The Gnomist

After watching The Gnomist video, please answer the following prompts:

How did this short movie make you feel? Why do you feel this way? Explain fully.

How has this family’s selfless act of kindness helped themselves and others?

Do you agree with the park ranger’s response? Would you have done the same as he did? Would you have done something different? Explain.

One good paragraph. Watch those incomplete and run-on sentences!


  1. This short movie made me feel envious because I was not there to see the houses when the were popping up everywhere. It also made me sad and happy at the same time because the ranger made them take down the gnome houses but happy because she made people feel happy. The family’s selfless act made them feel more at home and other people help grieve like Allies parents and sister or keep their minds open. I do not agree with the park ranger because he said “what’s there ULTIMATE plan” he said that like the gnome houses were going to destroy the world. After the city made the people take the houses down. I don’t like what he did but I know he had to do it so I would not change anything

  2. The documentary made me feel very sad. I was really touched by the documentary. The part that really touched me was the part where the family explained their situation with their three year old daughter. The family’s act sparked a fire the hearts of the people who saw them. The houses gave them something to focus on and believe in if they where in bad times. I think the rangers response was mean but I understand where he was coming from. I think he shouldn’t have made them take the houses down but, I feel it was ok to try to find who was doing it and get an explanation. That’s what I would’ve done.

  3. The film made me feel lots of different emotions. It made me feel happy that she made a door for the little girl, but on the other hand it’s sad that they had to take all of the houses down. It also made me happy knowing they didn’t take the owl door down. I feel like the families act was amazing because it made lots of people happy and gave them a place to go when they are sad. If I were the Park ranger I would convince my boss to not take them down, because the houses aren’t hurting anyone. If anything there making everyone feel better. I feel like if the family left and didn’t take the houses all down, then the people of the city would join together and start to repair them. I think it is cool that the family would take the time to do that and I hope there will be more awesome acts like that all around the world.

  4. This short movie makes me smile, and made me feel disappointed. The reason that it made me smile was because the family was making other people happy. It made me disappointed because they had to take all the homes down. How the family’s act of kindness help them and others was because they made everyone else happy. A three year old girl named Allie died of brain cancer. There family called her a night-owl. The family made a door that said little owl, and that made the family that lost Allie feel joy. How it made the fairy builders family happy was they got to see how they made the people feel. I would have done something different than the park ranger. Instead of making them take the homes down I would let them keep them up. This is bringing together there community. In my opinion I would be proud to have the fairy homes in the park.

  5. The Gnomist made me feel many different ways. The video made me feel happy when you would see smiles on people’s faces. I was sad when they had to take the doors down and had to move. This family wanted to make people feel happy. For example when they made the door for Allie after she died from brain cancer, they were helping her family still feel like Allie was still there. I disagree with what the park ranger did by making them take down the houses. If I was him I would tell them to stop making more, but they can still keep some houses still there. The houses made people feel happy, but when the houses were gone people didn’t feel as happy as before. My favorite fairy house was “ the little owl.” That house was helping the family recover from losing a loved one. It was a great idea to build these houses, but I was sad when they took them down.

  6. This made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. It makes me feel so good to know that someone in the world has this much compaction for one person’s pain. It helped themselves by giving themselves something to focus on besides their dad. It helped other people like the family that lost Ali. When the women built the gnome house that honored Ali that made helped the pain that the other family felt from losing Ali. I do not agree with the park ranger. The gnome houses are harmless. It is not like gnomes are going to move in and take over the world. I get that it could be considered vandalism but what is the real crime.

  7. I think that the video is so depressing. That’s because I feel bad for Allie because she was only 3 when she died. Also, It’s kind of annoying that you have to move 13 times. But, they really needed family support,. The older brother didn’t like moving. When they discovered the Gnome houses, they put a fairy door. One of Allie’s favorite things was owls. She just thought they were so cute. I feel like the park ranger didn’t really like the houses. He had to remove the houses because he didn’t approve it. I would want to know who did it before I do anything about it. If it was someone I knew, I would approve, if not, then no.

