Tiny People + Big Food = Creative Stories

Hi Students!

Today you are going to pick ONE image from below that speaks to you in some way.

Write a small three paragraph story based on what you see in that image. The first paragraph is the introduction, second paragraph has all the details, and the third paragraph is the conclusion which wraps up all your ideas and leaves the reader with something to think about. Be sure to add in your conclusion why you chose the particular image.

Pay attention to the details in the image and be creative 🙂

Remember to put an extra return to indicate a new paragraph, watch those run-on sentences, and spelling!


Christopher Boffoli is a fine art, commercial and editorial photographer. He began making visual art at an early age but only began exploring the medium of photography in his teens after receiving a camera as a birthday gift. Largely self-taught, Christopher worked as a student journalist in high school and college, eventually founding his own commercial photography company while he was still an undergraduate. His diverse body of work includes editorial and documentary travel photography.  But he is best known for his Big Appetites work which features tiny figures posed against real food landscapes.  In addition to his commercial and advertising work for brands large and small, his fine art photographs may be found in galleries and private collections in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. He currently lives and works in Seattle. (Images and text courtesy of the Website Big Appetites)

His Own Words:

“I think it is especially resonant with children because as a child you live in an adult world that is out of scale with your body and proportions.  And you constantly exercise your imagination around a world of toys that are further out of scale.  As a child I was an avid collector of Matchbox cars, a model railroader and a builder of models (cars, ships and airplanes) and also girder and panel sets (small structures).  I was fascinated, as many children and adults are, with tiny, meticulously detailed things.

When I began shooting some of the very earliest images in this series around 2003, food was a conscious choice as one of the components of the work as it can be very beautiful – in terms of texture and color – especially when shot with available light and macro lenses.  Combining what are essentially food and toys makes the work instantly accessible to virtually everyone.  Regardless of language, culture and social status, almost everyone can identify with toys from their childhood.”





  1. It was a cold winter morning. Jacob woke up feeling exhausted. Luckily for Jacob, it was a Monday. He slowly walked down his stairs and ate some cereal. Then, he trotted back upstairs and put on his clothes. On the way to work he stopped at his locale coffee shop, and got himself a cup of hot coffee. When he arrived at work he was greeted by his coworkers. Another day on the job, he thought. Do you ever wonder how grapes become grapes, well that is what Jacob does at work…..make grapes.

    Oh! Did I mention that Jacob actually lives in a town called Smallville. It is basically a place for tiny people, and I mean tiny. So, what Jacob does is basically pumping up raisins and that creates grapes. Technically, they work for the giants. They are not actual giants, they are just a regular human like you and me. But because these people are so tiny they think that regular humans are giants. Most humans don’t know that tiny people exist, except for the most powerful people in the government. The tiny people are basically slaves to the giants(regular humans), because if they don’t do what the government wants them to do then they will get destroyed.

    The day went as it usually does. Jacob works on blowing up raisins from nine to five. Then he comes home and eats dinner. Then he goes to bed at 9:30. To be honest, he hates his job. Everyone hates their job, because like I said before, they are slaves to the giants in the government. But, the government doesn’t know that they are actually torturing the people of Smallville. One day Jacob and a friend decided to speak up. They held a peaceful protest to get the giants attention. It did, and they had a long talk. Everyone thought that they were doomed, but Jacob and his friend came out alive. No one knew what happened that day but from that day forward the people of Smallville lived a happy life. I chose this image because I found it so creative and interesting.

  2. Genes, genes are one of the key components to structuring our bodies. One day the peanut outbreak got contagious, and everyone was infected. Their genes were instantly turned to the genes of a peanut. The remaining scientists who survived tried to stop it by duplicating human genes to try and replace them from the peanut genes. But the experiments never stopped but their hearts did. The cure to the peanut outbreak was siting on desk A2, their last experiment.

    Curie the last scientist that died, but somehow resurrected himself. He woke up alone and cold but to find he was alive. The scientist himself was puzzled but his observations were correct. He took one look around and saw that he was inside of some kind of shell. The shell tasted like a peanut. Bang! Bang! Bang! The scientist hit the rock hard shell until… It cracked. Finally the nice breeze brushed against his face and he climbed out. He found himself by a bunch of other civilians breaking peanuts.

    He looked at his hands and immediately knew what happened. I chose this image because I couldn’t see a story in all the other images. But once I saw this image I immediately made up a story in my head which drew me in. The other reason is because I like peanuts.

