able to succeed. But it must have been pretty hard back then.

    My favorite Disney film is Snow White. I love the romance mixed with the seven dwarfs! My favorite dwarf is Sleepy. He is positively hilarious in his innocence. I adore the sense of family the dwarves supply, and how incredibly happy they are when Snow White comes in, and she is sort of their mother. Then how they all try to save her by leading her “knight in shining armor” to her to wake her from her sleep. It is so romantic and happy. ☺

    P.S. Your page is snowing!!!

  19. If we could rewind time so that I’d be able to experience this luxurious craft, it would be impossible to turn the offer down. Having gone on various cruises before makes me imagine how the Titanic would compare to the newly designed and revamped cruise lines. I can almost picture myself walking out from the platforms and onto the freshly installed, plush carpet. I visualize a magnificent, marble staircase leading up to a royal promenade where many people would have shopped for overpriced trinkets, have a drink, or simply chat with friends and family. No detail is overlooked, and everything on the ship is meticulous. What aggravates me about most cruises is how you have a drill in case of an emergency. You are to go to your designated “Muster Station” and workers will have you put on your lifejacket. Usually, my family gets sandwiched between annoying tourists. The process takes about half an hour, and the irritation is relentless. I think the people aboard the Titanic could have used this to their advantage. Sadly, most people had no clue that the ship would sink, and therefore, didn’t do reruns of what to do when an emergency comes about. If our grade were to be on the Titanic when it sunk, and you were only allowed to bring one other family member, you would most likely want to bring your mom; children and mothers get “dibs” on the lifeboats. I actually renamed my iPod to “The Titanic” so that when I sync it to the computer it says, “Syncing The Titanic.” It’s a neat play on words, and it usually gets a chuckle out of my friends.

    On the subject of walking in straight lines, I found it very captivating to learn about how humans can’t walk in a straight line without a point of reference. It’s interesting how we tend to continuously walk in circles. It may very well be because of handiness, but my theory is different. You see, I believe it is suggestive, or in your head. I think that because these people did not know they would curve as they walked, or were not paying attention to where they were walking, it caused them to turn. I think that if you are to know that you need to walk across a place without a point of reference, you will maintain that straight line better. If you keep telling yourself, “I need to walk straight, I can’t curve,” or something along the lines of that, you will overall achieve that line better. I hope we can test my theory during class one day.

    The eighth grade final exam in 1895 looks and is very puzzling. I’m stumped on the first question, and most of the rest of them. A lot of these questions, however, pertain to that time period. Maybe I’d do better if I were living in that time period because some of those kids probably farmed with their parents, so they know how much a bushel of wheat was easily. Some questions are about Kansas, the state that the kids who took the exam lived in. Even today, questions on standardized tests have a few questions on the state in which the kids inhabit. All in all, I guess these test makers base a lot of the questions on the current economy. With some studying, I think I can do better than a 0%, but not better by much.

    THE LION KING was my most favored film of all of the film snippets shown. The storyline was so amazing and the protagonist, Simba, looked adorable as a cub. Another movie that I enjoy, which was not listed, is FINDING NEMO. I think it’s quite comical when the surfer turtles are drifting along in the current and bonking heads. FINDING NEMO wasn’t listed because it was released by Pixar, but Disney now owns Pixar and all of their movies.

  20. I think that if I had the opportunity to get on board the Titanic, I would board instantly, simply because it is a luxury liner and it would be cool to go on a boat that you learner about in history. That is, of course, if the boat did not sink in the process.

    I think that when you are blindfolded and asked to walk in a strait line, one part of your brain wants to go one way and the other part want to go the other way, so if one part of your brain is stronger than the other, you will naturally drift that way as well.

    after looking at and printing out the final exam, I have decided that I probably would have failed. Its not that there are and insane number o questions on it, its just that each one on average would take me 5 minutes or more on some. I also noticed that most of the questions on the test was in reference to items that simply do not exist now, such as a bushel or a wagon. This may be why some of the questions seem odd.

    I can honestly say that I am not a big Disney fan, but I might have to go with Peter Pan because I remember watching it many times when I was little. This I most likely because of happy memories back in the day when there were no tests or much of anything else.

