Seventh Grade Words Of Wisdom ~ Last Blog Post Of This Year

Students, this is your last post of your seventh grade year! Please know that you are always welcome to post to this blog at any time. We would love to hear from you. So, following tradition, you will leave your parting thoughts of the seventh grade experience for next year’s grade. Your words will be the first things my new students read when I introduce them to the blog.

Here are some guidelines to keep in mind:

Think in terms of things you would have liked to have known before entering seventh grade.

What valuable lessons did you learn along the way that you can pass on to others?

What are “the essentials” that every seventh grader should know?

Topics of discussions can be related to academics, sports, drama, stress, late nights, drama, adjustment from sixth, lockers, organization, management, assessments, friendships, Sea Camp, etc.

If you talk about your classes, specifically your teachers: be courteous, respectful, kind, humorous.

I will miss you all! Have a fun summer, safe travels wherever you may go, and please come back and visit me next year!!

What’s Seventh Grade Really Like? Your Words Of Wisdom

443Wow! Where has this school year gone? In one week you will be considered eighth graders! Congratulations!

As per my blog tradition, it is your turn now to pass the torch (so to speak) to next year’s seventh graders by reflecting back on what your seventh grade experience has been like for you, and what they can expect life will be like for them. When I introduce the blog to my new seventh graders for the first time in August, they will read the words of wisdom you have left for them, much like you did at the beginning of this year.

What would a new seventh grader like to know or need to know? What lessons have you learned as you navigated seventh grade? How different is sixth to seventh? Please be honest, candid, and humorous, but please be respectful should you discuss your teachers. How difficult is it to play sports and keep up with the academic load? What about the social scene? Sea Camp? There’s lots to tell. These are just some questions to get you thinking.

I will miss all of you! Promise me you will stop by and visit…..I’ll just be at the other end of the hall! I will always have time to talk books……I can’t wait for all the sequels!!

Happy summer and safe travels!