  3. One chilly fall morning, Dennis and his daughter Kelly went to the museum. Kelly loved sculptures and art so Dennis agreed to taking her after school. At 3:00 Dennis picked up Kelly from her school in Brooklyn, still in his suit and tie from work and headed strait to the museum. Neither Dennis or Kelly has been to this museum before, they haven’t heard much about it, all they knew was that it had beautiful sculptures.

    As they arrived there was a large truck with the words, Stacie’s Peanuts, written all over it. Dennis and Kelly thought nothing of it, and kept walking. Then at the front door there was a sign that said, Live artists, come watch them sculpt!, Kelly got super exited because she wanted to learn all the techniques the professionals use. As they walked in there was a giant sculpture of the inside of a peanut! Kelly was so fascinated and kept telling Dennis how realistic it looked. Then they were led into a room with more sculptures. Then Kelly noticed something, all the sculptures were the same color, almost like a peanut color. But Kelly was still amazed and enjoyed how detailed and beautiful the sculptures were.

    Then Kelly saw a large sign that said, live sculpting here, and a door below the sign. Kelly opened the door expecting a man sculpting wet clay but instead, she saw something much more interesting, a man sculpting out of a peanut! Kelly was shocked all the beautiful sculptures she saw were made out of peanuts! But not just any peanuts, life sized peanuts! Kelly watched for fifteen more minuets then Dennis came and took her home. For all 14 years of living in New York, that museum was by far Kelly’s favorite museum ever. I chose this picture because it was super appealing to me. I thought the guy in the back making the sculptures was super cool.

  4. Ding! The airport intercom turned on. Flight 107 to Beirut, Lebanon canceled. Joseph’s heart sank. He was on summer vacation with his family traveling to their home country and their flight was cancelled to next week. Joseph and his family were stuck at the Charles de Gomme airport in France for a week?! Joseph couldn’t believe it.

    Joseph’s family went to baggage claim through immigration and all that Jazz. They exited the airport….and had no idea what they were going to do. “We really need to find a place to stay overnight.” said his mother. Unlike his mother Joseph’s father was a real cheap skate. “Maybe we should have stayed at the airport and slept there!” Joseph just sat down on a bench and listened to his parents argue for the past hour. Finally they both decided “Maybe we should just go walk around Paris for some time.” That was the only remarkable thing that they said in the past hour, Joseph thought to himself. Joseph and his family walked to the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre but when he reached Arc de Triomphe he couldn’t believe his eyes. It was the most beautiful thing he has ever seen in his entire life (which was only 9 years) and decided to stop there and admire the beautiful Parisian traffic and see the cars.

    Thirty minutes later his parents got a call. Flight 107 to Beirut was never cancelled. “But, how?” Joseph said to himself “I saw it myself!” Joseph’s father looked up the schedules for flights it turns out they were looking at the arrivals schedule although their flight has already taken off when they were at the airport (no wonder they didn’t see it). There was another flight at 12:00 PM It was 10:50 they had to hurry!

    Why did I choose this photo?
    I chose this photo because it reminds me of my life. I am always traveling with my family (most of the time to Beirut) and seeing amazing landmarks and cities.

  5. One day Joe wanted to enter a peanut sculpting contest. So he signed up but he hadn’t thought that he has never actually done sculpting in his life. The next day a paper showed up by his door it said sculpting contest January 31 that’s three weeks from now Joe said.
    So he went up to his room and watched you tube videos on how to sculpt the first one we watched was on how to sculpt trees. So he went out side and tried to sculpt a house 1 hour later he finished and it looked like a pice of wood with bullets shot in it.

    When he got inside he watched basics on how to carve it was about how to hold the knife and other basic things. A couple ours later it started to snow so when he got out side he started to carve the ice but his first move cracked the ice. He got frustrated and said why can’t I carve! I bet know one can even carve a peanut. The next day he sat on his couch and watched CNN one of the commercials said first annual peanut carving contest. So he went to Publix and bought a peanut he tried to carve a car so he used all of his skills and after thirty minutes his artwork actually looked like a car.

    Two weeks later one of the contestants looked through Joes window and saw what he was making and wanted to take it. So the day before the contest Bob snook into Joes house and took his mega boat sculpture and left but little did he know Joe hid his Space Ship 2,000 in a special box. So on the day of the contest the both revealed their sculpture and Bob was shocked that Joe had another one. So the judge said AND THE WINNER IS JOE!!
    Two years later Joe went to a global competition and carved the whole universe and made a career on sculpting he reached world number one and won all the competitions. I choose this photo because it’s cool how they carved peanuts.

