Rare Titanic Footage and Other Interesting Stuff

I know that many of you have seen the movie Titanic, and even if you haven’t, you still pretty much know the story behind this majestic vessel. If history could be rewritten, would you have liked to have been a passenger on this ship?

Why can’t we walk in a straight line when blindfolded? Why do we always end up going in circles? The same goes for driving a car or even swimming when there is no point of reference. Why do you think this happens? And…….to this day there is still no clear answer to this puzzle.

Be happy that you are not in school in 1895. Do you think you could pass this eighth grade final exam?
Eighth grade final exam in 1895

Your thoughts?

Snow White, Disney’s first animated feature, was released in 1937. Disney’s 50th film has just been released. Take a look back at all of the Disney films. Which one is your favorite and why?


  1. If history had rewritten, then I would have definitely gone on the Titanic. I have been on a couple of cruises before. This would have been the best experience for my first cruise.

    I think that the reason we can’t walk straight is because we try and make sure that we walk straight but your corrections are actually messing you up. It is the same for a car and a swimming you take an extra stroke with that arm or turn a little to the left or to the right. It must be something in our brains that tells us to correct ourselves.

    I think that my favorite Disney movie is The Fox and The Hound or Tarzan. I love The Fox and the Hound and I will love it until I die. It is a great story about how the two animals that live next to each other and are the best of friends no matter what happens. I also like Tarzan because it has really exciting parts in it and the fact that he acts like a monkey is just funny.

  2. I would have loved to go on the Titanic if it didn’t sink. I think that it was a shame that Titanic sank because I would’ve really liked to see it if it hadn’t sunk if it were still around. It sunk because the Captain of Titanic was making so many records with Titanic that he wanted to make it to New York in record time. He was supposed to stop at night because of icebergs (which is why it sank) and he didn’t which was the cause of this incident.
    I think that we don’t walk straight because our feet feel like they are guiding us straight. While blindfolded, our bodies slightly start to weigh down on one side which may make us feel like we’re walking straight, but we are really shifting one way very slowly.
    I think that I would’ve not done very well on the Eighth Grade Exam in 1895. My favorite Disney movies are Monsters Inc. and Alice in Wonderland (the older one) because of the creativity and thought put into these films.

  3. I would have loved to be on that crew ship, it would have been awesome. Foe the first reason, I have never been on a crew ship so that would have been my first. People talk about how fun they are and I get jealous because I’ve never been on a crew ship. I would have loved to have all that freedom and how many things you could have done. That would have been good crus to go on.
    I think we can’t walk in a straight line because one leg is bigger than the other. When you walk the leg that is bigger goes further than the shorter leg, therefore you walk in circles.
    I would definitely not pass the exam. It had questions that were really hard. I would have to study a whole lot. The math questions where the easiest but still really hard, but the test was short.
    My favorite movie was Bambee. I remember watching that movie all the time, over and over again. All though it was a kind of sad movie, it was a good one. I think I just liked the animals and the action. I am surprised it is only 50 movies thought; I thought it would be much more.

  4. Even though the titanic was one of the most famous cruises in the world, I wouldn’t want to go on it. Why? There was not a lot of entertainment on the ship. Imagine being in a hotel with nothing to do. No museums, parks, or T.V. Sure there’s a pool and party at the evening but that is it really.
    What do you do for the rest of the day?
    It was fun learning about people not able to walk strait if your blind folded. In science we did and experiment on that outside and when I opened my eyes I had veered to the right a little. The terrain and the weather could probably affect the direction you are walking. It could be windy or the terrain could be bumpy. And since you don’t walk perfectly strait, you will turn a little.
    Yeah, about that test… Well some of those questions are easy and other are, well, hard. I would get about a 40%. That test is way too hard for me.
    I’m not a huge fan of Disney and I probably never will be. I’m not too crazy about their movies. But if I had to chose one, I would choose Bolt. I actually liked Bolt. I liked the plot and the dog is pretty cute.