  21. I wouldn’t have liked to be a passenger on the Titanic. This is because the ship was huge and very new. Also, I wouldn’t want to be the first set of passengers to attend the ship. Even though I would have liked to have the experience attending the boat, I wouldn’t want to risk my life on it. So the answer would be no. It would have been nice to see everything that the boat contained before it left, and to take a tour of the boat.

    I’m not really sure why people can’t walk in straight lines when they are blindfolded. Like it said in the video, that maybe one side of your brain is stronger that the other. So if you were more right brained, you would start turning to the right to make a circle. Or, if you were more left brained, you would start turning in left circles.

    If I were to take the eighth grade final exam right now I would probably fail. The exam has a lot of words that I’ve never even heard of in my life, and they were asked to define them. Also, their math, history, and grammar topics were a lot harder then they are now. I think I would do better on the exam if I were taking it back then, but I would’ve to have done a lot of studying.

    I don’t have one favorite movie, because I enjoyed a lot of them. My two favorites were probably The Little Mermaid and Cinderella. I loved The Little Mermaid because I used to think how much fun it would be to have a tail to swim through the water. Also, I would love living with dolphins and fish. Cinderella was another of my favorites because I thought her stepsister and step mom were so mean to her, that she deserved becoming a princess.

  22. I’m just going to go ahead and proofread the rest of this:

    I meant to say straight not strait , After not after, of not o, were not was.

  23. No I wouldn’t. I don’t want to die sinking in freezing cold water. It might be a fine ship and all but it’s not worth dying for.

    I believe this happens because each step on both feet would have to be the exact distance. In a car because you are thinking about it too much about staying straight and the person might “help” the car go straighter.

    I definitely couldn’t pass that final exam. Half of that I have no clue what they are talking about. Especially the O something or other subject.

    Oh my goodness, there are finally fifty animated motion picture by Disney. My Favorite is The Rescuers Down Under. That movie just tells me extreme and I love extreme things. My Favorite part is when the boy saves the eagle from the poacher.

  24. No I would not like to be somebody on the Titanic. I don’t care how famous it was I wouldn’t want to be on a ship sinking.

    I think that we can’t walk straight because our mind thinks that we are turning so it try’s to right us but actually is turning us.

    I think I would of failed the exam. I would of been the kid who was held back thirty grades.

    my favorite movie was 101 dalmations. The reason is because it was a classic movie and was entertaining.

  25. If I could rewrite history, I would love to be a passenger on the Titanic. It would be one of the most exciting things I have ever done. I have never been on a cruise before, so for that to be my first would be amazing.

    I do not really know why we can’t walk straight wen we have no point of reference. Maybe it’s a dominance thing, but I wouldn’t be the expert on that.

    I think, as good grades as I get, I would get a big fat zero. Not just an F, a zero. Even though I excel at geography, I wouldn’t be able to name all the republics of Europe and their capitals.

    I do not have a favorite movie, though movies such as Dumbo, Beauty and the Beast (for obvious reasons), and Alice and Wonderland are some of my favorites. Also, did you know that Aladdin was inspired from another movie which got inspiration from Aladdin? (The movie is called “The Thief and Cobbler” or “The Princess and the Cobbler” or another name I can’t remember. I’m not joking!) That’s what you call movie inbreeding!

    P.S. I definitely love all of the Pixar movies as well.

  26. If history could be rewritten, I would have liked to be a passenger on the Titanic. Since it was the biggest ship ever made a long time ago, I think it would be really cool to be one of the passengers. I would be very worried about it sinking again, though.

    I not completely sure why we can’t walk in a straight line blindfolded, but I think it happens because we don’t have a point we are focused on, so we’re not sure where to go. I may also have to do with whether you’re a righty or lefty, or whether one side of our body is heavier than the other.

    I think the eighth grade final exam is really hard, and I don’t think I would pass it. I might barely pass if I studied months ahead but barely. I think the exam looks very hard and isn’t very fair, and I’m glad they’re not the same today.

    My favorite Disney movie is Aladdin. I think it’s because I like all the songs they sing. I also think the all the characters are funny especially the Jeanie and monkey.

  27. I would have been delighted to be on the marvelous vessel, the Titanic. It so much better that we can recompose the tragic happening of the Titanic submerging into the water; but I still would’ve went aboard if I couldn’t recompose the tragic happening. It would just be so monumental to be on the significant ship.

