Tiny People + Big Food = Creative Stories

Hi Students!

Today you are going to pick ONE image from below that speaks to you in some way.

Write a small three paragraph story based on what you see in that image. The first paragraph is the introduction, second paragraph has all the details, and the third paragraph is the conclusion which wraps up all your ideas and leaves the reader with something to think about. Be sure to add in your conclusion why you chose the particular image.

Pay attention to the details in the image and be creative 🙂

Remember to put an extra return to indicate a new paragraph, watch those run-on sentences, and spelling!


Christopher Boffoli is a fine art, commercial and editorial photographer. He began making visual art at an early age but only began exploring the medium of photography in his teens after receiving a camera as a birthday gift. Largely self-taught, Christopher worked as a student journalist in high school and college, eventually founding his own commercial photography company while he was still an undergraduate. His diverse body of work includes editorial and documentary travel photography.  But he is best known for his Big Appetites work which features tiny figures posed against real food landscapes.  In addition to his commercial and advertising work for brands large and small, his fine art photographs may be found in galleries and private collections in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. He currently lives and works in Seattle. (Images and text courtesy of the Website Big Appetites)

His Own Words:

“I think it is especially resonant with children because as a child you live in an adult world that is out of scale with your body and proportions.  And you constantly exercise your imagination around a world of toys that are further out of scale.  As a child I was an avid collector of Matchbox cars, a model railroader and a builder of models (cars, ships and airplanes) and also girder and panel sets (small structures).  I was fascinated, as many children and adults are, with tiny, meticulously detailed things.

When I began shooting some of the very earliest images in this series around 2003, food was a conscious choice as one of the components of the work as it can be very beautiful – in terms of texture and color – especially when shot with available light and macro lenses.  Combining what are essentially food and toys makes the work instantly accessible to virtually everyone.  Regardless of language, culture and social status, almost everyone can identify with toys from their childhood.”





  1. Marcus woke up and looked outside “oh my gosh it’s snowing” Marcus said. He immediately got dressed and ran down stairs to his friends Zach and Bob’s house with out eating breakfast. He got to his friends house and they were already outside to having some fun. “Hey guys” Marcus said you guy want to have some fun.

    They both said yeah at the same time but first they had to find a good spot. First they built a really good snow man and made snow angles. When Marcus was making finishing touches to the snow man Bob threw a snowball at him. Then they got into a huge snowball fight with forts
    They kept going until it was almost dinner. When they were done they were soaked they said good bye and went back to there houses.

    I am choosing a picture of kids playing on a snow muffin. I’m choosing this one because l love the snow. I also think that this one is the coolest and looks the most fun. So without further of do this is my story. This is how I see the picture and I made it sound pretty fun. I wish I was there except l live in Florida so it won’t happen. I hope whoever reads the story likes it.

  2. Todays blog is about something cool. I saw some images with really good food and figures doing something with it. There are pictures of peanuts, cake, avacados, cupcakes, rice krispie treats, and grapes. Today I will talk about the rice krispie treat image. I can’t show it, but I can talk about it

    In the image, there are three rice krispie treats shaped like this. There are two on the sides and one on top. Also in the image, there are vehicles surrounding the structure. There are also some people underneath the roof.

    So there you have it. That is my description of the image I saw. I chose this image because I liked the design a lot. All the images were good too. But my favorite was the rice krispie treat image. So, that is it for today. I hope you enjoyed this and I wil see you in the next blog.

  3. I was with my friends at the skatepark doing tricks. When one of them slipped off the skate board and broke his leg that’s when we called the ambulance. When the ambulance came my friend and I went home. Next week I called him over to see if he wanted to ride skateboards again and he said “Sure”. When we got there we noticed a man on crutches, and we noticed that was our friend!

    “Hey John” I said I got no reply “HEY” I yelled then I got his attention. I asked “ What are you doing here? I thought your leg was hurt” “I just wanted to see the skatepark one last time”. “Well we gotta get you in bed so your leg can heal”. I tried grabbing him but he would just hit me with a crutch. I then said “ouch that hurt”. Then he was gone..

    I woke up wondering where he was. Then it hit me he was at the skate park. I called him he didn’t pick up I went to the skate park but he wasn’t there either. I then got a notification he was at the skate championship. I looked around and found him but when I actually saw his face it was a random man. And my friend was at the doctors. And I was chasing a random old man. I ran to the doctors office asked to see John. They asked for his last name, and that’s when it hit me I never knew his last name. I never even knew him..

    why I chose this photo is because I saw it was skateboarding. And I knew I could have thought of a great story for this.

  4. It was a cool fall morning and there was a lot of commotion coming from the museum, many onlookers had gone inside from the parade and decided look around.
    The most popular exhibit was a sculpture, “ the red and white go well together” said the man in jeans and a white shirt.