  5. If I were able to board the Titanic I would definitely do it. Even though the boat did sink, it would have been an honor just to be on that ship. Now that we know how popular the Titanic is, it would have made me want to board the boat even more because I would like to be part of an important time in history.

    Truthfully, I don’t know why we walk in circles when we think we’re going straight. Maybe it has something to do with one leg being r than the other so it tilts more towards that side. I don’t know. Since most of us, or all of us, don’t try to walk in straight lines, we constantly turn, our body could maybe be used to that, so it doesn’t want to walk in a straight line. Then again, I’m not a scientist so I have no evidence to show that that is true.

    There is probably a 99.9% chance that I would fail that final exam. The students were given hard questions in a very short amount of time. They also were asked to write paragraphs to write along with other questions to answer. There were no multiple choice or fill in the blanks; it was all short answer. I am so glad that I didn’t have to take that and that I live in this time period because our finals will hopefully be a little, or a lot, easier.

    My favorite Disney animation movie would probably be Sleeping Beauty because I used to love Aurora. When I was little I would always want to dress up as her. I would put on plays about all the different Disney princesses and show it to my parents. They were pretty bad, but my parents thought it was cute. That’s only because they’re my parents, and they’re supposed to say that. Another movie I loved was Cinderella. I’m a sucker for love, so that movie made me go, “awwwwwww” every time. I love happy endings, and Disney movies are always good at that.

  6. If history could be rewritten, I might have liked to have been one of the passengers on board the Titanic. It would be a fancy trip, but it would also last forever and I’d rather be in hot, sunny Florida instead of the cold Northern Oceans.

    I don’t think humans can walk straight because, without anyway of knowing where you’re walking, your mind gets confused and you end up wandering in a different direction. Or maybe it’s just too hard all together to walk straight so our body makes us walk a little to the left or right. For the swimming, you probably swim to the side of your stronger arm because your arm pulls a little more than your weaker one. And for the driving, I have no clue. I am 100% sure that I could not pass the eighth grade final exam in 1895. I don’t even think I could get a twenty.

    My favorite Disney movie is the fortieth movie. It’s about a llama and a fat dude that run away from a woman. I like it because there is a llama and a dancing old man with a high voice like the Bee Gees.

  7. I’ve never seen the movie The Titanic so I don’t really know that much about it but I still think I would want to go on the ship if history were rewritten. But only if I knew for sure the ship wouldn’t sink! Most likely, I would be really scared to go and not decide to until the last minute but I would probably end up deciding I would. It would just be such a cool adventure that it wouldn’t be worth missing because of my worries.

    Even when I’m just walking normally I always end up going a little crooked. I don’t know why but I always do. I had no idea people walked like that without even thinking about it. I mean, I understand going a little sideways but going that sideways and even in circles I can’t imagine. I have no idea why people do that. Maybe they just start off drifting to one side or the other and then they just keep going that direction. Or maybe it’s just something in our brains that makes us do that.

    I am absolutely positive I couldn’t pass the 1895 eighth grade final exam. At first when I looked at it I didn’t think it looked that hard because there weren’t that many questions. But then when I read the questions there were very few that I actually knew.

    Oh my goodness! I love Disney films so much. It seems like they’ve made way more than fifty animated films but I guess fifty is a lot. I’ve always loved Peter Pan and I always will. When I was little I watched it ALL the time and I just loved it so much. I think I liked Ariel a lot too but Peter Pan is better. My baby sister watches Princess and the Frog almost every day and she thinks it’s so funny. I’ve never watched the whole thing but it looks pretty good and she seems to like it.

  8. If History could be re-written I don’t think I would go on the Titanic because I don’t like cruises. I don’t like when you go to bed you feel like you’re rocking. I also wouldn’t go because I would have to wear really nice clothes every day.

    I think that people walk in circles because half of their minds are stronger and they are subliminally walking that way.

    I don’t think I could pass that exam. It’s crazy hard. That must have been really hard. I’m sure if we took test like that kids would hate school.

    My favorite movie is Tarzan. I like Tarzan because it brings back child hood memories. After I watched Tarzan I went to my back yard and tried to swing on a branch. That didn’t work very well.

