Choose Wisely and Be Badge Worthy

The following two writing prompts are from The New York Times Learning Network. Please answer both questions in detail and with descriptions.

What six pieces of clothing would you wear for a month? Tell us what six items of clothing, not counting shoes, underwear, and accessories, you would choose if you had to restrict yourself to wearing these items for only a month. Be sure to tell why you chose these particular items. Do you think you own and buy too many clothes? Do you think an experiment like this might change your attitude toward and habits around shopping and consuming in general? Why or why not?

What merit badge would you create?  Merit badges are taking on a whole new approach. Some scout-like badges recognize noteworthy skills such as spelling homonyms and building robots. What badge worthy skills do you have or want to attain? What skills and accomplishments do you have or aspire to that could be recognized with a badge? What would the badge look like and what would its name be?

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  1. If I had to bring six pairs of clothing I think that they would be one pair of blue jeans and and jacket.Two shirts and two shorts. I would take the jacket and the blue jeans for the cold day and bring the rest for the sunny and hot days. I think that is would be a very great chose because it is perfect for the cold and sunny days.

    If I had to make a badge it would be a picture of a golf ball on a tee and the golf club coming down it hit the ball. It would present that somebody can hit it past one hundred fifty yards. I chose this because I like to golf and hitting the ball past one hundred fifty is not that hard if you have the right club.

  2. I would choose a under armor shirt and athletic basketball pants. That way I could do sports. A pair of Nice clothes would be nice in case of any special special nights in that month. The last one i would pick is a jacket and jeans so i could go to hockey and not freeze to death.

    I would make a merit badge that shows that you are in great athletic and mental shape because these days not every body is as fit as they used to be 20 years ago. I would put a thumbs up in the middle of the badge and to the right have a guy running and on the left a A+.

    1. Good job! I really liked how you really explained your marit badge. Also I like how you really tied in your personal life with the clothing you would wear.

  3. I would pick an underarmor shirt and the baseball teams practice shirt. With that I would bring any athletic shorts for athletic reasons. For the rest of the day I might put on a t-shirt and a pair of jean shorts.

    My merit badge would be a picture of a baseball, football, golf ball, basketball, and a picture of a brain in the middle to symbolize that i’m an all arounder not only in sports but academically also.

    1. Great response, Sanjay! Which sports symbol would you choose? Also I love the idea of the brain, it’s a great way to represent yourself!

  4. If I had to wear only six pieces of clothing I would choose an underarmor and athletic shorts. Then I would choose a formal outfit. Lastly I would choose a jacket and jeans. All of these would get you through the month for lots of occasions.

    My merit badge would be a tennis ball being hit by a person. This would be going over the net. Tennis is my favorite sport to play and everything about it. I like being solo. So this is why a tennis ball resembles me.

  5. It would be kind of hard to live for a month with only six pieces of clothing. But, it isn’t impossible. I would probably bring two shirts. A casual one and an exercise one just in case I want to play soccer or run. No long sleeve shirts, sweaters or jackets because it’s Florida and it never really gets cold.
    Obviously, shorts. Two shorts, a casual one and an exercise one like the shirts. The most random clothing I would have is a bathing suit. I go in the pool a lot and it would stink if I had to wear my other clothes for the pool. My last clothing would be pajamas; it would stink if I wore my dirty clothes to bed. I’d have moss growing on me when I wake up! There’s not a lot of variety in those choices and it doesn’t sound like much, but to me, that’s a whole wardrobe.
    If I had to have a merit badge, it would have a big soccer ball on it and the word AWESOME would be on the soccer ball. Why? Well, I’m awesome (opinion), I love soccer, and, I’m awesome at soccer. It would be called The Awesome I’m Awesome and Awesome at Soccer Badge. Or the Awesome Soccer Badge for short. To get this badge, I would have to be awesome at soccer and awesome wherever I am.

  6. If I had to pick six pieces of clothing out of all of my clothes I probably would pick my Shorecrest football shorts and tee shirt because those are really comfortable and you can play any sport in them. For my second outfit I would probably choose my blue white and black plaid shorts with my retro symbol gators shirt because that is my favorite outfit. For my last outfit I would choose a pair of jeans with my vintage number three Ralph Lauren polo to dress up in.
    If I had to design a merit badge it would be a big star with a Taylormade Penta TP (golf ball for those of you who do not golf.) on a tee. This would symbolize that I love golf and that I’m also very good at it. The merit badges’ name would be Grip it ‘n’ Rip it. (a golf term.)

  7. If I had to ware the same types of clothes for a month I think that they would stink after that month. Though I would pick two shirts one dry-fit and one under armor because those shirts are lose and light so it wouldn’t get to hot. I would also ware two pairs of socks so that I wouldn’t get blisters and finally I would have two pairs of shorts. I would like them to be nice and lose so that I don’t get uncomfortable.