    Sprinkles topped the magnificent statue and it was a far climb to get up to a height to see it. There was a ladder and chances are you could get icing a on your feet from going up there. To cut to the chase, Amanda, her mom, and older sister got up to sculpture, and marveled at the sculpture. Looking around she could hear her family and other people saying things like: this is amazing, this is great, this is so cool. And finally right before they left Amanda said “ it’s like looking at Mount Rushmore.

    I ended up choosing this picture because it felt like kind of a museum to me, in terms of looking at art and seeing something new. Seeing something new is like learning in school and I think it is really cool.

  5. It was a scorching hot day in the small town named Mini Death Valley, a dad and his two twin boys lived on a grape farm, but all the grapes dried out over the summer. The boys were just getting back from pool. Once they finished drying off they were out on the farm pumping the grapes back up so they could be ready to sell.

    The dad and his boys were going through hard times with there business. Everyone left the valley because it has been to hot to stay. The family didn’t have enough money to leave. They also owned the pool. They bought it because they thought would be such a good investment. But no one ever came because the water was to hot. The bill for cooling the pool would be a fortune. Maybe that’s why the guy should the pool to them for so little.

    Then the flight out of the valley was canceled because the engine to the plane was over heating. The only food left in the valley were the grapes. The family ended up making loads of money. They even had enough money to cool the pool. Once the plane was fixed, they were the first people to book a flight to San Diego. The dad never worked again.

    I chose this photo because I think it was very creative and funny.

  6. It was August fifth and everyone was gathering for Lucy’s Birthday. Lucy was turning five and was having a huge party on a cake. She invited everyone she knew. She was so excited and ready to celebrate.

    As her as her dad climbed the chocolate ladder, it snapped. Her Mom was on the bottom and she didn’t know what to do. In the other hand Lucy was climbing to the top of the large macaroons. Her friend was following behind her. Her aunt was admiring the beautiful gumbo cake. Finally her dad found out a way to get her mom up. When her mom was up it was time to dig into the large cake.

    After eating almost as much cake as possible it was time for everyone to start heading home. Lucy had a HUGE sugar rush she ran in circle until she had to say good bye to her friend. Goodbye she said with frosting all over her face. There was one problem though, the ladder was broken. One step at a time Lucy’s dad tried to fix he ladder. when every one was off the cake, they said their final goodbyes and wished Lucy a happy Birthday

    I chose this picture because there was so much story behind the picture. There was so many things that you might not realize and I thought that was cool.

  7. It was a autumn day I just finished school and I wanted to to the city. I was wearing a sweater uggs and jeans. I could see the museum building and the front entrance piece. The sun was shining while I was driving my motercycle.

    Cars roaming the area. The wind in my hair as I approach the huge structure. The piece of art blocks the sunlight from my eyes so I could see it. It was so perfectly crisp and symmetrical. The artist of the sculpture was Kellogg Krispy. His art was always amazing. People from other countries went to see it. Every on was lining up to take pictures with the structure. A girl with brown hair and wearing all yellow was looking at my motorcycle I asked what was the problem and she said “well I am sorry but this couple wanted to pose with it”. “Oh ok sure just let me take the keys out”. I said with hesitation. “Oh of course”. She smiled as I walked away. A couple wearing all black came up and sat on my motorcycle and smiled I watched as the couple leave i noticed that the women in yello’s name tag said Nancy. “Thank you”Nancy said “your welcome Nancy” I said Thant surprised her but she smiled and went to take a picture for someone. I took more pictures and talked to my manager. The tour buses started to leave and then I noticed I was here for hours I had to get home to my cat. Well thank you Kellogg Krispy for a good time.

    I chose the is image because I thought it loom like something in the museum I love the small cars and humans. People are very detailed and it interested me for some reason.

  8. “Finally, I am in Paris! Home of the Eiffel Baguette and the Arch of Rice Crispy,” said Luca as he got out of the airport. As he was driving to the his hotel he got to drive around the famous Arch of Rice Crispy. After he got to the Hilton he unloaded his bags and took a quick nap. He woke and the first thing he said was “It’s time to explore.”

    “First I will go to the The Chocolate Louve to see the Ganesh Lisa, then the Arch of rice crispy, and lastly i’ll go to the Eiffel Baguette. The arch was amazing, I wish i could eat some! I wish I could stay and see the rest of the 3 month long collection at The Louve. I can see everything from the top of the Eiffel Baguette.

    “I am already done with my trip and and I am heading back home. I loved coming to France because I got to try escargot, see all of those places, and stay at that amazing hotel. Overall it was an fantastic trip.

    I chose this picture because I love the French monuments and I take French.

