The Real Story Of Jack And Jill (It’s All In The Details)


Jack and Jill went up the hill

To fetch a pail of water.

Jack fell down and broke his crown

And Jill came tumbling after.

There is too much left out of this story. Who were Jack and Jill? How did they go up that hill? Did they walk? Ride a horse? Drive in a car? Why did they need a pail of water? Why didn’t they just turn on the faucet? What made Jack fall down? How far did he fall? How serious was his “crown” injury? What made Jill tumble? Was she hurt?

Rewrite the story, filling in details to tell us what really happened. (Unjournaling, DiPrince, Thurston 34)


  1. Once upon a time a long time ago in a place far, far, away, Jack and Jill were loyal servants to their beloved king. One day the king heard a story of the fountain of youth. He heard that it was up on potter’s hill. What luck the king thought for potter’s hill was just on the outskirts of town. The king thought to himself, I must send my most loyal servants up the hill to retrieve the magical water for me. So he called for Jack and Jill. He told them to go up the hill with a pale and fill the pale with water. He also told them to make sure that nobody saw them so he could have all the water for himself. Being as loyal as they were Jack and Jill went up the hill and filled the pale with ease. Just then as they were walking down the hill, Jack remembered a story his father used to tell him. It was about the water on top of this hill being cursed, and that anyone who dared drink it was cursed forever. Right at that exact moment Jill tried to trip Jack so she could have the water to herself and live forever. Just after she took a drink and then tripped Jack she was tripped by a rock too! As they both came tumbling down Jack hit his head on a rock and was knocked unconscious and his head was split open. Jill was not so lucky she unluckily broke her neck and died. When Jack awoke he was astonished that his best friend could do such a thing to him and he dumped the water out and went to warn the king about the curse.

    1. Here’s the real story: Once Jack and Jill were neighbours. One day Mom said Jack,Jill get me some water. Then Jack and Jill went up a very steep hill. Then when they grabbed a bucket of water a cat surprised Jack and Jill. They fell down near a tree. When Jack got up he heard a cry. It was Jill. She asked I fell, am I okay. Of course you’re alright said Jack. Now they tried again. When they got a pail of water they send it to Mom. Then Jack went to bed. So did Jill.

  2. My name is Jack. I once lived in on a small island ninety miles from a great land known as the United States of America. People there were nice. But there was one boy in my class who was man to people. His name was Jill. One day, the schools water pool was empty. So I and Jill were picked to go up the hill to fetch a bucket of water. The hill was right next to a couple stone houses. All the way to and up the hill Jill kept talking about how he hated everything. When I finally got the bucket of water Jill had spas out and pushed me down the hill. The tumble down wasn’t bad but out of no where my head slammed into the side of one of the stone houses. My vision went blurry and I felt light headed. I looked at the top of the hill and (being the dummy he was) Jill tripped over the well and went tumbling down the hill towards. I didn’t have time to move he slammed into me which made it a fine landing but slammed my head back into the wall again and with such force I blacked out instantly. When I awoke I was under the care of the best doctors and had found out that my family some how became rich. They said that my entire skull had been broken into pieces and didn’t want to tell me what I looked like when the found. I soon found out that the person who owned the house saw the whole thing and told it to my parents who sued Jill’s parents which made my family rich. I was happy and I don’t know what happened to Jill but he never showed up at school again.

  3. “Jack and Jill went up a hill to fetch a pail of water. Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after.” That’s the nursery rhyme we all grew up with but what does it all mean? Well it all goes back to mid-evil times were Prince Jack and Princess Jill of Rome were getting punished for a little accident.

    Why would a princess and prince get punished? You see, Jack and Jill, or I should say, Princess Jill and Prince Jack were messing around in an aqueduct, where the town’s people got all their water. They ended up blocking a pipe that got their water in to the town.

    Because they were being punished by Queen Grace and King Gabe, they had to walk up a hill in order to get the water. They were exhausted when they got to the top of the hill! Prince Jack was so tired that he fainted and fell down the entire hill until he hit a rock in the middle of his way and broke his crown! His crown was destroyed! All his beautiful jewels and gold were shattered!

    On the other hand, Princess Jill was getting the water, but it was so heavy that she couldn’t wheel it up. She cranked and cranked, she then yanked so hard that she lost her grip and rolled down the hill. Unfortunately, she rolled completely down the hill and hit a tree. She ended up having to get her wound sewed back together.

