The Real Story Of Jack And Jill (It’s All In The Details)


Jack and Jill went up the hill

To fetch a pail of water.

Jack fell down and broke his crown

And Jill came tumbling after.

There is too much left out of this story. Who were Jack and Jill? How did they go up that hill? Did they walk? Ride a horse? Drive in a car? Why did they need a pail of water? Why didn’t they just turn on the faucet? What made Jack fall down? How far did he fall? How serious was his “crown” injury? What made Jill tumble? Was she hurt?

Rewrite the story, filling in details to tell us what really happened. (Unjournaling, DiPrince, Thurston 34)


  1. There once was a boy named Jack. Jack was eight years old and he was part of a poor family. His best friend Jill lived right next door and she was seven and a half. Jill’s parents had recently been fired from their job of being travel agents. Now, both families can’t afford water, so they used the well that was up the hill.

    One day, Jack and Jill were playing in the front yard when Jack’s mom told Jack to go get some water from the well. Jack had then asked if Jill wanted to come with him. Jill asked her mother and she said yes. They grabbed their empty pails and started up the hill.

    While walking up the hill, Jack said to Jill,”Be careful of that rock when we come down, we don’t want to trip.”

    “Okay.” said Jill,”Remember that it is six steps from the well.”

    First, Jack filled up his pail, then Jill. Jack started walking down and forgot about the rock! Jack went tumbling down to the bottom of the hill. Shortly after, Jill did, too! She was to busy talking to her self that she didn’t notice what happened to Jack. Jack hit the ground but was fine, until he broke Jill’s fall. When Jill hit the ground her’s and Jack’s water went flying. Jill ended up being fine, Jack on the other hand had a minor head injury.

    Jill brought Jack to his mother and told her what happened. Jack had a bump on his head and a cut on his cheek. They took him to the doctor and the doctor said,”He is very lucky, if he would have fell just inches before he did, he would have broken his crown.”

    Jack wasn’t mad at Jill because he should have remembered about the rock. Jill still felt bad about what happened because he would have been fine if it weren’t for her. She decided to make him a card that said the she was sorry and it was all her fault. Jack had then explained that it wasn’t her fault it was his. Then, they went back outside to play. THE END

    EPILOGUE: Soon after, Jack and Jill’s parents found jobs at the grocery store. The first thing they did with their paycheck was getting water indoors so the don’t have to worry about tripping down a hill, again.

  2. Once upon a time, there were two siblings named Jack and Jill. They were twins and they were 10 years old. They came from a VERY rich family, who happened to have a hill in their backyard. They loved having races. One day Jack said to Jill, “Lets have a race. We will run up the hill with a bucket, fill it at the well with water, and run back down. Whoever reaches the bottom first wins.” Jill agreed.

    Jack started to run very fast. There was a large stick in his way that he did not notice. He fell all the way down the hill, which wasn’t very far anyway. Then, there was a tree root in Jill’s path, which she did not notice either. She also fell. Jack and Jill were both fine, but they had large bumps on their heads as well as headaches. The family had a private nurse who saw the whole thing and came to attend to them immediately.

    The next day, they did not have to go to school, and they were very happy. Their daddy took them out for ice cream in their limo, and then they felt much better. Which of course, they never told their father because they did not want to go to school.

    The very next day, they went back to school, where Jack purposely fell down another hill. This time he broke his crown, but he did not have to go to school.

  3. There once was a poor slave boy named Jack. Jack served in the castle of Princess Jill. Jill was 12 and the laziest, fattest, and meanest princess in the land, and Jack was 6 and very clumsy. Only the richest man in the world had running water named King Faucet. Everyday Jack went up to the hill and fetched a pail of water. It was a far walk. Princess Jill was very bored so she decided to go with Jack. Jack was forced to wear Princess Jill’s crown because it was too heavy for her.

    They made it to the top of the hill and Jill was very tired. She told Jack to carry her or else she would have his head cut off. So Jack was forced to carry the princess. On the way down, Jill said, “Hurry up, or else!” and made a gesture on her throat like she was beheading herself. Jack started to run. He was very tired, but knew that if he stopped it would be the last thing he would ever do. Suddenly, a mole popped up out of the ground. Jack tripped over the mole and fell along with Jill. The hill was about a mile long and they were halfway down. Jack fell all the way down the hill with Jill holding on to Jack tightly. The crown Jack was holding fell off of his head and got stuck in his bottom. Every time he landed on the ground he squealed, “OUCH!” Jack and Jill tumbled all the way down the hill to the bottom.

    Jill wasn’t hurt though because the whole time she had been on Jack’s shoulders. Jack was seriously hurt though. The crown left a scar in his bottom that would be there for the rest of his life. Jack wasn’t really hurt by that though. What really hurt him was getting fallen on by Princess Jill. Jack was left with his body three times thinner than it was. It took him very long to become normal shaped again. Princess Jill then felt so bad that she did everything she could to fix Jack again. She became an active and fair princess to all of her subjects. Jack and Jill then made going up to fetch a pail of water a daily experience together except this time Jill held Jack on her shoulders, but she still let him wear the crown.

  4. Well the real story starts like this…..

    Once upon a time there was a sweet little girl named Jill and her brother named Jack. They did everything together. They were inseparable. One day their mother was to lazy to pay the water bill and their father went to Vages for a Justin bieber consert. Jill really wanted to go, but since she cant go to Vages alone her father desided to go. So, since their mother didn’t pay the water bill, they had no running water. So the children were forced to go up a hill to fetch a pail of water.

    Jill always made sure that her shoes were always tied. On the other hand, Jack didn’t really care he just wanted to get the water already!

    So, they left when they finally reached the top of the hill, Jack tripped over his two left feet AND HIS SHOELACES!!! And went tumbling down, and down, and down. Since Jack and Jill did EVERYTHING together Jill said “What the hey?” and went tumbling down after jack. After about five minutes of tumblinmg…Jack and Jill were finally reunited. Jill was all “Awwww owwww my hair, my shoe laces are undone, my socks have DIRT on them waa waa waa” Jake wasall ohhhh come on lady get over it LETS GO AGAIN, LETS GO AGAIN!!! YAHOOO THAT WAS THE BEST EVER!!” Then Jill responded ” No Justin Bieber is the BEST EVER this is the worst! I’m going home can you please fetch the pail of water by-yourself.” “Ugh, you big baby FINE….” “I love you” said Jill “Love you too” said Jack. “Meet you at home.” “Okay”

    And that’s how the story really goes.

    Until my next blog-Sarah.

  5. A long time ago, there were two kids, both twelve years old, and their names were Jack and Jill. They were best friends and had been since they were six. Both of them loved to run, so when they were eight years old they decided that they wanted to train to become marathoners once they got older. They knew this was meant to be because both of their families were marathoners too.

    One day when they were training they accidently went a little farther than their normal distance. They realized they had gone too far when they both became very thirsty. They were standing at the bottom of a large hill and at the top they saw a well that was filled with water. They decided to race each other up the hill and whoever was there last would have to get the both of them a pail of water out of the well. Jack won the race and this upset Jill. She became very angry and pushed Jack down the hill. But Jill lost her balance when she pushed Jack down so she fell down only a few seconds after so she tumbled down the hill. Jill wasn’t at all hurt but Jack had a bruise the size of Jill’s hand on his head. So they walked back to Jill’s house to talk to their parents.

    Once they got back to Jill’s house, Jack’s parents came over and told Jack that he’s be okay but that his head would be sore for a couple days. Jack and Jill were best friends for the rest of their life and they even won a huge marathon together. But, they never went back to that hill again. THE END!

    1. There is one sentence about Jill in the second paragraph when she tumble down the hill and it was meant to read like this:

      But Jill lost her balance when she pushed Jack down so she tumbled down only a few seconds after.

  6. Once there was a boy named Jack. He was eight years old. His best friend’s name was Jill. She was also eight years old. Since they lived in Colorado, there were many mountains and hills. One day Jack and Jill were invited to a birthday party. The birthday party was for their friend Jane and the theme of her party was adventures.

    When Jack and Jill got to her party everyone was playing games outside. After thirty minutes of playing outside they started their activities. The first game was tag and then they played capture the flag. If you or your team won the game you would get awarded a crown. Well because of this Jack won a crown in tag, so he wore it the rest of the party.