  9. It was just after the grape famine of 2120. The boys and I headed down towards the prune mines. It was a blazing hot Day in the town of Kitchen. When we got to the mines on the southern counter we went straight to work grabbing are pickaxes and digging. We were digging all day, until the loud voice of Veronica came rattling through the warm mines “ I want gwapes!” Veronica was our boss she put our whole civilization into slavery. She was ginormous, over 34 Inches tall, 30 pounds, and was only 2 years old! We quickly put out the prunes and began to blow them up one by one. She stormed over to the counter of grapes we quickly hid and stayed quite. She took them in her hand and stormed away we came out from hiding. She took our whole load.

    I was furious! We spent weeks preparing each load just to watch them be eaten. I looked over at my fellow workers. “I am done,” I shouted, “we spend years preparing these grapes just for them to be eaten. Boys we have been made of fool of I say we revolt.” A loud cheer came from the workers. A chant started, “REVOLT,REVOLT,REVOLT.” we began a march towards the edge of the counter. Armed with our tools we jumped.

    When we landed we began our way to the boss who was sitting in her chair at the table. We began to climb the legs of the chair she looked down. “Ahhhhh!” I looked to my right. A giant beast began galloping toward the chair hitting the chair and knocking my whole army over. They were soon eaten one by one by the hairy beast. I managed to hang on two the leg of the chair I continued to climb and once I made it up I screamed “ You do not own us.” I will end your rain of terror.” Her hand began to come towards me I tried to run she quickly countered by picking me up. She ran. I felt like I was gonna throw up. All I know was were I ended up. I was sitting in a chair in a luxury dream house. A doll came towards me. “Want a makeover.” She said. I screamed “Ahhhhhhhhhh!” I chose this picture because it was really cool how they were pumping up prunes into grapes.

  10. Another day in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was about 5:30am when the sky started fading to a pinkish red. Paul’s eyes slowly flickered open as he woke up, he rolled over to check the time. He was on time so he pulled down the four wrinkled blankets that covered him in warmth and started his morning. Paul slumped over to his closet door and put on his gray sweater and plain blue jeans.

    As he walked into the kitchen his dog greeted him with a big good morning. He grabbed a cup out of the cub board and poured in the 2 day old coffee. After his bland coffee he grabbed his keys and got in his car to go to work.

    He got to work at the grape factory he put on his dirty beat up yellow hat and jogged over to his partner Frank. His job was to pick up the raisins to give them to the pumper who pumped up the raisin into a grape again. Paul and Frank grasped the raisin with both hands and struggled to transfer it to the pumper.

    The reason I chose this photo was because I have always wandered if after a grape was dried up into a raisin if it could be pumped into a grape again.

  11. One fall morning in Tinny Town a man got up got ready for work and left. This mans name is Carl. Carl works at the grape factory. It is where they blow grapes up. One grape can feed a family of four for a week, but Tinny town makes a profit by selling them to humans. Deflated grapes cost five cents, and the people in Tinny Town blow them up and get ten cents in return.

    Carl shows up to work today looks around and sees some commotion. He asks his coworker what’s going on he say “The humans aren’t liking the inside of our grapes. They say air doesn’t taste good!”Carl had an idea to fix this so he worked on this solution right after he got home from work. Carl worked all day and night and finally it was finished. So he rushed to work. He was the fist one there so he ran into his bosses office and showed him his creation. His boss was so amazed that he called the president of Tinny Town. Within hours the factory was running with his creation inside the grapes.

    Carl created a filling for grapes that tasted amazing. Now instead of filling grapes with air Tinny Town fills them with what they call Carl’s filling. The humans love these new and improved grapes. But Carl has one question still do you like grapes? I chose this photo because it spoke to me. Right when I saw the photo I immediately had an idea of what to write.

  12. One afternoon Chris, Angle, grandpa joe, and grandma Kendall were sitting in the living room playing cards. Cris and Angle were watching TV. Then it began to storm and grandpa Joe was showing them pictures of when he was a professional skater.

    The rain started to clear up and Angle and Cris went to go skateboarding and invited the grandpa. At the state park Angle was trying to do her grandpas famous trick. Cris was skating around the edges which was his own move he made up. They were having so much fun until they heard, “can I try.” They knew it was there grandpa. They didn’t know what to say there grandpa would hurt himself. And they both said slowly “sure” he was doing flips and turns. But as they both were thinking he’s still got it. He fell and we herd a crack. Grandma Kendall, Angle, and Cris rushed him to the hospital.

    A few days later Angle and Cris were back at the skate park. There grandpa walked up in crutches while Angle was in mid-air. She had done his famous trick. I chose the picture with the avocado because it seemed like it would be a interesting picture for a story.

  13. There was a story that Joe told me it started like this. It was a raining at the Alticavo Park. It was really sad that day I was there with Martin. That day there was a you guy he was really young at that time he was just about to do a trick. I came to him and told him “Don’t do it it is slippery” ,but they didn’t listen to me they just did it in the air when they were coming down he landed and then he slipped.