    When King Gabe and Queen Grace saw their children lying on the ground moaning and crying in pain, they picked them up and told them that they never had to go up the hill again. It turned out to be a happy ending after all, well kind of.

  4. One day after Jack and Jill(two little kids) just brought a toy crown at a gift shop, they went for a walk. They saw a well at the top of a very steep hill and decided to go get some water from there. As they walked up the hill, Jill dared Jack to take out his new crown, go to the top of the hill and scream,”I’m the king of the world!” Of course, Jack said he would do it. He ran to the top of the hill along with Jill, pulled out his crown and yelled,”I’m the king of the-” After he ran up to the hill and started to yell he lost his balance and started to fall. Jill tried to hold Jack’s hand and pull him back on to the hill but unfortunately, Jill instead went down with Jack. As Jack and Jill fell down the hill, the crown was smashed into bits and pieces. When Jack stopped tumbling down the hill he stood up, not knowing the crown was demolished right behind him he said,”At least I still have that crown.”

  5. Our parents have always told a lie every time they tell the story of Jack and Jill. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m sick and tired of all their lies! It’s time to tell the real story of Jack and Jill my story…
    Jack and I are twins. And just last month we turned sixteen, but in truth this has nothing to do with the story. Because it happened when we were only seven. I mean sure we were only in second grade, but we hated each other then (even though we still occasionally get mad at each other now a days). It all started when Jack started sneaking out “nap time “ as our parents called it. So I was lying in bed staring at the ceiling when I heard some one walking down the hallway. So I got out of bed and cracked my door open to see jack leaving his room and quietly walk out the front door. I had nothing better to do so I deiced to follow him. Well, I followed him and it took forever, that kid still walks slow to day. Finally he stopped about a mile outside of town in front of a small well. I should probable mention there was no hill only a cliff with a one hundred foot drop into a thin rocky river. That was one of the bigger lies. Another one was I technically pushed jack off the cliff, but that comes later. Anyways he walks up to the well and pulled out of his coat two leather pouches. And as he set them on the edge of the well a clinking sound came from them. Then I realized that he did not only have his allowance, but also mine. Now that was just going to far, so I came out from where I was hiding and pushed him away from the well. I might have pushed him a little to far, or the people who made the well put it to close to the cliff. So he stumbled and kind of fell off the edge of the cliff. Lets just say I had a lot of explaining to do to my parents after Jack got his body cast. And let me just say I got a really harsh punishment, but I deserved it. Even though he did steal my allowance to just through it in to a well and make a wish that would never come true.

  6. I’m sure you’ve all heard the classic story of Jack and Jill, but few people know the dark truth behind the reason for their adventure. There’s no easy way to say this but our beloved Jack and Jill were in fact grave robbers. That horrible night Jack and Jill had been robbing a well guarded grave when a grounds keeper had stumbled upon them. The grounds keeper then chased the mud covered couple off the property and shortly after called the cops. Jack and Jill knew of the consequences they would face if anyone knew about their chosen profession, since the nation was not amused by the whole Bonnie and Clyde bit any longer. They didn’t want the cops to follow them back to their home, so they didn’t have the option of using a normal water source. As a result they headed up the hill to use the well to rinse the mud off of themselves. Sadly while walking back down the hill and formulating a plan to leave the country, Jack spotted the cops rounding the corner to their neighborhood. Fearing the worst he lost his footing and rolled down the steep hill dragging Jill down with him. Despite their injurers they were arrested and found guilty of robbery. The main evidence was the broken crown found in Jacks position that was stolen from the grave earlier that night.

  7. Jack and Jill, two juvenile delinquents, were running from the cops for multiple crimes including theft, assault, and many petty crimes. The police were passing out flyers of Jack and Jill to warn people about the two kids. They would guard grocery stores, water fountains, and any other source food Jack and Jill could get to. The police wanted to dehydrate the two so they would give themselves up. But Jack and Jill didn’t want to be found. They managed to live off of other people’s garbage and drink when there were big puddles after a rainy day.
    Finally, after days of searching, Jack saw a well at the top of the tallest hill in town. Jack wasn’t sure if he was actually seeing it or hallucinating. He thought every source of water was blocked off for him. He quickly ran back him and his sister to tell her. Jill was so excited. She was sick of having to drink muddy water every day. But one thing Jack didn’t see was the man who was watching him at the hill. This man had seen Jack before. He remembered catching Jack and his sister stealing some apples from his orchard. The farmer tried telling the police but they only gave the corrupt children a speech about how stealing is bad.
    The farmer always regretted not punishing Jack and Jill when he had the chance, so he reported seeing Jack by the old well. A group of cops monitored the well while hiding behind some bushes. At midnight, Jack and Jill showed up at the well. The police surrounded them, and Jack tried to run. He tripped on a rock, fell down the hill, hit the top of his head, and broke his crown. Jill ran after her brother but she also tripped and went tumbling down the hill. The police caught the two and put them back in Juvenile hall.