  9. I have to start out by saying that I love Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. It is a great movie and I always loved the little mole that was Mr. Toad’s friend.

    I would have never wanted to be staying on the Titanic. I am not one for cruise ships I have never been on one and probably and never will. I am not trying to say that cruises are stupid it’s just not my thing.

    There is no way I could have ever passed that eighth grade final exam from 1895. Those are some crazy questions, I mean What is the cost of a square farm at $15 per are, the distance around which is 640 rods? What does that even mean.

    I really have no idea why we walk in circles when we are blindfolded. It could be the fact one side of our brain is stronger than the other or one leg is stronger than the other. I really can’t even guess what it might be. I think it is pretty crazy though that we can’t walk straight though.

  10. If I was able to go on to the titanic, and I knew it wasn’t going to sink I would have loved to go on. It would have been really cool to go on a ship that important in that time period,
    I don’t know why you cant walk, swim, or drive blindfolded, but I think it might be because you don’t have a reference point to guide you, well that’s what the video said. I really don’t understand how you go in circles though because I can see going a little to the left or right but going in circles is quite interesting.
    When I saw the test I thought it was going to be easy because there wasn’t that many questions but I was wrong. Most of the questions were very hard for me to answer.
    I like some Disney movies but not very many. I had no clue that Snow White was the first Disney movie made, I always thought it was Cinderella. My favorite Disney movie would probably be Pirates of the Caribbean, because I absolutely LOVE Johnny Depp, and the movie was very entertaining

  11. As long as I knew the boat wouldn’t sink, I would definitely go on the Titanic. I think it would be cool to be one of the people who got to go on the boat, as it was one of the first of its kind. It also sounds amazing, especially for its time. I definitely would have taken up the opportunity to be a passenger on the Titanic.

    I really do not know why we can’t walk in a strait line. Maybe it’s because one side of our body is stronger than the other. Maybe it’s because one side is more dominant in our brain than the other. Or maybe it’s just the way our bones were put together in our legs/feet that make us turn a little, tiny bit each time we walk. But since there are so many different possibilities we might still be guessing for a while.

    I know I definitely could not pass that final exam from 1895. When I looked at it, I realized I could not answer any of the problems. Maybe I could answer part of the question but not all of it. If I had been in 8th grade at the time and I had learned all of that, then maybe I could’ve passed it, but since we don’t really learn those specific things, it seems really hard to us.

    I don’t think I had just one favorite Disney movie, since I watched them a lot . I loved all the Disney princess movies and Cinderella was my favorite. I remember one year my friend and I both dressed up as her for Halloween. I also loved Winnie the Pooh. The characters are so cute and I loved Pooh Bear. I had, and still have, a Winnie the Pooh santa hat that I would wear when we decorated our Christmas tree and set up the menorahs. When I was a little older, probably 5 or 6, I absolutely LOVED Lilo and Stitch. I had the movie, I had Lilo and Stitch pajamas, I had a Stitch stuffed animal that I got from Disney World, and I think I had a Stitch santa hat. I also remember one of my other friends and I would talk like Stitch too! To this day I still love that movie, I’ve always thought Stitch was so cute. Last time I saw it was about two weeks ago and I almost cried because I had forgotten that it was so sad.

  12. I would have loved to be a passenger on the Titanic. I’ve always loved sailing and taking cruises, but if I were to get a ticket onboard the Titanic it would be the greatest thing ever. The Titanic was the first ship of its kind, and being a part of history would be really cool. From the movie I noticed that this vessel was very luxurious. All the important, high class people were aboard, and it would’ve been nice to talk to those people. One thing I wouldn’t like is that it was probably freezing, but overall I would’ve loved to be aboard.

    I think it is very interesting that we can’t walk strait when blind folded. I think the reason is that because everyone has a dominant hand, which is probably stronger than the other hand because you do more things with it, you slowly drift towards that side because it’s stronger and possibly heavier than the other. I also think that that is the solution because when we tested it in science class every time I did it I slowly drifted to the left (I’m left handed).

