Utopia ~ Your “Perfect” Society

Students, we begin prereading discussions on The Giver by exploring utopias. By  definition, a utopia is an ideal and perfect society in which everyone lives in harmony and everything is done for the good of its citizens.

Describe what a “perfect” society means to you.

Who should be in charge of the “perfect” society?

Would you rather live in a “perfect” society or a flawed one?

Name some aspects of our society which are flawed and could be improved. What improvements would you make? (for example: more affordable health care, crime rate, etc. )

A new video was added to the page at the top. While the anniversary of 9/11 has passed us, this is an inspiring video of the boat lift evacuations of lower Manhattan. If you want to see true examples of heroism, watch this video. This is digital storytelling at its best.