  8. Once upon a time there were two twins. Their names were Jack and Jill. They both fought over the stupidest things. So one day, Jack and Jill were having an argument over who was born first. Their mom was about to get some water from the well, but she stopped as she saw them argue. She yelled at them and told them to go get the water from the well as their punishment. On the way both Jack and Jill were thinking up evil schemes to prank each other. They finally got to the hill after a mile walk to the hill. While Jack was getting the water, Jill was getting ready to push Jack down the hill. The second after Jack took the bucket out of the well, Jill pushed him down the hill as hard as she could. Jack rolled down, hitting a couple trees and signs. Jill was laughing at the top of the hill so hard she slipped and rolled down the hill right into Jack. Their mom found them later that day and took them to the hospital. Jack was fine with just some bruises but Jill broke her leg. The End

  9. Sadly, the Jack and Jill you all know are well behaved children who do whatever their parents tell them to do (including getting a pail of water.) But the true tail of Jack and Jill is yet to be told. Jack and Jill weren’t actuly brother and sister they were frobidden lovers that weren’t allowed to get married because their parents didnt have enough money to pay for the wedding. So one night Jack and Jill formed a plan, to robb a bank so that they could have enough money to pay for a wedding so at long last they could be together. But unfortunatly while they were commiting their crime Hansel and Gretel saw them from across the way and decided to call the cops on them. Hearing the sirens Jack and Jill fleed from the scean running with the loot. They ran up a hill in attempt to escape the cops who were gaining on them. Then out of the corner of their eyes they saw a well they decided that mabey if they hid in the well the police would just walk by and continue searching for the two of them. But as Jack was climbing into the well using the pail as support he must have lost his footing because he tumbled down the hill and busted his crown open. Jill, deciding that she couldnt live without Jack and came tumbling after. But to bad for Jill she did not die too so she was thrown into the police car along with the other made up fairy tails like The Big Bad Wolf.

  10. Jack and Jill were from a very poor family.

    One day, they decided to rob the wishing well on top of the hill. They took a pail to collect the coins. Jill was on the lookout as Jack was balancing on the well wall. Suddenly, Jill saw some villagers heading up the hill. ” Jack, They’re coming!!!! Quick!!!” On that very second, Jack fell down and broke his crown on his tooth, and Jill tripped and came after him. Without a minute to spare they ran back to the village and went to bed. The next day, Jack went to the dentist.

    The End.

  11. Once upon a time a kingdom was suffering from drought. The King over heard someone in the village saying that there was a fountain full of fresh water on top of a very tall hill. He sent two of his most loyal servants Jack and Jill to go get as much water as they can in a big barell and put it in the back of the truck. Jill was driving and stopped at the top of the hill. They put the barrel under the fountain and filled it up to the top. As Jack was walking back to put the water in the truck he tripped over a rock and fell down the hill and broke the kings crown which he “borowed” from the king. Jill weird enough tripped over a rock right next to the one that Jack tripped over. THE END

  12. Once upon a time in a far of galaxy there lived a prince. His name was Prince Jack. He took great pride in to things in his life. Prince Jack to pride in his crown he wore to show his royalty and his beautiful princess named Princess Jill. One day they were taking a stroll up to the royal well. Only people who lived in this castle could get water from the well. It had the purest and freshest water in the galaxy. When I said stroll well it wasn’t for fun. Their parents Queen Jill and King Jack had sent them to get some water at the time Jack and Jill did not know what kind of challenge they were up to so they went on there way. When they got there, it turns out that the hill was very steep more like, very very steep. So they trudged slowly up the hill. After an hour of climbing this “hill” something bad happened. Jill was helping jack over a ledge. Did I mention this so call hill had cliffs and ledges? Well jack kind of fell three stories hit his head and suffered severe concussion, but most importantly he broke his crown. As I said before it was his most prized thing in his life besides, Jill I mean. Jill, on the other hand fell on two feet on a trampoline and had no injuries so she called all the kings horses and all the kings men to come put his crown back together again and his head, too. After five weeks of recovering from his severe concussion he recovered fully and his crown back just like new. Jack and Jill lived happily ever after.

