Your Ideal Bookshelf

Hi Students,

Pretend you have an empty bookshelf in your room. FromĀ all the books you have read this year, which top three (3) would make your ideal bookshelf? Be sure to give the title of each book (using capital letters and enclosed within quotation marks) and explain why each book earns the honor of being on your ideal bookshelf. Three small paragraphs. (Remember to put in an extra return to indicate a new paragraph)

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What Is Your Ideal Bookshelf?


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Hi Students!

I can’t believe your sixth-grade year is coming to an end! Since the core of the sixth-grade English curriculum is literature and writing, I thought it would be a fitting prompt to end the year with a post related to that. Pretend that you have an empty bookshelf in your room. What top five books would you have on it?

At least two of the books should be from this year. When you write your paragraph, list your titles and briefly explain why each one deserves a place of honor on your shelf. Then tell us which book is your favorite (so far) of all and why.

Have a wonderful, fun summer break. I’ll continue to post interesting images and videos throughout the summer for our readers (as many international students attend school), if you would like to continue the conversation.

I enjoyed going through the sixth-grade journey with you! Please stop and say hello next year!

Mrs. Cobb