What if Adults Started Acting Like Children?

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For today’s blog post, follow these three steps:

  1. Read the poem handout titled: Growing Down by Shel Silverstein. Do not mark on the handout as it needs to be collected at the end of class.
  2. Watch the video below titled: If Adults Acted Like Toddlers (Video is on a Google slide so be sure to click on Present to view.)
  3. Answer the following questions:

What would it be like if the adults in your life suddenly started acting like children?

What traits do you attribute to childhood?  If you have a short funny story about when you were young, feel free to share! 🙂

Do you think there are some childlike traits that adults should adopt to lead happier lives? If so, which ones?

One good paragraph…watch sentences and punctuation

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  1. If adults acted like kids then kids would have a lot more responsibility because they would have to be the adults. If that happened then the children would have to same feeling that the adults have. When I think of childhood I think of being stubborn and fearless, also when your a kid you don’t think before you do. I think if adults didn’t worry about the little things so much then their life would be a lot easier.

  2. If adults suddenly acted like children I think it wouldn’t work out. It wouldn’t work out because there is no respect or like right and wrong because if there was no person to know that if you do something there is consequences. Like if you climb a tree you will fall. A trait I would think of would be fearless because children could climb a tree and not get nervous but even now I am scared to climb trees. A childlike trait that adults should adopt would be don’t get so offended and don’t take everything so seriously. Like now in the world everyone is so offended by everything g like nobody could take a joke.

  3. I think it would be very funny, because if this was true then my dad and I would play baseball every day. Also, my mom and I would play so many board games like monopoly, uno, and Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit. Some traits would be fun, careless, and Fun loving. Some traits that would be funny to see if my parents adopted would be, Careless, Crazy, and Fun. It would be fun to see my Dad climbing on the roof, and jumping on the trampoline, and my mom leaping off the high dive and going to search a creek.

  4. If my parents started acting like toddlers it would be funny but bad at the same time. Seeing your parents playing around would be funny, but who would take care of you. When we were younger we would yell at anytime or do thing we were not supposed to do. When we were young we also were very stubborn. Instead of us being in a stroller our parents would need a stroller. As kids we play video games a lot. When are parents ask us to do chores we say yes, but never get it done. If my parents yelled in public I would pretend that I am not related to them. Also who would get food for us our parent would just put their hands on the stove. If my parent were playing video games who is going to be doing taxes or writing checks. If our parents acted like toddlers it would be funny, but not good for us.

  5. If adults in my life started to act like children my life would both improve and get worse. For example, it would be better because I feel like there wouldn’t be a lot of rules and my parents wouldn’t be so stressed and more laid back. But my parents wouldn’t be able to sit down all day at work and would most likely lose their job. When I was a child I acted very propulsive and didn’t really think before I acted or the consequence that would come if I did do the action. But I was also very curious about how things were made and worked. One trait I wish adults did have that children have is being more laid back and less stressed. Life is to short to get stressed or mad about things.

  6. If my parents started acting like toddlers, that would be SO WEIRD. I don’t know how I would fix them. I don’t think I would be comfortable with the way they are acting, Children traits could be stubborn and no fear. They just do things without thinking about it. The best child traits for adults would be to be athletic and do child things like play games or be happy.

  7. If my parents started acting like children, I would have to walk to school there and back by myself. I would also probably have to cook myself and my decision making would get better because I’m making a lot of them. When you are a child, you tend to be arrogant, stubborn and irresponsible. Thus, I would have to guide my parents and make lots of decisions. One thing adults should have is curiousity. I think this because curiously helps us learn, and if we have more educated adults then the world would be a more peaceful and a better place in general.

  8. I think that would be terrible. If they were kids who would take care of me if they were kids they would be jumping on tables wasting money onto us with their credit card. My dad already acts like a child when ever he play fights with us. And he would be breaking glasses and everything. I attribute comedy or being funny and athletic because if you never do that then you won’t have a good child hood. So no I do not think parents should grow down I think they should be the same but have a little fun sometimes and a little sense of humor.

