Minecraft City-State Projects

Minecraft City-State Reflection

Hi Students!

Please craft a one paragraph reflection on the Minecraft City-State project and include these ideas:

What was your favorite part of the project process?

What was easy and what was challenging?

How did you collaborate with others?

Any thoughts as to how to make the project even better next year?

Describe something you learned.


  1. In my Minecraft project we had to make a city-state.The whole experience was great but the part that stood out to me was building my houses.The easiest part was finding our cornerstones on the 2D plan and in the world.The most challenging part of it all was finding the research because it was time and energy consuming.I collaborated with my partner as well as my peers.When me and partner Jordan came to a disagreement we usually compromised in the middle or we agreed on one of our ideas.I think the project was awesome but more time for more details would be great.

  2. I did the ziggurat. My favorite part of the Minecraft City-State was building the ziggurat throne room garden. The easiest part was building the Outside of the ziggurat. The hardest part was building the staircases in the ziggurat. I collaborated well with Cruz (my partner.) We built the three levels of the ziggurat using our ideas and combining them. I think we and people next year should have more time. I learned what ziggurats are and what they were used for.

  3. My favorite thing about the Minecraft City-state was building the army barracks and building the gate for the walls. I think finding the cornerstones on the plastic map was the most challenging of everything. I helped people build the farm and the gates form the Minecraft City-State project. I don’t know how we could improve this project it was pretty efficient. I learned how to find cornerstones in Minecraft.

  4. My favorite part of the Minecraft City-State project is that I helped others with their structures because I like to help others. My favorite part of the project process was that I could build a upper-class home, and make my imagination run wild. One thing that was easy was building the structure, and one challenging thing was decorating the house. How I collaborated with others was helping them with their buildings. My thoughts on how we could make the project better next year. Is allowing animals to be spawned in the farm so it could like they were raising the animals. One thing that I learned in this project is that the Minecraft potion of swiftness really helps building big walls.

  5. My favorite part of the Minecraft project is the collaboration in building. I love how the whole class were all helping one another. The thing that was easy was making the shape of the building. The hard part was making the cornerstones. I think that I collaborated well with my classmates. I think I did well because when Milloy had ideas I listened to them and added his ideas to out building. The thing I learned id that Milloy and I are great partners. Milloy had good ideas and I had good ideas and we made a beautiful Mesopotamia Palace.

  6. My favorite part of the Minecraft project was building my part of the city, the Ziggurat. I enjoyed this because it was fun to decorate and fun to watch it get taller. Making the walls of the Ziggurat was challenging because the Ziggurat was so big in size. Making sure that you didn’t get to close to a neighboring building was challenging because if something was messed up, then you would have restart the whole wall. Something that was easy was designing the Ziggurat because the Ziggurat didn’t have too many dimensions to it. I collaborated well with one another, especially with my partner, Miles, because we both agreed on the same things when building the Ziggurat. For next year I would change the ability to use a certain type of bricks.

  7. My favorite part of the project process trying to figure out how to fill in hole that i made on accident. What was easy was adding grass on my farm because it’s simple. I collaborated well with others because I was at the edge of the city. I think it would be better next year if we could add animals on the farm. I learned that farmers in Sumer used to use dibbers to make holes in the ground.

  8. My favorite part of the project process was building the actual building which were the upper class homes for me. I found it fun creating homes that the Mesopotamian people would live in. One part I thought was easy was when we built the homes and decorated them. But finding the cornerstones for the buildings were hard and having my partner absent while finding then made it even harder. My partner and I collaborated by sharing ideas for how we would decorate the houses. I wouldn’t really change anything for the project next year. Everything was fun and easy. One thing I learned was that the people who lived in the upper class homes lived in large. That surprised me because I thought if you could afford a big house you would want to live just with your family, not with other family’s too.

  9. My favorite part of the Minecraft project was building our building. I really liked the process and collaboration of building. The easiest part was placing our building on the 2D map. The most challenging part was decorating since we were limited to only the blocks in Minecraft. Me and my partner collaborated by splitting up jobs and asking them if something looked right or if it was misplaced. This project would be better if there was a mod to add more blocks that look like they were from that time period. I learned that Sumerians believed in multiple gods. Including but not limited to, Shamash, the sun god, Ishtar the goddess of love, and Enlil, the main god.

  10. My favorite part about the Minecraft project was building my structure. My structure was the wall. It sounds simple but I had to use up all the time we had. The easy part is when I got my structure going. The hard part was researching. It is a wall there is not much information about it. I had to collaborate a lot because some people were in the way of my structure. There was a lot of talking and having to start buildings over. I think to make the project better we should have more time. I barely finished and I was the wall. I learned that walls were very important. They protected your city and kept enemies out. I also learned that it was the biggest structure.

  11. My favorite part of this project was that we get to play Minecraft at school, and that’s cool because you get to be creative and design your own building and decorate it how you want. I also liked it because you get to collaborate with your friends. The easy part of this project was building the structure, but the hard part was actually finding your corner stone because if you are off by like one block it could interfere with someone else’s building. I collaborated pretty well with my partner because we are good friends and are very productive when we are with each other. I feel like this project would be a lot better if we used regular Minecraft and not EDU because there are lots of cool things in regular Minecraft that would benefit our buildings a lot. I learned a lot about ziggurats and how they can get up to 8 stories high and 200 feet long. They also had a top story for the gods to come down and rest.

