Big Appetites: Tiny People in a World of Big Food – By Photographer Christopher Boffoli





















Hi Students!

Please choose ONE image to write on.

A creative three paragraph story (intro, details, conclusion) based on what you see in the image is the goal for this week’s prompt.

You may write from first person perspective or third person. If you choose to use dialog, remember those quotation marks and commas. Each time someone new speaks, you must drop down to a new line. Watch those run-on and incomplete sentences, and I want to see the use of effective commas.

The way you begin your story should clearly tell the reader which image you are responding to. Please DO NOT begin with: “I chose the image of…to write on.” Peer edit with a classmate before posting.

The bio on Christopher Boffoli is from the website, and all images are courtesy of Christopher Boffoli. They truly are amazing and tell wonderful stories…which one will you tell?




Magnus Chase and Paradox Ingredients

Paradox ingredients (things that do not exist) are very difficult to craft with, very dangerous. Gleipnir contained the footfall of a cat, the spittle of a bird, the breath of a fish, the beard of a woman…Andoskoti, the Adversary is woven with the most powerful paradoxes in the Nine Worlds – Wi-Fi with no lag, a politician’s sincerity, a printer that prints, healthy deep-fried food, and an interesting grammar lesson (Riordan 321-322).

1. Students, think of an item…any item (no silliness or ridiculousness here) and give it a creative name.

2. Describe what this new item does, its purpose.

3. Then give it four Paradox Ingredients. You’ll have to really think and be creative. Remember, paradox ingredients are things that do not exist. 

My Example: The most powerful seashell in the world is the Beachtrinket. With it, you can hear the ocean, waves, and seagulls loud and clear as if you were actually at the beach. Very relaxing! It is created from a windless hurricane, the glare from the moon, the speed of a turtle, and a long lasting battery.

DO NOT borrow any of these ideas.

One good paragraph. I’ve seen too many run-on sentences, spelling errors, apostrophe errors, and me and my….yikes!!

Minecraft City-State Project – A Reflection










Hi Students!

Please craft a one paragraph reflection on the Minecraft City-State project and include these ideas:

What was your favorite part of the project process?

What was easy and challenging?

How did you collaborate with others?

Any thoughts as to how to make the project even better next year?

Describe something you learned.

The Gnomist


Please respond to the following prompts in one good paragraph. Watch those incomplete and run-on sentences! Some of you are still having trouble with this.

How did this short movie make you feel? Why do you feel this way? Explain fully.

How has this family’s selfless act of kindness helped them and others?

Do you agree with the park ranger’s response?

Would you have done the same? Anything different?

Advice For a Character

Hi Students,

Please follow the directions under the image. Use the IR book you are reading or just completed for this writing assignment. Be sure to explain the “why” in relation to what has happened in the story.

One good paragraph and watch your sentence structure and spelling. Also, please tell your character’s name and book title. Remember book titles are in caps and the title is either underlined or in italics. Please do a good job editing!