  9. If adults in my life suddenly started acting like children then everything would be chaos. There would be no rules and nothing done. If my mom or dad started acting like children then there would also be no taxes done and they could get arrested. My mom and dad have so much to do with my life that I basically would not be able to do anything. Some traits of kids are being stubborn, fearless, and relaxed. I think that if my parents became more relaxed, and less stressed then a lot would change and they would be happier.

  10. If adults started to act like children that would first of all be strange, but they would be goofy and silly and just let out all the stress that they were holding in. If my parents became toddlers they would probably do a lot of stuff that I was not even aloud to do. They would jump on beds, act how they want to act, stick their faces in ice cream, be stubborn, be crazy, do what they want to do in the moment not what happened in the past. If my parents were to adapt to childhood traits the best one for them would be more silly and not so stressed.

  11. If my parents and uncle started acting like children the house would be a gigantic mess food would be everywhere they probably would have eaten anything small and everything would be fun. We would probably have 100000 pets. I don’t know what we would do! We wouldn’t know anything, there would be no jobs. We would just play all day, it would be so fun! Some traits I attribute to childhood are messy, noisy, not responsible, impatient, no fear, tons of energy and endless happiness. I think if adults tried some of these or all of these then no one would ever have any reason to be unhappy or stressed ever again. Everyone would get along and everybody would be included.

  12. My life would be very chaotic if my parents began acting like children. My life is practically run by my mom. She literally makes most decisions. If my mom wasn’t as much as an adult my life would be a complete train wreck. My brother would go on a rampage. Also we would be in major debt. I attribute being impulsive and having an “I don’t care about the consequences” attitude. Most kids really don’t care were procrastinating will get them in life and just do whatever they want off of an impulse, I feel it would be good for my parents to take on a more relaxed and less of a stressful life. This would be good because being less stressed would cause them to lead a happier life.

  13. If my teachers started to act like children we would never have any tests, quizzes or ever learn anything! We would probably just go outside and play all day. They would eat ice cream and nothing healthy all the time. A trait that many kids have is stubbornness. Many kids are so stubborn that they don’t want to eat their broccoli or clean their room. Another trait is spontaneous. I wish that more adults had this trait because they could have more fun being in the moment. This might just make many people more happy

  14. It would be funny and strange if adults started acted like children. They would scream and be crazy. The adults would not care how they dressed or what people thought about them. They would get ice cream for dinner. When you are a little kid you do not worry,you explore,you can play when ever, and you don’t think you just do. I think adults should not worry as much.

  15. If adults started acting like children then I think the whole world would go into kaos because no one would be able to do important jobs. I think being a child is doing things just for the fun of it and not thinking about the consequences. I think adults should think of having more fun. For example my mom goes on business trips a lot and in her free time she sees the sights and things like that. My dad also gets home just before it gets dark so that we can play catch with a football. I think all adults should have fun even though they work.

  16. If adults acted like kids all of sudden it would be really weird because we’ve always seen them as like the adults, the parents that make the rules and if they acted like a toddler id be a little creeped out. I also feel like it would be pretty cool to because your parents could understand why you always do weird things and why its so fun for you to do them. A trait of childhood is that you don’t really have any responsibilities to do anything. Also when you do something weird or funny then adults think its cute and they just laugh. Adults should be a little more loosey goosey but not to much because adults have to do things for a reason and kids cant just run there own life they need there parents.

  17. If adults in my life suddenly acted like children then it would be hard to get them under control because we were originally taught how to do things by our parents so we would be returning the favor by teaching them not to do that or not to mess with that or don’t touch that. When I think of childhood I think of innocence and happiness because toddlers just have fun in life and they don’t really care about the bad things nor do they know about them. I think that adults should have the trait of happiness because when I think of my parents they can be stressed and busy with normal things like work, bills, taxes, etc. Adults should be happier so then that would make their kids happier.