    The next game they played was called fill the bucket up water. All of the kids divided up into two groups. Your team had to run up the hill, fill the bucket up with water before the other team finished. To fill the bucket up with water, they had to use sponges with water in them and squeeze them into their team’s bucket.

    Jack and Jill were on different teams and they were against each other. When it was their turn they were both running up the hill as fast as they could. They both got the water and then were running down with their buckets. All of a sudden Jack tripped on a rock and fell all the way down the hill. Jill didn’t see that Jack fell so she started getting worried and running faster down the hill.
    She didn’t see in front of her that there was a tree root so she fell and tripped on it. She also fell down to the bottom of the hill.

    All of the other kids were so shocked that they didn’t know what to do. Then Jane’s parents ran over to Jack and Jill to see if they were okay. Jack and Jill were both fine except that all of their water fell out of their buckets. Since Jack was wearing the crown that he had won in tag, his crown broke in half. THE END!

  7. “Jack, Jill, please come here!” yelled the Jack’s mother. Jack and Jill lived in the countryside. They were almost sixteen years old, and they couldn’t wait for their party, which was today. They had been planning this event for months, the entire school would be there. Jack’s mom was not entirely pleased with this, considering that sixty people went to their school and it would be held at her house, which was fairly small. But she allowed it because she loved Jack so much and was very happy that he was dating Jill.
    But right now she needed them to fetch some water. Sixty kids equal a ton of water. “Come on! What’s keeping you? Do you want this party or not?” she persisted. Jack came running in, followed by Jill.
    “Go get some water, and we’ll need a lot,” Jack’s mother commanded. Without saying a word, Jack and Jill sprinted out of the house. They raced all the way to the top of the water hill, nicknamed by the kids Hill of Death, because several people had died running down the hill, all children. That was not on the lovers’ minds as they twirled and jumped toward the well.
    When they reached the top of the Hill of Death, they threw their pails in the well. They laughed and sang as they drew their pails back out of the watery depths, and into their hands. Now that they had water, they started to run back down the hill. They didn’t notice that all the guests were at the bottom of the hill. When they were half way down the hill, the guests all screamed “Happy birthday Jack and Jill!” That terrified them. Jack tripped on a stone and rolled down the hill headfirst, while Jill lost her footing and fell. She tumbled down the hill sideways, and when she got to the bottom she saw her boyfriend lying there motionless, with a huge cut on his crown.
    Jill was unharmed. She ran to Jack and demanded that the guests get her towels, wine, a sewing needle, thread, and bandages. Once she had all that, she cleaned up Jack. She used the wine as an antiseptic because they didn’t have rubbing alcohol, She sewed his cut back together, then applied the bandages. She took Jack back inside and put him on his bed. She told everyone he would be fine, but never to do that again. She took a quick shower and put on the outfit that she was going to wear at the party. By the time she was done with that, Jack was awake. She walked over and hugged him. They both laughed at the fact that after all this, they still didn’t get any water. Jill brought Jack some fresh clothes, and went back outside.
    “Jack’s awake, but he’s changing. I’ll bring him out when he’s done,” Jill announced to the eager guests. When she came back in he was dressed. She kissed him and they walked back out to greet their guests.
    “Let the festivities begin!” Jack and Jill said in unison.

  8. Long ago, a wizard cast a spell on the country where the prince Jack and the princess Jill lived. Everyone knew the curse, it was nicknamed the “Trip down and get hurt” curse because the people of the land always fell over something and would usually get hurt.

    Now, Jack and Jill lived in the royal castle that was in front of a hill called Mt. Tripalot. Usually Jack and Jill were good, little 10-year olds, but one day they decided to play a prank on their father, the king. They put glue on his royal throne so when he sat down, he would get stuck. The king was very upset with his usually good children so he decided to punish them by making them do a chore that usually the servants had to do. It was to bring pails of water from the well on Mt. Tripalot to their father for his bath.

    So the pair set out to the hill behind their castle, bringing with them pails to fill up with water. They had to make the long hike up the hill all by themselves. This wouldn’t have been a punishment if it hadn’t been for the curse that had been put everyone. It was on that very hill that most of the falls happened. Only two of the servants from their family castle were able to make it up and down the hill without tripping (hence the name Mt. Tripalot). Jack and Jill were terrified of falling and hurting themselves.

    They made it up the hill without any problems, got all the water they needed, but when they started to go down the hill, they had some problems. Jack decided to go down first and have Jill follow him since he was older. That turned out to be a very bad idea because Jack was nearsighted and couldn’t really tell how big the giant rock was until it was too late and it was right in front of them. Jack did not jump high enough over it and fell, rolling all the way down the hill. Jill managed to avoid the big rock but while running around it, she did not notice a smaller rock and she tripped over that one instead.

    Because of this horrible hill right behind the castle, the royal nurse had a view of it so she could see if anyone ever got hurt. And sadly, that seemed to happen a lot. So when she saw Jack and then Jill fall she rushed out to save them. When the nurse got there she found Jack on the ground with a giant cut on his forehead and Jill with a sprained ankle. Worst of all, Jack’s expensive crown had gotten all bent out of shape. However, Jill’s crown just got a little mud on it and was easily cleaned off.

    Jack and Jill ended up in bed for two weeks, doing nothing but reading, watching TV and sleeping. Their father decided it was his fault that the horrible things happened to his little kids. So he ordered that someone was to destroy Mt. Tripalot and end the evil curse. From that point on, no one tripped or fell ever again, because of Jack and Jill.

  9. Jack and Jill were a very wealthy, royal couple. They were really mean to all of their servants and workers. So one day, their workers were so tired of being treated the way they were, that they all quit their jobs at the castle. King Jack and Queen Jill were very upset because now, they had no workers, servants or anyone to do anything for them! Jack and Jill knew they had to start working on their own if they wanted any food or water. They dreaded the thought of going outside, because they had never been outside. They never had a need to go out, they always had everything for them inside the castle! So, they decided the only way to live is to go outside and fetch a pail of water.

    They both started to walk up the hill where the well was. They were both doing pretty well until Jack saw a duck passing by. He was so frightened by the creature that he had never seen before that he lost his balance and fell down the hill and broke his crown.

    Jill’s attention was on some flowers growing on the hill. She went over to go smell the flowers and then got stung by a bee right on her nose! She was so surprised/scared that she also lost her balance and fell down the hill all the way to where Jack was balled up crying about the “evil” duck. They both decided to never go outside again, and to just hire some new workers/servants and to be much nicer rulers so that they would never have to go outside ever again!

  10. Some people might have thought that Jack and Jill were some sort of royalty because Jack wore a crown. But, why would royalty get water for themselves? Here is a more realistic explanation behind the famous story of Jack and Jill.

    “Ugggghhhh,” moaned Jill as she walked far behind Jack, as he was running up the hill. “Jack! Get back here! You know you should help royalty walk all the way up the hill.” Although Jack and Jill weren’t royalty, Jill sure thought she was.

    “You’ve gotta stop reading all those princess books, Jill! Face it, you’re not royalty, and you never will be,” Jack said as though he was not even slightly out of breath from running. Jack was right. They were not close to being royalty. Their parents worked on a farm, and that made Jack and Jill peasants.

    Jack and Jill were going to the hill because there was a well at the top. One of their jobs was to bring home water every day. Jill thoroughly despised the chore. She thought that a lady of her class, (remember she is a peasant who lives on a farm) should never have to walk along the dusty road, all the way up a hill, and carry down water. She didn’t understand how Jack could be fine with their life, living on a farm and doing farm chores! Jill was mad at Jack now because he just ran up the extremely unhygienic hill without thinking twice!

    By the time both Jack and Jill were at the top of the hill, it was excessively hot out. That, combined with Jack not minding his chore, pushed Jill over the edge. After Jack had gotten his water pail out of the deep, cool well, Jill looked him up and down. She stepped toward him, and pushed him as hard as she could down the hill! Jack lost his balance because, even though Jill was small and not very strong, the hill was steep so Jack tumbled all the way down.