    I am in boy scouts Mrs. Cobb so I would make a merit badge it would be a picture of a tent because for me it only takes me about five to ten minutes to set up my tent. It would be out in the woods with trees behind it to make it look like it is in the forest or the woods and with a giant yellow or orange tent in the middle but no one putting it up just a tent and trees and a mountain behind it.

    1. Hi Aaron. I love your idea for the badge. I would deffinitely not recieve that badge. It takes me like 45 minutes to set up a tent, and that is with someone else helping me. I like how well you described it. It sounds very cool. I also like how you chose your clothing not only for style, but for weather purposes as well. I really enjoyed reading your post

  8. If I had to pick sipeices of clothing I would pick my most comfortable clothes. One set of clothes would be my Marauder soccer camp T-shirt beacause it is a little to big for me which makes it very comfortable. To go with that I would use my tennis shorts because they are made with a nice fabric that feels great! For my second pair I would wear my Quik Silver shirt with my church pants because they fit very well. For my last pair I would wear my tennis shirt which fits very nicely and my basketball shorts because they fit nice also.

    Reflecting on this assingment I think I do have a lot of clothes maybe to many.

    If i could make a merit badge it would be a bow and arrow because i love archery. I’m not very good at it but I have always wanted to learn more about it. It seems like a cool thing to do.

    P.S. The Quik in line eight is not a typo it is the name of a clothing brand.

  9. Oh! I never realized how many clothes I have to choose from until I saw this question! I probably have about fifty shirts but I only wear about twenty of them! Well, for volleyball and other sports I would choose a pair of spandex and a floppy, comfortable tee shirt.

    Secondly I would choose just a Hollister shirt and a pair of jean shorts. Jean shorts match with anything so it doesn’t really matter what shirt I pick. As long as it’s a comfy one.

    I’ve noticed people have put nice dressy clothes for one of their oufits, but dressing up really annoy’s me. It takes so much work! I would rather just throw up my hair in a ponytail and go play basketball then go to some fancy ball any day! Some people like feeling like a princess but if I were a princess, I’m sure my oufit makers would have a hard time pleasing me because there is no way in the world I am wearing a poofy – shouldered dress with ruffles on just a normal day. I wouldn’t even wear a dress like that on a special occasion!

    So, for my last oufit I might pick a skirt (to be a bit more dressy than shorts) and a sparkly tee shirt. But that’s if I’m in a “girly” mood! 🙂

    I could definatley cut down on the amount of shirts that I buy and this has made me realize how lucky I am.

    For my badge I would put a basketball, volleyball, softball, music note and an “A+” to show that you can be “well rounded.” You can play sports, play an instrument, and also get good grades! Just because you excell in one thing doesn’t mean that you have to abandon all of the others! I would name my badge “The Indo Badge” because my dad has this board that you put on a cylinder base and you balance on the board like you’re surfing on land. The board is called “The Indo Board” and you use it to balace. I chose this name to represent good balance in your life.

  10. I am supposed to respond to Bailie’s blog post and I can’t find it! Did she post? It is Tuesday at 8:40 and I am tired so I’m going to sleep after this and I will not check again.

    Clothing, it seems like everybody has too much of it and most people abuse that privilege.

    Everyone I know has a closet full of clothes and most have too much. It is wasteful because they don’t seem to even wear all the pieces.

    If I had to choose just six pieces of clothing to wear for an entire month, here are my choices.

    First, I would choose a uniform top and bottom because I need it for school. I would also choose a dress so I can dress it up for a fancy event or dress it down for the weekends. The next items would be two shirts. Half way through the month I might cut and sew the shirts so it looks like I really have four shirts instead of two. The final piece of clothing I would choose is knee length jean shorts. Again, after one third of the month I would cut them off to mid-thigh. Then I would cut them shorter so it looks like I would have three different shorts instead of just one.

    I don’t think I have too many clothes. I pass down my old clothes to both my sisters. Our family really gets our full value out of the clothes that we buy.

    I will now think differently when I buy clothes. I will think if I am going to buy something whether I will wear it often and will I get a lot of use out of it.

    I believe I already know how I can get my money’s worth from just a few pieces of clothing. I also understand it is wasteful to buy so much at the mall.

    Peace is what most people want to create. If, my badge was created, and if everyone wanted to earn it, then we would be a lot closer to achieving world peace.

    The badge I am creating is for being sensitive to others. It’s for someone who can sense others’ feelings and provide the right support to help the person in need. I would name my badge Sensitive to Others.

    The badge-worthy skill you have to have is to be sensitive to others. I think this badge would be very important. It would make the world a better place. If we all were a little more sensitive and respectful of others’ thoughts, ideas, and feelings, there would be fewer arguments.

    My badge would look beautiful. It would have one person’s hand on someone else’s shoulder showing kindness and support. The hand on the shoulder represents someone comforting another. It would have a peaceful blue background with rim framing the picture.