  18. My life would be messed up. Because one of the things I do most is ride in my car, like to soccer and school. And if my parents acted like toddlers, they can’t drive! Because they would just do whatever and crash! Also, if I had a question on homework or needed someone to help me study, they couldn’t because they haven’t taken sixth grade classes! Toddlers are very irresponsible and emotional. Irresponsible by taking things they aren’t supposed to take and drinking stuff they aren’t supposed to drink…. Also, emotions really take control of a toddler sometimes, like when they don’t want to walk. They just sit down and cry. I believe that there is two traits that parents could us more. One is forgiveness. Like if I messed up in school or broke something (not that I have done this) , they oiled forgive me and I wouldn’t do it again. Also, just childishness. Because then, my parents would do stuff with me and take me on adventures and that would be fun.

  19. If all the adults in my life started acting like children in my life I would not like that. I would feel like I need someone to take care of me and they are all toddlers. Also I feel like that would be mess. I would have to take care of everybody at my house and it would be so annoying. It’s one of those things that it would be fun for a day and then you would get mad. There are many traits that adults would have I feel like the most common one would be a break down. I think that sometimes adults should enjoy life more. Like for example they should jump in puddles and play with you

  20. If all the adults started acting like toddlers, it would be strange, and mysterious what caused all the adults to start acting like this and why. Traits that you attribute to childhood would be creativity, and your drive to do something I would also say this never changes because adults have used their imagination to create some of the most extraordinary things on earth. Traits that adults should adopt from childhood to lead happier lives would probably be to stop worrying about the world and what is wrong and just relax.

  21. If the adults in my life acted like children, it would be very unusual and surprising because adults are usually responsible and mature, unlike children. If my parents acted like children then my siblings and I would have no one to take care of us and make us dinner or drive us places. Some traits I attribute to childhood are careless, emotional, silly, joyful, and crazy. I feel that adults should adapt being more careless and not caring what others think of them as much, and they should just be themselves

  22. If the adults in my life started acting like children, then it would be a mess. Nothing would be clean or organized and I would be freaked out. My house would be very messy. Traits that attribute to childhood are not being responsible and not caring about the problems in life. They also don’t notice what is happening around them and are very unreasonable. I think that adults should start taking life less seriously and be more loose and not so uptight. I believe they should have more fun and go play games too.

  23. If adults in my life all of a sudden started acting like toddlers then I would use it as an advantage to find all the chocolate hidden by my mom. I would get her into telling me where it is. Also, I would be kinda freaked out about it. After freeking out I would go find all my friends and go eat for free at Mcdonalds and chick-fil-a.
    There are many traits an adult-child would have but I feel that the most common one would be mental breakdown. Also acting immature and silly. I feel that some adults are a little stuck up and they should let go sometimes. I think that maybe they should go dance in the rain. Also maybe having fun with friends and putting all stressful things aside.

  24. If all the adults in my family acted like toddlers it would be very chaotic. Nobody would take control, and everything would be a mess and everyone would be irresponsible. They are aloud to have fun, but they still need to be responsible. Who would take care of us and cook us food. When we were toddlers we where annoying, loud, crazy, reckless, touching everything, and irresponsible. Some traits that adults should have is have fun is not be so serious all the time and live your life. Adults should take a break from working all the time.

  25. If my parents started acting like children I would be a little confused. My parents do, do fun stuff with me and my family. We play sports together and play games. But if they started acting like children it would be a little weird. For example telling us to help them do homework, study and make them food. When your a toddler you don’t know what to do. Like there will be a stove that is hot and they will just touch it. They do not have any fear of anything and just do it. Toddlers always cry. If they don’t get what they want then they will cry. If adults wanted to have a happier live then I think adults should play some sports. With other adults and have some fun and not have to think about work. Another example would be playing board games and video games.

  26. If adults suddenly started acting like children, it would actually be kind of fun. It would be more entertaining. It would be a lot like that movie ‘Opposite Day,’ a movie where parents became kids, and the kids become the parents. It’s pretty self-explanatory. It would just be funny to see what it would be like.
    Some characteristics that kids have is getting excited about the smallest things, and then the next moment they could be crying because of something so small. It’s that easy. Their emotions can change so fast.
    There are plenty of things that adults could do that kids already have done. The joyfulness of kids and how they’re always glowing on the inside is something adults could better.