    Jill decided she obviously wasn’t going to get water, so she skipped down the hill laughing, past Jack, (who had looked like he’d minutely scraped his head) and was so caught up it everything she wasn’t looking where she was going. She tripped over herself, and did a somersault down the last bit of the hill. She wasn’t hurt, so she got up, and looked around to make sure nobody saw what happend. Then, Jill skipped off to go make daisy chains and prance around in the field.

  11. One fine summers day, two triathletes named Jack and Jill, ages 12 and 13 were on their afternoon run. The good friends have been training for a national race coming up in a few weeks together. Now, they use the same path everyday, so they wont get lost. And both children run a grand total of about 10 miles a day, when they practice.

    So as there running, Jill realized that she forgot a water bottle at her house. Jack, who remembered all of his gear, said they could make a quick stop at the park, which had a water fountain. So as they approached the park, which was on the top of the hill and stopped for Jill. Now this park was a historic artifact, so the water fountain was one of those old faucets, which you have to pump the water out of. So all it had was a pale to put water in, so, that’s what jack and Jill used.

    Just as Jill turns around to walk away, she bumps into Jack, spilling the water. Causing both of them to come tumbling down the hill. As they reached a stop, Jack realized his crown got broke when he fell, and Jill was very sympathetic. Jack looked at his watch and realized the time; they were going to be late. They both came sprinting home just in time for dinner. Jill still dying of thirst.

  12. Once upon a time, there was a very poor family named the Smiths who lived in Anchorage, Alaska. They had twins when they were very young. The twins names were Jack and Jill. Jack was older than Jill by 59 minutes. The Smiths also had a dog, named Aflack.

    So one day, it turns out the Smiths had no extra water for the dog. But the Smiths have always owned a well ever since they went bankrupt. And this well had the most pure and fresh water in all the the regions of the north. So Mr. and Mrs. Smith bribed Jack and Jill to go fetch the dog a pail of water. And unwillingly, they followed their parents’ orders.

    Now then, Jack was very obese and Jill had extreme heart problems, so they had to take camels, because that was the only means of transportation they can afford. So when going up the hill, they had to stop off at 7-eleven to get directions to the well, since they never had been there, only their parents had. So when they got the directions, they got back on their camels and started up the hill again. And after that, something bad happened, the camels had gotten way to excited about the water.

    So when they got really excited, only Jill’s camel was able to hold it in. So when Jack’s camel started to sprint, Jack fell off the camel. Now, since he was so obese, he actually started to roll. This was a big problem since Jill had heart problems. So when Jack started rolling down the hill, Jill was so worried that Jill had a minor heart attack and fell off the camel and started rolling down the hill. And since she was lighter, she almost instantly caught up to Jack and rolled into his head and somehow, from all the static electricity building up, took off some of Jacks hair, and awoke Jill.

    So they came sprinting back to the house, with Jack half bald and Jill as jumpy as a jumping bean, they were both very surprised when they saw that there was an extra bottle of water lying around on the floor half empty because most of it was fed to the dog, which was very, very, upsetting.
    The End.

  13. Jack and Jill were brother and sister. Jack was 27 and owned the best buisness know to the world. It was called the Valiants. His buisness sold electronics that ranged fom cars, to boats, and even to electric pianos. Jack was a multibillionaire who also played professional basketball player on the Boston Celtics.

    While Jack made millions of dollars his younger sister, who was 25, named Jill made Trillions of dollars. Jill found the cure to cancer, and made a space program that could send people to space and take them around the earth and to the moon.

    Even though Jill made so much money Jack was richer, because Jill would give all her money to charity while Jack kept all his money to himself.

    One day Jack and Jill decided to go up a large hill in Jack’s Lamborghini Murciélago to have a picnic. The original plan was to stop half way up because Jill was afraid of heights, but Jack forgot the drinks so they had to go to the well at the top of the hill. Jill didn’t want to waste Jack’s gas so she tried to forget about how high she was.

    When they reached the top of the hill Jack put on his crown to be ignorant and show that he was better then everyone.

    After about ten minutes of perfect weather it started to rain so Jack got up and ran to his car, but tripped and reached out to grab something and caught Jill’s yellow sun dress. Jack brought Jill down as well.

    Jack’s Lamborghini got struck by lighting and all the brakes broke. The car started slowly going down the hill and picked up speed.

    When Jack hit the ground after falling 100 ft his 24k gold crown fell off but was unharmed. Jack looked at the crown that was barely scratched. He had a sigh of relief. All of a sudden his car ran over the 10,000 dollar crown. He started crying and didn’t relize the his legs were broken. Jill got up and said that’s what I like to call karma.

  14. There was once a young couple named Jack and Jill. They loved each other dearly however they were very poor. If you were rich you could go and buy water from the district’s ruler Lord Tap (tap water), Keeper of the Faucet. Jack and Jill were poor like many of the other district’s inhabitants so they had to go fetch water from the well on top of Abused Citizens Hill. Jack and Jill didn’t mind the walk because they had each other.

    Today, just like every other day they went and walked over to the hill with their pail. They started their walk up at about ten in the morning and got to the top of the hill at eleven. When they got to the top Jack went and filled up the pail with water. He then put it down to go pick a flower for Jill. As he was walking all he concentrated on was the flower and he accidently tripped on a root. This caused him to go falling down the hill. Jill who was watching the clouds noticed Jack fall and ran over to help. She ran as fast as she could and she didn’t notice the bucket until her right leg hit it and buckled beneath her. Then they both were falling and tumbling down the hill.

    Jack fell down and cracked his crown (top of the head). Jill was much more lucky. After the incident all she had was a broken arm. Jill managed to pull Jack all the way home. She then took him to another district where you could get free medical help.

    1. That’s a pretty funny story you came up with Timmy. Especially the names, Lord tap Keeper of the faucet, Abused Citizens Hall, hilarious! Must be pretty tough place to live though. Just saying, it would have been funnier if they broke more bones. I know its dumb, but people find it humorous.

  15. Once upon a time, their was a Jack. Once upon a time, their was a Jill. They were neighbors. They were both very poor. Jack was seven and Jill was six. They were feeding the ducks at the pond next to their houses. But, Jack’s mom called for him and told him to go and get one bucket of water. So Jill was going to go with him to. They were going to walk to the well up the hill about a half a mile away.

    When they got up to the well, Jack filled his bucket of water and Jack and Jill took a little break and looked at all the big trees and all the wildlife. After they took their little break, they started walking down the hill, but Jack tripped on a root, spilled his water all over him, whacked into some trees, cracked his crown, and finally ended up at the bottom of the hill. While Jack was falling, Jill was watching this. She tried to grab him but she lost her balance and went falling too! She smashed her foot into a tree and slowly rolled down the rest of the hill.

    Once upon a time, Jack and Jill were 100 percent healthy. Once upon a time Jack and Jill were forty-five percent healthy! That hill hurt a whole bunch! Jill was luckier then Jack. Jill Just had some broken toes and a fractured foot. Jack had a concussion, five broken ribs, and a broken wrist! From now on, Jack’s mom would get water from the well and hopefully not fall down the hill!

  16. There once were two children named Jack and Jill. Their parents were really poor. They could not afford a faucet in the house. So one day when Jack and Jill were playing ball their mom asked them to go to the well at the top of the hill to get water for the day. They said they would and went over to the hill. Then they started walking up the hill. Half way up jack tripped on a root and fell backwards a few feet and landed on his head. His head hit a rock and he got a concussion. Jill started running after him and fell. She rolled all the way down the hill. Then Jill got to the bottom and called for their mom. She took both of them back and took Jack to the hospital. They never went up the hill again. The End

  17. Once upon a time there was a little boy named Jack. Jack loved to play with his best friend Jill on a leafy hill. They would always play tricks on each other. Today it was Jacks turn. He decided to take a block of ice and put it under some of the leaves so Jill would fall. Jack was the best at Pranks. Until he accidently fell for one of his tricks, too.

    Jill and jack went up to the top of the hill to get water for their water balloon fight. Jack forgot about his prank. He went face first into the ice and broke his crown on his tooth. Jacks dentist told him never to have ice in his mouth. Jill didn’t see it either so she slid on it, too. Jack started to laugh which made his crown hurt even more. Finally the crown fell out. Jill landed on Jack. Which smashed Jill’s rib. Jill accidently hit jack in the mouth with her fist.

