Greek Nature and Constellation Myths: Fact or Fiction?

Hello Greek Mythology Explorers!

As you get ready to begin your research on your Greek god or Goddess or Greek demigod or hero, for inspiration, I thought it would be fun for you to watch some videos on Greek nature and constellation myths. This was previously assigned homework in preparation for this week’s blog post.

Please choose one of the myths (either a constellation or nature myth) and write a reflection. Include somethings you have learned, why you chose the myth, and do you believe the story is more fact (believable) or fiction (made up) and why?

One small paragraph

Greek Mythology: Nature Myths from Brenda Wooding on Vimeo.

Children of the Gods

Hi Students,

Soon you will begin your self-study on your Greek God or Goddess. To get you thinking, here is a fun writing prompt to consider. Please answer the prompt that is bolded. The term “Greek God” is used generally and also means Goddess. One good paragraph.

Screen Shot 2012-09-14 at 8.36.56 PM

Mt. Olympus Theme Park

Ground has broken and construction has begun on the Mt. Olympus theme park scheduled to open in two years. Using the research on your god or goddess, please design a ride or attraction that reflects the personality of your deity. Take some time to think your ideas through using the information you know to create something special. Unique attributes, divine powers, interesting or fun facts from a myth should be considered. Let your clever and creative juices flow! Your ride or attraction must have a name. Do not use any elements or ideas from a real theme park. Be descriptive and remember to separate paragraphs by putting in an extra return. Two paragraphs at the most. (Image courtesy of  Oh My Gods! Mythlopedia, Megan Bryant)

I can’t wait till the park opens!


Children of the Gods

Screen Shot 2012-09-14 at 8.36.56 PMHi Students!

What Greek god or goddess would you want for a parent and why? If you want to be creative and change things up a bit, you can write to:

If you could have any two gods or goddesses as parents, whom would they be?

Maybe you want to be a child composite (a little bit of several) gods or goddesses…

The point is to have some fun, share a little knowledge, and practice your writing skills.

One good paragraph with lots of thoughtful explanation. Watch out for those missing apostrophes and comma splices.