What Young Adult Book Would You Have On The New York Times Best Seller List?

Students, this week’s blog prompt has to do with an independent reading book you have read so far this year. Please be sure you give the title of your book and author’s name.

Pretend you are a young adult book critic and work for the New York Times. You have been asked by your editor to write a review for a book that you feel should be on the best seller list. Without giving the ending away or any key plot surprises, tell your audience about the book you have chosen and why you think it should be on this list for teens. Information that should be included in your review are:

Describe the characters. Is the main character developed well? What is it about the character that you like so much?

When/Where does the story take place?…….talk about the setting and how it enhances the story

Plot or storyline? Did it keep you reading? Were you not able to put the book down? Why?

What is it about this book that you like so much and think it should be a must read for teens?

Remember, you are selling this book as one of the best young adult literature books. Maybe one of your classmates will want to read it next!

Please know that The Hunger Games trilogy is already on this list, so you cannot use any of these books!

What’s A Birthday Party Without A Gift?

cohdraNKNgft3This week’s prompt will ask you to discuss a character you know well from the independent reading book you are currently reading or one that you have recently finished.

Pretend that it is your character’s birthday and you have been invited to his/her/its birthday party. Based on what you know about your character, what kind of birthday party would your character have? What would be the theme and why?

What would be the perfect gift for your character that you would bring to the party? Remember, a gift doesn’t always have to be something material. You should answer both parts of the prompt based on what you know about the character from your reading of the story.

I am looking for the specific details……no generalizations. Be sure to tell what book (Book titles are in caps) the character is from and the character’s name. Do not give away the main plot line of your book as a classmate may want to read it based on what you write.

What Will You Pack? Why Will You Need It?

mtlsuitcase007This blog prompt has to do with your independent reading books. Please choose one main character from any of the novels you have read so far or from one that you are reading now. Pretend that you have been invited to spend a week with your character. What will you pack? What will you need to bring with you and why?

Please write a short essay explaining the items you are putting in your suitcase and the reasons for bringing them. You need to think about several things before answering to this prompt: character, setting, time/period, place and plot.

Be sure to identify your character by name and tell the reader the title of the book and its author. It is especially important that these names are spelled correctly.

I am looking for an essay with a clever intro, details and more details, and the reasons behind the choice of items. You should make connections back to the text in support of your reasoning. If you plan on packing an axe, for example, you need to tell me why you would need it in relation to its purpose in the book. Again, your comment should be at least four paragraphs, but it can be more.

I should be able to tell how well you understand your character and how well you understand the plot of your book by your response. If you have just started a new book, choose a main character from a book you have previously read.