    My badge will be tricky to earn. Not a lot of people easily show respect to people in their community and the patience to be sensitive to others.

    1. That was clever Jordan! I liked how you would cut the clothes to make more. Your badge was also really creative; and you’re right, if everyone earned that badge the world would be so much more peaceful!

  12. If I had to choose six pieces clothes to wear, it would be a very hard decision, but it would probably come down to a t-shirt, my rainbow zebra soffes, my Hollister shorts, a dressy shirt, a pair of skinny jeans, and a sweatshirt. A t-shirt is super comfy and can be worn at anytime, at night, for sports, and just for wearing whenever. My soffes can be worn for sleeping, going out, and sports. My Hollister shorts are my favorite shorts because they are comfortable and white so they can go with anything. A dressy shirt would be good to wear out to dinner so I don’t stand out so badly. I would wear skinny jeans to wear with my dressy shirt for going out to dinner and just in case it gets cold. My sweatshirt is SUPER comfy, so I can just lounge around in it, and when it’s cold I can wear it to stay warm.

    If I was going to make a merit badge I would probably do it about traveling long distances because over the summer I survived a seventeen hour plane ride to Asia. My dad works in Hong Kong, so my family and I traveled there to see what it was like. We flew from Tampa to Chicago which is about two and half hours in a plane, and then we went from Chicago to Hong Kong which was almost fifteen hours. When you add two and a half hours to fifteen that’s seventeen and a half hours in a crowded plane with two sisters that talk way too much!

    My badge would have a neon green rim with a plane in the center of the ocean with Asia to the right and America on the left. There would be red dotted lines showing the path the plane had traveled. The green rim represents the land that I traveled, but it’s also my favorite color! Overall I think my badge would look very cool, and I hope my point gets across.

      1. I eather read the summer reading books, listened to music, watched a movie on my computer, or slept. When my computer ran out of battery, I would give it to my parents because they were sitting in buisness class and they would charge it for me. For me it is very hard to sleep on a plane so I was very tired when we arrived.

  13. I would never only wear six pieces of clothing in one month, but if I had to choose I would choose two pairs of shorts, one pair of pants, two short sleeve shirts, and one jacket. I chose two pairs of shorts and two shirts for hot days and one pair of pants and a jacket for cold days.

    I think if I had too many clothes I could definitely learn from this, but I don’t think I have too many clothes. When I go to the mall I ask myself if I would really wear this all the time, or if I will forget about it in my closet. I try to get clothes that I actually need and that aren’t too expensive.

    If I could choose any kind of merit badge, I would choose one about solving a Rubik’s cube. I can’t solve a Rubik’s cube myself, but I think solving one of those cubes would be so hard, and it would be cool if you could earn a badge just by solving one. The badge would probably be simple and have an ordinary Rubik’s cube on the front of it, and it would be called Rubik’s Cube badge.

  14. Oh, and about the clothes. I probably do buy too much clothes, but not as much as other people do. After doing this, I probably won’t buy as much clothes as I did before. Then again that doesn’t mean that I’ll stop buying clothes. I like keeping my closet new, and with stuff that fits me.

  15. If I had to choose six pairs of clothes to wear for a month I would have to choose one pair of jeans, three tee shirts and two pairs of shorts. I would have these things because these are the things that I wear the most.

    If I were to choose a merit badge I would have to have a skateboard on it and a x-box. I would have these thing on it because these are the things that I do in my free time. I also like to hang out with friends and edit with friends but I would not have a enough room for that so thats about it.

  16. If I were to only wear six pieces of clothing for one month, those six pieces would be a Under Armor shirt, for exercising, a casual tee shirt, for stuff that doesn’t have to do with sports, one pair of shorts, these would probably be so athletic shorts, I don’t usually wear cargo shorts and things like that except for activities like golfing and church, a pair of pants, just in case it gets nippy outside, socks, to wear under my shoes, and a bathing suit, for swimming, of course! I do think I could live my life with a little more than six pieces of clothing, but yes, I think I might own too much clothing. Yes, I do think this experiment would change my habits around shopping. I think my habits would change because I wouldn’t feel the need to shop, the experiment would teach me to be more resourceful.

    If I were to design a merit badge for myself, it would be a bomb with a baseball coming hard of a Rawlings Plasma Gold. This whole badge symbolizes my first out-of-the-park home run. The bomb is a symbol of the team I was on, the Allstar Bombers. A Rawlings Plasma Gold is the type of baseball bat I was using that day. The accomplishment you could recognize is the ball coming of my bat, on its trail to leaving the field. My favorite part about this home run was that it was back-to-back. For those of you readers that don’t know what back-to back home runs are, they are two home runs in a row. My badge’s name would be Number One because it was my first home run. I liked this day and thinks it deserves to be on a badge.