    I came there and called the ambulance they came in 3 minutes. They took him away when he woke up. He was in the hospital he woke up with his leg broken. I told him to calm down ,but he didn’t. In 5 minutes till he calmed down they gave him crutches ,and he told me he will never skate again.

    It has been three years since then.I SAW HIM AT THE PARK! He approached me and said “thank you for saving my life”.no problem I replayed. The only thing that I am glad of is that he is ok ,and that he is here today I thought to myself.

    The reason that I chose this is because I really like skateboards. And I also like to watch people do trick on it because I think it is cool.

  14. One day I was stuck in traffic, driving around a round about. As I kept driving I saw all the people looking around the monument. I realized not going anywhere any time soon so I decided to step out of my car.

    As I walked around I decided to take some pictures from the inside because you were surrounded by Rice Krispie on all sides and above. As I walk further from the monument I say hi to a few bicyclists as there riding around and not sitting in traffic.

    It’s just so cool how I live in a city with a huge Rice Krispie monument. Wow, I’m so lucky to live here everyday. I chose this photo because I really like to visit big cities with cool things that are only in one place. I also love to just see all the different people in big cities and how they live there life. That’s why I chose this image, because I really like traveling and seeing new things.

  15. It was another day in the grape fields. It is 2076, and all the food in the world mutated. Now everyone on earth looks small. My friend and I were doing our job. Everyday we come out here to inflate the raisins so they become grapes. It is an easy job but it takes all day. Here I am starting my first grape. Oh by the way I’m the person wearing a brown shirt and grey pants. Adam and Jake walk over to me and hand me another delivery. That’s one!

    It’s been four hours already and I just finished my lunch brake. It was a very tough morning. I inflated 346 raisins this morning. I mean this is hard work. If we don’t get all these grapes inflated, the town will starve. So, back I go to harvest the grapes. As I was walking back a huge shadow swooped down and took half of the grapes! What was that thing? As I look closer I realize it is a butterfly.

    Over the past 30 years all the food on Earth grew so large. But I have never seen animals get larger. While I am pondering on this for a minute Jake yells at me to look over there. I was confused at first, but then I saw them. Walking over the mountain of grapes a heard of lady bugs are running toward us. Brace for impact, I yelled! But in stead of hitting us they just ran straight past us. It was amazing. Well I guess grapes aren’t the problem anymore.

    I chose this picture because it looked very interesting. I was wondering if it would be cool to write about this, and it was. This was definitely a really good story!

  16. Twins, Manny and Melly Williams lived with their family in the kitchen cubby of the Yang’s house. One beautiful Sunday morning, they decided to take a walk

    They walked through the house, and that’s when they saw a beautiful white circle with little rainbow dots, giant cookies, and pink sticks with white polka dots that had fire on it. They were both amazed. They oohed and ahhed. They ran back to their home and woke their family up to tell them about their brilliant new discovery. The whole Williams family followed the two children back to where they found their treasure. They climbed up and looked around. They had never been so high before! That’s when they heard the Yang’s singing. They were yelling something about having a happy Birthday. The Williams family ran, climbed down the cake, and hid. They watched the whole Birthday ceremony. They now had a new tradition.

    After their adventure, they created their own birthdays, and every year they did what the Yang’s did, sang, feasted, danced, and played. Manny’s was on September 25th, and Melly’s was on December 10th. The whole Williams family had new birthdays. Who knew, one old adventure could start a new one.

    I chose this picture because it caught my eye, and I felt I could make a story out of it. I also really like cake.

  17. One day as I was taking a walk around the neighborhood, I saw something rather unusual. There was a huge pile of raisins and another pile of grapes. There people standing in the middle, it looked like they were trying to inflate the raisins. I took a closer look, I saw that they were taking the air out of the grapes and turning them into raisins!
    I saw everything that day, the air hose, the grapes and… THE RAISINS. There wee so many of them. Those evil people trying to rid the world of grapes and turn them into raisins. I couldn’t watch. There were three of them all working together. To people were lifting the new raisins. The other one, he was doing the dirty work. He had to take the air out of those poor, innocent grapes.
    My finale idea was to stop the evil masterminds. There was only one thing for me to go. I jumped onto the pile of grapes eating them all. All the grapes in the world for me. But then I realized I had just Eaton every grape in the world.

    I choose this picture because I thought it was really funny. I also love grapes.

  18. Fred and Sally were getting ready to have a fun day with there skateboards. Sally was so exited because she was really good at skateboarding and really loved skateboarding. They were heading over to the the avocado place because it was a really good place to skateboarding. There were reasons for that, one reason why is because it is not crowded and there was a lot of cool tricks you could do there.

