The Gnomist

Hi Students,

After watching the video, The Gnomist by CNN Films, please include the following ideas in one good paragraph. Be mindful of your sentence structure. And begin with an interesting lead sentence and end with something thoughtful for the reader.

Overall thoughts on the video…how did the story make you feel?

What is one theme? (the message, lesson, or moral of the story) Explain.

Anything else that you would like to say. (This could be your concluding sentences.)

Is Google Glass For You?

Welcome Back, Students!

Since I had many requests to find a prompt/video similar to the blog post on coding, this week’s post will continue the technology trend. No doubt you have heard about Google Glass.

First, respond to the question on the image. Be sure to back up your opinions with reasoning.

Next, visit the video link below, which is the latest video released by Google on Glass, and share your thoughts.


How It Feels (through Glass)



What Does It Mean To Code?

Students, please watch the full video and then share you thoughts: Your comment should reflect something you learned that you didn’t know before, express an opinion with backup reasoning, a connection to something you already know, or any other personal comment. Would you be interested in learning how to code if a class were offered in school? And how about some of those cool working spaces?