    I think people are unable to walk in a straight line when they have a blindfold on because they have no point in the distance to concentrate on, but only darkness. If you had a point to concentrate on, it is like a goal, you try to reach it; but if you have a blindfold on, you don’t have a point to reach.

    If I were to take the final exam from 1895, I would fail. I seems very hard and just not fun! It is also pretty demanding on what it wants you to put. I think the arithmetic part would be extremely challenging. My favorite Disney animated film would be The Lion King…by a landslide. I loved that movie when I was a kid. I like the variety of animals in it and how they can talk.

  28. I would have enjoyed being on the Titanic if history was rewritten and it didn’t sink. I’ve never been on a cruise ship, and I’ve always wanted to go on one especially one with such a huge impact on history and the building of future ships. I know that there were very majestic accomodations on the ship from the movie so I would like to see it.

    I think that we can’t walk in a straight line because our brain doesn’t have a point to focus on and try to reach so we just go in circles. I tried it, and I didn’t go in circles but I did start to curve to the right, and if I kept walking longer I would have probably gone in a circle. I’ve noticed that a lot of times in books and stories if the character is in a dense forest or in a flat desert, or in a another place without anything to focus on, they come back to the point where they started.

    I think I would have failed the exam. A few questions I could easily figure out while others would take me some time to figure out and most of the rest completely confused me, and I didn’t understand them.

    My favorite Disney movie is probably 101 Dalmations because I like dogs, and I’ve seen it many times. When I saw it for the first time, I was sad but when I watched it again, I knew for sure, like in all Disney movies, the ending would be happy so I wasn’t sad. I haven’t seen it for a long time so I don’t remember it too well. Its amazing how movies have changed over the years with new techologies in film making and animation.

  29. I wouldn’t have wanted to go on the Titanic. This was one of the first large cruise ships in history. The makers seemed overconfident about the Titanic and called it the “Unsinkable Ship.” Besides the part where it sank, the experience must have been exciting. For the rich people who got to stay in fancy cabins, it would be a memorable experience if you survived.

    Mr. Collins let D-period science go outside and test this theory. It feels really weird. I started in the middle of the grass field and walked into a tree next to Garrett’s Garden. The video was really funny. The guy thought he was walking straight and was walking in circles really. It probably is because you have no point of reference. If you cover your eyes and ears, the experiment works better. I feel so bad for blind people . To walk in circles when no one guides you is just terrible.

    The 1895 final exam was ridiculously hard. I showed my dad some of the questions and he didn’t know them and he is a doctor who went to Harvard. A few questions were easy, but the majority was college level education stuff. Hopefully the students had a good study guide because that would take months of preparation for.

    My favorite Disney movie of all is, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. My whole family loves Winnie the Pooh. When I was 5, I had a Winnie the Pooh blanket that I took everywhere. Winnie the Pooh is adorable. My dad used to quote tons of Winnie the Pooh because my family used to watch Winnie the Pooh a lot. When Mrs. Long let us watch the Tigger song, it brought back memories.

  30. If I could go back in time I would make it so the ship didnt sink, but I still wouldn’t want to be on it. I would assume it was gonna sink any way. I think we can’t walk stright because we were not ment to. Walking stright isn’t a needed skill, it’s just something society expects you to do. Since it’s not a important skill your body isn’t programed to do it by it’s self. I would FAIL the eighth grade exam. Lelo and Stich was one of my my favorites. When I was little my friend got in to an accident and got over fifty stiches. So I was Leigh and he was stitch. people called us that for years.

  31. I would have loved to be a passenger on the titanic I think that it would be a really cool experience… Thinking about, even if I knew that the ship was going to sink because I love the story of how they deceived themselves and the public that it was safe. And it was at the time.

    I think that this happens as a fail safe mechanism so that you will eventfully go back (or near to) where you were and if you were truly terrified you would go in strait line to get away form the thing you are scared of.
    Which one is your favorite and why?
    My favorite Disney movie…is… well I have multiple.

    I enjoy Disney cartoons because they have much better “actors” (voices in the animations) like:

    The Aristocats

    I want to go see tangled. I read a (comic) book over the summer and it was about a similar storyline, Repunzel running away from her tower.