    I think that I am very lucky that I don’t have to take exams like that, but if I had to take that exam I don’t think I would do bad, I actually think I would do good. The kids who took that exam probably studied all those facts before, and probably spent a week review all that information. I will admit that some of those questions were pretty hard, but some of them I already new without studying.

    I think it’s amazing how far Disney has come with movies. I still remember when I was young and I watched my first Disney movie, Aladdin, and I loved it so much. Well when I was young I didn’t care if the movie had nice plot, setting or anything as long as the main character won all the fight and if the movie had a happy ending. I loved Aladdin so much that I dressed up as him for Halloween, I even bought all his stuff a sword, his hat, his clothes, everything. I even kept bugging my mom to get me a pet monkey. I also liked Hercules and Tarzan. I guess I though they were cool because they were strong, always beat the bad guys, and married the pretty girls. Overall I think Aladdin was my favorite. Now whenever Disney comes out with a new movie I remember my childhood memories.

  13. If I could of gotten the chance to go on the Titanic I would of loved to. I have always loved cruises. The only way I would go on though is if I were able to make and back safely. This would allow me to tell an amazing story for the rest of my life and don’t have to die.

    Our science class tried this idea outside in the field and it worked. Well, for me it did. I ended up walking curved. I think this has to do with the way toilets flush. Just like how it flushes differently below the equator. This has to do with the north and south poles.

    Wow! That’s is all I have to say about that exam. It is just a bunch of definitions. Also in one of the question it asked,”Here is a list of dates name an activity related to this year”. That is a very hard question. No way could i pass that exam.

    Again, Wow. Fifty movies is a lot to make. I always thought their would be more than that. As I just opened up this blog i read Tanner’s post. I saw that his favorite movie is The Fox and the Hound. This is my favorite movie and book also. I have must have seen it twenty times. But the best of all movies is The Lion King. No Disney movie can top that.

  14. If history were rewritten, I wouldn’t go on the Titanic. If I did, I would most likely be stuck on the lower decks, and it would be a pain. It wouldn’t be fancy like the upper decks, and I wouldn’t have too much fun.
    I think the reason why people can’t walk in a straight line is because without something to keep eyes focused on, we become unbalanced and wander to the lift or right. This would also explain why in the videos the people kept making circles in one direction instead of in both directions (all circles to the right or all circles to the left).
    I don’t think I could pass the exam if I took it right now, but I don’t think it’s hard. I only think this because I don’t know the information. I don’t think the information would be hard to learn, and if I knew the information, I could pass the test with ease.
    My favorite movie is The Lion King. I have loved that movie ever since I was a little kid I will continue to love it for the rest of my life. I seen that movie over fifty times, and I still think Timon and Pumba are funny.

  15. If history were to be rewritten, I still would not have gone on that ship. Yeah it’s a fancy ship but there isn’t much to do on that ship that long ago. There’s the party in the evening but it can’t be astounding or anything. If one of my friends was on the ship, it would be okay.
    I thought the video with the blindfolds was really interesting. I never thought about that before. I tried it out once and walked in a decently straight line, but I didn’t go very far so I am not sure about if you need a longer distance for it to work (or not work).
    That test did seem like a tough one. I bet if I had lots of time to study for that test, I would figure I’d get a decent grade, like 83%. Something around that. I do agree the students do not have enough time to finish the test. When I first pulled the document up, I took a glance and I thought it looked really easy. Then once I looked closer at the questions, it looked pretty hard.
    My favorite movie out of those few is The Lion King by far. I loved that movie so much when I was little. I watched it about five times a week. I loved Pumba the most. “They call me MR.PIG!”

  16. If history was rewritten and the Titanic never sunk I will love to be on board. Since it was the first cruise ship and what I have learned about it, it will be very cool to ride it. I know it was a Ludgery class cruise ship. I saw the work they put in to it and they wanted it to stay for a very long time. When they found the Titanic, it was covered from the ocean.

