What’s in Your Care Package?

Students, please follow the directions on the image. One good, organized, and detailed paragraph is all you need. Be sure to pick five things and describe them, don’t just name them. In addition, be thorough in your explanations as to why you chose each item. Please don’t lump them together as some of you will want to do.

Think: maybe what you need right now is not a material thing; maybe it can be symbolized by something.Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 10.50.15 AM

What Color Are You?

Students, if you were to pick a color that describes or reflects you in some way, which color would that be and why?

Look at the color image and read the descriptions for each color. Pick one and tell how you fit that color with reasons that support your opinions. Remember to lead with a creative lead sentence, avoid repetition of sentences, sentences each beginning the same way, and end with a concluding sentence that wraps up your ideas. One paragraph.

When you have finished replying to this prompt, go back to last week’s conversation about a hero and read my reply to you: I took out one line from your writing that I thought was important. Take a few minutes to read yours and the stand-outs of your classmates.

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 7.02.55 PM

The Greatest Sandwich of All Time

We are nearing the end of September!

For this week’s prompt, we are working on adding those important details to our writing. Think of the books that you love…now think on why you love those stories. Without all the wonderful character descriptions, setting details, action details, etc. the writing would be boring, dull, uninteresting, and we just wouldn’t read. Think of the authors’ styles whose books you enjoy who bring those great stories to life….and how they write. You need to add the details to your writing, too. Whether it is for a creative write, a paper explaining a scientific procedure, or answers to a test, you must explain with details.

So, what is the greatest sandwich you have ever had? Explain it in detail, from top to bottom, using colorful and expressive adjectives and strong verbs. Make our mouths water! (Think of the mini lesson we have just had.)

Begin with a creative lead, add your descriptions and details, and end with a concluding sentence. One paragraph only. No story, no dialog. Make your points clearly and efficiently.

Be sure to show correct usage of the two comma rules we have learned so far: listing items in a series and connecting two independent clauses with a conjunction.

Also, do not restate the question in your first sentence: The greatest sandwich I have ever had is…do not do this!
Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 9.19.01 AM