  13. Once upon a time, in the far away land of Canada, two siblings named Jack and Jill were playing in the hills. They stumbled across a pile of sticks. Seeing them, Jack bet Jill five dollars that he could start a fire. Of course Jill did not believe that Jack could start a fire with just two sticks, how unrealistic, so she accepted. Jack picked out two sticks from the pile and began to rub them together.
    Hour after hour Jack rubbed those two sticks together. Jill was snoring, quite loudly, under a nearby tree. When Jack thought he was close to a spark, the sticks snapped. Jack let out a roar, which woke his sleeping sister. Jack then picked up two more sticks and began rubbing them together only faster. Jill became very irritated with her brother and shouted at him to just give up. But he refused it wasn’t just a bet anymore. This was personal.
    Finally, after hours of impatience, the sticks caught fire. By this time Jack had begun to doze from the boredom. He was so surprised by the spark that he threw the sticks into the pile with the others. A huge roaring fire quickly caught. Jack and Jill were terrified and knew they had to put out the fire. In her panic, Jill had forgotten about the well that sat just up the hill. She darted up the hill yelling to her brother about the well.
    When Jack and Jill got to the well, Jill gathered the water. While she was doing this she remembered their bet. The one thing that Jill hated more than anything was loosing. So, she thought of plan. When she turned around she screamed which caused Jack to turn in the direction in which she was looking. When his back was turned, Jill kicked Jack’s legs from underneath him and pushed him down the hill. Jack’s scream was so girlish and hilarious that Jill also fell down the hill laughing.
    When they reached the bottom of the hill they discovered that fireman had shown up and had put out the fire. Jack turned to his sister and looked as if he were about to explode. But the only thing he said was “Pay up.”

  14. Jack Jackson and Jill Jillian were professional baboon chasers. This means that they like to run around and disturb the peace of the baboons native to their city, Blaarg. Half of the population of baboons had already fled due to their disruptive behavior. They considered this to be a profession, even though it was not even close to one. Both of their parents believed in crude child labor so if they didn’t do their chores, which took hours to complete, they weren’t allowed to play Baboon Chaser 3 for the Y-Box.

    One scorching summer day, around ten-o’-clock in the morning, Jack and Jill were finished with their chores. The only reason they had completed their tasks was because they arose from their beds at three in the morning. So, they had the rest of the day off. They shared a diary of baboons they had chased in the past, and today, they came across the fastest baboon in their area, which was appropriately named Slowpoke. They nodded at each other simultaneously. Then they ran. This baboon put up a great race; the kids were chasing the baboon for three hours. As a way to lose the children, Slowpoke detoured to Home Depot, where he knocked a pail onto his head. This made Slowpoke very sluggish, and Slowpoke went to the top of a hill which sustained the Blaarg Well of Water. He was able to shake of the pail. Jack and Jill followed him very carefully. Just as they were about to catch up to him, Slowpoke kicked the kids in the chest, and ran off.

    Jack and Jill were extremely thirsty, so Jack filled the pail with water from the well. They both took turns sipping from the pail, as they were both very parched. At that moment, Jack spotted more baboons in the distance. He was so excited that he put down the pail, raced down the hill and tripped over his own two feet. He landed head-first and made a small indent in his temple. Jill followed the same process just a few seconds after Jack. The baboon that they chased saw all of the commotion and was kind enough to put the two kids on his back and take them home, where they were scolded for being so idiotic.

    The End

  15. Sorry I forgot this.


    After hearing that her son was pushed down a hill, Mrs. Wood (Jack and Jill’s mommy) immediately rushed her son to the emergency room. When the doctor came in he said that he had bad news. Mrs. Wood began to cry and Jill rolled her eyes. “I am afraid your son is going to have… a rather large bump.”

    The End

  16. Two years ago, Jack and Jill were in a movie together playing husband and wife. The scene they were shooting was outside in a blocked off area so that no one interrupted them while they were filming. Jack and Jill were adults who they lived on their own. They didn’t have much money. The movie was written in the olden days when if you wanted water, you had to bring a pail with you to go fetch it. In the movie, Jack and Jill wanted to do everything together. One day they had no water and they needed to go get some before dark. The nearest spring of water was about two miles away and on the top of the hill. They didn’t have a horse so they had to walk there. When they got to the top of the hill, Jack was filling the pail up while Jill was standing behind him. As Jack turned around to start walking home, he didn’t know that Jill was behind him so tripped on Jill’s foot and tried to catch himself by grabbing onto Jill. But that only made Jill go tumbling down the hill right after Jack. Jack broke his crown while Jill just skinned her knee. Blood was getting everywhere and the whole movie crew had to help Jack while the ambulance was getting there.