  6. Christmas yay…The day we lost our mom…We tried not the think about the…incident. To us, our family… Christmas just wasn’t our holiday…
    The first Christmas, when I was alive, or at least the oldest Christmas I remember, our sister tried to visit us but…The flight was canceled due to a “bad thunderstorm”, at least, that’s what Mom said.
    Our parents weren’t getting along that well months before that Christmas, they forgot about presents.. The only thing they did, was tell me that I was going to have a brother, yay… And Christmas turned into just another day.

    “Hey jack, ATTACK! ATTACK!” Nathan giggles as he fiddles with my hair.
    “Your a real pain, you know that?” That’s all I could think or say, It was 4:00AM! What could he possibly want!
    “I’m gonna call pest control.” I say, forcing more out of my mouth. Of course he will say something else just to push my buttons..
    “No don’t! Then they’ll take you away!” Nathan smirks.
    “What do you want? It’s 4:00AM!” I’m wide awake now,I’m fed up with this.
    “IT’S CHRISTMAS!” Nathan yelps.

    Nathan isn’t bothered by our mom being gone, mainly cause he never got to meet her. I’m glad he isn’t so sad on Christmas, he is a pain but, he’s my brother…. Unfortunately.

    Somehow, I end up dozing off, and my brother is nowhere in sight. All I can see is black, and… This cracking voice, it sounds like my mother, except, something’s off.
    I watch the ground below me break, I feel as if I’m falling to my death. Before I hit the ground, I get lowered to the floor, the surface is only about 30 feet, but it’s enough. It’s full of snow, and suddenly, I see my brother, dad, and sister.
    We don’t ask how or what brought us here, we just play in the snow. My sister Buries herself in the snow, as the rest of us have a snowball fight. Christmas is no longer, just another day.

    I chose this image because, I had an idea of the story I wrote above, and this image went well with the story I thought of, so I saw the advantage and made this.
    I’ve always made happy story’s, with none, or barely any sadness in it so, I tried sad for once that ended happy.

  7. It was a very snowy morning in New York City. A kid named Jeremy woke up to look outside and see all the snow. He called his friends “hey boys wanna go play in the snow? His friends answered and they said “yes let’s do this”. They built a snowman, and then they had a huge snowball fight. After that they all went home when it got late. and came out the next day and played. They did that for two weeks straight.

    When spring came the snow went away. The snowman was gone and they went back to school. They had to wait for the three other seasons to go by but that felt like an eternity to Jeremy. But then his family had to move to Florida. He knew there was no snow there. Plus he had to leave his friends. When they got to Florida he was living on the beach in someplace called Tampa. He had know clue where he was in Florida but he loved it. He could go fishing and swimming.

    Jeremy was arriving from school when he found out that they had to move back to New York. Jeremy was excited to meet his friends again. He packed up when his mom came by to help she said we are moving into the same apartment building as your friends. That even made him even more excited.
    It happened to be winter when they got back and he surprised his friends when they found out about him moving into the same building. The. When he woke up he saw the perfect snow again and they all when to play again.

    I chose the cupcake image because it looked really cool with the coconut shillings as snow and the little snowman.

  8. Down down below a town of the smallest people. The people live mostly just like us but the only thing that’s not normal about them is that all they eat is peanuts. Wake up Peanuts for breakfast, lunch peanuts, dinner peanuts, everything they eat are PEANUTS!!! Everyone loved peanuts. But across from fifth avenue live a family who hated them. The family was not a bad looking family they were incredibly loved by the whole town. They tried to keep the i don’t like peanuts on the down low and they did.

    It was Pepa, Bob and their 54 kids in that house, Bob was just about to go to work right before he got a call from his boss, Joe.
    “Sorry to call you so late but I need you down here STAT!!!” Joe shouted with a frightened pitch in his voice. Bob drove down to work going above all the speed limits skipping all the red lights. Bob hated his job, he has to take all the peanuts out of the shell for fifteen hours a day. Once his boss saw him open that fire he ran to him. He said that he needed help with cracking 1,000 more peanuts because the peanut stock was going low, way low. Hours went by the sun was already high in the sky. After they were done Joe let everyone who helped with that eat one peanut. Everyone munched down their peanut but bob just stared at it.
    “Bob why aren’t you eating your peanut?”
    Bob just shrugged
    “Bob doesn’t like peanuts someone shouted”
    “Is that true?” Joe asked
    Bobs head slowly sunk down and mumble yes. Everyone just laughed at him, the boss told him that it was ok and that he didn’t like them either. Bob smiled and laughed the whole way home.