  27. If the adults in my life suddenly started acting like children, then that would be very weird. I can’t imagine my mom acting like a child since she is usually pretty strict. I don’t know how I would get food, since I can’t cook food. But since adults don’t know how to use money I could take all their money and get food. I am super careless like a child sometimes also… I think adults could learn to let things go easier to be more happy in life.

  28. If adults suddenly started acting like children, my mom wouldn’t make her amazing dinners anymore. Instead, she would be playing with the mixing bowls and combing her hair with the dustpan. My dad, instead of gardening, would most probably be tearing up the hibiscus petals and cutting his hand on the sharp blades of lemongrass outside. At work, everyone would be playing and nothing would get done, except for making buildings out of legos, and then destroying them like King Kong! Nobody would ever go shopping because everyone would be throwing temper tantrums. The only shopping that would be happening would be for candy and pastries, because punishment would be eating veggies (like cauliflower). I remember when I was young, I loved movie theaters because of the stairs (which I ran up and down constantly). If adults turned into children, they would go to movie theaters to run on the stairs, and not to watch the movie. It’d be chaotic, but very fun. Adults should adapt a few things that kids have, like having fun more often. If all adults had fun more often, like at least once a week, more adults would be loose and not up-tight. Adults would be more happy in their workspace was outside and they had game breaks every few hours. I believe they should wear tee-shirts and shorts, and not tuxedos to interviews.

  29. If the adults in my life started acting like children would think it’s funny because they aren’t acting their age, but as time passes it would probably get really annoying. It would also be fun because they would do the things you do. They are silly, not really smart, and you can’t reason with them. Because they are just baby’s, and they don’t understand anything really. I think adults should mess around, and be silly like toddlers. Because the kids then can have better time playing with their parents because they are like the kids.

  30. If adults acted like children, I think there could be multiple different outcomes. If the adult is 1-4, it would be chaotic because they would be loud, jump on beds, jump in puddles, and scream. They would always wan to go to the toy store, get a puppy, and eat lollipops. If they are 4-7, then they are a bit more mature because they are now getting older, and they understand they can’t always get what they want.

  31. If the adults in my life started acting like children, they wouldn’t set a good example for me. I wouldn’t be able to go to school because they wouldn’t be able to drive their car. They wouldn’t be able to teach me how to live in the real world. Also you wouldn’t make many memories with them because their acting like children. When your a child you really don’t care about what’s going on and you don’t think about the stuff that you do. You would do a lot of silly things. I don’t think that parents should adopt some children traits because then they wouldn’t act their age and every thing would be off to you.

  32. I think it would be fun for a while if my parents acted like toddlers but in the long run I would miss there old selves. I attribute many traits to a toddler but some of the main ones are banging pots and pans with a utensil or stick. There’s also jumping on beds and couches. But the one that I did the most was hide in small and claustrophobic places just for the sake of jumping out and scaring someone. Now I know for a fact that I would not like to have this done to me. I think some adults could adopt play time into their lives. I know this sounds silly but play is a great stress reliever and many adults don’t realize that stress can lead to sickness and an overall unhealthy life. Also I think not only adults but everyone should adopt naptime into their daily schedules. This would definitely make a person more happy and more efficient during the day.

  33. I would hate it if adults acted like children because who would drive and make the money. One of my attributes from when I was a child is my parents had to put a backpack with a leash on it so they wouldn’t loose me.

  34. I think that it would be funny and chaotic at the same time, because then they would act like me and then there would be no adult. I say that childhood is a time of sensitive emotions and a lot of i want this, I want that. I remember when i first learned how to swing on my own when i was five i went as high as i could. With out thinking about the consequences I jumped off of the swing and i then fell face first into the ground. I think that they should take up the trait of goofiness and to have more joy.

  35. If my parents suddenly started acting like children, I think my house would be crazy. I would probably be the only one sane enough to try to keep the house clean. If my parents turned to children I would definitely have to give them kid toys so they wouldn’t wreck the house. I think to be a child, you need to be very inquisitive. Children always want to know what you’re doing and then they want to do it too. They’re very careless and they need a lot of attention. My mother told me that when I was four, she found me sleeping in the fridge. I was just there in the biggest shelf, sleeping. I didn’t even know (and still don’t know) how I got there. I think that parents need to adopt the trait of acting free. My parents are always so serious and I think my mom needs a vacation.