  12. My favorite part of doing the Minecraft project was decorating the palace. There is limited amount of objects that we could use because the Sumerians didn’t have a lot of objects to decorate with. The decorating made the palace stand out and come together. The most challenging part of this project was finding information about the palace. There is not enough information for the palace and that is what made the project hard. The easy part of this project was building because it was so much fun and there wasn’t much to build. I collaborated well with others when we were making the lay out of the buildings. We had to make sure that there was enough space for everyone to fit their buildings. Everything was perfect in the project and I had so much fun. Something that I learned was that the king rules the land and that is why the palace is important.

  13. Building and helping my friends on there build was really fun. I did the moat and helped my friend on his wall I loved how I could build the moat as deep as I wanted as long as it didn’t bother anything or anybody.
    What was challenging was when we had to research on our projects because I couldn’t find a lot on the moat.
    I collaborated well until I accidentally broke a guys door because I thought it was the close button but I broke it.
    We should be aloud to use villagers to make our thing more realistic and use animals.
    I learned that the moat is used for protection when I thought it was used for crops

  14. My favorite part of the Minecraft City-State project is the building the middle class homes.The eases part for me was decorating the inside the middle class homes.The people that lived in the middle class homes did not have a lot of furniture. The most challenging part for me was researching because all the websites were talking about the upper class homes.When I was done building my homes I helped the people doing the upper class homes.I enjoyed doing this project there is nothing I would change.One thing I learned was that the middle class homes are at the end of the city.

  15. Since i was in Mexico for the whole beginning of this project i missed out on a lot of the steps. I did do bit of building when i got back and also some research for the ziggurat. I built FEW OF THE MIDDLE CLASS HOMES, THEY ARE SO SMALL, ALL THEY HAVE IN THEM ARE BEDS AND A TORCH. SINCE I DID RESEARCH FOR THE ZIGGURATS I LEARNED A LOT ABOUT ZIGGURATS, THEY ARE A VERY SACRED PLACE, THEY CAN BE SEEN FROM 20 MILES AWAY, THEY ARE MOSTLY 7 STORIES HIGH OR MORE, THE KINGS MAINTAIN THEM, AND THEY DO SACRIFICES FOR THE GODS.

  16. In Social Studies and English class we created a summer city state in Minecraft. My favorite part of this project was adding the finishing touches of my three upper class homes. Something that was easy for me was figuring out how big and where everything would be inside the upperclass homes. Something that was challenging was that we only had 3 days to build our city state (four hours). I collaborated with others by working to build with a partner, reaching with someone from another block, and two lovely ladies helped me finish building. One thing that would make this project better for next year would be more time to add more details. Something that I learned was that summers cooked in a pit. Also I learned that they didn’t have windows all they had was a small hole in the top of the building.

  17. My favorite part of the building process was building the outside and the inside of the building.
    One thing that was challenging was finding the materials that we needed, like the gardening tools and the the plants. One way I think we could have improved it would have been having more time to plan and build.

  18. In social studies we did a Minecraft project where we built a Mesopotamian city. My favorite part of this was building with different colored carpets and blocks. It was easy to build but it was hard to find our cornerstones to build. I was working with Zev and Cam. I could do better by doing more useful research. Learned that they bought everything from Market Places.

  19. My favorite part of the Minecraft project was definitely building. I enjoyed collaborating with my peers, especially Luca on our extra building. The easiest part for me was definitely building. The hard part was researching. There isn’t a lot of information about army barracks in general, especially from ancient Sumer. I did a pretty good job at collaborating with others. One way we could make the project better was spend more time on it. It felt kind of rushed and I think a lot people made mistakes in general because of this. One thing I learned, is that teamwork is key.

  20. One of my favorite parts of the Minecraft project is doing the building and all the crops. It was fun because you could have built it anyway.also I like to communicate with other people in my group. One of the easy thing in the Minecraft project is the building and the challenging part was the research for the farm. I collaborated with my partner well if something went wrong we would collaborate and fix it. Find more information and have more time to do this project. One of the things I learned was that that the farm had little rainfall and the crops were dry.

  21. My favorite part of the Minecraft project is building because it is fun and you can build. The easy part of this project was building one of the challenging things was getting the cornerstones to map out your building. I collaborated with the marketplace to find out where my building was. The project is very fun I don’t then you can really do anything better it is a lot of fun. I was the forge so I learned about the forge but I also learned a lot on ancient Sumer.

  22. Hi, I just recently did a Minecraft city state project and I want to share my thoughts on the project. It was fun though. One thing I didn’t like was when we did our research, we had to use a different search engine called Sweet Search. I’d rather use Google. Finding websites on Sweet Search was hard. The best part of the project was actually building. Me and my partner, Ava, built the upper class homes. They had 2 floors and a yard
    The easy part was decorating the homes, the hardest parts were using Sweet Search and finding our Corner Stones. Me & Ava worked really well and built 6 homes in total. To make the project better, use Google instead of Sweet Search to do research. I learned a lot about Mesopotamia. It was a great project.

  23. I made the government building. My favorite part about the building process was last year we had a plan for everything but this year we got to have creative freedom in a way. I got to decorate how I wanted to and really to. The easiest thing about this project was the decorating the building. The most challenging thing about this project was Conner stones. The Conner stones were hard to plan out. I collaborated with a bunch of people like myla who’s building is connected to mine threw a tunnel. I helped Ava and JP to build outside of the upper class homes. After I finished I helped Sam and Sasha with the farm planting wheat and trees. It would be very helpful if I. Got a partner next year to help me achieve a better building not saying mine is bad but I feel like I could make it better. I learned that being in Mesopotamia is a lot different that being in this midden day.

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