  17. For me, a month with only six pieces of clothing would be pretty easy. All I would need to do is organize two outfits, one casual, the other formal. On most ordinary days, I would wear a thin, nylon t-shirt with a pair of cargo shorts. Nylon is soft and lightweight, making it easy to wear in the scorching heat. I also find cargo shorts to be very convenient with their many pockets. On nights when I go out to dinner, or other semi-formal occasions I would wear a simple polo shirt with a pair of khaki shorts. This classic combo is more formal than my regular clothes, but not too fancy like a suit and tie. Since it’s now September, our climate will soon begin to change from summer to fall. With lowering temperatures and higher wind speeds I’ll need something to keep me warm. That’s why I’ll include a sweatshirt and jeans in my selection of six clothing items.

    Although I’m growing at a fast rate, I would say I’m in pretty good shape for clothes. On the other hand, some people have way too many outfits in their closet. I believe an experiment like this would greatly change their attitude towards shopping. While we can afford to have many sets of clothing, less fortunate may only have one outfit. Hopefully, those with an extensive wardrobe can open their eyes and realize just how lucky they are to have so much.

    Even though, I’ve never joined scouting, I’ve seen plenty of their merit badges. However, I feel that some of the newer badges can be very farfetched. For instance, I learned there is a badge awarded for video gaming. I mean seriously, video games! Isn’t Boy Scouts supposed to be about the great outdoors and citizenship? If badges for video gaming are being awarded, then I think a badge for trying a new high tech or extreme sport would be appropriate and fun to earn. I would call it X-treme Rookie and the icon would be surrounded by spokes of wind, water, snow, and wheels.

  18. If I had only six articles of clothing for one month, I would wear a mixed variety. I would have a tee shirt. I would prefer it to be purple or maybe blue. I would have a hoodie for if it got cold. A pair of jean shorts, a tank top, pants, and a sundress. I chose these articles of clothing for weather purposes. Tank tops and shorts for the warmer days and a hoodie and a pair of pants for the cooler days. Then a sundress just for fun.

    I don’t think I own to many clothes because I got taller and I need new clothes. If a situation like this actually happened, then yes, I do think it might change my attitude and style towards when I shop. I might choose things that can be layered so that I can easily stay comfortable. I also would choose things that wouldn’t get as dirty, so no white. Though if this situation didn’t happen and I just heard about it, then no I think it will just go through one ear and then out the other.

    I think if any badge was given. I would either get the little ninja badge or the smile badge. I tend to smile a lot. I also do karate and because I’m the smallest they call me the little ninja.

    For three years at camp I got the smile or laughing award. I was said to have the best attitude towards things and also got camper of the year award. I have always been complemented on my smile, no matter how much I need braces. I have a really big smile too. The smile badge would be all yellow with two black eyes and a huge smile. 

    I might get the ninja badge because in karate I’m called the little ninja. I work with teens, so I’m the youngest. I also have really strong punches and got a best performance trophy last testing. When I’m with friends sometimes I’m so quiet they get scared when I say something because they don’t expect it. Ninjas have skill and are quiet and I think I have both those qualities. The ninja badge would have a karate girl doing a jump fly kick in the middle with purple trim.

    1. Hahaha “Little ninja” I really liked this. I love your ideas for the merit badges! They are so clever and SO you! I like your choices in clothes for a month! I would probably choose something along those lines. Great job!

    2. I love the ninja idea! At my camp I went to this summer they called me the water ninja because when we went canoeing I would never get stuck on a rock. They also called me water ninja because whenever we went swimmig in a lake I would swim on the bottom and grab peoples ankels to scare them.

  19. The six items of clothing I chose were a black cover up dress, a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, a light long sleeve shirt, a bathing suit, and a pair of shorts. I assumed the time of year was late summer, early fall. So I figured it would be hot during the days and cool at night. I’d wear the dress if I was going somewhere fancy or possibly wear it over the bathing suit after swimming. I usually only buy clothes if I have to, but like half of the clothes in my closet probably don’t fit because I haven’t cleaned it out in a long time. So I don’t think this would “change my attitude toward and habits around shopping and consuming in general”.

    My merit badge would be “Caring for and working well with animals.” It would have a green background with the silhouettes of a horse, a dog, a cat and a bird. The skills I have displayed to earn this badge include grooming, tacking and bareback riding a horse and a mule; spending time “dog-sitting”; feeding, caring for and caging a cat to be taken to the veterinarian and rescuing birds in distress.

  20. If I were to pick six pieces of clothing to wear for a whole month what would they be? At first you might say ” I would wear that most fashionable clothes of course. Well at least thats what I said. Then I began to think about what would keep me most comfortable not the most fashionable. My six pieces of clothing would most definitely be running pants to just relax or play around in, jeans to keep me warm if I ever feel cold, a jacket to also keep me warm, two T-shirts to wear anywhere, and last but not least I would bring a bathing suit just in case it is scorching hot out side and I feel a little dehydrated.