  36. I would be very surprised if the adults in my life started acting like children but I would also be like HECK YEAH, I can do whatever I want because there is no one here to supervise me. Some of the traits I attribute to childhood are: just not caring about little details in life, being really annoyed when told to do something you do not want to do. You also want to do no work whatsoever and have fun all the time. But of course life is not all fun. To a lead happier life I feel like adults should adopt some childish traits. Not all, but some. One of the traits I feel like they should adopt is, the trait of not caring. This way they won’t care as much about what their kids are doing all the time. They should trust their kids to get their work done on time and balance extracurricular as well. It would take a lot of stress off of them and they would lead happier life.

  37. If kids in my life acted like children I would be happy. Yet again I don’t think they would do their jobs because children refuse to do hard work. It would be fun because they would finally get what it’s like being child and they wouldn’t ruin the fun. Children are very hyper, love candies, and won’t listen to their parents. I didn’t listen to my parents when I was little so when they told me not to touch the fire on the stove I touched it. So I burned my hand and go a first or second degree burn. A childlike trait that parents should adopt is don’t think about the bad things. If you think about the bad things a lot you will not be happy.

    1. Derek I agree with you a lot! If you don’t focus on happy or good things your life will be a drag. What I mean by drag is that it would be very boring and would make you feel good about yourself.

  38. If adults suddenly started acting like children, my sister and I would have to take care of my parents. My dad wouldn’t go to work because he wouldn’t get anything done, and my mom wouldn’t be able to take care of my sister and I. I would have to mature them up so they can take care of me. It would be like teaching a four year old. The traits I attribute to childhood is curious, imaginative, and creative. I think their should be some childlike traits that would lead to happier lives, like creativity and imagination.

  39. If my parents started acting like toddlers, I would be so confused! I would not be prepared to take care of my parents! I would have to do everything they want because if I say no, they would scream and cry. I would have to make dinner for them. I would also have to help them go potty! Which would be weird. They would wake up early and they would never go to bed! I would have to give them a bath. When I was a little kid, I would never want to take baths, but when I had to get out, I never wanted to. I might have to teach them how to read or how to say the alphabet. All of that is hard work! When I was little, I loved lollipops so much! One day, when my mom hid them from me because I had too many already, I was so obsessed with them that I found a way to get them from the top of the cabinet! I was only about three! Then, my mom found me in the corner sucking on three lollipops at one time! I think it would be very hard work to take care of my parents being a toddler!

  40. If my parents started to act like children, I could a lot of stuff. They would just scream an cry. I see children as very hyper and energetic. They are also very moody so if they want something they would scream and cry until they got it. If adults didn’t have to o taxes or anything like that they could be a lot happier.

  41. If adults in my life started acting like children, it would be hilarious. Even though it would be hilarious it would also kind of be weird because then my mom would be acting like a child when she is teaching. It would be weird and hilarious. I could also eat whatever I wanted too. Even though it would be funny I feel like I would be annoyed with them because they would constantly want you and annoy you. Some attributes to childhood would be messy, silly, annoying, emotionallye sensitive, happy, and etc. Some things that adults should adopt to happier lives would be happier than being grumpy and acting like adults all the time. Adults should also play with their kids more, so kids are happier and can spend time with their parents.

  42. If my parents started acting like toddlers then I have a feeling that laundry would take a while and we would be eating a lot of cereal because I don’t know how to cook or do the laundry. Also we would probably lose our water and our electricity, but at least I won’t have to go to school, so that’s a plus. Also if my parents acted like toddlers we wouldn’t be getting any money, so that’s not very good. The traits I would attribute would be that they can be very hyper and not very smart. I think parents should adopt the creativity of a toddler because I think they would be able to relate to their children more.

