Looking Inside The Outsiders

What do you think it means to be an “outsider?” Who are “outsiders?” Have you ever felt left out of a conversation, for example? What does it feel like to be on the “outside” of a social circle or situation? Please respond with details and specifics. After commenting on this post, if you would like to post another thought in regards to this topic for others to comment on, please feel free to do so.


  1. I think that every person is an outsider at some point in their life probably about every day for most people. Some examples of when people are outsiders are when a group of your friends are in a circle talking and you do not want to be pushy so then you are left out of the circle and not participating in the conversation. Being an outsider might happen if you are in a foreign country or unable to understand the words that people are saying. Another time that might happen is when you are not knowledgeable about the subject. This does not make you look good or feel good. This might make you feel awkward or even stupid.

  2. I think an outsider is someone that doesn’t fit in or is excluded from a group. For example, my aunt, Montse, is from Spain and doesn’t speak much english. She can’t understand what people are talking about when they talk really fast or use words she doesn’t know. I have been left out of a conversation many times. The conversations usually consist of stories or rumors that I may not know. One times there was a rumor going around that I didn’t even know about. It had been going around for awhile so in one way I felt excluded. It doesn’t feel good at all not to know what people are talking about. I think outsiders aren’t bad people. Sometimes groups don’t want them to be in there group because they are different. Most people in our grade have at least one person they are best buds with. Not being in a group for a certain period of time can be sad or sometimes even heart-breaking but eventually you will find the group you belong in.

    1. @brandy14, I really liked the examples you had of your aunt speaking spanish and the rumors. That was really clever!

  3. I think an outsider is someone who is out of a group of friends or a clique and is usually alone. When you are an outsider you are not socially with other people, having conversations, or really being around anyone. This outsider could be neglected by others or chose to be that way by personal preference.
    I have been out of the circle for a little bit some days and it is hard to get in. It feels like nobody wants you around them. It feels like if you try to get in you are just pushed away again.
    But if you are an outsider…
    you need to try to be an insider! If you put effort in to finding something you have in common with other people like an interest or hobby then problem solved.
    But if you are someone that is leaving out an outsider…
    then let them in!
    Everyone deserves to have friends and everyone deserves to feel wanted. You wouldn’t want to be an outsider so they probably don’t either.

    1. @amandai14, I agree with you, that outsiders should try to find something in common with other people , and if you every feel left out then come find me and I’ll be there for you.

  4. The definition of an outsider is, “One who is isolated or detached from the activities or concerns of his or her own community.” To me that is very true to be an outsider is to me you are basically lonely but I don’t really know what it feels like. Luckily when I first went to school I already had a friend because my dad worked with his father. His name was Taylor, he helped me get used to school and meet new people because he had already knew them from going there in previous years. After second grade he left to move to Missouri. Yes, I had lost my best friend, but I had other friends.
    I have not really experience it myself but I have made friends with other people making them not feel like they are on the outside. Like I said in class during our discussion. “I feel like I am in the middle of like three groups.”

  5. To be an “outsider” you usually do not fit into a certain group of people. You could be an “outsider” if you do not look, act, or have the same beleifs as the other people in the group. Sometimes, when I am left out of conversations it makes me feel unimportant. I might have something really great to say, and people will never know if they leave you out of the conversation. You might also be left out of a conversation if you don’t know about the subject the group is talking about. When you are left out of a group you feel very hurt, and are often affected by depression.

  6. What is an outsider? Is it someone that’s left out of a group? Is it someone that’s lonely, or is it someone that comes from a different place than everyone else? I believe and outsider is each of those things. Some times I feel as if I’m an outsider. When my friends are talking about something or someone that I don’t kno; I can’t really do anything because I’ve never met the person they are talking about. A couple of times I would walk up to two of my freinds and they’re talking about something then I ask what happend and they say “nothing” when I know it’s totally about something. I usually wonder who they were talking about or if it was about me, it sometimes makes me fustrated because I think we’re friends that can tell each other anything and everything. I would hate being soemone from another country and moving here to St. Pete and trying to make friends but can’t because everyone thinks that your different and may not know about what they aer talking about. I bet being in that situation makes people feel like an outsider and a lonely one too.
    Just because someone may think your and outsider or different doesn’t mean that you can’t make a friend that has something in common with you. If you are feeling left out of a conversaiton or out of the loop start a conversation that everyone knows that way everybody will get the inside scoop. If you are an outsider or think your one find another outsider and become insiders together by being friends nad hanging out so you both can get the inside scoop on everything.