    Its true I buy way to many clothes. Every time I go to the mall I at least have four shopping bags in my hands. The good thing is I don’t hoard my clothes. I truly don’t think wearing the same six clothes every day for a month will change my mind about shopping at all. If anything thing, it will make me want to shop more.

    I think they should make a badge for people who can walk in heels over 5 inches normally. when I say normal I mean not doing the penguin walk everywhere you go. I say this because I have 5 1/2 inch heels and trust me anyone who can walk in them are strong. For right now, I probably would not receive the badge quite yet.

    1. I love your post, Taylor. Whenever I go shopping I buy way too many things to. Also, I definitely can’t walk in 5 1/2 inch heels. I would probably break my ankles if I tried! 🙂

  21. If I could only wear six cloths for one mouth then I would choose two shirts, two pair of shorts, a jacket, and a pair of long blue jeans. The two shirts would be for just a regular day. The two pair of shorts would be for a regular day too. The jacket would be for any cold days in the month. The jeans would be for cold days too. I don’t buy a lot of cloths because I really never go shopping. This would not change my attude because I don’t even really shop.

    My merit badge would have to do with something about sports because I like playing sports. I would pick golf for the sport. To get the badge you have to shoot par on a par 72 course. The badge would have a green background with two golf clubs crossing over with a golf ball ere they cross.

  22. If I only had six clothes to wear for a month, I would wear two pairs of under armor shorts and shirts, a jacket, and jeans. I would wear the under armor because it lasts for a while. I would wear the jacket and the jeans so I would not be cold. Those are the clothes I would wear for one month. I don’t really buy very many clothes, but I get a lot of clothes as gifts. Experiments like this would change the way I think about shopping. It does affect how I think about shopping because some of the clothes that I wear are expensive and after seeing the website in the last blog it made me realize how hard it is to make clothes.

    If I could create a merit badge, I would make it a kid hitting a baseball with a bat. I would make this type of badge because I love baseball and want to get better at it. I would name it the Grand Slam badge.

  23. If I had to have six objects of clothing I would choose three different outfits. My first outfit would be an athletic outfit; it would be conferrable and casual. My second outfit would be a nicer outfit with nice shorts and a nice shorts, it would be for nice going places. The third outfit would be jeans and a long-sleeved shirt incase it is cold. The prompt does not tell us what temperature it is so I don’t know exactly what to wear. I think I have way too many cloths, I wear it all though. I think it would change my perspective on buying stuff. It makes me think I have too much stuff.

    The one badge I would make would be an eating competition badge. I am not interested in it but it will be funny to watch people get the badge. It will be called the “Eating Badge” and it would be all green will a big hotdog in the middle. That’s my badge!

  24. For my six pieces of clothing, I would three outfits. The first one would be a long-sleeved shirt and pants in case of a blizzard or if it’s cold out. The second would be a plain white t-shirt and jeans just for a comfy outfit on a nice day. Then I would have one undershirt and athletic shorts that I can run around in.

    My merit badge would be called the 10-mountain badge. You would have to climb ten mountains in ten months in order to earn this badge. The badge would have a mountain on it and next to the mountain there would be the number 10. I just think that it takes skill to climb mountains and I wanted my badge to be something you have to challenge yourself to do.

  25. For my clothing I would take three outfits. I would take long pants and a jacket in case it was cold. If it was hot I would take a T-shirt and basketball shorts. If it was a perfect beautiful day I would take a gym shirt and gym pants to explore in. I thought that this is what I would bring if I packed clothes for a trip.

    If I would make a badge it would be for soccer. The way to get this badge is that you have to score ten upper ninety shots in ten shots. I would have the badge as a soccer ball and then the ball going in the goal at the right upper ninety. I thought of this badges because I thought why not make it something I liked and I wanted it to be challenging which it is.

  26. Wow ten mountains that is a big challenge! I don’t think I would be able to do it if there is a time limit when you have to climb the mountains like one year.

  27. If I had to choose six items of clothing, to wear for a month, I would wear the following; my first choices would be the essentials, a t-shirt and jeans, the jeans are essential because the thick denim will last a long time, they go with anything, and they are overall very comfortable pants. Also the t-shirt is comfortable, and is the best type of clothing when extremely hot.

    Next, I would have to choose some shorts and a collared shirt. The shorts are a must have, you can wear them when it’s hot and with a t-shirt or even a collared shirt, it goes well with everything! The collared shirts are fun to have because when you’re wearing it you are not over dressed, but you’re not under dressed.

    The last items I would wear would be sweat pants and a sweat-shirt. These would be a necessity if it ever got cold during the month; also they are good to wear when you are sleeping.