    I think we can’t walk straight because we don’t have a fixed point.If we had a blindfold on we can’t see much and don’t have a fixed point to walk to. Without it we will have a fixed point and can walk straight. I think this is why we can’t walk straight.

    I don’t think I have a favorite Disney movie. Now that I saw that there are so many different movies, I am confused. But now I think that the ones about Mickey Mouse is my favorite. I think he is the king of Disney. I see him in so many movies today.

    I don’t think I could complete that 1895 test. It will be imposable for me to do right now. I mean there could be over fourty questions on that test. I have no idea how they did it back in the 1800s. I can’t beleive how long that test was. But I liked the fact that the sections were seperated. I found a spelling error. It was in the geography section.

  17. If history could have been rewritten I would have definitely gone on the Titanic!!!! I absolutely LOVE the Titanic! It is my favorite movie in the whole wide world! I believe going on the Titanic would have been the adventure of a LIFETIME!!! Although…I would have not liked to die…unless it was for someone in my family, then I probably would have died for them. I thought that the Titanic movie was so romantic! 🙂 🙂 🙂 >3 <3 !!!!!

    I honestly do not believe that I would have been able to pass the eighth grade final exam! It looks sooooo hard! Some of the stuff on there I did know, but most of it I was like “mannnn…..I don’t know how these people could have possibly known all this stuff. But I guess that they did. IT LOOKS SOOO HARD!
    I think that it is soooo interesting that we cannot walk, swim, or drive in a straight line when blindfolded. I honestly don’t know why. I think that it’s because when you are blindfolded, you see nothing, therefore, you have no sense of direction so, and you may always think that you are walking straight but you actually are not. It may also be the dominance between the left and right side of your brain. Like for example, if you are right brained you will turn right. And if you are left brained you will turn toward the left when blindfolded.
    I think that my favorite Disney movies would have to be LADY AND TRAMP, ALADIN, DUMBO, and SNOW WHITE. I absolutely LOVE the little dwarfs that are in SMOW WHITE! They are sooooo cute! I absolutely LOVE Disney movies and I am might be going to see Tangled this weekend. I think that Disney movies are some of the BEST!

  18. If history could be rewritten, I would have been a passenger on the Titanic. I would be one because it would be a once and a lifetime experience. I would be one of the few to ride on the Titanic’s first trip. I also think that it would be awesome to have been on the biggest ship in the world, at the time.

    I think that we walk in a circle like shape when you have a blindfold is because it has something to do with how the Earth spins on its axis. Another reason is that one side of your body is heaver then another so it will make you lean to one side. In the movies you see that the person goes in a circle, so that could be that the person is getting dizzy.

    I don’t think that I would pass the 1895 exam because school has changed in the last 100 years. It would be very hard. Some of the questions that they had I could have answered but for some I did not know what they meant.

    If I had to pick my favorite Disney movie, I think that it would be the “Lion King.” I have chosen that because it was my favorite movie when I was little. I liked it because all of the action in the movie.

  19. OOOPS I am soo sorry but there is supposed to be spaces when starting off to read my paragraph about the walk staright thing.

  20. I think I would love to go on the titanic. I thought it sounded really fun. It would seem like i was going almost nowhere though. I think it would be an awesome experience if not for the death by water.

    I think for the disney movies, I would have to go with beauty and the beast. This is probably because it has a good plot.

    Why cant people walk in a straight line? I for one think that it is because when we close our eyes we become off balance. I sometimes cant even walk in a straight line with my eyes open though. Then again, why did we assume that we could in the first place.

    Now for the final exam…forget it. I could probably do less than half of the problems.
    I would be the first to get below an F.

  21. If I could rewrite history I think I would want to be on the ship. If it didn’t sink there is no reason why I wouldn’t be on it. It was the first ship of its kind and in my opinion started the concept of cruises and various ships like those. If the ship sank and all those people died but I lived I would be amazed that I lived and all those people died. It would be a very sad story to tell about all those passengers dying.

