The Gnomist

After watching The Gnomist video, please answer the following prompts:

How did this short movie make you feel? Why do you feel this way? Explain fully.

How has this family’s selfless act of kindness helped themselves and others?

Do you agree with the park ranger’s response? Would you have done the same as he did? Would you have done something different? Explain.

One good paragraph. Watch those incomplete and run-on sentences!


  1. This made me feel good and it made me feel sad that a small community was there. Then at the ed the creators of the houses needed leave and the city wanted them to take down the village. It was sad because the houses brought joy to those around but the city wanted them to take it down. They helped out hers because it brought joy to the others who saw it and it was a peaceful area where people could chill. This helped them because t was a way of getting stress out and it made the family happy to see that their creations are making other people happy. I feel that the park ranger did not do the right thing because people were wondering where the house went. You could tell that the creator and other people where worried that the house was gone. The park ranger could have left a note asking who the creator is or put surveillance cameras around the houses to see who is putting new things. I would have put surveillance cameras over the park, left notes asking, and I would wait at night to see who I coming to add something. Then I would ask the person or people questions and talk about problems and how to handle them.

  2. This movie made me feel sad and mad. I got mad because the city made the take down the gnome houses and it was honestly dumb that they outdone do that. I was sad because the kid died and I feel bad for the parents. It helped themselves to get their mind off of moving so they would not be sad. I helped the other family because they lost their daughter and the lady made a house for the girl. If I was the park ranger i would leave the houses there because everyone loves them and it was bringing people in so i think it was the worst decision ever.

  3. At the beginning of the video it made me feel joyful, when I saw that family putting out tiny little houses out to get their minds off moving and and the parents getting divorced. At the end of the video when the park ranger told them they had to take the houses down I felt unhappy and miserable for all the people who had a big impact on the houses. The family who made the houses had a major impact on people. The family who lost their three year old loved the gnome houses because it gave them a place to bring there thoughts together. They also just brought joy to people. The family who came up with this idea first did it for them so they could get their minds off of the divorce and moving. I don’t agree with what the park ranger did, but I do get that he was just doing his job. I disagree with what they did because it brought people joy and brought there minds to different things and got kids to believe in fairies.

  4. This short movie made me feel sad and happy. I felt sad because of the little owl story but I felt happy that someone did something about it. Their reaction was so happy which made me feel happy too. The family’s act helped themselves and other people because they were expressing their feelings through building little gnome houses. It’s a really cute way to express your feelings. I do not agree with the park ranger’s response because everyone seems to love them and the people who made them was going through a lot because the family had to move a lot. I would not have banned the gnome houses because I love people who express their feelings through art. I felt bad when they had to take the houses down.

  5. The video made me feel bad for the families because of what they have been through.It also made me feel happy for the families because they have to deal with their losses and problems and it made the process easier for them.It helped others through hard problems but also them through their divorce.I don’t agree with what the park ranger did because of how it was helping other people and I would not made them take the homes down.

  6. The movie made me feel very happy inside because the way that the family made others happy. Like when they made the little owl house. The family act of kindness helped themselves by making them happy. It also made all of the others who saw the houses happy. I would not have done the same as the park ranger and took them down because. I would let the houses stay because all of the people liked them.

  7. This short movie mad me feel happy and sad. It mad me happy because it was making the forrest more popular and fun. It also made the people happy and satisfied with the little gnome house. The family’s selfless act helped them by forgetting about the bad things and start thinking about the good things. I didn’t agree with the park rangers act because all the people were having fun while being at the forest and looking in the little gnome houses. I would not do the same thing as the park ranger. I would let the gnome houses stay because it gave joy to the people.