  32. If I was alive during the time the Titanic had come out I would have defenitely gone on it. I would have gone it because I love the ocean and boats and everything that has to do with the ocean is my passion.
    I believe that people that are blind-folded don’t go in a straight line because they start out going straight then they probably feel like they are going sideways when they are really not, so they feel like they should fix it, and they turn.
    My favorite Disney movie would probably be Ariel or Winnie the Pooh. I love these movies because these are the movies I grew up with and I will always have a place in my heart for them.

  33. Well, who wouldn’t have wanted to be on the Titanic? The ship was built for the wealthy and those with a very high status. It would have been a privilege to be on it.

    I honestly don’t have a very good guess. But, I would say that it probably has to do with either gravity or the way the Earth is tilted. I might even say that it has to do with us and how we are built. I know that I have a hard time walking in a straight line on a normal day but that’s probably just me. It may also be an instinct thing. Considering that we can’t see where we are going our bodies subconsciously turn to keep ourselves in the same general area.

    Maybe if I were to learn all of the things on the eighth grade exam I may be able to do okay but otherwise I highly doubt that I’d do very well. I think that the exam is very intimidating and that would probably make me nervous and mess me up.

    I would have to say that Sleeping Beauty is my favorite. It has been since as long as I can remember. Sleeping Beauty may be my favorite but Beauty and the Beast and, now, Tangled are a close second. I don’t really know why Sleeping Beauty is my favorite. I can’t remember why I liked it so much. All I remember is that I have loved it forever. It may be because of the storyline. I’ve always been a hopeless romantic. I saw Tangled this past Sunday and I absolutely loved it! It was amazing and I’d like to see more movies like that in the future.

  34. If I could rewrite history, I wouldn’t have liked to be a passenger on the Titanic. I wouldn’t really accept the fact that the boat would never sink, and I wouldn’t like to die! I would of liked to have lived in that time period, though. ☺.

    I’m not really good at science, so I really have no idea why we don’t walk in a straight line. I’m kind- of thinking it’s because of the world spinning on its axis. Or it could be that when you keep walking farther and farther, you lose focus, and aren’t concentrating on walking in a straight line. You start walking farther and farther, concentrating on keeping straight, and then you remember you have a piano lesson in the morning. So, you start thinking of that and anything that has to do with that, and lose focus on walking in a straight line. Hence, the curve.
    That exam looked really hard. We haven’t even learned half of that information! I would have flunked the final exam if I didn’t study, but I probably would of managed to get a C or D if I did study. I’m really glad that multiple choice and fill in the blanks were invented because I would not be able to write that much stuff! ☺

    I was obsessed with Disney when I was little! I went through many “stages” of what princess I would want to be. I remember back in Kindergarten, Kalee and I were obsessed with Sleeping Beauty; so, we both had matching Sleeping Beauty pink backpacks! Also, when I was little and my parents took me to Disney for my like 6th birthday, I was very scared of the characters at the “Breakfast with the Characters” thing. My dad took me up to meet Mary Poppins, and I buried my head in his shoulder and wouldn’t talk to her! And then when we were at the table, Dumbo or some animal came over, and I was so freaked out that I put the napkin over my head! My mom took a picture of that, and the napkin looked so funny on my head! My favorite Disney movie has to be “The Little Mermaid.” I watched those movies like ten billion times! I even dressed up as Ariel for Halloween one time! I had an Ariel Barbie doll, and I even went to meet Ariel at Disney. I love the little crab/ lobster guy, and I love Guppie (?) the fish! I really was obsessed with all the Disney movies! They bring back so many good memories!

  35. I would have not gone on the Titanic. I don’t really like things like that. I would maybe get sick. So I would try to stay away from going on it.

    I think that people blindfolded don’t walk straight because they have no idea on where there going! So they think there going straight but really they have nothing to guide them so basically end up walking in a curvy or maybe circles.

    I would have not done very good on the exam. I am not good at taking normal test so I don’t think I would do any good. Plus the test looked impossible.

    My favorite Disney movie would have to be toys story. I loved watching all of them as a little kid. I would watch them almost every week. I always looked up to buzz. And I always hated the mean kid. And all of his messed up dolls. I can’t wait for toy story four to come out, if there is going to be one!

  36. If history was rewritten I would still not want to go on the titanic. I don’t really like going on huge cruise ships like that. I just always feel like something bad is going to happen.