    I have two theories on the blindfold test. My first theory is that the Earth is not completely flat. If you were to walk on land that was completely flat I think you would walk straighter given that there is no slants in the trail. My other theory is that your legs are not the same length causing you to favor aside. We watched a video on this in science and this is where got my Ideas.

    I don’t think I could pass that exam. The questions were so general and I am the type of person who needs things very straightforward and specific. Another thing I saw was that you had to everything like the grammar question on spelling you had to all of it.

    My favorite Disney movie was Tarzan. I don’t know why I liked Tarzan. My favorite movie we I was really young was Toy Story and Buzz Lighter but I cant remember if that was Disney.

  22. Before I start talking about my opinions about whether I would of liked to be on the Titanic or not, I would just like to say, I am a huge fan of the ship, Titanic. Actually my first book I read completely as a child was a children’s book about the Titanic.

    I believe construction of Titanic began in spring of 1909 and ended early April of 1912. White Star, the company that Titanic sailed under, decided that they should create a record-breaking ship that was “unsinkable.” After construction was finished they added luxuries that had never been heard of before, like tennis courts, one of the first swimming pools, several churches, work out rooms, gamboling halls, and many others. The total number of cost of the ship was a staggering 7.5 million dollars! That’s over 300 million dollars in today’s money. These numbers were unheard of at this time. The final length of the ship was, 883 feet, which is about four city blocks put together. Also the ship originally only had three working smoke stacks, like most ships. The fourth was added to make the ship look different and more like its name, “Titanic.”

    These facts prove how highly thought of Titanic was. It was completely different then anything before it. I would of loved to be on the ship and experience the smell of the freshly burned coal and taste the expensive five-course meals. Although, the ship was highly dangerous, the rudder was built for a much smaller ship and didn’t provide a proficient turning radios. Also, both sides of the ship had weak steel due to pore craftsmanship and there wasn’t a sufficient amount of lifeboats on board. These faults would still be not enough to keep me away of a one-way ticket to the new world aboard, Titanic.

    We can’t walk in a straight line while we are blind folded because it seems we rely too much on sight to help us navigate. With sight, I can pick a point on the horizon and start walking towards it. When this ability is taken away, it is often fatal. I believe that we can’t walk in a straight line when blind folded because, as much as we like to not believe so, our feet aren’t balanced at all. We all put more pressure on different feet and on different places while standing. This causes us to have one foot tilted inwards or outwards slightly which causes us to walk in circles when blinded.

    The Eighth Grade final exam looks scary because we haven’t learned the material on it. It’s like if I was showed a math test that I would take in month but I haven’t learned how to do the problems yet. So, if we had an entire week just about leaning how to know the answers on the exam, it probably wouldn’t look so scary.

    My favorite Disney movie of all time has to be Aladdin. The movie was funny, had a great plot, and great music.

  23. I would not have liked to be on the Titanic if history could be rewritten. This was a very beautiful and wonderful ship but many, many people died on this ship when it sunk. All that time nobody would ever think that the Titanic would sink but it did them lied they told the passengers that it was made not to sink and the next thing you no more than half of the people on the ship are dead.

    I think that no one can walk in a straight line that has thee ability to see, but have we tried it on a blind person who has never seen before and has never seen a point of vision, would not know how you would track that. I think that we are so used to seeing that if we just couldn’t see anymore you can’t make that adjustment.

    I don’t think that I would have been able to pass the eighth grade exam it looks way to hard and we should not be complaining about are exams or midterms or finals this is way harder.

    I can’t answer what is my favorite Disney movie it is just way to hard growing up seeing these movies they were ALL my favorite at some point. This is way too hard and I feel bad choosing one and leaving all of the other movies left out.