  8. The short movie made me feel good and sad. It made me feel good because the family were doing good things and were making a happy community. They also made a house for the little girl Allie which is super nice. It made me sad because the park rangers had to take it away. The family also had to leave after making all the houses. The little girl Allie passing away made me sad because she was at a young age. Building the houses helped themselves because it gives them something to do. Also bringing joy to other people helped them. Making them and looking at them helped them with all the moving. It also made other people happy and brought joy to the community. When they made the gnome house for Allie it really brought joy to the family the owl was also nice. I do not agree with the park rangers. Especially when they told them to clean it up. If the park rangers wanted it gone they should have cleaned it themselves. If I were the park rangers I would let them do it but if a storm came have them clean it up before something goes bad. Also if I had to tell them to take it away I would help them clean it up.

  9. This short movie made me fell sad for the family who lost there daughter named Allie to brain cancer. This touched me when the gnomist made a door in memory the little girl. Allie was the little Owl in her family. This ack of kindness almost connected the family’s over an object that was so kind and sweet.This also made my disappointed that the city made them take all of the gnome houses down. This selfless act of kindness helped them by felling important with there new community. This helped others by doing something with there family’s that are fun and interesting. I would not agree with the park rangers because this brought on to the community. I would have left a note to ask it the gnomist could take care of these houses. But I do understand that this was his job. I love this little story about theses little houses.

  10. The movie made me feel sad. This is because Allie, a three year old, died from brain cancer. Also, the family that made the gnome doors, the older son mentioned that he moved thirteen times, and he’s only fifteen. Not only is this affecting him, it’s also affecting Tyler, his younger brother. This family initially did this for themselves. They probably did this to get their mind off of family issues. But, it ended up contributing to the whole community. When the mom quickly picked up the notes, she saw the one about the owl and Allie. Thus, she made a door to honor the late child. I don’t agree with what the park ranger did. I think there should’ve been more reasoning involved, and they would’ve realized how much this benefits the community.

  11. This short movie made me feel good inside because the woman made something that everyone enjoys. There was a little girl what was 3 years old and she died from brain cancer her name was Ally , Ally really liked owls and the woman made a little owl on the door for Ally. This helped with times that were hard and time that were pain full to other people and herself. No I do not agree with the rangers responds because they were not heating anyone and the didn’t do anything wrong. They made other people believe that there were little people that lived in the houses. I would do the same thing that they did because it brought the community together in one nation. But I would do some things differently like if the people move places so they don’t stay in one spot. Like the mom and her two kids they had to move 13 time because of the dad ,and it must had been hard of them.

  12. This movie made me feel sad. It did this because people had really sad things going on like the family that made all the fairy houses had to keep moving because of the dad’s job, and the kids were getting tired of it.Then one family’s child died at the age of three. The family that made the houses made a mini little house for the child that died name Allie or Little Owl. It helped the people who were making them at first because it gave them a little joy and something to work on. Then it helped others like little owl’s family for a thing to do to get their minds out of grief. People also liked looking for them and seeing the fairy houses. The park ranger made them take down the houses because he thought they were vandalising the forest. I get why he did it, but everybody was having fun with them they were helping people in ways other things couldn’t if I was the park ranger I would let the fairy houses stay instead of taking them away.

  13. This short movie made me feel so good because there are people out there that want others to be happy even if it doesn’t benefit them. At first the family did it to help get the kids mind off of the divorce. Then everyone loved the firefly forest and it made others happy too. That made all of them happy and it couldn’t stop they even had one just for another family’s little girl that past away. I don’t agree with the park ranger because it’s affecting everyone in a positive way and no one was upset about it. It brought everyone joy if I were him and I had a strict job to do I would have contacted them and had some sort of agreement so that they could keep bring themselves happiness and others.

  14. This short movie made me feel bad for the family with a loss of a little girl. At the same time I was happy because, for once someone is doing something about it.
    The family’s selfless acts of kindness helped themselves maybe feel better about themselves and get down to earth. This helped other people too. For example, when the family made the door for the little girl who passed, it filled people with joy. It made people think maybe how they could help too.
    I do NOT agree with the park rangers response of taking the houses down. The houses made people happy. The houses filled kids with curiosity. I understand that it’s his park and they didn’t have permission but he should give them a chance. I would have give them a chance and considered how nice and thoughtful what their doing is.