  17. Jack and Jill were brother and sister. They were extremely wealthy. They heard about a special well at the top of a hill. The water from the well was said to have powers. It could make you live forever with just one sip.

    Jack and Jill wanted the water from this well, so they called a helicopter. It brought them to the hill. they went to get the water and they were fighting over who got to get the water. They were at the top of the hill, each pulling on the bucket to the opposite side. They both gave in at the same time, and they fell down opposite sides of the hill. Jack died from his head injury. Jill, living with the guilt, climbed back to the top and committed suicide by jumping down the well. She then realized that she had taken a sip of the water when jack wasn’t looking, so she couldn’t die, ands she was guilty no more. She climbed out, and ran away and changed her name to Rebecka Fettera.

  18. There was once a girl named Jill and she was obsessed with running. Then there was a boy named Jack. The one word that I would use to sum up Jack is lazy. This little kid had become so lazy and fat that one day the king, his dad, made him get a trainer. Jill had been assigned as his trainer.
    The first day of training Jack came dressed up as his dad. The thing was he was actually wearing his dads robe and cape and even his very expense crown. Jill warned him that his attire would get dirty, but he didn’t care.
    Because of how rude Jack had been to Jill she decided to take him up a really muddy and extremely steep hill. She told him it would be the only thing he would have to do that day so he ran up that hill as fast as possible because he was extremely thirsty and Jill had told him there was a well at the top. So with Jack trudging up the hill as fast as he could and Jill close behind their journey up the hill began.
    Jack was the first one up the hill and he decided it would be funny to throw a bucket of water from the well on Jill. He grabbed the bucket filled it up and right when he was about to throw it he slipped and fell. As he fell his clothes became covered in mud and the ever so important crown had broken!
    After Jack had fallen all the way to the ground and had begun to cry from what had happened to his father’s clothing and crown, Jill had just reached the top of the hill and right when she turned around she slipped and fell on the water that had fallen from Jack’s bucket. And at the very end they both ended up covered in mud and had to come up with an excuse about the broken crown.

  19. Everyone knows the rhythm about Jack and Jill, but no one knows the true story.

    Jack and Jill were twins and about 16 years old. They rode a motorcycle up the hill one crazy day. They needed water because their faucet in their house was pouring out oil instead of water. Jack knew it was oil because he tasted it, (then threw up).

    So anyway, they were using a pail to fetch some water at a well nearby. When they got to the top of the hill, there was an alligator guarding the well. So, they thought to themselves it’s not worth fighting an alligator for some water when they can just go to a nearby stream.

    After they finished thinking Jack and Jill were getting their helmets on to leave. Then the alligator got mad because he wanted Jack and Jill to stay with him because he was lonely. So the alligator thought if Jack and Jill wouldn’t stay with him alive, they would have to stay with him, dead. So the alligator charged to kill them! When Jack turned his motorcycle around it tipped over. Jack started rolling down the hill and Jill got her leg caught under the motorcycle. She hurried to get free because the alligator was coming and now calling other alligator buddies. Finally, when she got free, her leg was badly broken. With her broken leg, Jill tumbled down the hill. She also had a few bad scratches. Jack had already fallen down the fifty foot hill. Poor Jack fell down the rocky side of the hill. Needless to say that is how he broke his crown. Jill tumbled on the soft grassy side of the hill. It did have one big rock that hurt her broken leg even more. At the end of Jack’s fall, he bumped his head and got a major concussion. Then, he was in a coma for a year and after he woke up, he was fine. Jill’s leg healed normally after her cast came off.

    The tale of Jack and Jill was a nice little story, but when you hear the painful details, you really don’t think it is so happy and pleasant after all.

  20. Jack is a silly, hard headed boy, always getting in trouble with that ignorant girl, Jill, who looks like she was made to be a major pain. Every day the two them head out to this 200 hundred foot high hill to do goofy things. They are really a huge disgrace to both of their highly famous families. Both Jack and Jill’s families are huge land owners in Oklahoma, and are some of the most successful people who take place on Wall Street. Together the families had billions.