    They both had to be rushed away in ambulances. Jill had a broken rib. It was worse for Jack; Jack had to get a root canal and another crown on his tooth. It hurt. Jack felt so bad. He decided to give Jill flowers, but she refused them, she was very mad. He then thought it would be a good idea to give her a diamond. She accepted and they got married 27 years later. They lived happily ever after.

  18. Jack and Jill were siblings. Their favorite place to hang out with each other was on the grassy hills. One day their parents told them to go get some water from the nearby well. Both of them skipped up the hill together to go, “fetch a pail of water,” and as they were skipping, Jack tripped over a rock. Of course Jill wasn’t paying any attention, because she was too busy thinking about skipping, and so she came tumbling down with him. Sadly they hit a few more rocks, which gave them some pretty bad bruises. They started to walk up the hill again even though their legs and arms hurt badly; they still had to listen to their parents’ requests. They got the pail of water and slowly and carefully walked back to their parents and everyone was happy. At least the parents were.

  19. Jack and Jill were two twins that lived in Florida, and one day they went for a walk. Unfortunately, Jill had a necklace that was given to her just yesterday, and it sadly broke. This enraged Jill, and of course everything was blamed on Jack. In trying to fix the necklace, Jill decided that water from the magical well would help fix the necklace. Jack was very sorry for his sister and offered to go help get the water, but she refused. He decided to follow her anyway to try to help. So off they went and when they she arrived at the top of the hill, Jill saw Jack and was so mad that she shoved him off the hill! He tumbled all the way down to the bottom, and luckily he was not seriously injured. Jill looked down and laughed at her brother, but then Jill lost her balance in all her laughing and tumbled down to the bottom, and she unfortunately suffered a broken foot. They walked back home and Jill realized that she was being mean, and she and her brother finally were nice to each other again.

  20. Jack and Jill were best friends. They one day wanted to have dinner together and they did. Jacks mom screamed at him. “Jack did you do your chores and get the water from the top of the hill?” Jack relied, “No mum!” “Well go do it now and you might as well take your friend Jill.”
    So jack and Jill went to get the water for dinner. Jack had gotten the water and suddenly when they were running to get back home Jack fell! Jill stopped and was worried. Jack went to the hospital and recovered quickly. But they ended up getting the water and actually didn’t have dinner. So they stayed with jack in the hospital and never had to do that chore again. THE END

  21. This nursery rhyme is my favorite one! This is going to be based in the 1760’s. In my opinion Jack and Jill are friends that live close to each other. He is seven years old and she is nine. Jack and Jill played with each other every day after they get home from school.

    One day they were playing and Jill’s mom asked Jill if she would go fetch a pale of water to clean clothes. The well was on top of the hill. “Do you want to go, Jack?” said Jill. “Of course I do!” he said. “Lets go all dressed up to look professional,” she said. So they did, Jack will his dad’s shoes and a play crown, and Jill with a dress and high heels.

    Half way up the hill, it was a big hill; Jack said, “I’m really hungry.” Jill had a banana in her backpack, but she knew she was going to want it later, her generosity took over and she said, “I have a banana.” Jack ate it as fast as lightning and on they went.

    Finally they got to the top and Jill fill up the pale with the water and they both drank a ton. “NO,” Jack said as he tripped over his dad’s huge shoes, the banana peel flying out of his hands. “What’s wroooong,” Jill said as she slipped on the banana peel. Jack broke his crown and Jill sprained her wrist. They spilled the water but her mom was not mad. Everybody lived happily ever after.

  22. There once was a boy and a girl. The boy named Jack and the girl named Jill. They were both six and were dispised each other, whenever they saw one another they would both go and tackle each other. There parents were best of friends and they wanted those two too be friends also. So they thought of a plan to make the two be friends.

    Jack’s mom told jack to go up the hill to get a pail of water for the pigs and the other animals. So Jack agreed to get the water.

    Jill’s mom on the other hand told Jill to run up the hill and then run back down and Jill’s mom would time her on how fast she could get back.

    So they both got up to the hill and both of them said in unison,”Not you again.” They both tackled each other and as Jack got the water and was running back down the hill Jill ran after him and when she caught up she pushed him down the hill and as she was laughing and walking at the same time she wasn’t really paying attention and tripped over a rock and she came tumbling after. Jack had also broke his crown sadly. As they both were hurt at the bottom of the hill they had become best friends after it all had been over. THE END

  23. One day in a far away village know as “Make Believe,” two friends were playing king and queen. Jack had a big golden crown, which of course was really tin foil. Jill had a tiara. This tiara was hand crafted by Jill her-self, and was made of twigs and flowers from the near by forest. The two friends always played king and queen every Saturday morning right when the sun was rising and only then, but today was a Sunday morning, and the little village was never going to be the same ever again.

    It all started that one Sunday morning at six-o-clock. Jill walked down the long yellow-brick road, down to Jack’s house. He lived in a small cottage, just like all the other families in the village. Jill tapped once on his window, thrice on the wall, and then twice on the window again. This was their code meaning “come out now.” Jack grabbed the small stool in his room and threw it out the window. Jill was supposed to catch it, they do this every weekend, but this time Jill was looking at three little pigs a little ways away, and the stool fell right on her head. Trying to hold back a scream, she got to her feet and placed the stool at the edge of the wall on the outside of the cottage. Jack climbed out the window and onto the stool. Then they were on there way to the hill to play king and queen.

    Jill and Jack followed the three little pigs all the way up the hill. Sitting on the rock that Jack usually used as his thrown was a little girl with a red hood. They decided to still play but a few feet away to not disturb the girl in the red hood. While playing the little girl came up and asked if they had seen a wolf anywhere and where the nearest woods entrance is, shake there head no, they pointed there fingers towards the distant woods.

    A few minutes after the girl had been out of sight, a wolf came up to Jack and Jill. He wore a pink robe. Slippers and a shower cap. He asked if they had seen a little girl wearing red or some pigs. The wolf was hungry and wanted a little piggy snack. They explained about the girl who wandered to the woods, and pointed to the three pigs that were a few feet away. The pigs all were by little tents. One of straw, one of twig, and one of brick. The wolf set off towards the woods.

    Jack and Jill were getting a little tired of playing there game, so they strolled up the hill by the pigs and went to the well for some water. Those silly pigs just stood there staring at the woods, as if waiting for something. The water was very refreshing. The sun was just in clear view now, and you could see a faint object coming up from the woods in front of the sun. As it got closer, they realized it was the wolf, with a big sack flung over his shoulder. They greeted the wolf again and set off back down the hill to continue their game.

    Squeals and screams came from up the hill. Howls from the wolf echoed threw out the dewy air. A big wind caught Jack and Jill off guard. Soon straw and twigs were flying from every which way down the hill over by Jack and Jill. The little pigs came squealing down the hill as fast as their little piggy legs could get let them. Two legs poked out of a sack that was rolling down the hill, which soon was torn up enough so you could see a little girl. It was the little girl with red hood. Had the wolf kidnapped her?! The wolf soon followed the big parade of items coming down the hill. Jack and Jill ran as fast as they could, but they were no match to the wolf. They ran down the yellow brick road into the village. The wolf was so close to Jack and Jill, that if one of them tripped they were surely to be taken by the wolf. The wolf’s only power was to blow. He blew and blew and cottages and the bakeries were all tumbling down to the ground. Dust and brick was flying everywhere.

    Suddenly, Jack tripped over a brick and rolled to the ground. The poor boy tumbled down the road and in the path of the wolf, which was just able to jump over him and continue to chase down Jill. Jill was a little chubbier then Jack. She knew this very well. It wasn’t her fault that witch had a candy house! Thinking quickly Jill laid down and rolled down the road after Jack. The wolf taken by surprise had to jump. Jill was bigger and it wasn’t as easy to jump over her. The wolf tripped and fell to the ground. A brick at the same time shot down from the sky right down on the wolf’s head. Jill helped Jack up. She looked at the wolf then at Jack. His crown was gone. She looked around for it. There it was! Crushed and torn by wind and twigs it was sitting on top of one of the pigs head.