    When they got there sally knew she was going right for the middle for some cool tricks. Fred decided to stay on the outside ring of the avocado because Fred was not as good as sally. While there were skateboarding a old friend of there’s showed up. His name was Jon, Jon was a very nice guy that lives near these avocados. When ever Sally and Fred came over Jon was always there to say hi. Fred just stood on the ring of the avocado when sally was doing her tricks while she was talking to him.

    When Joe left, Fred decided that they should leave in ten minutes. When ten minutes passed they picked up there skate boards and got off the avocado. On the way to there house Sally was talking all about the tricks she did. When they got home they got a big glass of water and sat down on the couch and watched some skateboarding on TV.

    I picked this picture because it was really interesting when I saw people skateboarding on a avocado. Then I saw the other guy just walking by.

  19. One day Tim and Bob where walking around outside and they found a path full of raisins and grapes. They also found a pump that was sitting there but no people. They realized they could take some home to eat. But before they took some home they walked further down. But nothing was there. Just grapes and raisins. Bob leads they way back down to the pump.

    They stuck the pump inside the raisin and used all there might to pump it up into one grape. After they finished pumping about 10. They got tired. So they sat on the floor for a little while and started up again. They pumped, pumped, pumped and pumped until they couldn’t anymore. They saw people walk in and they hide behind a grape until they passed. They jumped out again and then kept working.

    After a while they finished and rolled one grape at a time home. It took days, hours and minutes to bring them all home. They had all the food they need for the rest of there lives.

    I chose this picture because it shows that you can do anything that you want to do. No matter what size you are you can do anything. All you have to do is work hard and it pays off.

  20. Here there is a famous sculptor, who is sculpting peanuts. He has a museum, called The Museum Of Sculpted Peanuts. His name is Peter Brown, and he’s been sculpting all kinds of food since he was a little kid, but his favorite thing to sculpt was peanuts. As a kid, he lived in Hawaï. Now he’s moved to New York, and he has a sculpting studio. He make billions of dollars, and is extremely famous.
    Today, he’s at his museum in France for a special show. He’s performing live to everyone while sculpting peanuts. He has multiple museums all over the world, but the one in France had all of his masterpieces. There is also going to be auction today for all the peanuts he sculpts. Depending on how big they are, they could range from $1,000,000-$1,000,000,000 dollars.
    Now 20 hours have past, and now its time for the auction. He made 3 pieces. The first peanut sold was $1,550,500 dollars, the second one he sold was $7,050,800 dollars, and the third one was $1,000,000,000 dollars. When he was done, he had a shopping spree at the Gucci store. Hope you enjoyed this week’s blog!

  21. I have been a farmer for years making gapes and other fruits. One day I left the farm to go get more seeds and supplies. I was gone for about 3 months and when I get one I am so confused. There is just a big stack of grapes that’s like 20 feet tall.

    That night I go to bed wondering why they’re was that many grapes. The next morning I wake up the stack is at least 5 more feet tall. Later that day I go up to the stack and investigate. I heard this talking it was so discreet I’m surprised I even heard it.

    I run away thinking it was aliens. The following day I walk over to the where I heard the voices. And I see these little men. I said who goes there. Then I hear millions of voices of the little men saying their names. I said that if you keep doing this you and your friends could work on this and we could all share. So how are you doing this? With a little pump and we don’t sleep at all. So we can invite so many people and share. And everything ended happily ever after.

  22. Harrison wiped the sweat off his brow and sighed.
    “This is torture, I mean can’t people just eat grapes?”
    Laura glanced in Harrison’s direction and whispered, almost as if she was scared she’d be
    “I don’t know about you, but I’d like to eat tonight.”

    With that, the two kept sucking the sweet grape juice. Although they were still thirteen,
    They were forced into work because their parents had left them just a few nights ago.
    “What’s for dinner tonight?”
    Harrison asked, even though he knew what the answer was. Laura just wiped her forehead and

    He too were in need of food, and were desperate to eat more than grape juice.
    “I don’t know. I really don’t.”
    Laura stared at the ground. Then, continued juicing the grapes.
    “You gotta do what you gotta do…”
    They didn’t know when they would get out of work, but they hoped it’d be soon.

    I chose this picture because I feel the scene of grapes and people working to make them raisins is like workers during the day. The scene to me, makes me feel like these people don’t want to do this, but have to. It reminds me of more of a poverty job, and I work at an organization thats works hard to minimize it. That’s why it caught it caught my eye.

  23. One fine Saturday morning in Foodsburg, the mayor made an announcement. It was a big announcement. Joe, Joey, and Joesph were watching TV while eating grapes. They always watch the news and eating grapes. The mayor is going to make his announcement now. The news from the mayor was horrible! They were going to deflate grapes into raisins! How horrible! How would the boys survive? They had to come up with a plan to stop the deflation-grape! I discussed a very complex plan to stop this grape murder. The place where they are deflating grapes is on Burger Boulevard and Rice Crispy Street. They lived on Apple Avenue which was four streets from Pizza Place. And across the street was Rice Crispy Street. They had the plan. It was mission im-grape-able.