    I think you can’t walk strait because if its foggy or if you are wearing a blindfold, you don’t know where you are going. So, you might think you’re walking in a straight path but you aren’t because the blindfold covers your eyes so you just walk strait but you don’t have a perfect walking motion, no one does. So, when you are walking you are simply tilting right or left causing your body to move that way.

    My favorite Disney movie would have to be the lion king. I just liked the action and adventure it had. Like the heinous attacked and wanted to eat the young lion. My favorite part had to be when the money thing holds up the baby lion and screams those weird words.

  37. I think that if history was rewritten, I would have liked to be a passenger on the Titanic because it was luxurious, very big, and just totally amazing. I love that boat and it is such a great, but sad, story. I would also love to be a survivor to tell the stories to other people like how I survived and other stuff, of course, this is if the ship sinks. I would really like to go on the amazing ship named… The Titanic.

    I didn’t know that when we are blindfolded, we can’t walk in a straight line. I think it’s really weird to go in circles while thinking that we are actually walking in a straight line. But aren’t you going to be dizzy if you go in circles for more than an hour when blindfolded? I think I’ll have to try it. I tried to walk in a straight line and I curved a little bit to the right. I don’t really know why but I think it’s because we always turn to the right/left but it’s so tiny that you can’t really see it ’til you finally start walking in a circle. I think it only happens when we are blindfolded because when we are not we can correct ourselves. For me, you will turn right if you are right handed or to the left if you are left handed.

    I know some of the stuff on the exam but not the majority of it. I don’t think I could’ve done it in the time that they had and I don’t think I could pass the exam. On the other side, they learned that stuff and we didn’t which is actually why we don’t know the answers to the questions.

    I think my favorite Disney movie is “Sleeping Beauty”, I don’t really know why but the three little fairies always made me want to see the movie again, again and again and again… I really like the story of the prince kissing her and then she wakes up. I also really like “Peter Pan”, mostly because of Tinkerbell because she is so cute but so grown up at the same time, I also like the story. I know that from “Snow White” to “Tangled”, there has been a lot of changes and improvement but I think that the stories are always good even if the quality and the audio may be better now.

  38. Also I would have done very bad on that exam Mrs. Cobb. I mean i could do pretty good but I don’t think I would do good.

  39. I would have loved to be a passenger on the Titanic. I never saw the movie, so I don’t know much abut it. But it meant being rich and going on a cruise. So, yes, I would have liked to be a passenger. But if it cost me my life, I might not want to go. If I survived the accident I would want to go so I could tell everyone that I’m super awesome because I survived the Titanic.

    I think it’s really cool that we don’t walk straight. If we have no point of reference, you can probably get lost easily and without even realizing it, your mind tells you something like “Hey, you’re not going anywhere, you have no idea what you are doing or where you are going, so you might as well turn around now.” And since you can’t tell where you’re going, you make circles to where you were before.

    We probably would have learned all that stuff in school in 1895, so I might have passed if I studied a lot. But if we to take it now, I would get a F+. I think that’s messed up though because its too hard and you don’t need that stuff for life and I think they want to torture the 8th graders.

    My favorite Disney films are Alice and Wonderland as well as The Aristocrats. When I was really little I would watch them ALL the time and they would never get old. I actually like the Aristocrats better, now that I think about it. But The Aristocrats is really timeless and the cats are super cute. ☺

  40. I think I would have wanted to go on the Titanic, because back then that was the coolest ship. I mean who doesn’t want to go on an unsinkable ship. And I would tell the captain to stay away from ice burgs. The fact that that’s what brought down the ship is sad.

    I don’t ever want to travel back in time and be an eighth grader. I’m smart but not that smart. And I can’t even walk a straight line in the first place, so I am not going to try doing that blindfolded. I am not quite sure why that happens, but it does. I will tell you when I know the answer.

    My favorite Disney movie is Cinderella. Ever since I saw the movie I have wanted to be just like Cinderella. I will still find myself thinking about what life would be like if I were a princess. Cinderella is a classic. I think every girl has dreamed of being Cinderella once in their life. And yes, someday I would like to have a “Cinderella Wedding.” I have been planning it all my life. Dreams really do come true, when you believe.