  7. I think an “outsider” is someone who usually feels left out or unappreciated. Outsiders are people who can be shy or unhappy. They also can sometimes not speak out their thoughts all the time, which can make people not pay as much attention to them. When I am on the outside of a conversation or activity I usually feel like no one wants to talk to me, or cares about my feelings. This makes me feel sometimes depressed, and boosts down my inner confidence. For example, if a group of my friends are talking about something and I want to say my thoughts and they don’t even notice I am talking, I would feel like an “outsider”.

  8. An “outsider” to me is someone who is excluded from other people and their groups or conversations. An “outsider” might be different from some social groups or maybe just a little shy. And what’s disappointing is that people ridicule them for those reasons. A lot of people judge other people on how they are on the outside when they should try and get to know them because they might turn out to become a best friend. For example, when I first came to our school I was really nervous and shy. I hardly new anyone and I felt really left out for the first two days. Then some people started to welcome me into their “group” without judging me on how I was on the outside. I’m so glad they did because now those people are my best friends today. Everybody feels left out of something at least once in their life and for me I do sometimes feel left out; however I don’t try to become a part of a conversation I don’t understand because I can just join another with other friends. Everyone fits in somewhere you just need to search until you find some place you belong.

  9. I think an “outsider” is a person who is left out of something for a reason. An outsider can be new kid at school who is having a hard time fitting in, someone who is considered unpopular because of how they dress and what kind of person they are, or is a person who gets teased by their physical characteristics. There are a lot of people who make fun of these outsiders but they have to realized that they have once been teased on and my mom told me that most people make fun other people because they are jealous or they angry about something in their personal life that they are taking out on a random person just to make them feel stronger. Yes, as you know I get teased at school every day because of my size and I also get teased about my size when I am playing hockey. This makes me even more angry because I did not make my national team from last year because of my size. Every time I step onto the ice I think about all of the people who have teased me throughout my life. I use this as my motivation when I get hit I get back on my feet and score. My coach always me ” how do you have this much energy and how your one of the best players because you score a lot of goals. I say ” people who say I can’t play hockey because of my size.” Everybody in the world was created to be different from everybody else” I do not why certain individuals are not accepting other people for who they are. When I grow up I want to make to the N.H.L and when I make it I want to thank god for making us different and thank those people who teased me for giving me another reason to work hard for something that is hard to achieve.

  10. I think being an outsider is a person doesn’t fit in and is left out of groups of friends. Outsiders can be people who don’t fit in and can sometimes seem like they don’t want to fit in when they really do. I have felt left out a couple times at brake and it isn’t that bad because I didn’t know what everyone was talking about. In my opinion it isn’t that bad to not know what people are talking about but if people are ignoring you because they think you are different or weird I think that is bad.

  11. I feel that an outsider is someone who others think is different and people don’t want that person because of either physical or mental characteristics. Ifeel in some respect I am an outsider. When I walk up to say hi to someone depending on who it is they will walk away. Also if someone says something and I ask, “what did you say?” They would just say nothing and then walk away. Also I never hang out with the same people every day and a lot of people think I’m weird because of it. I feel that no one should be on the outside, everyone should be acceptant of everyone that way no other people will feel they are not wanted.

  12. Outsiders are a part of society that are always there and almost everybody at some point will either feel like one or become one. Outsiders are the people that don’t feel like they belong anywhere and are not in any group of friends or do not have any. One specific time I remember feeling like an outsider was when I just moved to Florida. It was my first days of school and I didn’t feel like I had any friends. It’s never a fun thing to be an outsider. It feels like you are not wanted and you don’t have any friends. There are outsiders everywhere, and we can only try harder to make sure we invite everybody in that we can. Nobody ever wants to be an outsider, and nobody deserves to be one. The library is closing now, so if possible, I will continue.

  13. I think that when you’re an outsider, you are someone who really would like to fit in, but doesn’t know how. An outsider is someone who’s left out or not accepted into the common-day society. I think that it really hurts to be on the outside of a social group, especially when it’s a group that you’d really like to be in. I also think that there are many people who are not accustomed to being left out of a group, but also vice-versa. I don’t know if I can remember a time that I really felt like an outsider, but I bet that I could name some people who can. When you’re not accepted into a group, clique, or “gang” it can be pretty depressing. A lot of times, all a teen or kid wants is to be accepted into an organization of kids or even other people.

    1. @tripper14, I think that your blog was excellent and it showed that you know exactly what an outsider is. I agree with you all of the way Tripper. Good job!