    A few months later, all the grapes were deflated. The plan didn’t work. Grapes were gone! They put up posters and held protest to save the grapes. For some reason, everyone wanted raisins. Dried out, yucky, wrinkled grapes. The boys couldn’t stand it. One especially. Joey was up day and night putting out petitions and go-fund-grapes everywhere. The other boys soon got over grapes and moved on. But one day Joey had another plan. That was actually going to work. This was mission im-grape-able: 2.grape.

    One day Joey spent all of his money on raisins. That was very unlike Joey. He didn’t have enough money to buy a pump, so Joseph bought it. They went to French Fry Field where the local sports team plays. The Soccer Smoothies. They started inflating raisins one at a time. They were going so fast that they didn’t realize that they were over pumping them. Everyone saw the grapes and came to buy them. They were offering a lot of money! Even Tom Cruz-Cous came! The boys made a lot of money but ended up selling all the grapes. Oh well!

    I chose this picture because I could picture three boys losing there one and only grapes and then wanting them back badly. I thought it was also the most creative picture of the bunch.

  24. Once upon a time their was a man with a dream, he wanted to create modern art out of something beautiful. So one day when he was pondering his thoughts he thought maybe I should mine for gold be a gold digger or even better a peanut digger.

    After a big loan from his parents they wished him good luck. So he was on his way he bought a museum and started mining eventually people around the world came to see his wonders. Eventually he opened a new exhibit where he mined the peanuts right in front of his customers then peeled them but then he woke up realizing his success was all a very fond dream to be continued… (after lunch break)

    (after lunch) he realized his mistake and set out to complete his destiny with his companion yoga they planned for months and months and months. When finally they were ready they put their plan into motion and became the biggest peanut mining company in the world. THE END

  25. Marcel ,Tyler ,and Nogla were walking around on the dinner table when they stumbled upon an unusually large pile of peanuts. This is something big because in the small people town peanuts were like gold! Tyler ,Marcel ,and Nogla were miners and it was their dream to find peanuts and crack them open for the overpriced inside. Nogla freaked out and so did the others, they were going to be rich! They didn’t hesitate to start hammering at the hard shell and gathering all the food that came out.

    For 3 hours they had been hammering at the peanuts and they only busted three out of their shell. Marcel gave up and said to return the next day with more equipment, the next day they came back to their good mine and started to break open the shells with the right equipment. The next thing that they new in the first 30 minutes they had already gotten 13 peanuts out of their shells! When the day ended they had 50 peanuts all to each other.

    They had brought wheel barrows to the peanuts and gathered them up to sell to the mayor of smalls people town. The mayor was very impressed with the boys and bout the peanuts of of them for 5000,0000 Vbucks! The boys went back to their apartment and moved out and built a giant mansion with the money they had earned.

    I chose this photo because it was a funny scene to me. It was cool because I felt like the peanuts had a big role in the minds of the people smashing them open.

  26. Sandra and Luke were going to the Museum Of Fine Peanuts. They had many different varieties of art! They were so excited! They loved peanuts so much!
    They walked inside to find what looked like 500,000 peanut sculptures! There were so many different sizes and shapes.

    They walked around for about another 45 minutes. They kept walking until they came across the most beautiful two peanuts ever seen! So shiny and so perfect!
    This made them very happy. They stood there for minutes then hours just looking at those two peanuts. The only thing they were thinking about was how gorgeous they were! Until about 10 minutes later when they were about to leave and pay they saw something… something sad.How could they have not seen this man the whole time! A man was in the corner working. Working hard. Working harder than they thought anyone could work.
    He was using a pick axe to chip away the shell of the peanuts. He looked poor. Not payed. HOW COULD HE NOT BE PAID!! He was the one making all the art pieces! They thought this was crazy. They asked the man what was happening and all he stayed was…
    They walked to the front desk with anger and started yelling at the manager and stayed that they would call the police if that don’t let him go or start paying him… A LOT!!

    They argued for about an hour. By this time the Museum is closed and it’s about 8 at night. They finally navigated on letting him go and pay him 100,000,000,000 dollars.

    In the end he was happy. He bought a house and got his first meal in 3 months.
    He was full with joy. He thanked them and he left to go find his family.

    They all lived happily ever after!

    Why I picked this picture:
    I saw this picture and it automatically drew me into its beautiful details and the story I could make out of it. This made me think of all the people that work so hard and get nothing in return. But the people that do nothing get everything. I’ll definitely be saving this photo into my camera roll

  27. Once upon a time there were three friends and they were next door neighbors. They love playing in the snow and building snowman. They also like having snowball fights. When they all woke up they were so tired but when they looked outside their eyes opened so wide because they were so excited to play.