  41. If could have been a passenger on the Titanic I would still not go because, it would be too classy and formal. Also, it does not sound like I could enjoy it even if I could rewrite history.
    I think the reason that we can’t walk straight when we are blindfolded is because we are more cautious and have a change in our pace of walking. Also you are concentrating more on trying to go straight. Another reason is you are not familiar with your surroundings when you are blindfolded and moving for more than thirty seconds.
    If I took the 8th Grade Final Exam of 1895, I think I would definitely fail but I wish I knew as much as those kids did and was as intelligent as them.
    My favorite Disney movies are 101 Dalmatians and The Rescuers Down Under because when I was little, I watched them, at least, 15 times. I watched them at my mom and dad’s office when I got bored while they were working.

  42. I would have loved to be on the Titanic. It was the first massive cruise ship. Before the Titanic, no one in his or her wildest dreams could have imagined such a high-class vessel that could take you around the world. Before her maiden voyage, no one thought such a massive luxury liner was possible. If I were alive then, the Titanic would appear as the grandest thing I had ever seen. In the movie Titanic the ship was shown as being extremely magnificent. From the gold chandeliers to the pattern inlaid rugs. I would have loved to have ridden on it.

    I think people being blindfolded and having a loss of direction is because of having no point of guidance and the way the Earth rotates. People need something to guide them to their destination or they will get lost. The Earth’s rotation, along with its axis means that people are always turning slightly when they walk. When you’re blindfolded you don’t notice the change in direction. This is why we get lost with lack of sight.

    I would definitely have failed the final exam of 1895. A lot of the questions we haven’t been taught yet. Other questions only revolve around them living in Kansas. These have to do with state geography or things involving where these kids live themselves, or what they do on a regular basis.

    My favorite Disney film is The Lion King. I always watched it when I was little, and I found the characters rather amusing. The songs in this film were superb and I love every one of them. The movie is timeless and I enjoy it every time I see it.

  43. If this horrific accident had never occurred, I would more than easily grab a ticket onboard the vessel’s maiden voyage. Wouldn’t it be great to take a smooth sail over the Atlantic in the supposedly “unsinkable ship”? Irish folk of all types will join you as they look to land in the splendid country of America. If you don’t break the bank, you’ll be open to succulent bistro such as caviar and champagne with only a whip of the finger. Or, scale the beautiful horizon from the safety of the ship’s deck. I also suppose their would be some very classical music to entertain passengers and give them their money’s worth. Then, at the end of the day, the ship will rock you to sleep in your plush bed. Soon, you’ll arrive in American territory and be open to the new progressive era sweeping the U.S. In short, you would enjoy a luxurious cruise from homeland to a new country being revered for it’s remarkable growth and opportunities. I don’t see why you shouldn’t pass up the chance.

    An idea of mine is that because we have no point of reference, our minds go into a sort of auto-drive mode, evaluating the unknown environment. Our body will start to walk in a circle, grouping the area into parts that can be checked. Steadily the circles start to change direction as our body scopes out different parts of the environment. Also, they start to become smaller, so the body will perhaps find a reference tool in a smaller radius. If no reference point is found, then the mind forces our bodies to return to the original spot to start over.

    . No wonder America has fallen behind on education! This test is literally trying to create a homemade textbook. What I’m especially amazed at is how descriptive some questions can be. At one point they even ask you to name and describe the Fundamental rules of arithmetic. Some other in depth problems requires an enclopedyia, computer and professor just to answer them. Know, I now why college was so avoided back then. May I just say to my ancestors who took this exam, you must be some of the smartest kids who have ever walked the face of this earth! Yet it does ask a question. Since society has become more advanced, does this mean that the public has fallen in a state of academic down cline?

    In the ever-expanding lineup of Disney films, only one has ever appealed to my taste. Made eight years ago, Treasure Planet was a gripping tale of pirates and their booty, only in an outer space civilization. Unlike many other Disney flicks I found so stall and overdone (even at five years old), this brought a shockwave of ideas flooding my imagination. In fact, I’ve even planned to write a story compelled by this movie’s plot. If it weren’t for Disney animators I wouldn’t have my beloved imagination to guide me in such a busy world. For that, I cherish this film for it’s aspiring touch to my inner psyche.

  44. If history could be rewritten, and I had the once in a life time chance to be one of the few people to ever board the Titanic, I would be torn. On one hand, it would be an amazing experience to be able to say I was a passenger on what is so called the “unsinkable ship.” On the other side it also would have been a bit scary considering I would be one of the first to test the famous ship.