    One day while Jack and Jill were taking one of their usual walks up the tall hill, they decided to stop a McDonalds and ordered every burger on the menu, this was not a problem because they had credit cards that pretty much didn’t have a limit. Jack and Jill are hefty eaters, so they wolfed most of the food down pretty easily. They were about half way there when Jack had a major problem, he was sick to his stomach. He thought he would feel better, if they got some water, so they trudged up to a near fresh water spring.

    Once Jack and Jill got to the spring, they filled four pails and drank two and decided to take the other two up to their private hill spot which was only about twenty feet away. They got to the hill, and Jack was exhausted, they choose to take nap until sunset. Jack awoke with Jill yelling at him to get up and look at the amazing sunset. The wind was blowing and the sky was all sorts of colors, purple, red, orange, yellow and blue. Jack felt great; the nap really did him well.

    Jack and Jill were just dazzled on how beautiful the sunset was and it reminded them of their favorite movie “Titanic” when the two actors pretend like they are flying above the water on the ship, so Jack and Jill stud up against the edge of the hill and waved their arms out just like the movie, the ground Jill was standing on was strong and sturdy, but the ground Jack was on fell under him and he toppled down the 200 foot drop, Jack then hit the ground hard on his head, and his fate would have been tragic, if it wasn’t for Jacks hard head and he only suffered a mild concussion. That was the end of the Jack and Jills’ friendship because their parents said it was extremely hazardous for the both of them. Jack was then moved Florida where there are no hills.

    1. omg this was the funniest and most astounding article i have read today. It was very creative and fun to read. I enjoyed it very much. Kepp up the good work Santo B. 🙂

  21. Not so long ago, in a quiet little town, there lived a couple whose names where Jack and Jill. At sunrise, Jack always went up to the top of the hill to fetch a pail of water. By “pail”, I mean a “gallon jug”, and by “fetch”, I mean “buy”. So he started up his car,
    and headed towards the grocery store. When he got there, he found out the store didn’t open until 8:30 AM, and it was 5:00 AM. So he decided to go to the convenience store on the big hill.

    Meanwhile, at 5:45 AM, Jill woke up. She took a shower, got dressed, and went to breakfast. She had a book club breakfast meeting at Jane’s Diner, the only restaurant open at the time. They had their meetings that early because the all had to either work or drop kids off at school afterwords. It just so happened to be a block down from the convenience store.

    Now Jack had just got to the store. He went inside to only find it was in the middle of a robbery. He was taken hostage, and shortly after thrown off the edge of the hill. He went tumbling down the side until he reached the bottom with a broken crown. He just barely had enough strength to dial 911, and call an ambulance.

    At the same time, Jill just got out of her meeting and headed to work, but saw her husband’s car speeding down the road. In fact, it just rammed straight into hers. It collided at such a great speed, it rolled off the edge of the hill, and the same thing happened to Jill, except she was in her car and called InCon Roadside Assistance. They both ended up in the hospital, all the other book club members got food poisoning, and the robbers got away.

  22. A long time ago there was a boy. His name was Jack. A long time ago there was a girl named Jill. A short time before Jack had pushed Jill down a hill. Jill walked away with a few cuts. Jack on the other hand got grounded for a month and had to bring water from the other side of the hill. (The same one he pushed Jill down.) On the first trip Jill offered to help but she really wanted to get revenge. When they got up to the top of the hill she pushed Jack down the hill. Unfortunately when he was pushed he landed on his head and broke his crown. Jack ended up suing Jill and winning. Jill got sentenced to five months in jail. Jack has not visited Jill in two months.

  23. Jack and Jill were twins that were 12 and got along very well. Jill was a person that got mad very easily. They were each others best friends. They worked for a very rich man that made them work too hard. One day they were playing and Jack was wearing their master’s crown and they were sent to get a pale of water at the top of the hill. They ran to the top and Jack got there first Jill got mad and punched him in the face. This caused Jack to fall down and break his master’s crown. Jill started running after to get him even harder but tripped and tumbled after