    The village was a mess! All the cottages were broken down. Jack and Jill looked at the crushed wolf in dismay, and then turned to the girl in the hood. She explained how the wolf kidnapped her and destroyed the pigs’ houses. She told them that her name was Red. Jack, Jill, and Red all watched as the villagers climbed out from the ruble. What had they done? No, it wasn’t their fault. It was the wolf’s fault. Blue object circled in the sky and landed on the wolf. Blue monkeys!? The flying blue monkeys lifted the wolf in the air and flew away.

    Red ended up living in a big castle with talking mice and an evil step mother, and step sisters. The three pigs built a big house made of brick and now live there. As for Jack and Jill, they never did hear from that wolf again, and something tells me that they never will.

    1. Wendy, I love the story! Very imaginative to weave lots of other characters and tales inside this one. I especially love the yellow brick road!

  24. Well, first of all, Jack and Jill had to go up the hill to fetch water because they were lazy and didn’t pay the water bill. So after they stopped getting water, they had to drive all the way up the hill, which had a stop light. Now, it was winter, so the road was slippery with a thin layer of ice, and the car had a stick shift. So, when the light turned red, the car behind them stopped right up their butt, they got nervous. Of course, their feelings were justified when they started sliding down and smashed into the car behind them. After a long argument between drivers of both cars, they had to call Triple-A and get the two cars towed. They also had to file an accident report with the police and call their insurance companies. They decided to battle it out in court, but that’s another story. Anyways, Jack and Jill were steaming mad as they walked the rest of the way up the hill, because at this point they had no water, hypothermia was setting in, and they just smashed the rear end of their personal transportation. So when they finally reached the well at the tippy top of the hill, as Hypothermia started to rack their bodies, Jack banged the bucket that gets the water out of frustration. But he forgot the laws of physics, and the bucket swung back and smacked him in the head. Half stunned and half unconscious, he fell backwards and started rolling swiftly down the hill. Jill screamed while running towards Jack and started wildly flailing her arms trying to get to Jack before he rolled down the hill into the giant city garbage incinerator at the bottom. In her haste, she failed to notice the sign in her path announcing a garage sale and tripped over it. Luckily, the worker on duty at the garbage incinerator noticed Jack and Jill hurtling down the hill towards their doom, and shut down the incinerator, before calling 911. Unfortunately, the incinerator was still hot, and Jack and Jill received severe burns. Once the ambulance arrived, Jack and Jill were still alive, but they were in a coma, had severe head trauma, Hypothermia, and their most recent injury, severe burns. Nine months later, after the doctors announced that there was little chance of recovery, Jack and Jill were taken off life support and died surrounded by family and friends, who were wishing that they had paid the water bill for Jack and Jill.

  25. There once was a married family. His name was Jack and her name was Jill. They were both workers at the tooth paste factory. On there break they were very thirsty and there was a well at the top.
    They started to walk up the hill until Jack twisted his ankle walking up the hill. This hill is the weirdest in town. The hill has a busy two way road.
    While they are walking Jack and twisted ankle accidentally slipped and stepped in the road and a car hit him in the back of the leg.
    He fell and started to roll down the hill. When he reached the bottom his wife didn’t notice that he was gone so she turned around and started to run down to him. On the way down she stumbled and started rolling an banging into the the street pole.
    /when she hit the bottom she was sore but she got up and slowly checked her husband and saw that his crown was badly bruised.

  26. During a cold Saturday afternoon in December Jack and his little sister Jill were playing in their backyard, making snowmen and doing snow angels. Then, they suddenly had a thought that they should take plates and slide down the hill. “Well, in order to make the snow slippy we’ll need to get pails of water to pour on the snow,” said Jill. “Jill, the snow is made of water,” replied Jack. “Trust me this is going to work,” replied Jill. So, Jack and Jill gathered up two plates and two pails from the garage and headed up the hill. When they had reached the top they filled their pails with water, and as Jill suggested, they started pouring it on the snow. When everything was ready Jack said ”Ok Jill I’ll go first and you come right after me ok?’’ “Ok,” Jill replied. Then, Jack sat on one of the plates and so did Jill, when Jack let go Jill came right after him when suddenly Jill’s idea had worked and Jill picked up speed more than Jack then suddenly Jill rammed into the back of Jack and he tumbled off his plate and rolled down the hill. When, suddenly he hit his head on a piece of ice causing him to crack his crown. Later on Jack was in the hospital with a concussion and only had thirty-nine seconds to live.

    1. Oh no! Did Jack survive?

      Have you ever “trayed” down a hill? When I was in college, we used to borrow the metal food trays from the dining hall, and we used them to sled down the hills. It was fun! 🙂

      1. Nice post Mandy! That’s so funny Mrs. Cobb, when I used to live in Missouri, we used the trash can lids to go down the hill. 🙂

  27. FBI agents Jack and Jill (codenames, of course) cruised up a hill in a black HUMVEE. Their destination: a well on the top. Rumors said that this well was poisoned, and it had caused the death of King John Johnny Johnson. Like sleek predators, the HUMVEEs rolled up around the well. The doors swung open, and heavily armed SWAT troopers piled out, taking up position all around the well. Jack climbed out, followed by Jill. They carefully moved over to the well, and hauled up a bucket. Jack, who was a poison expert, took a cautious sniff.
    “Aiconeuthas Maximus Deathicus!” he cried. “I just knew it! It’s created from the juice of a Grapberry Tree mixed with the shed tail of a Stumpy-legged Skink, and very lethal.”
    Jill, who was an expert detective, deduced the rest. “The town of Plomooct must have poisoned him! It’s the only place where Stumpy-legged Skinks live, and the civil war there almost definitely had something to do with it.” But she got no further. A low pitched whine filled the air. A SWAT officer yelled “What the…! Plomooctian jets! They’re coming straight for us!” And they were. A dozen F-9000 Shrike jets were speeding in. The SWAT and Jill were wise enough to take cover behind the well, but Jack just sat there, gaping. A deadly missile streaked down from a jet. Jack ran for the well, but it was too late. BABOOM!!! The explosion sent him hurtling off the hill.
    “Jack, no!!” Jill screamed, and took off after him. “Ma’am, get DOWN!!” a SWAT soldier bellowed, but Jill ran off anyway. At the bottom of the hill Jack lay. However, his Kevlar helmet had absorbed the impact. He slowly came to his senses. “Uuunghhh, don’t worry, I’m alright. I’m just really thirsty.” A particularly dim SWAT trooper ran up. “Don’t worry; I’ll get you some water sir! Right away sir! I’m on it, sir!” He raced to the well, filled a bucket, and ran back down with the bucket. Jack gratefully accepted the water, but he felt something was wrong. He shrugged the feeling away and took a big sip…

  28. Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl named Red. Red was smart, nice, confident, adventurous, and, of course, attractive. It’s hard to be, when you’re wearing an awesome red hood.

    One day, a boy named Jack was walking up the hill to fetch a pail of water for his poor mother, one they called “Rapunzel.” She could not collect water for herself since she was trapped in a tower (her hair was cut off by the prince after their divorce). The fact that Jack wasn’t trapped in the tower with his mother, tells us that Jack’s father got full custody.

    Anyway, I’m straying from the story. Jack climbed up the hill with his pail to collect some water from the local well. The well was located three miles away from the city on a large hill. It makes no sense, really, but when you think about it, stories never make sense. When he reached the top, Jack could hear sobbing coming from inside the well. Creeping towards the well, Jack listened carefully for sound. He peered inside and found Red!

    Water was sloshing all around her at the waist. “Jack!” she cried, “Help! I was collecting water to make cookies for my dear old Grandmother and as I lowered the bucket, my hood got caught in the rope and pulled me down with it!” At this point, Red began to sob uncontrollably and nearly slipped in the well.

    Then, Jack noticed something. The water was rising at an alarming rate. It rose above Red’s waist to her torso, her shoulders, her neck. “Oh, no…” he whispered.

    “Get me out of here, please!” was Red’s cry of desperation.

    “Okay, okay. Let me think!” was Jack’s reply. Suddenly, the neighboring girl, Jill, started walking up the hill. Jill had always had a crush on Jack and would do anything to help him. “JILL!” shouted Jack.

    “Jack! Oh, Jack, hi!” exclaimed Jill. Then, she looked down at herself. “Shoot!” she said, and began messing with her hair.