  43. If adults in my life started acting like children it would feel and be weird. It would be funny knowing someone that is a lot older than me, and is acting younger. For example your mom comes out wearing backwards and inside-out clothes while sucking her finger. Some of the childhood traits I attributed to included sucking my finger, screaming and crying if I didn’t get something I wanted, and being stubborn. For example, when I was little I was stubborn with eating. I would not eat at all. As a result of this, my parents took me to an eating specialist and brought food with them. There, I scarfed all of the food down right away with no hesitation. I believe adults should be more like kids by not stressing over something so much. I believe adults should relax and enjoy every minute of life.

  44. If adults starred acting like children, then nothing would be done. This is because they wouldn’t want to go to work (which is like school) ,cook or clean. Also all they would do is hurt themself and or make a giant mess. I would love to dump Legos on the floor and build with them. I also enjoyed building forts. But I enjoyed the building phase and not the putting away and cleaning phase. Somethings I would even just cry to get my parents attention. I think that adult should have more energy. This is because if they have more energy they can keep up with their kid and have more fun.

  45. I think that if adults acted like children it would be very bad for everyone. If everyone’s parents started acted like they were toddlers then jobs would not get done, and they would probably hurt themselves because they wouldn’t know any better. It would overall be a terrible thing. Ways a child might act are senile and naive, but not necessarily stupid. They just don’t know any better. They will also act goofy and crazy. They will never do things you say or things that make sense, because they don’t know how to act yet. Things that could improve an adults life that are done by children is being hyper and waking up early. If adults didn’t need coffee and woke up how kids can they could get lots more done.

    1. I agree it would be very bad and would mess up how the kids and everyone else acts. If the acted crazy and goofy it would be terrible!

  46. I believe that if our parents started acting like toddlers… Us kids would lose our minds! I thinks this because they would make a mess and they would probably be very annoying. Now I know what the parents feel like. A few traits I attribute to is how when I was younger I loved to play! Mainly with legos but also I loved to make little forts and play with little matchbox cars! I also loved to explore. I would sometimes touch things my parents said not to. For an example if the clearly said DON’T touch something I wouldn’t even think about it. I would touch it. I also loved to make comics. I didn’t like to share. That became a problem with two sisters. A little story about my childhood was I was making a comic and my sister asked if she can see I said ok but don’t touch, she does the same thing I do. She touched it I wasn’t happy. I think that adults should use the exploration trait because the need to get out there and stay active! It’s lots of fun!

  47. If the parents and the mature people turned into toddlers then the world would go into chaos and the world would fall apart. I’ve heard from my parents that I was a very crazy kid and hiper. I had a time where my parents were trying to teach me the word boat but I would call it baboat so that stuck around and now it is a family joke.

  48. If adults started acting like children, it would be pretty interesting. I would probably be a mess because my parents wouldn’t be mature enough to assist me if I needed assistance. I would have to walk to and from school and have to deal with taxes. I would also have to help my parents with everyday tasks. They would probably be very stubborn and have a tantrum every five seconds. They would also rely on me for everything and do the opposite of what other people say. But, they would also be less stressed and enjoy the little things in life. I think that
    adults should adopt some traits that children are known for. If they had really no worries or fears, they would be a lot less stressed in their daily life. That would probably lead them to happier lives!

  49. If all the adults in my life had suddenly started acting like children, then we wouldn’t have much school because all the teachers would also start acting like toddlers. The traits that I attribute to my childhood are, care-free, I can do anything, and that I could have fun all day. A funny story I have from my childhood is that when my dad told me to not touch a sharp knife, I had climbed up onto the counter and grabbed the knife by its handle. I didn’t know what to do with it, so I threw the knife onto the floor and continued to climb on the counter. A childlike trait that adults should adopt to lead happier lives would be to try to have less cares in the world.

  50. If adults acted like toddlers the kids would not learn and they won’t do any thing else but play. Adults take care of you but if they were toddlers then we would have to take care of they. Also they would play with you. The house would be a mess because the adults would just throw things everywhere. Traits that attribute to toddlers that they don’t share and they always cry. They want everything to go there way. The are very curious Also they don’t have reason they just do what they want. When I was a toddler I liked spider man so I used drew on my face with blue, red, and black sharpie for a spider man mask. The next day I went to school my teacher freaked out and it didn’t come out for 3 days.

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