  24. Jack and Jill play on a co-ed soccer team. They were playing in a game when the referee called for half time. Unfortunately they both forgot their water bottles, but fortunately there is a water fountain at the top of the hill by the baseball fields. So that’s how this whole catastrophe started. They only had a few minutes left of half time so they raced up the hill to get the water. Jill, being a girl, obviously got there first and had the longest drink. Jack says, “Common Jill save some water for me and the fish.” So Jill lets Jack have a sip, and she starts to walk back down the hill to hear the starting line up. The whistle blows to start the second half, but Jack is still at the top of the hill chugging the water down. All the team members yell at Jack to get a move on, so Jack runs down the hill. What Jack can’t see through the tall grass is that there is a stone in front of him, so when Jack sees the rock he is already going to fast for him to stop, or divert his path, and trips over the rock. Now if somebody had been filming his fall in slow motion, it would have looked like he was jumping out to save a goal…the crash not so much. He actually fell on top of his head and was knocked unconscious, so he was escorted to the hospital. Now Jill being his sister ran after Jack to make sure he was okay, but there was also a rock in her way. She was not running as fast so she was able to do a somersault out of the way. Now ending on a good note their soccer team won without them, three to one!

  25. A long time ago in a place called “This Story Isn’t Real Land” the prince and princess, Jack and Jill, were going up a hill on their personal piggy-back-ride givers to fetch a pail of water. They were doing this so that they could pour the water on themselves once they got back to the castle. They couldn’t use a faucet because they didn’t have one.
    When they got to the top of the hill, Jack’s personal piggy-back-ride giver fell down, this made him fall. Went he got to the bottom of the hill his crown fell off his head and he sat on it and it broke in half. Jack and Jill were holding hand so when Jack fell so did Jill. Luckily she didn’t get hurt because Jack cushioned her fall.

  26. One day two friends, Jack and Jill, went up the hill to fetch a pale of water. Jack was twelve years old and Jill was eleven. They walked because they both came from very poor families. They lived in Nebraska and it was summer, so it was very hot. The walk was very long and tiring because the well was at the very top. They were going up the hill to fetch the pale of water because it was one of Jill’s chores, and Jack had agreed with his friend to go with her. Jill’s family needed the pale of water for everyday uses like washing hands, drinking, and other things like that. They didn’t just turn on the faucet because like I said before, they came from very poor families, and their only water source was the well at the top of the hill.

    The walk wasn’t so bad except for the fact that it was very hot and long. But there was one thing that Jack and Jill never looked forward to. That was Jonny. Jonny was the bully of their town. Everyday, Jonny would go up to the top of the hill just to tease the little innocent kids that come up the well to fetch their family’s pale of water. Sometimes Jonny would trip the kids, and call them names. But this time, Jonny did something especially mean. He pushed Jack right off the steep, huge hill. It was a terrible fall and he ended up hitting a rock on the way and cracking his “crown” open. Jill was so shocked that her friend was just pushed off of a hill, that she fainted and she fell of the hill! Jill was luckier than Jack and didn’t hit her head on anything, but still was covered in scrapes and bruises. Jack’s family could barley afford a trip to the hospital, but still went because his injuries were so bad. Jack and Jill had a lot of scars after the incident, but still made it. And for the good news, Jonny and his family were kicked out of the town for good!

  27. Once upon a time, there was a brother and sister named Jack and Jill. They lived atop a hill. Jack was a chubby little six and a half years old. He was unatheletic, but he always tried his best in sports! Jack was a fantasizer. His mom bought him a crown for his sixth birthday. He had wore it almost everyday since he got it. Since their house was on a high hill and there wer houses at the bottom, Jack liked to think he was the king of the whole village. As for Jill, she was a thin little eight year old. Jill was atheletic. The sport she did was ice-skating.

    One day, their mother sent them down the hill to get a pail of water from the village well. Halfway down the hill, Jack tripped. Since he was behind Jill, he took out her legs and she was falling down the hill shortly after Jack. Something tragic happend. When Jack tripped, his crown came off and started rolling down the hill after him. But when he took out Jill, she fell on the crown! The beloved crown of Jack’s was broken. Jack didn’t notice because they were obviously falling at a fast speed. They finally came to a stop at the bottom of the well. When they stopped, though, Jill’s back hit the well. Her back was probably broken. Also, during his fall, Jack hit his head a few times, which gave him an obvious concussion. People at the bottom of the hill heard their screams, so they came out. They saw the condition that they were in, so one person called an ambulance. When Jack and Jill’s mom found out about the accident, she came racing down the hill. She didn’t fall. She went with her kids to the hospital. After various tests and x-rays, they found out that Jill had a broken arm, a broken leg, and a cracked spine. Jack had a concussion, three broken toes, two broken fingers, one broken arm, and both of his legs were broken.