  24. would say that my favorite Disney movie is Sleeping Beauty, but I rarely watched it when I was little. I have a bizarre reason for why I loved it and it was because I loved when Sleeping Beauty pricked her finger on the spinning wheel. It’s a really stupid reason. My ultimate favorite movie is probably Snowhite because I watched it all the time when I was little and I bout the outfit. It might have also been my favorite because it was the first Disney animated movie ever made and I think that I just fell in love with it. I remember I used to have dreams about the witch and how the boulder hits her.
    I would like to be on the Titanic if it didn’t sink, because it was a very elegant and expensive ship. It was extremely fancy and it would be like a dream to be on it because the chandeliers are probably real crystal. It would be so hard to think that when you left your loved ones to go on a cruise and then they find out that many of you have died because of an iceberg accident, I would be sad for the rest of my life and I would never want to go on a boat, let alone a ship.
    I think that the 8Th grade final exam looks extremely hard and makes me feel like an idiot, but then again they learned those things, and they weren’t just randomly tested on extremely had questions. They must’ve had a much much much much much more strict school s back then and they learned very “mature,” (I guess you could say,) topics.
    The walking in a straight line video was very interesting. In science class, we went outside on the field and Amanda and I walked from a tree to the small circle of benches and we didn’t start to turn. But it is an interesting thing to study, and some people thought that it had to do with being right or left brained. But no one knows YET!!!

  25. If history could be rewritten I would definitely get a ticket for the Titanic anyday. I would do this because it was one of the biggest boats of its time and to be caught on that ship you had to have some money. I think that you walk in circles when you have no reference point because you are probably left brained or right brained, if anything that’s what I would pick. The Eight Grade Final Exam I would definitely fail the how many bushels of wheat question on that exam confused me so much I just stopped and went on to the next. And there I couldn’t even finish that question so I just quit the exam. My favorite disney movie would have to be Mulan when I was little because when the songs came on my sister and I would sing them all the time and then rewind and repeat.

  26. Everyone knows the Titanic sunk, because of the sinking part; I would most definitely history I would absolutely loved to have been a passenger!

    I think that we go in circles when we try to walk straight because we try to be perfect, think about it too much about it, and want to impress people when all we end up doing is mess ourselves up. Or it would have to do with right and left-brain situations or if you are a righty lefty.

    I absolutely think I would pass the eighth grade final exam(if passing mean that you got a zero, then absolutely)! When I saw that thing I thought to myself, “Gosh…that’s a lot of words!” I read about every question and couldn’t answer any except for a few.

    I honestly love all Disney films, they’re all creative and special in their own way. Each has a cute pop of happy, sad, and funny. The one I watched the most was probably Fantaja (I don’t know how to spell that). I have to admit I still watch Disney movies. The ones I enjoy watching the most, if I had to pick one (or two or three or four), would be Peter Pan, Cinderella, Arial, and Alice in Wonderland. My fifth choice would be Sleeping Beauty. I would have also put Beauty and the Beast but I got REALLY sick of listening and rehearsing for it and learning every word over and over again! I still like it, just not as much.

  27. If I could go back in time I would go on the titanic. The main reason I would go would be to tell the captain to look out for iceberg.

    I have never really thought about why people can’t walk in a strait line. I think it has some thing to do with the sound. Like the person can’t put the sounds with the place. Also I think kind of the same thing with smells.

    I have so many favorite Disney movies. Most of them a Pixar. I have to say “Aladin”. I love it for many reasons. One of them is because Robin Williams is the genie. Also the carpet is so funny.

  28. If I had the choice to be on the titanic, I probably wouldn’t want to be on it. The reason why I think that we can’t walk in a straight line blind-folded is because we try to go by our instincts of trying to protect ourselves and be safe. I don not think I could pass the eighth grade exam from 1895. And my favorite animated Disney movie would probably be The Lion King, because it has made me cry more times than any other Disney movie.

  29. I would NOT like to be a passenger on the titanic, because, well, it sank! Not my idea of fun, really. I know it would be cool to see the history, but I don’t care that much, not enough to risk dying.
    I think that we can’t walk straight because when we don’t have a reference point, we overcorrect ourselves, and end up going in a circle. If you are right handed, you would probably overcorrect and go right, and vice versa.
    My favorite disney movie is the lion king, because it is just a classic, and is really cool! It sounds kinda cheesy, but it is a roaring success! 😀

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