  15. After watching this I felt really sad. It was so sad how this three year old girl died. I mean she was only three. But part of me also felt happy. It was cool what the family was doing for them. How they realized this and really did something. That was really cool. I feel like this family did this for themselves so they could feel more at home. It must be really hard moving every year. They did this to others to show people how great the world could be. The family made the little owl house so the other family had something to really remember the little sister by. Also, so they could feel better about themselves. I definitely do not agree with the park ranger. He said there is no purpose. That is so not true. The purpose is to make people feel good and cheery. Some people really need that in their life. I would have left the houses where they were. I would have done something different. That’s the thing I wouldn’t do anything.

  16. This movie made me feel very inspired and emotional. I felt inspired by the family’s act of kindness. I also felt very emotional after hearing the story about the little girl who had died. It was very kind that they made a house in honor of her. The selfless act of kindness that the family did helped them by helping them deal with the divorce. It also helped them settle in after moving so many times. It helped others by making them wonder about the forest. It helped people get outside more, because they wanted to see the gnome homes. It made the People and children happy. The children that saw the homes, were filled with joy. It helped them believe. I do not agree with the park rangers response because I believe that it wasn’t right to that he took other people’s property down without permission. He might have not known who did it, but still should have at least tried to find out. The people who created the homes worked very hard and put a lot of effort into building them. If were the park ranger, I would have tried to privately find out who did it and then asked permission. I would have given the creators a reason to take the house down.

  17. Watching this short movie I felt many emotions. When the little girl died I was tearing up and sad, but when they made the girl who died her own little house that made my heart feel happy. Originally this family was doing this for themselves. I believe that they did it for their sons. The dad had to keep moving for his job. I think the houses were one of the only good things going on in the kids life’s. Then people saw the houses and put a request in for a special house. When they made the “Little Owl” house it made the other family so happy. If I was the sheriff I would have kept the houses there. The houses made people joyful and happy. I believe that this whole thing was an act of kindness and compassion.

  18. After watching the Gnomist video it made me happy. I loved how one family made so many other family’s or people have a smile on there face. Once Allie’s family saw the gnome that was put up to remember Allie, a smile went straight to her family. I feel like this because people don’t understand that one small thing can make others happy. One person can make a difference and it doesn’t have to be a huge difference. This act that they had done helped themselves and others. This helped themselves knowing that there making people happy everyday. This helped other people, for example Allie’s family. Once Allie’s family saw the door that had said “little howl” that brought the family down in tears. I disagree with the park ranger because people’s day where brighter, the only reason he took it down was because the houses where in the flood zone. The flood ranger could have told the family to move the gnomes so they aren’t in the path but instead he made them take it down. I would have said maybe you can move it to a different park not in the flood zone.

  19. This made me feel sad and amazed. I felt amazed because Allie died and a stranger noticed that and honored her in a amazing way to show that they cared. Also I felt sad because Allie died from cancer when she was just three years old and the story about her also made me sad.
    The houses affected the family by making them see how much they were helping other people. Because at first they made the houses so the family could feel more, but then they started making them to help others feel happy and good.
    The park ranger’s response was the right response and the wrong response. Because if they kept making the houses out in the forest over time they would break apart and an animal could choke and die one of the pieces. But it was also the wrong thing to say because the family was doing such a great thing for everyone and then the park ranger just wants it to end.

  20. This short story made me feel good and sad Inside. It made me feel good when they did the houses for themselves and the community. The sad part was they had to leave Kansas right when they got there. Also the fact that the girl Ali died to cancer at 3 years old. The houses affected them because it made them feel better about themselves. When everyone started to like it they would come to the forest to see it. So they felt like they accomplished something. It also helped others because they got to feel good about themselves.The park rangers response was the right thing to do. Because if they left all of the pieces out there then there is a chance that a animal could eat the pieces and die. If I was the park ranger I would tell them that they have to put everything away. I would let them have a indoor place to put them where they like so everyone could still see them.

  21. This video made me feel sad at times, but mostly happy. It almost made me feel warm and fuzzy inside watching people help each other and comfort each other through art. It made me feel sad because the 3 year old girl died of cancer. Although, it made me happy when the woman made a door for that family. This family’s kindness helped make many families very happy and excited to explore the woods. It also helped themselves because it made them happy knowing that they are helping other families. The family’s kindness helped others see a whole new beauty in the forest. I don’t agree with the park ranger because the houses comforted families and made them excited, and he said to take them down. Instead of what he did, I would have moved the houses or kept them there.

