Survey Says…

What does the survey say? Well, as we know, a hero is someone who wholeheartedly helps another or others out of the kindness of his/her heart even if it is risky to his/her own life and health. In the past couple of weeks, there was a tragic event that ended up leading a man to be hailed as a hero. Who was the man and why was he so important? Also, can you think of any other people who are currently or have recently been viewed as heroes?

Interesting “Outsider” Video

Sidney Poitier

In addition to Mrs. Cobb and Skyler’s posts, I decided to compile one of my own. Please take the time to watch this video pertaining to being an “outsider”. I hope you enjoy it. What were your thoughts of the video? Did anything stand out to you? Were you confused about any other material the video covers? Also, feel free to write any other thoughts. Thank you!