  8. This short movie made me feel sad. I feel this way because this family brought joy to the forest and to little kids. But the park rangers didn’t like this so they wanted them to take it down. The family’s act of kindness helped their family bring joy into their hearts because they moved over and over and over again and they’re dad recently split wth them . It’s also impacted this family who lost their daughter in 2013 due to brain cancer. So to mourn her they wrote a little note on the gnome house about her. And the mom was reading the notes and halted on that one. So to act on that one they made a house in response.Then when the family saw it they were impacted on that. I don’t agree on the Park Ranger’s response to this. Because they are ruining the little children’s mind and joy to the little forest. I would’ve not done the same thing he did because he wasn’t thinking about what else he could do. To handle the situation I would tell them to use non toxic materials so it wouldn’t cause anything.

  9. This movie made me feel a roller coaster of emotions. I was devastated when we found out the little girl died of brain cancer. I was saddened of the thought that they had to take down their art in forest and move. I was elated, because all the little kids really enjoyed finding the art in the forest. The family started building gnomes to help get their minds off the divorce. One example of how the art helped others is when they built a gnome for Allie. I disagree with how the park ranger handled the situation. If I were the park ranger I would of talked to the family who made the art. I would of told them the restrictions to make sure everything they put in the forest is good for the environment. I think the park ranger should of let them continue the art, because it made everyone happy.

  10. This short film made me feel sad and happy. Sad because a family was going through a hard time and a rough patch in life and it was kind of upsetting. Happy because someone was trying to make that family happy and feel whole again.This family’s selfless act of kindness helped themselves and others because it made others happy and it made themselves feel good and in despite of the stuff that was going on in the marriage with the kids father and the moms husband it made them feel like good people. I absolutely do not agree with the park rangers response I feel like he doesn’t know how those little houses made people feel whole and comforted other people I just personally think that was an act of selfishness. I would have done something different and that something is nothing. I would have done nothing because what they where doing wasn’t a crime and
    they weren’t doing anything bad.

  11. This story mostly made me frustrated because in the beginning, it showed that the family had to move almost every year to an entirely different place. I thought that it was unfair because every year they probably have to go to a new school and make new friends in a completely different environment. This family’s act of kindness has helped themselves and others. It’s helped their own family because at this point in time, they’re going through tough times. Some examples are: Almost every year, they have to move to new cities. Another is that they recently received word that their dad was moving out. It’s helped others because it brings happiness to people who are going through tough times. For example: it brought joy to the family who lost their daughter after living three years. A door was dedicated to their daughter with something that she loved, an owl. In my opinion, I don’t agree with the park rangers decision. I would have not done the same thing as him. I would have seen if the houses are causing anything bad or disturbing something until taking them down. I would of done that because it isn’t affecting anyone or disturbing something or someone.

  12. It made me feel sad because allie died and she seemed like she would have been a amazing girl and go check out the forest every day and its also sad when the city made them take it down. It helped them because they were nice to each other and it helps them because when there nice to people they will be nice to them. No I would not because I would understand why these people are doing this. I would not make people take this down.

  13. The video made me feel heart warming because the kids moved thirteen times and his brother was sad. The boys brother didn’t like Kansas until they found the Gnomes homes in the park. The girl had been going through all the home that she had found. It was heart warming because they Gnome Communit6 brought the kid to the park and the boy enjoyed himself. There was one part that made me mad, which was the beginning because the dad left the family and had the family move thirteen times.

  14. This story made me rather sad because I felt bad for the the boys and haveing to move every year and never having real best friends. Once I realized that they were making them I felt like they really cared about others, even though they only made it for them selves first and relized that everyone needed the hope and love in there lives. When they made one for Ellie “the little owl” I felt my heart fill with hope and I felt that that big of an act of kindness takes a big person to do.

  15. This movie made me feel a bit touched, seeing that one family that had gone through so much pain, was honored in a way that showed so much compassion. It just shows you that there are people out there that care how your feeling, and care about you even if they don’t know you. It was also cool to see the peoples’ reactions to the little gnome homes’. This family’s kindness was amazing to see, because how people reacted also means a lot. I do agree with the park ranger’s response, because the y don’t know who made them or what they do, and it could be dangerous. Also I think they took it a bit far, by trying to stop the whole thing. I’m also in Accord with the whole Idea of the gnome homes. I think it is a cute way to express felling and a great way to brighten spirits.