    “Jill, I need you to do me a favor. Do you have your rope? The one you always carry with you?”

    Jill always carried a rope with her in case she ever needed it. “Of course,” she replied. Then, “Here!” She tossed the rope to Jack and watched intently, unaware of what was going on.

    Jack lowered the rope into the well. Red, suddenly understanding, tied the rope around her waist and held on tight. Jack pulled once, twice, three times, then BAM!!! Red was yanked out of the well and landed right on top of Jack.

    Picking herself up an dusting herself off, she exclaimed, “Oh, Jack, I’m sorry. I’m so, so, sorry!”

    Jack looked at her and said, “It’s no problem. Don’t worry about it.”

    “There must be some way I can repay you, Jack,” said Red, and she kissed him on the cheek.

    “OH, NO YOU DIDN’T!” Screamed Jill, and in seconds she was on top of Red, kicking and screaming, and punching, and yelling.

    “Girls! Stop it!” yelled Jack. He ran towards them and tripped over Red’s hood. He fell down the hill and hit a tree. Ouch. His head started bleeding and he got knocked out.

    “Now look at what you did!” yelled Jill.

    “Get off ME!” yelled Red, as she pushed Jill off of her and she tumbled down the hill, past Jack, and right into her cottage. Then, Red took Jack to Ye Ole Ambulance and went home.

    THE END.

    1. Why does it say anonymous? That was me. Thanks for all the great comments. I enjoyed making Jack the center of a love triange. <3

  29. Jack and Jill were the name of two martians. Jack and Jill were the king and queen of a martian land. There flying saucer had crashed on a drive and they were taken to the middle of nowhere. When they had crashed they saw a hill and decided to camp out there. But Jack saw this mysterious glow at the bottom of the hill while he and Jill were getting water do drink and bathe. He ran down the hill to get a glimpse of the object but he lost his balance and slipped. He rolled over and over again. Then at the end, “THUMP” Jack’s head hit a tree. Luckily his crown had broken the fall and most of the damage was done to crown. His crown was split in half. Jill was very scared and ran down the hill too. Mostly paying attention to not falling she tripped on a rock and rolled down the hill too. She didn’t hit anything or get hurt. And she and Jack were laughing.

  30. Once upon a time there was a boy named Jack he was eleven years old and came from a loving and kind family which made him kind and loving too. Just down the street was where his best friend Jill lived. Jill was ten and half years old. She came from a stricter family, but they were still very kind. They both loved to hang out with each other. Almost every day they went over to each others houses where they would play laugh and have fun.

    One day Jack and Jill got bored of playing their silly little games and decided to hike up the hill to the wishing well and catch lizards and butterflies. They decided to go right after lunch so they wouldn’t hungry, but instead they got thirsty so they decided to fetch a pail of water from the well, which had been there for ages and no one even knows who put it there. Well they got their water and decided to get some to bring home and when they realized how heavy it was they decided to carry it together. After they got their water they started down the hill. On the way down the hill Jack tripped on his shoelace and since Jill was holding onto the bucket with him they both went tumbling down the hill. Jack landed first and then came Jill. Jill landed right on top of Jack so she didn’t get hurt but he did. When she got up she realized they were both wet and covered and dirt. After that she looked at Jack he had a few cuts and a bump on his head but he also hurt his ankle. So Jill, who was extremely strong, decided to carry him home to his mom. When she reached his house she told his mom everything that had happened. She decided to call a doctor to make sure it was nothing too serious. The doctor said he would be fine and she thanked Jill for bringing him home. The end.

  31. I thought for my blog I would do a classic intro.

    Once, upon a time, Jack and Jill lived in a far away land. They were the king’s royal un-loyal servants. Recently Jack and Jill ate all of the food that was for the king, in the banquet hall. As a punishment they were sent to the well on top of the hill, to get some water to polish the king’s crown. Not the short hill, the tall one that’s 200 feet tall. Then, near the top of the 200 foot tall hill, Jack tripped over a root, to an eerie looking tree and fell down the hill’s side. Jack quickly thinking used the crown to break his fall. Then all of a sudden the king’s crown was cracked in half. Jill ran down the hill to see if he was ok. But she tripped too. Coming down the hill seemed longer than going up the hill. Luckily, Jill grabbed a hanging root that dangled 50 feet up from the ground. As she saw her fellow royal un-loyal servant friend smash into the ground bellow her. She grabbed on to other roots leading her downward to the ground. She examined his body, then, Jack twitched. He was alive! Jill hurriedly pulled him out of the dirt. Jack was sadly looking at the crown. Oh, what the king would do to him!

    Jill thought that she could buy a new one with the small amount of money that she called pay. Jack pulled out his money but it was all destroyed in the fall. Jill decided that the king was a huge tyrant that used money for himself and only himself. So they compromised a plan that was so devious they couldn’t bare it. The next day Jill walked while Jack limped their way to the castle, running their plot in their minds over and over. As they arrived “Plan A” went into action. First, Jill would enter the castle with the broken crown and tell the king Jack has passed away. Second, Jack would crawl thought the oversized A/C ducts to the king’s throne room, dressed like a ghost. Finally, Jack would jump out of the A/C ducts and scare the king into being less of a tyrant. And they lived happily ever after. No really they did.

  32. This story happened a long, long time ago…

    Jack and Jill were royal twins. Jack had brown eyes and was brown haired, he was 12 years old and so was his sister. Jill had blue eyes and was blond. Their father was the king of Atlantide, a beautiful island. This island was surrounded by a pure water where dolphins swam with people. The castle was next to a hill. A beautiful waterfall was also next to the hill.
    People never drank water from this waterfall because they preferred water from the faucet.

    One day, a big storm destroyed roads, some barns, some houses and it made the water undrinkable.

    The royal family did not have any servant because they were a really nice family, so their mother asked Jack and Jill to go to the waterfall, and bring a pail of water for the village.
    Of course, they did not want to go.
    So, their mother said that the first child who would come back with water would earn 10 “rubiocs” ( Atlantide’s money, 10 rubiocs equals 50 dollars ). It was a race, a horseback riding race. Jack wanted to win.
    “He’s a boy, boys always wants to win, but I am going to win this race”, that was what Jill was thinking.

    They went up the first hill, Jack’s horse was brown with black spots, his name was Warrior , Jill’s horse was white with grey spots, her name was Feather. When they went up the second and last hill, Jack’s horse was going so fast that they did not see the rock. Warrior stumbled. The horse felt so Jack felt too. He felt down the hill.

    When Jill saw Jack down the hill, she rode full gallop. But her horse was too fast so, she felt and tumbled all the way down the hill. She was next to Jack. They started laughing because they felt but did not get any injuries.
    Jill saw Jack’s crown and said to her brother “What happened to your crown?”.
    Jack took his crown and saw that it was half broken and it was missing the blue diamond. Jack started crying.
    ” I did not know that my brother could cry, he never cried before, he must really like his crown”. It was another thought from Jill.

    They both went to the waterfall and came back to the village at the same time with their horses and the water. Their mother had to give them both 10 rubiocs.
    Jack was really sad about his crown. Jill and their mother tried to comfort him but it didn’t work until Jack’s father came and told him that they were going to make the exact same crown.

    The royal family were really happy and they never asked their children to go and brink water from the waterfall again!

  33. Once upon a time in 1545 there were two kids one named Jack Smith a young prince, age 12, and his sister Jill Smith a young princess, 7. Their mom asked them to get some water from the well at the top of the hill for dinner. So Jack and Jill ran up the hill and up the hill. When they reached the top of the hill Jack picked up the bucket and headed down the hill. While walking back down, Jill trailing behind him, Jill tripped on a root and lost her balance. She tried to brace herself by holding on to Jack but he fell too. They both fell wildly. When they stopped, Jack saw that the bucket had smashed his crown. Jill got a cut at least three inches long from a rock. Jack called for their mom and they never went up the hill ever again.