    The first friend walked out the door and knocked on the second friends door and ask if he wanted to play. He said sure, and the two friends knocked on the third friends door. He also said yes and then they all went to the park and made the biggest snowman ever made. One of the friends through an snowball at one of the other friends and it was just chaos. All of them got hit in the face and they were so exhausted. So they went inside and called it a day.

    I love this scene because all of the friends were bonding together and having fun. The reason I chose this scene is because when I lived in Colorado there was a lot of snow there and now that I live in Florida there is none.

  28. One day, Lili and Cole were going to a peanut museum. These peanuts were the most oddly shaped nuts in the world and the museum was very popular. Cole went to look at a whole peanut while Lili looked at two halves of a peanut on top of each other. She thought it was very cool that the peanuts could stay on top of each other without falling.

    Lili noticed that Cole was looking very seriously at the whole peanut so she asked,
    “Cole, what is so serious about that peanut?”
    “Well, I’ve noticed that this peanut has a different outline than this one.” Cole said pointing to another peanut
    “That’s interesting. But I don’t think that matters because mine is also shaped differently. Heck, it’s even cracked in half.” Lili said not understanding why Cole was so serious.
    “But aren’t peanuts supposed to be the same?” Cole said like a little know it all
    “Well, people’s looks aren’t the same, so why are peanuts so important?” Lili asked still confused why Cole thought it was so important.
    “I guess your right, i never thought about how different things are compared to one another.” Cole smiled and Lili smiled back

    This photo was important to me because I personally think that a lot of people in the world expect everybody to be the same, like the same things, have the same opinions, and have the same style. But in reality, I think people are very different and have different likings. This is important because a lot of people go hard on people who have different lives. People should realize that nobody is perfect and they might have different traits than you.

  29. Twenty four year old John works for his wife and two kids. Every morning he goes on on his truck and to work. He works with his two friends, Josh and Bill.
    He sees them every morning. His job is to blow up balloons for parties of any type. He works till day to night to support his family.After work he has dinner with his two friends.

    At 1:00 AM he finally gets home. His wife and kids are asleep. He goes into bed and goes to sleep. He has this routine everyday. He got tired of it. One day he got up and went to work. He went straight to his boss and he said “I quit” he never sees his family. He went home and told his family. His wife said he made the right decision. He got a new job. He is a office worker. He has a shift till 5:00 am to 6:00 pm. He is happy he made the decision.

    I chose this picture because it it very cute and creative.

  30. Everyone contributed to making a chocolate cake the best chocolate cake it could possibly be. I know this because I was there that day. I remember the September skies from that day. I remembered the wispy air. I remembered the smell of the chocolate.
    I remember my mother’s voice.
    “Mitzuki, I want you and Sayuri to contribute into making the cake your father heard about in the news.”
    “Mom, I have better things to do.” I countered
    “Teo and Lorelei are there.” She responded. Now I knew I had to go. Those 2 are klutzes times 1,000,000. Teo would drown in the icing and Lorelei would fall off.
    “Fine I’ll do it!” I yelled. My mom nodded.
    “So… what are we doing again?” Sayuri, my twin sister asked me.
    “Stuff.” I hesitated. This was going to be long and hard.

    3 days later…
    The cake was almost finished. And it didn’t take as long as I expected. Everyone contributed. And now we were almost done. The commander of this project is named Leonard, who is Martin Luther King’s not-sure-how-many greats grandson. He told us to call him Tartar or Leon. I call him Leon and Sayuri calls him Tartar. After applying the snow colored, delicious buttercream frosting. We throw on some beautiful, magenta, strawberry macaroons. Then, the rainbow of sprinkles. The top I was in charge of planning!
    “Sure ya can, kiddo.” Commander Leon smiled. I decided to believe him. He’s
    the grandson of Martin Luther King, after all. I decided to organize the sprinkles by color, forming a rainbow on the top. I put all the colors in a bag and organized them by color. I had way to much time oh my hands. It took long, hardworking hours, but it was worth it! My sister Sayuri, my cousin Lorelei, and best friend Teo, and I all organized the colors and made a beautiful rainbow on the top! Our cake was finished. All it took was just a little motivation.

    I chose the cake image because it looked like it was saying: all you need is motivation, effort, and time to make something great

  31. One HAPPY Snow Day!
    One day on a snowy Monday, Billy, and Joe were supposed to have school, but it weather it was a snow day. Due to the weather Billy and Joe decided to meet up at the Cupcake Park. When they both got to the park they wanted to make a snowman so they Billy took of his scarf and Joe took off his hat and so then they were going to start.