  22. This short made me feel moved, and I just loved everything about it was simply breathtaking, beautiful, and outstanding. I feel this way because they were going through trouble themselves but when they gave kindness, and compassion to everyone around them it was amazing, and simply beautiful. This act of kindness benefited them, because they did this for themselves but when it was bringing joy to themselves, they also brought it to everyone else and it became a forest where you could loose yourself in a plane of imagination, and wonder. No I do not agree with the park rangers response to the houses. If I was him would have moved the existing houses to the non flood zone and tell the gnomist where she could put the houses. So the houses could continue to exist and everyone would be happy.

  23. This short movie made me realize just how sad it is to lose a loved one. When “Little Owl” died at three, her mother morned, but after someone made a house for “Little Owl,” her mom felt less grief about her loss. Just knowing that someone cares in the world is really all anyone needs to feel a little bit more mentally secure again. Because of that, “Little Owl’s” mother made a gnome house for another kid. She passed on the generosity, and probably relief to
    another family. This selfless act caused “Little Owl’s” family to be less mournful of their chid, and not to mention, bring joy to the whole family when they spotted a new gnome house. In fact, it brought the family so much joy, they decided to pass it on. When other people came to the magical gnome village named “Firefly Forest”, they were happily surprised. Again and again,families who visited the forest were very happy to find the homes…except for the park ranger. He sent a man to take down a house in an effort to stop the person who was making them. I wouldn’t have done this because it brought so many people joy to see the homes. Instead, I would have told the person to move the gnome homes just incase they flooded. Then, the people would still see the gnome village and be content.

  24. This movie made me feel happy and sad. It was partly sad because of the family who moved so much. I can’t imagine how hard that must be. The older son mentioned that he ha moved 13 times, and he’s only 15. That also has to be hard on his whole family, especially his younger brother. It was so nice how they made the houses and did what they did. It makes me so happy that there are people like that in the world who do such kind things, especially making one for someone who died of cancer. It’s also fun for kids who can explore cool art like that.
    Their selflessness and kindness helped so many people have fun. It was so kind of them to make a door for Allie, who died of cancer. Allie’s family must’ve been so happy that they thought of them like that. They were being so kind to their family.
    I think it wasn’t affecting too much, and there were pieces of art that they did not have to take down. The kids who wandered the forest thought they were very cool, and they thought it was fun to explore them. They could’ve moved them out of the flood zone, and they did not need to take out all of the houses and doors.

  25. The video made me feel upset for both families because they both had family problems. The creators of the fairy houses problems were that they were always moving never getting to stay where they were for a year and the families parent were divorce. The other family problem was that they lost a daughter at the age of 3 because of brain problems. The fairy house connect both of the families without knowing who each other were. Also the entire town was all connect by going to the forest to see the newest house or change. I would most likely instead of going immediately to knock it down, I would have look and saw how it affected the entire neighborhood. If they enjoyed it and was constantly going to look at it I would have left it up. But if people either didn’t like or didn’t bother to look at them, I would have took them down. Since everyone enjoyed it I would leave it up.

  26. This short video made me feel so happy because I know that there are people out there who that actually care about other family’s and what they are going through. In that video, the family who was building the the gnome houses were using integrity, which is doing something kind when nobody is watching. For example, the family would make the houses and then at night, they would go put it up somewhere secretly so that everyone can enjoy the houses the next day! This family has helped themselves because when they are making the houses, they know that they are making other people smile. Also, because they move so much, the boys feel comfortable and happy by making the houses because it makes other kids happy. It also, makes others happy because everyday they have a new adventure to go find what new houses there are. Also, the “little owl” made that family very happy because they know that somebody out there is touched by what happened. I do not agree with the park rangers at all! They,do not affect the woods at all, they just make people happy. If the park rangers took all of them down, then all of the kids would be sad. Also, they don’t understand what each house means. Such as, the “little owl” one, if he took that down and threw it away, it would be devastating for that family. That video really touched me in a way that made me feel very happy!

