What Does It Mean To Code?

Students, please watch the full video and then share you thoughts: Your comment should reflect something you learned that you didn’t know before, express an opinion with backup reasoning, a connection to something you already know, or any other personal comment. Would you be interested in learning how to code if a class were offered in school? And how about some of those cool working spaces?

The Human Footprint and Track My T

Do you know what your human footprint is? Your human footprint is how much of the world you consume during your lifetime. Please visit the National Geographic website of The Human Footprint to find out how many of each item you consume during your lifetime and how that measures up with the rest of the world.

Explore each item at the top of the website and be sure to watch the “behind the scene” videos. There are photos to view too.

The Human Footprint

What interesting things did you learn about your human footprint?

Have you ever wondered how your favorite tee shirt is made? Track My T is an interactive website that shows you how a tee shirt is made from beginning to end. Click on “track a Random T” to begin your journey. Be sure that you explore all the tabs.

How was your journey?

The Boy Who Built A Windmill and a Creative Write

When William Kamkwamba was fourteen years old he built a windmill. He is from Malawi, and using information he discovered in a book and miscellaneous parts that he was able to find, he built a windmill to help his family and eventually his community with their everyday needs. Please watch his inspiring story which shows what can be accomplished with a little knowledge and some ingenuity.

After watching the video please respond to the following prompt:

What thoughts do you come away with after listening to his story?

Prompt 2 Creative Write

In 1917, The new York Evening Mail ran an article that pretended to give the history of the bathtub. The article discussed funny things such as who was the first president to take a bath in a tub, bathtub customs, and more. The article was intended as a joke. But the article’s author, H.L. Mencken, wrote so well that even after he printed an explanation of the joke, his story continued to be quoted as fact by all sorts of professionals! That crazy hoax is sometimes still quoted as fact today. (Writing Down the Days, Dahlstrom, 165)

Could you convince people that socks were first developed as ear warmers? That walking your dog for ten minutes is better exercise than walking alone? Write a short story that makes something that’s not true seem believable. Make sure you have a clever lead, that you back up your topic sentence with details, and add a satisfying conclusion. Remember you need to be convincing. I am looking for effort. Some of your past responses have been too short. Watch your spelling and punctuation, especially those apostrophes!

Please continue to comment on the responses of others. You are all doing awesome jobs!

Who are Holling Hoodhood and Nobody Owens?

Welcome students to your first post of the school year, and to our first discussion on the summer reading choices, The Wednesday Wars and The Graveyard Book. I want to explore the two main characters of each novel, and so this blog prompt will have multiple parts that I would like for you to answer. I would suggest that you jot down on a piece of scratch paper all the parts of this prompt and use it as a tool as you write. Be sure to write in complete sentences, no text, spelling correct, and be as detailed and as specific as possible with your answers. Also, start a new paragraph every time you answer to a different part of a prompt, as you are switching to a new train of thought with explanation each time. (Think of how you would write it in essay form)

What words would you use to describe each of these characters? Based on these character traits, are you more like Holling or Bod?

We can say that Holling is a realistic character. Why?  Can we say the same thing about Bod?

How are these two boys alike, and how are they different? Think beyond the obvious.

Describe one favorite scene in each book that involves each of these characters and tell me why it is one of your favorites.