  16. This video made me mad,happy, and sad. I had mixed emotions. Sad because of how the daughter died from brain cancer that’s really sad. Then I got mad because of how they had to take them down that’s really rude they did that to show an act of kindness and they had to take it down. Then I got happy when everybody came to look at them and smiled and enjoyed the houses.
    It helped other by giving them something to laugh or smile at. And one family was very happy after they made their family’s daughter one. They got very happy so it helped others a lot. And it gave themselves joy that everybody is smiling at it. Because they love them so much.
    I would have done something different I would let them keep them up there. It’s giving joy to other people and it’s not hurting anyone. So I don’t see why they can’t leave it up there. It’s just a act of kindness plus nobody even would go to the woods unless they were there so they did them a favor.

  17. This movie made me feel sad, bad for the mothers of both families, and good. I felt sad because the mother of the ‘little owl’ because she died when she was only three. I felt bad for both mothers because Allie’s mother had her child die early and the other mother had to move a lot and I felt bad for her kids. But I did feel good when I saw the happiness the forest brought to others. The act helped the family have something special to do, and it was something they loved. It also helped others because of the happiness and anticipation to see the gnome houses. I do not agree with the park ranger because a lot of people came to their forest to see the houses. That’s most likely why the park was popular and it didn’t hurt anything so why take it down? I would have done absolutely nothing if I were the ranger.

  18. This mini movie made me feel happy. I feel this way because I like when people bring joy to the world and other people.
    This act of selfless kindness helped others take their minds of thing that are sad and think on the bright side. I do not agree with the park rangers because they just took the fairy fly forest. If I was a park ranger then I would ask the people the reasons they do it and tell them that they will take it. I think this because you can’t take it with out the people being aware so people are not sad that the fairy fly forest has vanished.

  19. This short movie made feel like a little kid again. I loved little faries when I was little. I felt like a little light was lighting inside my heart. When this woman had came on the screen saying that her three year old died my heart fell to my stomach. The family that was making gnome homes attached a string to one of the homes for people to leave notes. When the woman who was making the gnome homes saw a note that said a little girl had died when she was only 5 years old. The woman’s heart felt for the family. To make Allie’s family cheer up they made a door that said little owls. Allie, the three year old who died loved owls. She was a terrible sleeper so her parents made a nickname for her. That nickname was Little Owl. I did not agree with the park ranger who took down one of the houses. These houses bring joy to people’s days everyday. Now his response was very upsetting. He wanted to send a message to the maker to stop. If I was the maker I would have kept on making them to show the park rangers that they were not backing down

  20. I felt very sad and grateful because I’m glad I don’t have to move to different places. I have had the experience of moving many times. I felt this way because it has happened to me before I have had to move so much in my life. They have helped people remembering their loved ones and just making other people’s lives a greater place. I do agree with the park rangers response because he was only doing his job. I would not have done the same as him because he did not have to be so mean. I would have just let them have their gnome houses.It made other people happy and I for one love making people happy.

  21. This story made me happy and sad. It made me feel this way because I was happy that the people were doing something nice but it made me sad that they had to above again and take down the gnome houses. The family’s kindness has helped people by making the little owl house. It helped that family get through losing their daughter. I would have done the same as the park ranger because he let the houses be and they weren’t disturbing anyone

  22. If adults in my life suddenly acted like children then it would be hard to get them under control because we were originally taught how to do things by our parents so we would be returning the favor by teaching them not to do that or not to mess with that or don’t touch that. When I think of childhood I think of innocence and happiness because toddlers just have fun in life and they don’t really care about the bad things nor do they know about them. I think that adults should have the trait of happiness because when I think of my parents they can be stressed and busy with normal things like work, bills, taxes, etc. Adults should be happier so then that would make their kids happier.

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