  27. This short movie made me feel really happy and joyful. I felt this way because the family did acts of kindness for the people. They took their time to make people smile and happy. The family helped themselves because it makes them happy and they have a good purpose in their town. It is also something they could do in their free time. I don’t agree with the park rangers response because the fairy houses made everyone happy, especially the kids. I get that the family is cutting the trees and destroying the trees, but it makes everyone happy, so it’s worth it. I would not have done the same as the park ranger. If I was the park ranger, I would of let the family make the houses. I probably would make certain amount of space in the forest to built their houses.

  28. This short movie was very touching. I had to hold back tears near the end because of the poem. I was kind of like a so happy I nearly cried moment during almost the whole thing. The movie made me feel this way is because of the fact that the family did it for themselves at first, but when they saw the joy it was bringing to other people, the kept doing it to make them happy as well. The act of kindness the family portrayed helped themselves deal with the hard times, like moving and divorce, and others deal with their problems and tough times. Like the time where the family had lost their “little owl” at only age three. They made a door for them and it really touched their hearts. I somewhat agree with the park ranger and somewhat don’t. The reason for this is because, I agree with him on the fact of removing one of the houses just to try and figure out who did it, hoping they would get a response, but taking the others down? I wouldn’t have done that, but to be fair the park ranger had someone to answer to.

  29. This video made me feel sympathy because of the ‘Little Owl’ part, I really felt for the people. Especially when they said Allie was a nature lover because Allie couldn’t see the forest. I also felt sympathy towards the people who had to move so much, because when they had to leave Kansas, the boy said: “I know life is unfair but this is just too unfair”. The boy had also moved 13 times, and he’s 15! This family’s selfless act helped themselves by getting them used to Kansas, but when they did it to other people, they really helped the family that lost the child by commissioning (with no fee) a door for the child. I disagree with the park ranger’s response because it gives the family the feeling that they won a trophy, but tripped at the finish line. I also disagree because they started doing it for other people. Once again, the ‘Little Owl’ part, also, the one door they didn’t take down. They built the houses for a good cause. I would have kept the houses the way they were because they were built for a good cause, Little Owl, getting used to Kansas, and just making people happy all together. I would’ve seen if we could keep them. Maybe not all of them, but at least 5–6 because people liked them, one of them was a memory for a dead toddler, moving. Almost like time in a bottle.

  30. This short movie touched me in a lot ways. It made me feel very happy and sad at the same time because when they made the house named the little owl they were talking about the girl that died at the age of three. So that made me happy and sad. It made me feel sad because they were doing a good thing for the community and then the guy who’s job is to keep the wildlife safe said that they have to take them down. This selflessness act of kindness has help their family by getting though there divorce with their dad and it’s kind of like an escape for them. It has help the community because when they go to see the forest and the fairy building it brightens there day and it’s a place to relax. I don’t agree with the park rangers acts because they were doing a good thing for the community and then he just made them take the buildings down and ruined it. If I was the park ranger I would let them keep doing what their doing because it brings how to them and happinesses. It’s also what they like to do in their free time.

  31. The video made me feel touched because just to know that someone has the kindness in there heart to make a fairy house for someone who has lost their child. The fairy houses made other people feel happy it also made them feel happy and it helped them settle in when they moved. I would not do what the park ranger did I would have told them you need to make it more stable so that nothing will happen to it.

  32. This movie made me feel very disappointed at the end. This was because they were making everyone so happy and then they had to move away and get rid of all of them except the owl one. Their act of kindness helped the family of little owl because it gave the little girl hope. It helped them because it made them feel good for helping others. I don’t agree with the park rangers response because they were making people happy then he took them away. I would have left them there for more people to see them.

  33. This short movie made me feel many different emotions at once. These emotions consisted of happiness and sadness. I was sad when the three year old girl died of cancer. I felt mixed emotions when the mom and her two sons made the house for the three year old girl who died of brain cancer. This selfless act of kindness really played a role in a lot of people’s lives. It played a role in the three year old girl, named Ally. This act of kindness really distracted the girl from the cancer. This also played a role in the people walking in the forest. These miniature houses (fairy houses) really made everyone’s day. This selfless act of kindness distracted the mother and her two sons from their dad moving out of the house. I do not agree with the park ranger’s response because I believe this is a fun way of having fun or seeking adventure in the forest. I would not have done the same as he did because it ruined everybody’s fun. I would have left the gnomist up for people to enjoy and look in.

