What’s On Your Bookshelf?

Students, this week’s blog prompt has to do with independent reading. Out of all the independent reading (no class novels) that you have read this year, which top four books would you put on this bookshelf?

Be sure to give the title (capitalized and within quotation marks) and author of each book.

Explain why each book made it in the top four for the year. Do not give summary! There are obvious reasons why you enjoyed these books so much. Think in terms of character development, plot/action, setting, and overall message or theme. How did the story make you feel? Why do you like this author’s style of writing?

Maybe you will inspire others to read! And that’s a very good thing! 🙂

Someone’s Having A Birthday!

Hi Students!

This week’s post has to do with independent reading and the main character of your book. If you have just started a new book and don’t feel you know your character well enough yet to answer this prompt, then use the character from the book you just recently finished.

Pretend that it is your main character’s birthday, and he/she is having a party. Based on what you know about your character (either through descriptions and/or plot, storyline, or what other characters have told you) answer the following prompts:

1. What would be the theme of your character’s birthday party? The theme of something is the overall idea. Again this needs to relate to what you know about your character. Why this theme? If your character would choose to have a space themed party, for example, why do you know this from the reading of the book? Think outside the box.

2. What kinds of activities would your character have at his/her party? Why? (Based on what you know about your character from the reading)

3. What would be the perfect birthday present for your character? Remember…a present does not have to be a material thing. Think in terms of what you know about your character. What does your character want or need? Again be sure to tell the why based on your understanding of the content and how well you know your character.

Be sure to state the title of your book. (Capital Letters and within quotation marks here as you cannot underline or put in italics. And of course, be sure to tell us who your character is.)

Independent Reading ~ First Impressions

Hi Students!

By now you should be well enough into your first (or second) independent reading book for September and have some idea about the storyline and some initial opinions about your main character. (If you have just finished your first book and have not yet begun your second, answer this prompt based on your first book.)

Please tell what book you are reading and what impressions you have so far about the story. What do you like so far about your book? I don’t want a summary of the storyline, but rather how you feel about the story. What is it that keeps you reading? Is it the characters or the events or the setting? etc. Be specific with an example from the book.

1. You are telling the reader the title of your book and what it is about your book that you like so far.

2. You are giving an example from the book that shows why you like this story.

An example: You might be reading an adventure book and enjoy the thrilling action and of guessing what comes next. Give an example of an exciting part of the story so far. Maybe you love the book you are reading because the main character is a lot like you. Then you would give an example of how the two of you are alike. (These are just examples to get you thinking.) You are not copying the author’s words, but rather telling the reader using your own words.

Since you cannot underline or italicize a book title in a blog, please enclose the title within quotation marks and use capital letters like this: “The Red Pyramid”

Please don’t give away any spoilers about your book. Keep in mind that what you say might entice someone else to read this book. 🙂

To reply to a classmate: Click on the reply link directly under his/her name. To self edit: Click on the reply link directly under your name.

Someone’s Having A Birthday!

Students, this prompt has to do with the independent reading book you are currently reading.

Please choose a character from your book that you know well and pretend that it is his/her/its birthday. Based on what you know about this character from your reading, what would be the ultimate birthday gift? Remember, a gift doesn’t have to be something that you see. Explain why the gift you chose for this character is the perfect gift for him/her/it based on what you know from the story. Remember to give the character’s name and title of the book. (One quality paragraph)


I want to create a summer reading list for next year’s students based on your recommendations, and I need your help.

Please tell me your top two favorite books so far this year. (Title and author) In three sentences or less, write a general summary of the book (no spoilers) and indicate the intended audience. (Kind of like a book review) (Two short paragraphs)

What Do You Look For In A Good Book? ~~ Independent Reading

Quad Blogging begins this week!  Welcome students from Nespelem School,  Humphry-Davy School, and Brigantine Middle School! Please join our conversations!

Students, what defines a good book for you?

Do you look for characters you can connect with and feel passionate about?

Do you need action and a good storyline to keep you reading?

What about setting? Do you like to feel you are right alongside your characters based on the rich descriptions made by the author?

Do you want to learn something?

Independent reading has begun in earnest this week, and you all should be a good way into the beginning of your books. Without giving anything major away (remember, you want to get others excited about possibly wanting to read your book), what do you like about the book so far that you are reading? (Include some thoughts from the questions above.)

Please give the title of your book and author. Remember to skip spaces between paragraphs, and please leave a comment for at least one classmate.

For me, I measure a good book by the sheer fact I cannot put it down, and all I want to do is read…….even while I am preparing dinner (one time that lead to disastrous results!) or driving in the car…..stopping at red lights. I want to feel something about the characters, and I don’t want to be able to see anything coming! Even if it means throwing a book across the room because I was so upset at something that happened to a character…..yes, I did that. The fact that the author makes me feel a certain way is my definition of a good book.