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Welcome to the web blog pages of sixth grade English. Here you will find discussions on independent reading, classroom literature ( Navigating Early, The Hobbit, Okay For Now, Moon Over Manifest, and Kiki Strike: Inside the Shadow City), poetry, creative writing, and general reflections of the world around us. Our theme this year is exploring the hero’s journey.

We love our school, give back to the community in many ways, and care about our environment.

We are explorers, researchers, presenters, creators, and writers. We are 21st century learners.

Please join our conversations and contribute your thoughts as we write out loud.



  1. G’day,
    I noticed you had put your class blog on the list at the Edublogger and I was wondering if you and your class might be interested in taking part in a student blogging challenge for a ten week period starting in March 2009?

    A new activity would be put on my class blog every week for students to have a go at. It would involve writing comments, writing posts, improving their blog, visiting other students’ blogs and so on. Students can do as much or as little of the activities as you or they have time for.

    You can register either a class blog or each student can register their own blog if they have them. Please register here:

    Students who took part in the challenge last year are running a collaborative blog with their teachers here:

    Last year we had nearly 500 students from nine countries of the world taking part.

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  3. Great website. I am a new teacher and am looking for ideas on how to start students’ blogging in my classroom. Any suggestions or tips on how to get started off on the right track?

  4. This blog is pretty amazing. As a 10th grade English teacher I am impressed by the level of sophistication that I see in many of the posts and assignments. The use of assignments to increase background knowledge and to connect to other content areas is an essential part of understanding and growing as a learner. You have inspired me and I hope to set something like this up for my classes. Thank you!

  5. Hi Mrs. Cobb!
    We miss blogging with you and your classes. We have been busy working on a campaign to Save The Orangutan. If you have some time, please visit our orangutan blog at to see what we have been doing and why we want everyone to join in the fight to keep the orangutan from becoming extinct in the wild. Thank you. We hope you are having a great year!

  6. Dear Mrs. Cobb,

    I am learning about blogging this summer and plan to start blogging with my class we we return to school in August. I teach language arts to grades 6-8 in Venice, Florida. I am very impressed by the caliber of writing of your students, as well as with the readings and assignments they are completing. Gary Schmidt is one of my favorite writers; we have read The Wednesday Wars in class, and Okay for Now is one of our summer reading choices. We are also fans of The Bard! I loved your assignment about touring Stratford-on-Avon. The kids obviously had fun imagining their trip.

    Our blog address is
    We will be up an running by the end of August.
    I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer and that you have a good school year.

    Mrs. Donofrio

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