  34. This movie made me feel both sad and happy. I’m sad that the 3 year old died and the parents are getting a divorce as well as the city making them take down the houses. But it made me happy that some people in the world want to make people smile. As well as they are still making the houses through tough times. Adding on that it is very cool in general that they can even make the gnome houses. The only person I know of in our grade that can do that is graham, that’s it. Anyway, This families selfless act helped them by taking there mind of bad things going on in there life and making themselves feel good because they are making people happy. It also helped others such as the parents with the 3 year old child get by her passing. It also gave a bit of mystery to the town and it made things interesting. Also, the kids of the town obviously loved it. If I were the park ranger I would want to leave them but if I was getting orders to take them out I would have to do it. I don’t really agree with the park ranger, if it wasn’t hurting anybody I would leave it. Also it gave people joy so I don’t know why they wanted to take them down. I guess that if you didn’t know anything about them you would just take them down. If I were him I would try to convince the boss to just leave them.

  35. This short movie touched me a lot. I felt this way because when the person that was making the little houses made a house for the little girl that died it was heart warming. When they had to take the houses down they kept the one that they made for the little girl that died because it was special to the family that it happened to. Another reason it was touching was they kept making more and more houses even when the police took one of the houses away. The person that was making them saw people that were amazed about these little houses.
    I feel when they noticed people reactions and the happiness on other peoples faces they just had to keep making more houses. It took out some depression out of people and it made people want to go out doors and see if there were more houses put up.
    I do not agree with the park rangers response. Even though it’s his job to keep the forest clean I don’t think he saw the happiness on the peoples faces. If I was a park ranger I wouldn’t have done what that park rangers did. I would have sent people down and check if there were anything from the houses that blew of. If there were things that blew of we would leave the things at the persons door. There would be trees that would be designated for the houses though.

  36. The fairy houses made me feel warm on the inside. It made me feel happy that someone was doing this for the community. This act of making fairy homes helped them by being able to recover from problems that were going on in their life. One example that helped the family that was making all the fairy houses made them to help cope with moving a lot and to help get through divorce. It helped others by bringing joy and overall being a safe place for others. They also provide a nice warm feeling that there is love every where around them. For example it helped heal the family that lost their daughter at a young age by building her a fairy door and putting her nickname on it. Which is a great act of kindness. No I do not agree with the park rangers response. I would have left the fairy homes in their place because it was bring joy to the people. Also because it made the forest better it made the forest a safe place to some people.

  37. This short film made me feel sad but it also gave me hope that there are some good people in this world. If you are reading this, I would like you to reflect on the world. How good is it really. Take away holidays and special occasions and think what good is there. With everything that is going on in this world right now acts like these give me hope of a better future. This families actions were first done to help them cope with the parent’s divorce and the constant need to move. Though later the community saw the gnome houses as a fun way to spend the day or relieve sadness or stress they’ve collected. For example there was a family who had recently loved their daughter. They found these gnome house as a way to distract themselves from the pain they were feeling. I disagree with the park rangers decision. Yes, I do understand he has to follow a certain criteria but based on the video it looked like these houses gave a lot of people joy. I would’ve made a compromise with the family but by no means would I destroy these creations. If anything this simple act of kindness brought together a whole community of people and nothing should stand in the way of that.

  38. This movie made me feel that there are good people in the world. I felt this way because the things that these people did were very kind and companionate. They made people feel happy by building the gnome houses, and even built a special door in memory of another persons child that passed away. Their act of kindness helped themselves when they commemorated a special door with an owl on it to their child that died of cancer. Their act of kindness helped others when people found their buildings in the forest and were curious about who made them. It also helped the other family to deal with losing their child too. If I was the park ranger in that situation, I would’ve tried to protect them rather then get rid of them completely. They said the main reason they got rid of them is because they could be damaged in a flood or by a storm. If that was the case, they could raise that area, or build a protective circle around the area. They could move them to a separate, more safe location, or even reinforce the houses to withstand flooding and wind.