  34. Once upon a time (wow, how old is that), once upon a story there were two friends Jack and Jill. They have been friends since they were two, but Jill was getting annoying so Jack decided to have a day off from Jill. One afternoon, Jack asked his mom if he could go up the hill and have a quiet evening and read his book “Diary of a Wimpy Kid.” His mom said “ Of course dear, but under one condition. You get a pail of water for me.” (They lived in a rather poor town so no one could really afford faucets, but everyone in the little town shared a well at the top of a hill) Jack said yes because he was desperate to have peace and quiet away from everyone, including Jill.
    When he was headed up the hill with his book in one had and a bucket in the other, Jill spotted him. She ran up asking questions like “Where were you,” or, “What happened to meeting me in the park?” All he said was “I am fetching a pail of water for my mum. So I expect you will go away because you are going to be bored out of your mind coming with me.” Of course he was wrong and she walked up with him.
    About half way there she screamed “Race you to the top,” and before he could even process what she just said, she pushed him down to get a head start, knocking the bucket and book out of his hand. He gathered everything up and started lugging himself up the hill acting as if nothing ever happened.
    When she was at the top huffing and puffing from the run Jack was about three quarters up. She started yelling at him to go faster but he just ignored her. Finally, after a couple of minutes of yelling and controlling her breathing, she ran back to him and said, “You are such a slow poke! My granny is faster then you! Why didn’t you run! Ugggggg!” She was upset but was still tagging along.
    They, finally, got up the hill. Jill was skipping around while Jack was getting water out of the well. When Jack was done, he sat down put the pail next to him and started reading. A couple of minutes later Jill finally realized Jack was reading and said, “ How can you read right now? It’s a weekend, have some fun. Roll down the hill drink lemonade! Do something!” Jack simply looked at her and said in annoyance, “I am doing something that is fun, which is reading. Now, if you excuse me I will be doing something which in your opinion is boring.” She got sick of his attitude and dumped the bucket of water on him, and pushed him down the hill. She stood where he was sitting and yelled “Victory is mine!” Oddly enough Jill slipped and came tumbling after Jack. Jack was the cushion of Jill’s fall, which sadly broke his crown and his leg. His mom found them and took them to the hospital. Jack’s quiet afternoon turned out to be a very interesting one after all.

  35. Jack and Jill were twins who lived together in a small house with their mom and dad who are very poor. They don’t have indoor plumbing so they half to have Jack and Jill go up the hill everyday to get the water to cook with eat with drink and to just use.

    Since they were poor Jack and Jill did not have a car that they could borrow from their parents to use to get up the hill and they couldn’t even use it because they are 7. So they had to walk up the hill with a big bucket that they used to get the water with. When the bucket was full it was very heavy so both of them had to carry it.

    Once Jack and Jill got up to the top of the hill Jack pulled out a banana and ate it because it was after school and that was his snack. With out even noticing he just threw it behind him like it was no big deal. Once they got the water and were walking down the hill Jack slipped on the banana peel and so all of the water spilled out making the ground all muddy and then when Jill was going to make sure Jack was alright she slipped down the hill to because of the muddy ground and they tumbled all the way down the hill until they hit the bottom.

    When they were falling Jack broke his crown that he got in second grade today. They all made one because it was the 100th day of school. Jill left hers in their house so it wouldn’t get damaged. Jack was waring it because he thought of him self as a king when he wore that. The crown was torn in half and Jack was pretty sad about that because he liked feeling like a king.

    Now that I think of it the Jack and Jill story is a lot more interesting with the details than just the rhyme.

  36. Jack and Jill both lived in a small, quiet suburban town situated at the bottom of a hill. Jack and Jill were both 10 years old. They were best friends. Several years ago, while exploring the hill, they found an abandoned well that was probably owned by the first mayor of the town who was now long dead. Then, one day they decided to go back up to the well and taste the water because one of their friends told them it was the best water they’ve ever tasted.

    So the friends went off, with buckets in their hands, skipping up the hill. Once they reached the top, they filled their buckets and then decided to rest a little. After that, they tasted the water, and it was indeed the best they’ve ever tasted. So they decided to bring the water in the buckets home with them. Then, Jill found a snake hole and decided to explore it with a flashlight, and she wanted to stay longer. Jack was anquious to come home since his cousins were coming to his house for dinner that night. Jack began walking down the hill trying hard not to spill any water. Jill got mad that Jack was leaving so early so she decided to make him stay longer. She then snuck up behind him and poured the water from her bucket over his head. Once she did this, Jack immediately got angry and they began a water fight, each dumping water on each other’s head. In the midst of all of this, Jill had tied a piece of string from one tree to another tree in front of the well. Jack, not seeing this, tripped over it and rolled down the hill. Then, Jill, too busy laughing at Jack, also tripped over the rope that she had put in place and fell down the hill. Then, their parents ran over and found out that Jack had a large cut on the top of his head and he was soaked from the water. Jill, on the other hand, wasn’t hurt other than a few scratches and a little water on her clothes. After this, Jack and Jill became enemies. THE END

  37. There once lived Jack and Jill, siblings living in a countryside mansion on many hills. Jack and Jill’s body shape were on the “fat” side. This resulted in great discouragement and self-consciousness. Jack and Jill had had it with being overweight and out of shape, so they decided to go outside and jog every day on their hilly habitat.

    The next day, they set off in their jog and exercised for a full two hours, leaving rocks on the hilly land on the path they took in their exercise to find their way back home. They were unbelievably thirsty, and were very concerned because they had ran so far away from their home. It would be nearly impossible to get all the way back home without passing out of thirst.

    They looked around, and in the distance they saw something that look to be a well. They were relieved to find that it was indeed a well with fresh water in it. They drank and drank until they were good to start jogging again. They took a pail, which they found next to the well, and fetched a bucket of water to save for later.

    Suddenly, darkened clouds appeared and released big droplets of rain. It was a thunderstorm. A thunderstorm with gusting winds. As stupid as the idea was, Jack and Jill decided to make a break for it and run to their house in the storm. The rocks that had marked the path of the jogging route were hit by big gusts of winds and were blown across the hills, creating a new route. Jack and Jill did not know about this and followed the rocks, carrying the pail.

    Unfortunately, this course led to a very rough, hazardous piece of land with many sharp objects lying around. Jack, leading the way, ran through the junky area with Jill close behind. Unexpectedly, Jack jammed his foot in a large object sticking out of the ground, tripping, falling, and releasing the pail of water up in the air. A sharp piece of glass was shoved in Jack’s crown and killed him instantly. Meanwhile, the pail of water, still in midair, hits Jill in the head and sends her tumbling over Jack.

  38. Jack was a 9 year old boy. It was his birthday. They bought everything but water. The water was not available, so Jack’s mom told him to go fetch a pale of water. Jill, his next door neighbor, was also 9, and asked him she could come. Jack said yes.

    They went into the garage, Jack got out two bikes, and they headed up the hill. When they got there Jack took the bucket and filled it up. Jill did the same. On there way down Jack took his hands off the handle bars and fell. The water spilled, in which caused Jill to fall also.

    Jack and Jill were fine except for his birthday crown. It was all in pieces. Jack was not happy. First they lose all the water, and secondly he broke his crown. So they both went back up the hill, got some more water, and walked their bikes back down.

  39. Jack, my partner in the CIA, and I (I’m Jill by the way) had to climb up this hill to get water because the city water was poisoned by an unknown entity. The water was badly needed by HQ to cool off some of our gear, but that’s another story. As we got to the top Jack got some water, and then our clumsy Jack [ow he just hit me] decided to drop the water and fall down the hill (which made me fall too) and broke his head. So I had to get him to medical branch to patch his head. Then I had to get the water myself, but it wasn’t easy and that is another story for another day.

  40. Once upon a time there was an evil man called Old Man Jenkins and he threatened to kill all of mankind if someone didn’t go and fetch him a pail of water from the scariest most horrifying hill ever Hill Twinkle Toes. So two humble peasant twins called Jack and Jill decided to build a giant paper airplane and fly up the hill and fetch Old Man Jenkins a pail of water. After a day the airplane was done. Jack and Jill also built a slingshot (which was a huge rubber band tied to two trees) to launch themselves in the air. So they got in and waited until the wind became strong enough to carry them into the sky and then Jack cut the rubber band. Immediately they were launched into the sky headed towards Hill Twinkle Toes. When they were hovering over the hill they jumped. Luckily no one was injured so Jack filed up the pail. Now they had to slowly walk down the hill as they were walking they felt so victorious that they were about to save mankind then suddenly Jack tripped over his shoelace and rolled all the way down the hill broke his crown and died. Now it was all up to Jill. Just to be safe she bent over and tied her shoes when she got up she didn’t notice a small root of a tree and she also tripped rolled down the hill and died. In the end Old Man Jenkins turned out to be bluffing.

