Minecraft City-State Project – A Reflection










Hi Students!

Please craft a one paragraph reflection on the Minecraft City-State project and include these ideas:

What was your favorite part of the project process?

What was easy and challenging?

How did you collaborate with others?

Any thoughts as to how to make the project even better next year?

Describe something you learned.

The Gnomist


Please respond to the following prompts in one good paragraph. Watch those incomplete and run-on sentences! Some of you are still having trouble with this.

How did this short movie make you feel? Why do you feel this way? Explain fully.

How has this family’s selfless act of kindness helped them and others?

Do you agree with the park ranger’s response?

Would you have done the same? Anything different?

Advice For a Character

Hi Students,

Please follow the directions under the image. Use the IR book you are reading or just completed for this writing assignment. Be sure to explain the “why” in relation to what has happened in the story.

One good paragraph and watch your sentence structure and spelling. Also, please tell your character’s name and book title. Remember book titles are in caps and the title is either underlined or in italics. Please do a good job editing!

What Would You Say to a Hominid?

Hi Students!!

If you could go back in time and talk to a Hominid (of your choice), what would you say?
What would be some things you would want to know?
What would be one question you would definitely ask?
What would you tell him/her about the 21st Century? Think.

One good paragraph and watch your sentences! (No silliness)

What Can You Make in a Tiny Kitchen?

Hi Students!

Welcome to your blog!

What is tiny Kitchen? Tiny Kitchen, created by Tastemade, is all about creating real, edible tiny food made with tiny tools in a tiny (dollhouse-sized kitchen).

The idea for a tiny cooking show came from one of Tastemade’s Japanese partners, who sent them a box filled with a tiny stove, tiny utensils, and a set of tiny cutting boards.

Miniatures have long been popular in Japan due to the cultural dominance of kawaii, or all things cute, but making minuscule edible food — rather than polymer clay copies — is the newest incarnation of that trend.

A lot more goes into creating a new recipe than math. In addition to rewriting existing recipes to fit the mini serving sizes, jury-rigging ways to fry teensy taco shells (bending a paperclip into something like a frying basket) or figuring out how to deal with eggs (use part of a quail egg, the smallest commercially available variety) is part of the process.

And forget gas or electricity — this mini stove is heated by a tealight. Since the volume of food being cooked is so small, the candle provides more than enough energy to melt butter or boil water. In fact, things often cook too quickly. Burgers take no more than a few seconds on each side. (Tastemade)

Is this something you would like to try to do?
How difficult do you suppose this would be?
What would be challenging about this? Think. Anything easy?
If you were to prepare something, say a favorite meal or food item, in a tiny kitchen, what would that be? What would you need?

1. Be sure you are logged into the blog before writing. (Check upper right hand corner for your name.)
2. Open Pages and type. Use spellcheck and read aloud with a partner to check for run-on sentences.
3. Clink on the Comments link under the blog title to post.
4. Copy your writing from Pages and paste into text box. (You may have to scroll down the page to get to it.)

One good-sized paragraph that answers to all of the above prompts. You must write in complete sentences using correct punctuation.

ONLY when you have posted to the blog may you watch some other tiny Kitchen videos via the link below.