    After thinking about the amount of clothing you need to survive a modern lifestyle, I discovered something I never really thought about, you don’t need that much. Sure you need more than six clothes but to have more than forty, which would be outrageous. I don’t have that many clothes because I just got rid of most of them since I had been moving, though now I know I don’t have to buy everything I see.

    If I were to design a merit badge, I have it where there would be a circle of small balls around the edges of the merit badge, baseball, golf ball, tennis, basketball, football, and volleyball balls would take place in the circle. I would only give it to people that are naturally good at all sports. Also the person has to have good qualities such as, leadership, integrity, and the knowledge to spread teamwork throughout the team. Finally in the middle it would have the player’s number. I would call it the “The-Play-Maker-Badge”.

  28. If I had to choose six pieces of clothing to wear for a month they would probably be a sports outfit which includes a t-shirt and like basketball shorts, I would also choose a hoodie, jeans my favorite Lacoste shirt and some plaid shorts. I would choose a sports outfit because I love sports and it’s comfortable . I chose a hoodie and jeans just in case it got cold at night or during the day. I chose a Locaste shirt and plaid shorts just in case I went somewhere that I had to dress up nicely to. I never really thought about it but clothing is important and we shouldn’t waste it.

    If I could create a merit badge it would be a blank white badge with nothing on it. Some people might say that’s a stupid badge and that no one would want it, but I think it’s the perfect badge for everyone. At first I was going to make a badge like most people did and put everything I like on it, but then if someone else wanted a badge like mine and didn’t like everything on it he probably wouldn’t get it because not everybody likes the same thing and that’s when I thought of the “All About Me” badge. To earn this badge you don’t really have to accomplish anything it’s more of like a journal where you put all your favorite stuff on. I chose white because it’s like a paper you write things on but for this badge you don’t have to write you can draw or just whatever you want. I chose this badge because this is the kind of badge I would get.

  29. If I had to wear only six pieces of clothing in one month, it would be easy. I would only need three pairs of athletic shorts (which is what I usually wear) and three t-shirts. I would like cotton shirts though. I wouldn’t want under armor t-shirt. I usually wear this stuff on bases so it is no problem for me. Well shopping is something that I hate to do but if I have to, then I will sometimes. This test doesn’t really change the way I look at buying cloths. These cloths are really comfy to me so why no wear them for a month. To me, cloths aren’t that big of a deal for me.

    Well you see, I play this game called Call of Duty. The game is about guns and war. In the game, if you get 1000 headshots with a certain gun you get an emblem. The emblem is a gold cross sign with the gun on it and it has a little bar on the bottom saying the name of the gun. Just the accomplishment of the emblem is a great feeling. If I were to make a merit badge, then this would be how I would make it. It would have the emblem and have a black background. This merit badge would only go to the best shooters in the country. The badge would be called the name of the gun and then Expert.

    1. I liked your comment, Tanner. Thanks for explaining Expert badge because, I wish I did, but I don’t have Call of Duty. Why aren’t clothes a big deal for you? They give protection. Good comment!

  30. If I had to pick six outfits I would not pick any thing special. I would have a t-shirt an under shirt and jeans. For my second out fit would be a t-shirt and a swimsuit. For my third outfit I would have t-shirt and jeans. I don’t think that I would need that many other things but Jeans and a t-shirt.

    If I where to make a merit badge it would have a tent, fishing pole, and a fire on it. It would look because I am good at survival stuff like camping, making fires, making spears and weapons, and hunting. I also like to do all that stuff.

    1. Jacob, remember this blog is two pages. Scroll down to the comment box and click on either “older entries” or “newer entries” depending on the page you are on.

  31. If I had to wear only six things for a month, I would wear my “brought to you by the letter I” T-shirt, my University of Northern Illinois T-shirt, and my white Bass Pro Shops T-shirt because I would rather wear comfy stuff rather that fancy uncomfortable stuff for a month. For pants I would wear my black soccer pants, my long blue jean shorts, and my short blue jean shorts, because of the same reason I picked all T-shirts: comfort. > <
    v v
    If I were to create a merit badge, it would be for sharpest vampire teeth. I think that I would win this badge. ^ ^

  32. If I had to wear six pairs of clothing for a month it would be:

    A comfortable, short sleeved T-shirt. However, it would have to be in style. It would probably be an Arepostale name brand.

    Some nice, comfy jeans. The jeans would protect me from spiders and such if I was going somewhere, keep me warm in cold places, and keep me cool in hot places.

    An extra sweater and/or jacket, for if I got cold.

    Extra socks.

    A scarf.

    And a canteen.

    I really don’t think I buy too many clothes. I buy just as much as the average teenage girl. I buy a lot of clothes, just not TOO much. I would not like wearing the same clothes for a month because they would probably get sweaty and gross. I also don’t like being seen in the same things everyday (uniforms are an exception), and not being able to “accessorize.”