    Bob felt better that he didn’t have to keep that secret in anymore the town never laughed at him or made fun of him like he thought they would. Instead he felt closer to them than any other day. I choose this photo because it I saw how much detail there was in this one like how he hade to crack the shell perfectly to match what the characters are doing.

  9. The sun is beating down on Savannah, Georgia .As James Scult the museum sculpture cracks open a peanut for his next master piece. The process of sculpting peanuts is long and hard. First he has to crack the peanut. Then he peels of the brown paper and starts sculpting. The peanuts are very hard and crack in the middle sometimes as he is sculpting. After that happens he has to start all over again.

    Off to James’s left a business man named George is studying a peanut with a carved lion head facing towards him like it wants to attack. Behind George is a woman named Kate, a photographer who wants to put something on National Geographic magazine. So she studies a fragile and carefully sculpted sculpture of two halves of a peanut stacked on each other with a bit of peanut on top.

    George the business man buys a sculpture that James will sculpt with his businesses logo on it. Kate takes photos and ends up getting an interview with James to put on National Geographic. And James gets the full filament of happiness, because he got to share his sculptures with the world.

    I chose this picture because it stood out to me out of the rest. Why? Well. Because when I saw it a million ideas started forming in my head and I went with the one I wrote. All the other photos just didn’t pop my brain like this one did. That’s why I chose this one.

  10. Tom, jerry, and little Jeff are at the Avocado Skate Park. A couple of days ago they were at Fry park. Avocado Park is a very dangerous Park because its very slippery inside the avocado bowl. Little Jeff recently broke is body skateboarding a the bowl earlier that week, that’s how dangerous it is. That’s also why little Jeff is skateboarding.

    Jerry is skating on the side of the bowl because he’s a chicken. Unlike jerry, Tom is trying a 1440. On the edge of the bowl there are no rails, which is very crazy because the could easily fall off of the Avocado Park bowl.

    At the end jerry lands his 1440 but his board slips out from under him and hits jerry in the face. I choose this story because it was very interesting to look at it and cool to see the people skateboarding in the Avocado

  11. “Man this party is awesome” dad said.
    The Miller’s just arrived at the huge party that was going on. Everyone was so energetic and happy. Little Jimmy was so excited play with his friends at the party. “Mom and dad I’m going to go play with my friends.”
    “Ok little Jimmy, go have fun.”

    As little Jimmy was off playing with his friends Mom and Dad were chatting with all the adults at the party. Little did they know little Jimmy was up to no good. He was trying to get on top of the ginormous whoopie pie tower that is not stable.
    “Let’s go guys.” Jimmy said confidently.

    As little Jimmy was climbing the tower the wind picked up and little Jimmy was starting to lose his balance.
    “Whoa, I nearly fell.” Little Jimmy said.
    Yet very scared little Jimmy kept on going. The wind blew again. This time little Jimmy could not hang on. Little Jimmy hit the ground and was dead right away.
    “JIMMY!” Mom yelled.
    It was no use little Jimmy was dead.

    I chose this picture because I thought it was very bright and I really just liked the picture. I knew I could really make a good story out of it.

  12. One snowy day but not just any snowy day a special snowy day. The snow was particularly fluffy, and it was very thick. But nobody was outside playing. So the boys get their clothes on and go out to play. One started to build snow angels, and one built a snowman another started to make a fort for a snowball game. When he is done he threw it and it hit his brother and it was on.

    They teamed up with each other to try and win, they played for hours, but their mother told them to come inside to go eat, but they didn’t. The mom knew they weren’t inside when she told them to so she sumend the monster of the snow to teach them a lesson.

    The snow monster ate them all in one big gulp.I chose the one with the kids in the snow because I’ve only seen snow once.

  13. Right Now I am a cake that has turned into a worldwide monument. People walk on me they put ladders on me and dent me. When I was a young soft cake I was the normal size of a cake in highway diner, until this rich guy named François came and took me to his laboratory. He had this big machine that was all metallic but it had a small platform at the bottom, for me.