    Its a little strange that when someone is blindfolded they can’t walk in a straight line. I think this might happen because for me I can only walk in a straight line if Im either looking at my feet or have a point of reference and you cant have either of these when your blindfolded.

    If I were to take the 8th grade final exam of 1895 my test would be filled with question marks. I think the test back then is a lot more challenging then today’s exam.

    There are many Disney movies that I love to watch but if I had to pick one I would probably pick the 101 Dalmatians. I remember watching it almost every day with my sister and we would pick our favorite dogs when I was little.

  45. I don’t believe things in history can really change. I believe that everything happens for a specific reason. However, if I lived back in whatever year the Titanic was around in, I would probably want to go on the Titanic and be doomed. I have a real fondness for cruise ships and I’m sure I still would if I lived however many years ago.

    As for why we can’t walk straight, it’s true! In science, we went outside and walked in a straight line with our eyes closed. I started off in the direction of the Boys’ Locker Room, and ended up banging into one of the poles on the Pavillion. Ouch! This probably happens because of some significant event that will happen in the future… oooooooh, suspence! 😀

    My favorite Disney animated movies have always been:

    1. Peter Pan
    2. Atlantis: The Lost Empire
    3. Winnie The Pooh
    4. Mulan
    5. Beauty and The Beast

    I love these movies because:
    Peter Pan – Gosh, a boy that can fly! Awesome! I used to play Peter Pan with my Nana.
    Atlantis – I used to Play Atlantis with my Dad.
    Winnie The Pooh – Who doesn’t love him?
    Mulan – Girl Power
    Beauty and The Beast – I think you all know why.

  46. No thank you. They went across the northern Atlantic, which must have been freezing cold. If it were going across the Caribbean or some place tropical sure; actually I would go for that right about now because it’s freezing in Boston. Since we don’t go around with blindfolds on all day we aren’t going to be able to walk in a strait line without practicing. It’s just like any thing else you have to practice.
    I more than likely would have failed eighth grade back then. Arithmetic makes math sound harder. My parents tell me when I was two the only thing I would watch was Snow White. Now, my top five favorite movies (not in order) are the Jungle Book, the Aristocats, Winnie the Pooh, Aladdin, the Lion King, Mulan, and Atlantis.

  47. If history had been reversed, I still would not have liked to have traveled on the Titanic. Ocean travel was very risky back then, and there were no Coast Guard helicopters back then. Plus, I get motion sickness. That and my fear of drowning would make the sea voyage unbearable.

    I think people lack the ability to walk in a straight line because they are overly cautious. I, for one, would be nervous walking around without being able to see. Preoccupied with trying to avoid walking into things, Iwould unconsciously shift to my better side while walking.

    I wouldn’t do very well in eighth grade back then, mainly because those questions are so general. I like more specific questions, that I can memorize. But questions like “describe the history of Kansas” are to broad. Also, there are only a few questions on my personal area of expertise: military history. (What a shocker!)

    My favorite Disney Animated movie is “How to Train your Dragon”. I don’t watch Disney movies if I can help it, but Toothless the dragon is quite cute!

  48. I would have wanted to go on the Titanic if time was reversed. It was a huge ship and seemed safe. I would want to because I would be excited and want to be on the first of its kind.

    I have no idea why we can’t walk in a straight line. Maybe because sometimes we put more weight on one side of our body and go that direction. I am going to try this in my yard to see what happens.

    I would defineftely fail the exam from 1895. How could anyone pass that. If I were to pass I would have to study for a whole day.

    Wow! I never knew disney made that many movies. My favorite is probably Toy Story. I don’t think they showed that in the video. I no it is made by disney because I just looked at it.

  49. I definitely would have liked to be a passenger on the Titanic. First of all, I have never been on a cruise ship, but I have a pretty good idea of what they’re like and I have an even better idea of what the Titanic was like. If I could rewind time I would make sure that the Titanic had more lifeboats and went through safety precautions.

    Maybe the reason why we can’t walk straight has something to do with an unbalanced surface and ways that causes the body to overcompensate.

    I think that the 8th grade final exam looks hard to us but back then that was their learning and test style and they were used to it. They study more definitions and concepts that you just have to memorize and on the other hand, we take our knowledge and use it to answer questions that make you think rather than memorizing.

    My favorite Disney movie is probably The Lion King because of its soundtracks and music.

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