    If I got the chance to make a “merit badge,” I would have to make “The Bailee Badge.” The Bailee Badge would be for aspiring singers, actors, dancers, movie stars, Broadway stars especially, and so on. It would have a picture of a star with my face in the middle and a thumbs up. I would have, of course, a TON of Bailee Badges earned each day. In order to earn this special badge, you would have to make an outstanding accomplishment in any of these areas:
    Musical Theater
    Movie Making/Directing
    Stage Managing
    and Make-up.

    All the top musical theater producers in the world would expect all those who wished to try out for a role to have earned at the very least ONE Bailee Badge. They would be a hit.

    1. Hey,
      I forgot to mention that the canteen was in case I was ever trapped and needed water for some reason. I thought wearing the same clothes for a month would mean you guys were sending us to a deserted island. 😀


  33. If I could only wear six pieces of clothing for one whole month it would take me a pretty long time to choose. I would have to pick one pair of jeans for any cold days and a shirt to go with it. I would choose a jacket for cold days too, and because I get cold very easily. For nighttime, I would choose one pajama shirt, and one pair of pajama shorts. Lastly, I would choose a pair of gym shorts for hot days.

    I do think that many people these days own a lot of clothes. I own a lot of clothes myself but I try to get rid of all of my clothes that do not fit or I don’t like anymore. I love shopping and I don’t think that an experiment like this would change my mind about buying clothes. Wearing the same clothes over and over again may even make me want to buy more clothes because I would be tired of the same six pairs.

    My badge would be a level four cheerleading badge for tumbling. It would be awarded to the cheerleader who achieves all the tumbling skills a cheerleader needs to be on a level four cheerleading team. To be a level four tumbler in cheerleading, the following skills are required: round-off back handspring, round-off back handspring tuck, layout, standing tuck, and standing back handspring tuck. The badge would be called the Level Four Tumbling Badge, and would be have a person doing a tuck on it in gold, and the badge itself would look like zebra skin. The reason for the colors black, white, and gold is because those are my cheerleading gym’s colors.

  34. If I had to choose six items of clothing I would choose an orange, v-neck shirt, to wear each day. I would take a pare of faded blue jeans, and a pair of plaid shorts, so I could choose depending on the weather. I would bring a brown, holister hoodie with orange letters to keep me warm and draw attention to the shirt. I would also bring my tie-dye blue pajama pants, and my bright green pajama shirt to sleep in. I think I would get tired of wearing the same outfit everyday because there is no variety in that. I do not think that people buy too many clothes, mainly because they make you look better. But that is just my opinion. There are some people who just don’t care.
    If I could make a merrit badge to be for something I am good at, it would be called the Zack Poole badge, named after me. It would be an award for making people happy. I think I am good at making people happy, including myself. It would be round, and flourescent green. It would have two black eyes, and a big black smile. In my opinion, it is good to be able to make sad people happy.

  35. If I could only wear six pieces of clothing for one month, it would not be hard to decide. I would choose three comfortable T-Shirts and three pairs of short jeans. I wouldn’t need anything else because you can do almost anything in these outfits. Sports, homework, sleeping, and eating you can all do with these six pieces of clothes, and that’s good enough for me. Also, because we live in Florida, I don’t think temperature would effect what I wear.

    Even though I would like more clothes, I don’t have to many. I only wear a couple outfits a week, and I usually will wear the same outfits the next. When my clothes get old, I usually pass them down to my brother or give them away.

    If I were to create a badge, it would have to be for baseball. It would have a picture of a player climbing a fence to catch a ball going over his head. To earn this badge, you would have to rob five or more home runs in one season. It is extremely difficult to get. It would be called the “Robber Badge.”

  36. I think that this writing prompt has a kind of irony because during the week we wear either a white or green shirt as well as shorts, pants, scorts and capris, at least for the girls, six options. So we have been doing this experiment for 10 years, at least for the lifers. So this experiment would be pretty normal to do.

    So I If I had to wear six pieces of clothing for a month I would probably wear a pair of versatile pair pants and a tank top with a jacket on top. These pieces of clothing are easy to wear in any weather and have layers so if I get hot I can easily take off my jacket, and if I am cold I can put the jacket back on. I would also have a pair of soffies on so that I could have shorts that I could change the length of.I would have a T-shirt with a interesting picture because every one needs a casual T, and a nice polo that I could wear if I needed to look fancy.


    If I had to create a merit badge I would create a 500 book badge/patch. You would have to record all 500 books that you read on a chart so that you could keep track of books that you read, You would be able to also give books a rating so that you could recommend books to them. The patch would be green and there would be and open blue hard cover book that had the numbers 500 in yellow

    1. Good job, Elizabeth! I see the reasoning behind your clothing choices, and I LOVE your badge! I would work hard to get it. It sounds really cool!