    When Jack found out about his crown, he was in denial. His mom asked him if he wanted a knew, better crown, but he just wouldn’t accept. He needed his own crown. He needed the crown that he got for his sixth birthday. So his mom agreed to go out and buy Super Glue, and fix the crown. Jack was relieved. Jill wasn’t happy. Just because he clumsy brother fell and hit her, she couldn’t ice-skate for many months. She was not pleased with her younger brother. Now, Jill never goes down that unloved hill with her clumsy brother, Jack.

  28. sorry I forgot to correct my spelling here is the real one

    Once upon a midnight dreary as I pondered weak and weary…

    Sorry wrong poem.

    Eh hem!

    Jack and Jill went up the hill
    To fetch a pail of water.
    Jack fell down and broke his crown
    And Jill came tumbling after.

    Once upon a time is a not so far away place, a FCSI, Fairytale Crime Scene Investigation, agent was looking over a case file…

    “This seems odd Agent Charming, two children falling down a hill after getting a pail of water, both with broken crowns, foreheads…” said Agent Belle “I think that The Witch, who took Hansel and Gretel, or the Gingerbread Man might be behind this. It could even be the Big Bad Wolf even if he retired. I must look into this what do you think Prince?”

    “You might be right I don’t know all I know is that I want those donuts.” He said.

    “Oh, your no help at all” and with that Agent Belle stalks off to find their killer.

    As Agent Belle is searching town for facts on the two murders Agent Rose comes across an email that was traced to The Gingerbread Man’s account, it read: Meeting at the hill don’t forget Jack and Jill,
    Agent Rose was sure that it had something to do with the case Belle was working on so she forwarded it to her then went out to arrest Gingie.

    Meanwhile Agent Belle is off asking people in town if they had seen or been any where near “The Hill”, as people started calling it, but no one seemed to be there. Agent Belle heard he blackfairy jingle that signaled she had just gotten an email. When she looked she noticed that it was the email that Rose had forwarded her. She quickly rushed out to his house. Gingie said that he was meeting a gingerbread lady at the hill today and he was making sure that his PA got Jack and Jill flowers from the company that they ran and owned.

    But as the Forensics people told them later it was the Witch who pushed them down the hill and now she is in jail.

  29. Jack and Jill were nineteen and best friends. They had just gone to Burger King and got a spicy chicken sandwich, they also got crowns that they were giving away free there, they wore them all night. Their mouths were burning after the spicy sandwich so they went up the hill in their new car, by Jills house and got some water. Jack got out to get the water and he slipped back, but caught him self from falling down. Jill thought Jack had fallen down so she got out of the car and ran she tripped over Jack and fell down the hill. At the bottom of the hill Jack’s crown was there and Jill had landed on it. Jack quickly went in the car and drove down to her and was heart broken when he saw his bloved crown broken under dead Jill. He call for help and her parents took her and left Jack there with the broken crown. Jill was burried the next day and on that day Jack went back to Burger King and got another crown.

  30. For the teacher,

    What type of blog is this? I am trying to get one going for my classroom but I can’t get it so my students can reply to each other on the blog. They can answer my prompts but cannot respond to people who have already posted. I see that your students can do it. If you can point me in the correct direction that would be great. Thanks so much.

  31. After Jack and Jill were done with there work they were doing for there parents on a hot day they were very tired and decided to get a nice and cool drink of water. So they went up a cliff were the closest well was and Jack got a bucket of water. But the water was very heavy and it made jack fall of the edge and break his skull . Then when looked down she slipped on the edge and fell, so they both died.

  32. Before I start, you should know that the Jack and Jill on this web isn’t the real thing. The real version is what I am going to tell you.

    Once there was a well on the top of a mountain next to a castle. This castle was right next to the well, which was the kingdom’s only source of water. By that time Jack and Jill were the children to a peasant and the mother who raised them was very very grouchy. Once the mother yelled to them to go get some water for the cows to drink. She sent the two miserable peasants up the mountain as she lit a fire and sat down. As for Jack and Jill , they had reached the top of the hill and got the water. The bucket was heavy, therefore, neither Jack or Jill could lift it. When Jack tried again, he stumbled and fell of the ledge. While he was falling off, Jack tried to grab onto Jill’s wrist and Jill stumbled down the mountain. So there they were, Jack falling and Jill rolling down the mountain. When they reached the bottom, Jack had cracked open his head, and Jill full of scars. They stayed there until the king found them and mended Jack’s head. After that they left the castle to live with a very nice bishop.

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