The Sinking of the Titanic

Hi Students,

Please watch the short CGI video on how the Titanic sunk and then follow the directions on the image. One good paragraph and as always a creative lead and concluding sentence. If you do not have ear plugs just watch the video without sound; you’ll understand what is happening without the commentary.

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Judging a Book by Its Cover

Hi Students! I found this prompt and thought it would be an interesting one to answer. Please answer the questions on the image.

One good paragraph and you can list the four-five words written on a cover that would be perfect for you and on the last book you just read. DO NOT ANSWER TO THE QUESTIONS ON MOVIES, MUSIC, GAMES, AND THE LAST QUESTION.


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From All Of The Novels You Have Read So Far, Who Is Your Favorite Antagonist?

“It’s easy to pick our favorite main characters and heroes from our most beloved novels….but what about antagonists? What about anti-heroes and enemies and bad guys? They may not always act as main characters in the novels we read, but they play an important role and many times cause us to feel sympathy/empathy for situations we usually wouldn’t have those feelings for.

Who is your favorite antagonist? Explain why he/she is your favorite” (Write About).

Students, please begin your paragraph with an interesting lead and be sure to give the title of the book and the character (antagonist’s name) somewhere in your introductory lead sentences. The title of the book should be in capital letters and in this case enclosed within quotation marks. Remember to explain with details and give at least one example from the book to support your ideas.

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Choose a “Miniature” Story

Ready for some “miniature” stories? Using tiny model figures and food, Seattle-based artist Christopher Boffoli creates fantastic scenes that mimic everyday life! His collection, titled Disparity, is shown in galleries all across the United States.

Why did the artist start down this creative path? “The hand-painted figures that I work with are made for HO scale model train sets,” he tells us. “It is probably no coincidence that around age ten I had a large, elaborate model train layout that my father built for my brother and me. Everything about it was meticulously detailed. Especially with this train set, there was an infinite number of people, cars and buildings one could arrange on the landscape of a perfect little world.”I suppose there is in some part a god-like feeling to having command of an entire world which you can rearrange at any capricious whim. And no matter how messy the real world can become, everything always looks clean and perfect from above in the world of the model train layout.”

Students, please choose 1 image and write a three paragraph story about it. First paragraph should began with a creative lead, so it is clear we know which image you are writing to and then lead into the story. 

Second paragraph should contain the details about what is going on.

Third paragraph should finish up the details and end with a concluding sentence that wraps all your ideas up. Please no dialog.

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