  14. When I think of an outsider I usually think of someone who is trying to be something that they are not. But that is not always the case. Some people can be outsiders just because they don’t have a certain type of car or wear a certain type of clothes. Even though you might not think about it that much, your clothes have most likely the biggest impact on people. When you see gothic kids for example they will wear usually all black clothes and chains from their belt loops. That makes a big impact on the way that people look at them. It could even make them an outsider. Luckily in my life I have never been left out of a conversation. But it must feel grueling to be hearing people talk but you can’t contribute to the conversation, even if you have something good to add to it. Being left out of a social group would feel even worse, but it happens at every school in the country. Certain kids will hang out with certain kids and eventually one of the groups will become the “popular” group, and one will become the “nerdy” group, most of the time the less popular group of kids will feel left out of a lot of things and feel like outsiders. So all in all, I think that to be an outsider it means that you feel that some people are not giving you the attention that you disserve.

  15. An outsider is someone that is left outside of activities or other social groups. They are the ones that watch instead of interact. While people are enjoying their lives and entertaining themselves, the outsider is wandering what he is going to do with his life and just sit while the rest of society is moving on.
    I have been left out of a conversation and it does not feel very good. When I am looking for people to talk to and I come up to one group of people, they would say, “Hey, get out of here, I’m not telling you about what we are talking about. Move along.” It does not feel good because you think that you are a reject and nobody likes you. You feel like you are an outsider, and that is never good.

  16. I have had many experiences where I felt like an outsider. Two years ago I moved from Texas to Florida. Although I had the experience in the past of moving to a new school, I knew some kids at the new school because of sports and other neighborhood activities. When I moved to Florida I knew no one. I felt like an outsider because I had always had friends that I knew some way or another. At my new school everyone was already in their social groups and had no room for newcomers. This made me feel left out and sad. Something that made it worse was that after a few weeks I started to act less mature than many of my peers. So on top of being new I had a bad reputation. That was in fifth grade, and in sixth grade I made similar errors such as acting immature and silly. And now I am in seventh grade. I will admit, here and now, that I have acted immature this year and regret doing so for it ended some friendships that I have had with people. Also it gave others a reason to tease me and think less of me. Even today I acted immature. I curse myself every time I do it. From this day forward I will work my hardest to not act immature or silly and try to repair the bonds of friendship between people that I have pushed away because of my pure stupidity.

  17. I believe an “outsider” is not always someone who is left out, but someone who believes that they don’t need to be perceived as one who would need to be in a clique or social group to be at ease. An “outsider” is basicly an individual who believes that we shouldn’t have to follow the standard cliques that the world has come to know. I’ve been left out of plenty of conversations but to say that I wish I would’ve been part of them would be a lie. To be left out of a social group or clique on my opinion isn’t that bad, but I’m not saying that I don’t like having friends. I’m more of an independent person and absolutely hate asking for help. To feel like an “outsider” isn’t bad. I mean we get pushed out of conversations everyday. It may not always be a good thing but not being part of one or two conversations could cut down on the drama.

  18. Someone who is an outsider is someone who is left out of groups and not accepted as a person. They don’t get a lot of attention and usually feel bad about themselves. Some outsiders don’t like being around other people and like being by themselves which can’t really be a good thing when you’re a teenager. Also outsiders get teased more and also people can be very mean to them physically.
    I have had the feeling of being outside of a conversation or social group. It’s not the best feeling ever. You feel like the people involved in the conversation don’t like you or don’t trust you in anyway. It makes you feel bad about yourself. Hopefully people can be more accepted no matter who they are and hopefully the feeling of being an outsider will go away to those who feel like it.

  19. I think being an outsider is when people get left out. It is never a good feeling to be out of a group or conversation. I have been left out of a conversation a few times. It makes me feel like people don’t want me to know what they’re talking about. It also makes me feel like they might be talking about me behind my back. There are different ways of being an outsider. Some ways can be as simple as not talking to someone for a little. A different example is having people beat you up because of a litle think like your hair color or something like that. I think that everyone should treat people fairly and no one should have to be an outsider.

  20. To be an outsider, I think, means to be on the outside of something, most likely a social circle. It always feels really bad when you feel left out of something. Just because you feel left out of one group or clique, doesn’t mean that you are an outsider to the world. There is always going to be someone who is kind enough to let you in. Sometimes people join cliques just to be an insider, which is bad. People should hang out with the people they do because they like them, not just for the sake of acceptance.

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