    I am in the middle of New York City. People come to me to celebrate their birthdays and every time they come they sprinkle sprinkles on top of me and leave. I am surrounded with sprinkles because of that. When I got picked up by François and taken to his laboratory I knew my life would never be the same. I got put in a machine and I turned thrice my original size.

    After I was placed in New York I was sitting there for more than 30 years just sitting there, until François Passed. They finally replaced me with the Empire State Building after 31 years of suffering.The reason I picked this photo is because the first time I saw it I thought I could make a funny story but also with some meaning. It is to enjoy your life while it lasts.

  14. One morning, a little boy named Jackson and it was on a snowy day in winter break. It was the last day before they left breckenridge Colorado it was a shroud amazing day power and everything.

    His dad said today is the last day and Jackson said ‘hu fine’ i’ll go then after about one hour and he fell in something. It looked like regular snow so then Jackson is on the lift to go up to a black diamond and then his snowboarder fell off his feet. His dad jumped of the lift…

    His dad tripped and fell from such a high height and he felt like he broke his foot. The snowboard boot fell off but luckily there was a tree right there and he waited for Jackson then Jackson hiked down the mountain while his dad was next to him going slow and then they reach a hole that the snowboard fell in. Then there was a cupcake sitting there with vanilla frosting with coconuts on top on the icing.

    I chose this image because I like snowboarding and the coconut looked like snow

    Another reason why I chose this was because I like snow in general and I love winter break

  15. “Finally it is my birthday”. James said.
    All my family is coming and it will be a great day. I will have my friends over and have fun in the pool. I can’t wait for it. “Oh James” mom called.
    “Yes mom”.
    “Come down here me and your dad have a surprise”.
    I get out of bed and change out of my pajamas and race down the stairs.

    “Come here James”.
    I am so excited to see what my birthday present is. One, two, three Surprise. O my goodness. A phone! I can’t believe it. I am going to text everyone.
    “Well we know someone who you would really like to text and her is her number”.
    Mom explained. O my goodness it is Jenny!

    I am so excited this is gonna be the best birthday ever. A couple minutes later the first person arrived. It was my friend Johnny. He was my best friend.
    “Hey” I said.
    “Hi” Johnny explained.
    “Do you want to go in the pool I whispered”?
    “Yeah sure” Johnny whispered back.
    Other people started to arrive and I was ready to eat cake so people started to sing to me. A little later after everyone was done eating cake I said to my self “this is the best birthday ever”.

    I chose this picture because it reminds me of my family and friends on my birthday just having a fun time with me.

  16. It was a busy day at work. I worked at Jumbo Raisin co a company where they deflate all of the grapes to make raisins. Everything was going as planned just deflating grapes and putting them in big boxes. But one day something was… out of shape.

    People were starting to cough more and more. But I didn’t think things would get even worse until. Everybody was throwing up. And then it all clicked in the grapes were getting rotten and releasing a gas called Guyaninin a smell where you throw up and cough continuously until you’re dead. I immediately dashed to the gas mask station and put it on . People were trying to run but kept on falling down and coughing and then they just passed out. I just stood there in horror puke everywhere and people passed out. I knew I had to do something I immediately ran over to managers office and grabbed his emergency air freshener and febreezed the grape till it smelt like lavender.

    As soon as it was done I ran over to the air lock button and pressed it to lock all of the lavender smells in the building I shook everybody to wake them up. They all woke up luckily and thanked me for the save . I knew if I didn’t come for work or have been passed out all of us would’ve been..dead… This was the horrific disaster of Jumbo Raisin Co.

    I chose this specific image because It screamed to me a suspense story and it seemed perfect for a gas leak story. So I wrote this suspense story called the Jumbo Raisin Co Disaster.

  17. The last three hours I was sucking out grape juice wondering what was happening. Barry and John were lugging the raisin over to the barrel. Barry gave me a nervous glance. A couple of coworkers were called into the trailer. This happened last summer when things got rough. We all knew that our jobs were in jeopardy.

    Mike and Dave came out with depressed looks on their faces. Lenny and Melody came out with relived grins. Mike and Dave went to the trailer where all of our belongings were. I had since of grief waved over my head. I gave John a look sensing that we were in trouble.

    It was our lunch break and I thought I was safe but maybe not. We went back to the grapes and the boss yells, “Can I have Rob step into my office.” My face became hot. My palms became sweaty. I knew this was the end. I looked back at Mike and Larry they gave me the good luck look and stepped inside the dark room.