  41. We all know the nursery rhyme Jack and Jill. But you don’t know the whole story. So I am going to fill you in.

    Jack and Jill wanted to have a water balloon fight party for their birthday. So their mom told them to go up the hill, to the well and fetch a pail of water to fill up the balloons. They did as they were told, and they stated up the hill, Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water, to fill up the balloons. They reached the top of the hill where the well was and fill the pail up as high as they could. Well Jack is sort of a klutz so his sister gave him the pail and he spilled it all over him. So they had to fill it up again. This time Jill held the pail. They were making their way down the hill when Jack stepped in a puddle of mud and slipped. He screamed like a little girl, which scared Jill into spilling the water all over her and the grass. She then tried to go and help her brother but slipped on the wet grass and slid all the way down the hill until she slammed into her bother. Jack fell backwards and hit his head on the road behind him, he broke his birthday crown but only had a small bruise on his head. They went home to their mom without the water and just had a normal birthday.

  42. Once upon a time there was a 10-year-old boy named Jack and an 11-year-old girl named Jill. One day Jack and Jill’s farther told them to go get a pail of water from the top of the hill. So, Jack and Jill went. They decided to build jetpacks. When they finally built the jet packs Jack and Jill turned them on and flew up to the top of the hill. When they got up there they got a pail of water from the river on top of the hill. So, when Jack was about to take off, a sheep walked in front of him. Jack hit the sheep and fell down the hill and Jack broke is crown and also his jetpack exploded. So, then Jill moved the sheep and then when she’s about to take off another sheep walks by and she trips on it and she fell down the hill too. Jill’s jet pack exploded when she hit the ground. So that day their dad never got his water, and who is next to face the hill.

  43. Once upon a decade ago their lived a pair of newlyweds named Jack and Jill. The young couple were currently staying at an old English cottage for their week long honeymoon. It was anything a married couple could ask for, until they had to leave. Since the cottage was so old there wasn’t any alarms. This made Jack and Jill late for their flight from London back to Tampa. They hastily packed their bags bickering, shouting, and yelling at each other over the entire ordeal. Finally the two were done packing and resolved the argument. Jill went over to the faucet wanting to pour herself a glass of water for her parched throat. However, the sink was clogged and no water came. Then she thought of the old well located on the north side of town. With a throat screaming for water, she ventured outside into the village. Jack soon realized this, and caught up with Jill on her way there. After a minute or two, they arrived, retrieving the water they both desperately needed. Only on their way down, Jack slid on a step, tumbling down the large hill causing him to crack open his crown and break almost every other bone in his body. Looking down in horror Jill soon raced after only to twist her ankle and cause nearly the same injuries her husband had. Luckily the townsfolk raced the unconscious couple to the nearest hospital where they went were treated for their many Sprains, fractures and concussions. In the months that followed, the couple became rehabilitated and were once again happy. Only until they were given their hospital bill which spurred another massive argument. They are not on speaking terms.

  44. Jack and Jill were two scientist. They got up the hill by a sports car. They need a pail of water to see if there were any parasites in the water. They did not use a faucet because they did not have a faucet. Jack fell down because he tripped over a rock and turned at the same time to smashed “crown” on another rock. His crown was so seriously hurt that he had to get a replacement. Jill fell down because when jack fell down he rolled down the hill so they both collided and fell down. Jill was okay. Miner injures.

  45. Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pale of water. Jack and Jill got up the hill in a flying car. They needed the water for their village. They had a faucet because some robbers stole it. A bull came along and almost hit Jack. But he tried to jump over the well but didn’t make it. He fell down with some rocks. The rocks hit him in the head. His “crown” was bleeding so much it turned the water a very dark red. Jill was so horrified of what has just happened, she fainted and fell on Jack.

  46. There was once a young couple named Jack and Jill. They were each twenty years of age and lived in Russia. They were peasants who worked for Sir Robin. On that certain day they were asked to fetch a pail of water from the closes well, which was up a hill. But the hill actually turned out to be a mountain. Mt. Kill was the world’s tallest hill at half a mile strait up into the air. Jack and Jill packed their warmest clothes and started up the hill to fetch the pail of water. The journey would be filled with perils and there was a chance that neither of them would make it back, alive.
    Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch the pail of water. When they got to the top, the well was frozen but Jack didn’t know. He turned the handle to bring the pail up and Jill pushed him in Jack fell head first into the well but before he had entirely fell in he yanked Jill down with him. Jack suffered a head injury. But Jill was all right. In the end, no one fetched a pail of water. The end.

  47. A very long time ago, there were two children named Jack and Jill. They were best friends; nothing could ever tear them apart. Except for the hill…

    One day Jack and Jill were out on Jill’s dad’s boat, The Double Trouble. After four hours of extreme boating and tubing, a storm approached the gulf. The boat rocked back and fourth, tilting and tumbling, crashing into waves while lightning was at its strongest. The wind roared, the thunder rumbled, screams filled the air. Suddenly, there was darkness…

    Jack and Jill woke up lying on the beach of a beautiful island. “Grumble,” sounded Jack’s stomach. “I’m hungry!” Jack said as he scratched his head.

    “Where are we any ways? I’m hungry, too. Let’s go look for some food,” Jill whined. The children ventured into the mysterious island. There were palm trees, grass, coconuts, and the open sky. No houses, no people, no civilization. “Hey! Look up there! A hill!” Jack said excitedly.

    “Oh yes! And look! There’s a water well on the top!” The children knew they had to carry the water in something. Jill found an open coconut, and with a twig, carved out the coconut to make a pail. Jack and Jill ventured up the hill at a rather fast pace. Water was their only interest at this point. As they got to the top, Jack and Jill were extremely tired. Finally, water! Nothing could go wrong.

    All they needed to do was get the water in the coconut, and life would be amazing.
    Jill went up to the well. She looked into it, and a man popped out! He had black, shaggy hair and a hunchback. He was the Hunchback of Notre Dame. “Hello children. I see you have found the water,” said the hunchback in an evil tone.

    “Listen, bub,” Jill remarked rather rudely, “Brick wall, water fall! Girl, you think you got it all, but you don’t, I do, so poof with the attitude! Poof! You’re gone! Your breath is really strong! Wait, come back! I think I have a Tic Tac! Not one, not two, but the whole darn pack!” sang Jill.

    “Um… This is my water. Leave now, or I will banish you and your friend!”

    “Hey! You can’t do that! We found this water fair and square,” Jack exclaimed.

    “Oh, really?” Mr. Hunchback pushed Jack down the hill. He hit is “crown” on a rock while falling. He landed with a giant crash into a pile of coconuts at the bottom of the hill.

    “Now, what to do with you, young lady? Hmm… I should turn you into a cookie! Yummy! Yummy!” said the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Jill had to think quickly. She needed to look at her surroundings. Perfect! A coconut! Unexpectedly, Jill chucked the coconut at the hunchback, and it hit him right in the forehead!

    “Yes!” Jill screamed! The Hunchback of Notre Dame was killed! As she was walking down the hill, she slipped on some mud, and slid the rest of the way down. She didn’t hurt herself. When she got to the bottom of the hill, Jack was laying there, unconscious. “Oh, Jack! My best friend! No! No! This can’t be happening!” Jill’s tears poured out of her eyes and onto her friend. The sobbing Jill was devastated. She couldn’t go on with life without her best friend. She lay down next to him, and closed her eyes, wishing Jack would spring back to life. Her wish didn’t come true. That evening, Jill had her own funeral for Jack on her private little island. Then, she took her life. Both dead, they reunited in Heaven.

    1. Wow!!! Meredith I love it! I like how you included Jawz!!!
      P.S. Talked to my dad and we are going to go to the tube shop soon and see if we like anything! Also I liked how you used my boat’s name!!!!!!

      1. Yay! Thanks! I really liked your blog, too! I like how it took place in winter! I would of never thought of that! And I love your dad’s boat! See You Later!

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