Sea Camp 2010





Welcome back everyone from a great trip and a fun time. These are just a few pictures from Sea Camp; the rest will be posted in my photo gallery located on my profile page on the community site. Please take a look at the campfire videos posted at the top of this blog!

The blog post for this week is dedicated to Sea Camp. I would like for you to reflect on your time there. Please tell me what you learned from this trip and what you enjoyed most about this trip. What memories will you keep about the experience? What were the funniest moments? Your favorite snapshots?

I had a great time! My favorite snapshots? The morning wade at high tide, watching you play predator in the heart of Horseshoe Island,  Avery hiding right behind me, Chris running with mangrove branches in front of his face….. the mud! The nightlight lava lamp, the snuggies on the bus, my table group and teaching group….. and mainly………spending time with all of you and my teammates!!

For those of you who did not join us on this trip, please tell us what you did the three days we were gone. I am NOT interested in how much television you watched or anything like that. Try and answer the prompt questions above relating to things you did while we were gone.