  37. If I had to choose six pieces of clothing to wear for a month, the first two pieces would be athletic shorts and an Under Armor tee shirt. I would choose that outfit for hot days and for when I play sports. The second outfit that I would pick would be a pair of plaid shorts and a tee shirt. This out fit could be worn on hot days or cold days. This outfit is pretty much a casual outfit. The last two pieces of clothing that I would pick would be a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt. The jeans would be for cold days. The sweatshirt would be used on cold days and worn over one of the tee shirts. I think I own the right amount of clothes because I have enough so it doesn’t get boring and I don’t have too much.

    My badge would be about football. You could earn my badge from playing football every year in middle division, and playing in at least one game per season. I chose a football badge because I like to play football and I have been on the middle division football team every year possible. The badge would have a green background because you play football on grass and grass is green. The badge would also have two football helmets facing each other and a lightning bolt between them. One helmet would be green and the other would be gold because those are the Shorecrest Charger’s team colors.

    1. I like your idea of having the plaid shorts and the T-shirt because that is usually the stuff I wear on week-ends. Also, I like the idea of the jeans and sweatshirt because if it were to get cold, you could wear that. Most of all, I like your idea for how the football badge would look. My favorite part of it was the two helmets being green and gold.

  38. This question is hard for me because, I wear lots of clothing and change many times a day. In my opinion I wear and have too many pieces of clothing, my closet it overflowing and I buy lots of clothes to because, well how else would I get the clothes? I don’t think that this experiment would change my attitude because it would want to make me go shopping after the month and I would be there all day long. I would probably wear two tank tops and two pairs of shorts a jacket and a skirt. I only wear tank tops and shorts even in what we call winter where it gets kind of cold but I still wear that. I wear a jacket around my waist all the time I don’t know why but, I just do. I wear skirts a lot too when I go to temple or just going out I like to wear them they are comfy.
    My merit badge would be a cooking badge, I love to cook and think would be a great goal for me to achieve. This is something I would have to work to acquire the skills to get on the top which I would like to do such as being on Top Chef. I would like to learn skills such as how to use a knife properly, how to correctly cook any type of food, how to plate and use the correct spices with the right foods. The badge would look like a knife being thrown so it shows that I will have to skills of cutting and chopping also it would show courage for me not being afraid to go to the knife or go for anything in my path. The name of this badge would be CC courage cooking.

  39. If I had to wear six pieces of clothing for a month I would not wear them all at the same time. I would personally love to just walk around in my athletic shorts all day because they are so comfortable, and light. For a shirt I would wear a normal cotton t-shirt, mostly because it is so comfortable. If we were in a climate that was cold I would add a zip up jacket with a hood, and sweatpants. I know none of these choices are very fashionable, but the truth is I’m just not. To be honest, I don’t think I have way to many clothes, well compared to some of my friends. I could probably give away some of my clothes, but I wear most of them. If I had to have six pieces of clothing I would add jeans, and another t-shirt. I don’t think I go out and buy stuff I don’t need, so I think I am okay.

    If I had to design a merit badge that was designed around me I think it would be the Mountain Monkey Badge. The idea around the mountain monkey is this summer I went to a two week camping camp in the Shenandoah Valley, and The Blue Ridge Mountains. My friends at the camp called me spider monkey because I was really good at the climbing wall, and later on the mountainside. Before the rock climbing we went on a twenty mile backpacking trip on the Blue Ridge Trail… oh wait, I forgot to tell you we were carrying twenty pound backpacks the whole way. I got the mountain part because I was always the one up in the front of our group. On our trip we ran into angry hornets (almost everybody got stung), a very angry rattlesnake that was curled up read to attack (the dog stepped on it), and a baby black bear (we quickly walked away before the mom realized we were there.) The thing about the mountain is that we went class five, white water rafting in the mountains, and I was the leader of our raft. My arms felt so dead after those ten miles. I think the merit badge design would be a mountain with a river going straight down the middle of the mountain. Then Mountain Monkey would be at the bottom of the mountain.

  40. I think only wearing six things for a month would be suprizingly easy for me. My must haves would be my two favorite pairs of shorts, my YO’Js t-shirt, and a bathingsuite. Then I’d probaly pick a couple cut up band t-shirts and a pair of jeans.
    The badge I’d invent would be a killing time badge, because that seems to be something I’m very good at. It feels like I’m only in the real world half the time, the other half is pretty blank, and next thing i know an hour has passed.

    1. I would agree to wear a shorts and jeans. I also agree to wear a bathing suit if I went swimming frequently. I also liked what you picked for what you would want your badge to be. 🙂

  41. At the top I would like to say my closet is overflowing. Also when it says ‘The badge would look like a knife being thrown so it shows that I will have to skills of cutting and chopping also it would show courage for me not being afraid to go to the knife or go for anything in my path. The name of this badge would be CC courage cooking.’ I would like to say “I will have the skills of cutting…”

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