    When I looked at this picture I already had an idea rolling in my mind. I wrote about this picture because I had never seen green raisins. I always wondered why they don’t make green raisins.

  18. One day, Will Treaty and Halt Treaty were going to the skate board park and they saw that the was weirdly colored and shaped. They spent some time thinking what happened? Then they felt very small and they looked at each other and saw they were tiny! They both started freaking out! How would they got to their mom they were only 14?

    How would they find food? At that moment they realized that the skateboard park was an avocado! They both stood there grinning, before Will could speak Halt took off running.”Race you there” said Halt. Grinning Will sprinted toward the avocado skateboard park.

    Halt got to the skate board park and and started skating. Will was rusty in skateboarding and only started three weeks ago. He started off slow and steady and was gaining momentum by the minute. Whereas Halt had been skating for four years and started off strong and fast. After 2 hours of skating they stopped and took a break.

    A couple of minutes later they saw an old man with crutches. That old man was their Grandpa Daniel! They ran to him and they embraced him in their arms.”Where were you I’ve been looking everywhere for you two” said Grandpa Daniel.” We were skating in the park”said Halt.” We have to go home something happened to your mom”said Grandpa Daniel.

    I chose this picture because this happened to me in real life(not the avocado thing the other things).

  19. One morning on a cupcake-like day, three girls, Rose, Pearl and Sapphire, went outside to play rounders, a very English game, on top of the Cupcake Hill when there was a big surprise! When they stepped outside it was snowing so, instead of playing rounders they got out their old sledge from the garage. They sledged down the flakes and into the wrapper and got stuck. They couldn’t move because they were stuck to the wrapper. “Great,” said Sapphire through gritted teeth.

    1 hour passed and they hadn’t made any progress, until, “Why don’t we eat our way in to the cupcake?” Pearl exclaimed . “Huh, that’s smart especially for you,” Sapphire said rudely, “Sad thing is I don’t eat cake!”. “Why?” Rose questioned. “Because I don’t want to be… what was that?” Sapphire exclaimed looking up. What she saw was horrifying, a giant monster was looking right at her, well at the cupcake. She had to distract him, being eaten was too scary.

    Sapphire knew what she had to do, and she took a bite of the giant cupcake. It was delicious the flavors were sweet and cinnamon and cold. The coldness brought her back to the world, her sisters and the monster She ate and ate until the wrapper tipped backwards and her sisters fell from the cupcake. Sapphire still holding on to the end of the wrapper grabbed Pearl’s hand who grabbed Rose’s. Sapphire pulled them all up, when they were safe inside the hole of the cupcake she looked back, the monster she saw had gone as had the clouds and the sun. They all nestled down and fell asleep. I chose this image because I love adventure and rounders and snow, it relates to when I lived in England because I remember sliding off a falling branch and sliding down the bottom of a tree in front of all my friends that might seem scary to people reading this and it was I fell down like 7 feet into snow. That story relates to this story because it was an adventure. I also think it’s important that you put others before yourself.

  20. Once long ago there was a place called Grasins. In that town everyone helped out in their community and they were all just happy and believed that no one could harm their town because they thought everyone was kind and wouldn’t do anything to harm anyone. But one day Grasins had an intruder, the intruder came to town to steal all the raisins and grapes and those two things is what made the town what it was ! So the security officers came to find the intruders but this is what made it hard.So the “Intruders” were dressed like construction workers and construction workers came to do construction on all the potholes late at night, the same time the intruders broke.

    So the intruders snuck behind two BIG green grapes and started loading their truck with the towns biggest grapes they saved if they ever got snowed in and they were going to distribute it to the town IF that ever happened. So when one of the real construction workers went to go get some tools that were near were the intruders were he went over and heard little snickers and whispers

    So eventually he told the security guards and the men well “ intruders” went to jail and the town got there grapes back.

  21. One summer day Stephan and William went exploring in the woods. They walked around for about a hour, and came across something strange. The world felt like it was spinning, the sky was changing colors, it was like the seasons were changing. Next thing they knew it was fall. The leaves were brown and it was perfect temperature. Stephan and William started to sprint back home. As Stephan was running and he tripped over a twig, immediately the ground fell from bellow him. All of the sudden they woke up a day sleeping on a cupcake in a snowy wonderland.