  39. This video made me sad but also it made me want to do something like that to change the way people feel. The city ranger made me furious. I don’t understand why they had to take them down. Some of the people’s stories where very sad and those mini huts and homes took their sad feelings away. Just like little owl. The houses had kids and families minds focused on the good things instead of the bad things. It also reminded them of how small of a thing can change the entire city. I strongly disagree with the rangers decision!!! If I was the park ranger I would love to had families having fun and smiling at the hard work that was put into this. I would of made sure nothing happens to them so families wouldn’t be upset or sad. I would appreciate the little homes!

  40. This documentary didn’t really touch me in any way. It was sad , though, when the family that was making the houses, found out that the daughter had died from cancer. If feel that the park ranger was just trying to do his job. I understand why they wouldn’t want something like this in their park. The family’s selfless act of kindness brought joy and happiness into the hearts of the family with the parted daughter and to the people that walked on the trail. I gave the forest some variety and flair.

  41. The short story made me feel kind of happy. I understand there was a lot of sorrow in the story but there were a lot of good deeds that made the sad times that people were facing more cheerful. I was touched when the family made the door for Allie. It’s not like they had to dedicate something to her they were just trying to do the right thing. The family’s kindness helped not only the family that was mourning but also to the family that created the door. It was helped the family that created the door because they knew that the work they did was appreciated and that the door helped the family become more cheerful. I would not have done the same thing because everyone was enjoying it and if the garden continued with “gnome construction” it might bring some tourists. Although it was painful for the family to remove all the hard work I think it was cool that they left the door dedicated to Allie in the forest.

  42. This short movie made me feel sad but happy. I felt sad when the people talked about how their daughter passed away. After that though, I felt happy when the creator of the gnome houses left the one house dedicated to the girl that passed away. The creator and her family’s selfless act helped them because it was a way to let them focus on creating something cool instead of their moving situation. But it also helped the community, because it put a smile on people’s faces and was fascinating for everyone. I do not agree with the park rangers response. I would of kept the gnome houses, because it created so much joy throughout the community.

  43. This made me feel sad, but also happy. The reason I feel sad is because a 3 year old had died. But the reason I was happy, is because the “Gnomist” had honored the child that had died, by making a dedicated house to her. Their selfless act of kindness had helped others because it had made them happy to see that there was more than nothing happening in their little town. It had also helped them because it got their minds off of things such as moving and divorce. I do not agree with the park ranger’s response because the little gnome houses had made others feel happy. I would not have done the same as the park ranger did, because when the gnome house had gone missing, people were sad and wanted it back. If I could do something different, I would have let them leave the gnome houses there, as long as they don’t become litter.

  44. This story made me feel sorrow and sad for the girl who died. Because this family moving all around the U.S decided to make an impact on a community and help others though there days. Even when there days weren’t so great. This act has helped in many ways, one just being joy, and that is what this community needed, joy and life. It has sparked up people’s passion making creative thoughts for the future of this forest. I don’t agree with what the park ranger has done and I would have allowed these gnomes to stay for the community that loved them. I would also encourage people to do these acts of kindness to keep the joy of this forest up. At the same time I believe also that he was just doing his job.

  45. This short movie made me feel happy. It made me feel happy because it gave people somewhere to go that was a safe and happy place. The forest also put joy into peoples life if they were going through a hard time. The short movie also made me fill sad for the kids because of how they always were moving. At the end when they had to move again the kids were really sad that they just made friends. The family of three would have to take down the houses except the owl one which was sad.
    The family’s selfless act of kindness helped others by bringing them joy in hard times.
    They helped themselves by trying to make their new home somewhere they can enjoy until they have to move again. I thought this selfless act was a great way to bring happiness to others.
    I didn’t agree with the park rangers response at all. I thought he was being very careless and took the happiness that the town had. I would’ve not done the same as the park ranger because I would be compassionate. By being more compassionate I would let them keep the houses up but make sure they maintain him. I would also want to know who was behind the houses so I could contact them and tell them ways to keep the houses maintained.