    Stephan and William rested on the huge cupcake in confusion. All around them was snow, and huge candy canes, and HUGE PEOPLE it was truly a giant winter wonderland. Stephan and William were nervous, but they were also amazed and confused with everything that has happened in the past hour. They tried to jump of the cupcake, but they were stuck. They knew needed to escape, but how could they, they were stuck!

    Suddenly they started floating up. A giant’s hand was pulling them towards it’s mouth. The giant was about to eat them! Stephan and William were shaking in fear. For once they didn’t t know what to do, because they were trapped on the icing. Just as the giant was about to put the cupcake in his mouth, Stephan’s alarm went off and it was all just a dream.

    One reason I choose this photo is because I love cupcakes and coconut flakes. Another reason I choose this photo is that I really like the snow.

  22. Beep, Beep, Beep. Eve’s alarm clock rang out as she rubbed her tired eyes. Eve glanced at her alarm clock, noticing the date. Eve threw back the covers on her bed and jumped up. Today was the day that Eve flew to Paris! Eve quickly threw on her outfit for the plane and zipped up her suitcase, eager to go to the airport. “Today is the day!” she stated quietly to herself.

    12 hours later, Eve arrived at the Paris airport, clutching her suitcase in one hand, and her passport in the other. She had just finished going through baggage claim and she was now at the exit of the airport, ready to step outside. Eve pushed open the exit doors and walked outside to reveal the stunning sight of the city. Cars and motorcycles buzzed around her, and the air smelled fresh, like a daisy. Eve smiled to herself as she took in her surroundings. Then, Eve spotted a taxi and waved it down. She hopped into the yellow car and exclaimed, “To the Arc de Rice Krispies please!” Eve had always wanted to visit the Arc de Rice Krispies, and now that she was in Paris, there was no time to spare! As the Taxi driver rounded the corner, Eve spotted The Arc, and she could no longer hold in her excitement. She thanked the taxi driver and ran out into the fresh air, with her suitcase rolling behind her. Eve ran and ran until she she saw a huge clump of cars and tourists surrounding something. There it was, the Arc de Rice Krispies.
    Eve’s jaw dropped in awe of the amazing masterpiece in front of her. She had never seen anything more beautiful in her life.

    After Eve took hundreds of photos of The Arc, she finally contained herself and took a deep breath. She looked around and grinned. It had only been an hour, but it was already the best trip ever! I chose this photo because I saw the Arc de Triumph over the summer, and I really enjoyed that trip. Seeing the landmark made out of Rice Krispie Treats caught my eye, and I thought it would be fun to write a little story about it.

  23. One day, Ricardo woke up on a chilly December morning. On that day, he looked outside his window, and saw that it was snowing!! He decided to invite his friends, Bob and Joe, to play in the snow. It was going to be an exhilarating day, for the trio.

    After enjoying the snow for a while, Joe said, “Do you want to build a snowman?”
    “Sure,” replied Bob and Ricardo. As they got to work, the boys always made sure that they remembered the value of playing in the snow, and that they rarely get this much. After all, they did live in Orlando, Florida. Anyway, Bob mentioned, “This snowman looks strange.”
    Ricardo replied, “No, keep it like that, because perfection isn’t necessary. Feeling perfection and keeping confident about it is what matters.”

    As the boys were walking home, Joe noted, “You know, guys, there won’t be much movements like this, this is an important bond.” All the boys nodded as they agreed in unison. As they neared Ricardo’s house, Ricardo prepared to say goodbye.
    Ricardo ended this magical day with, “Well, bye guys!”
    Joe and Bob replied, “Bye, make sure you send us pictures from New Jersey!”
    “I will.” And, then Ricardo muttered under his breath, “Bye, Forever.”

  24. My favorite part of the project process was building the actual building which were the upper class homes for me. I found it fun creating homes that the Mesopotamian people would live in. One part I thought was easy was when we built the homes and decorated them. But finding the cornerstones for the buildings were hard and having my partner absent while finding then made it even harder. My partner and I collaborated by sharing ideas for how we would decorate the houses. I wouldn’t really change anything for the project next year. Everything was fun and easy. One thing I learned was that the people who lived in the upper class homes lived in large. That surprised me because I thought if you could afford a big house you would want to live just with your family, not with other family’s too.

  25. If adults started acting like children I would be very mad and happy. I would be mad because they wouldn’t be able to get any food. But very happy to get all my parents money!! When I was young I threw bottles everywhere. I once even threw one at my mom. And I threw one out the window of my parents car. No parents shouldn’t adopt children traits.

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