  46. In the end, this movie made me sad, since all the houses had to be destroyed. The family was trying to help by providing gnome houses for the forest and make a more joyful environment. The city, however, wanted everything taken down. I wasn’t even sure why it needed to be taken down so urgently. What I did like was that she left up the gnome house that had been a remembrance for Allie. The act of making these houses caused it to bring others around them together, and make people believe more in magic. At one point, I noticed how someone had said they didn’t believe in anything based around fairies or gnomes. Now, the forest changed their thoughts. The firefly forest made everyone a bit more cheerful.
    I don’t agree with how the park ranger reacted. The houses weren’t doing anything to harm the forest, and it brought happiness to those who visited. Someone worked hard on building them, and it wasn’t right for him to try and tear it all down. I would have been a little more forgiving, as the person was just trying to help. If the houses really needed to be down instantly, I would try and reason with whoever made them.

  47. This video made me feel kind of sad in a good way and a bad way. I feel sad in a bad way when she talked about Allie (one of the daughters in the video) passing away and especially at a young age. It made it even worse because she died from brain cancer. It made me feel sad in a good way when after the Gnomist’s built a little fairy place called little owl (Allie) because it was very touching especially when she doesn’t even know them it was a very nice selfless act. I loved how she collected the notes that the family (Allies family) left so she could make a house for Allie (little owl). That family (the ones who made the houses) helped others by bringing the whole community together. It helped themselves because they felt more like they belonged there with the community and to see other people smile made them feel good. I don’t agree with the park ranger about what he did, I wouldn’t have done the same I would have let them stay (the houses). I would let them stay because they didn’t do anything and the made the community happy and come together. So I would have even said that they helped and not make them take the houses down. I also would have gone around to see the houses and help with the houses in bad weather

  48. After watching The Gnomist video I felt sad because everyone enjoyed the small fairy houses in the forest. But because of the park ranger, the family had to take down the houses. The town was probably also upset too. That family’s selfless act gave happiness to them, because it gave them something to take their mind off of divorce and having to move soon. The houses also gave happiness to the town because the houses were interesting and also gave the town something to take their mind off of life’s obstacles. I don’t think the park ranger’s response to the fairy houses was the best, but he was just doing his job. I would’ve thought more about the town’s people when making the rule, but I would’ve probably done the same thing.

  49. I have mixed emotions for this story. This story made me feel empathic for the parents of Allie, the little girl that died. Also this story made me feel sad for both families. Allie’s parents it’s a place to remember her and to hear that she died at the age of three is just hart breaking.I just think if I lost somebody that I cared about in that way and at that time I would be super sad . Also at that time the other child was only 7 or 8. For the other family they are going through a divorce and then they make these things that the live and the city shuts them down is sad too. The las thing this story made me feel was happy. To see the joy on these people’s faces is heartwarming. It’s super awesome to see the joy on the faces of Allies parents earn they saw the door.
    The kindness of the family that made firefly forest is out of this world. They are handling a divorce and making these house that are beautiful takes a lot of time. I am happy that they would do this. I mean they kept the houses up to look nice.
    The park ranger was just doing his job. I would have kept them up but I would find out who did I’d it and why they were doing it. If I was the park ranger I would keep the houses up. I do also see the other side that weather happens and when the family left who would keep up the houses. They would decay over time.

  50. This short film made me feel inspired. It was depressing at first because it was showing two upset family’s, that were just trying to make their way in life. The first family moved 13 times, and one son is 15, they moved 13 times in his whole entire life. The worst part about that family at the beginning is that the parents are getting divorced. There’s more sad things that happen,which I’ll explain later. The next family had an amazing, or they described as an amazing little girl, who had an older sister as well. The little girl Allie died, from brain cancer. In the middle of the video, it started to get happier.
    The family’s (that keeps moving) originally made these fairy houses to make them feel more at home. It benefited them later after they made one. It helped other people feel happy. The next family (with the daughter that died from brain cancer) left a note on a tree, sharing her story about Allie. The family who created the fairy houses saw it, and made a house, in honor of Allie.
    In my opinion I absolutely do not agree with the park rangers. In my opinion, they shouldn’t have taken a fairy house, nor forced them to take all of them down. If I were them, I would make an agreement with the creators. I would suggest a side walk with all of the houses around them, but only down one sidewalk. The houses would have a roof over them, with walls on the sides. Like a little sanctuary next to the sidewalks.

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