    When they were busy passing a huge ball of snow around until they thought it was big enough for them to put on the bottom them the middle one and then the top one. Once they had all the parts together they started to put all the scarves and accessories on the snowman. Once they finished another kid from the park came over and said “ Wow, that’s a great snowman. Billy, and Joe said thanks. They all introduced each other, and they found out that his name Bob. After they met they called each the The Billy Bob Joe Group.

    After there conversation they decided that they wanted to have a snowball fight. It all stated because Bob threw a snowball at Billy. When they started the game it was Billy, and Joe vs Bob. After about an hour of snowball fighting Billy’s, Joe’s and Bob’s parents show up and so them they all left for home. One reason why I chose this picture is because I love seeing snow and playing in it. I really felt like this picture went with my personality especially since I like to have snowball fights with my brothers.

  32. The point of life is to have fun and make every day a good day. Sometimes we don’t always have good days. So that is why the picture of the cake stood out to me.

    The reason chose the cake or why it stood out to me in the first place is because it shows in my mind that you have to make every day a good day. I say this because my family argues a lot and we don’t always get along. But my uncle believes that you should make every day special, and I one hundred percent agree with him. The cake is a symbol of happiness and you should celebrate every day.

    In conclusion, the cake shows me that no matter what you should celebrate life, and make the most of it. Also, you should try to live life to the fullest and to have a smile on your face every day because the true meaning of life is happiness and satisfaction of who you are. To me that is what the picture says.

  33. The day i learned how to skateboard, I was in Wisconsin with my great uncle and my family. My two brothers brought their skate boards and all they would do is ride around the town. I was stuck sitting outside with my dad and my great uncle while my brothers were having fun without me. Soon enough, I decided to go find them and tell them that I want to skate board too! My brothers both said ok! Later that day, they started teaching me. First I learned on my brothers regular skateboard. Then, Once I started getting the hang of it, I rode on my brothers long board. I definitely liked the long board better!

    I practiced and practiced. Down dirt roads, side walks, and all through the town. I fell and lost my balance a few times but I got right back up and kept trying. I finally was skateboarding on my own! As soon as we got back home I begged my dad for a longboard! I rode my brothers long board everywhere I went while my brother rode his skateboard.

    Ever since that one trip to Wisconsin, I have always loved long boarding with my brothers! I am so glad that I have two brothers who were willing to take the time to help me skate board! I chose the skate boarders riding on the avocado with a man walking on the side because it reminds me of my awesome brothers who taught me to skateboard and my great uncle in Wisconsin!

  34. One day everyone had a great big party on top of the cake. They all were having lots of fun. In order to get up onto the cake there was a ladder then they had to climb. Alicia was one of the last people to get there and Jeff is waiting for her. The climb is hard at the top of the ladder.

    Now the party is in full swing. Some people are on top of the macrons! Everyone is having a very fun time around the candles also. There are some people off the cake in line to get up. The people in line are jealous and can’t wait for their turn to be up there. They are sad because they can see how much fun the other people are having up there.

    The party will come to an end soon because it is getting late. They invite everyone in line up to the cake before it ends. The party will come to an end now until next weekend. I chose this picture because it had many people and they were all having fun.

  35. Tim is in High School and loves skate boarding. Just like most of the boys in his grade he loves football and other sports too. Tim has a little sister and he hangs out with her all the time. Joe is just like Tim, likes all the same things as Tim and is best friends with Tim too. Joe loves skate boarding as much as Tim.

    Tim wanted to go skate boarding today so he called Joe and Joe said why not. Since they lived just around the corner from the skate park they just skated over. When they got there Tim went straight for the railings and Joe went straight for the half pipe. When Tim went for the railing for the first time he landed on his butt but he was fine. When Joe went for the half pipe he landed on his arm and broke it. Tim took Joe to his house and got in Joe’s car and drove Joe to the hospital to get a cast for his arm.

    I chose this photo because I like the idea of the avocado as one of those pool like things at the skate park. Whats also cool about it is that there’s a guy in the middle of the air so that has to be really creative too. Whats also really cool is the really small people that are like the size of a finger nail. I like skating but I’m not good at it (I like long boarding better).

  36. One day Tommy and Jimmy were at the grape factory and they were grabbing a few grapes and they went to pump it up but their pump wasn’t there. They looked everywhere in the grape factory. They checked their offices. Then they asked Jerry across the factory if he had seen it and he said he never saw it. Then they both decided jump into the grapes. There were so many grapes they were practically swimming.

    After a hour or so they finally decided to get out of the grapes. They went back to were Jerry was and decided to help him with the rest of his grapes so they could ask him if they could help him find it. Once they were done with Jerry’s grapes they all started looking again for the grapes. They started at Jerry’s half and worked there way back to Jimmy and Tommy’s half. They didn’t find anything.

    Jimmy and Tommy decided to just leave and accept the fact they lost there pump. Once Tommy and Jimmy got back to there house and as Tommy went into his room he saw their pump. They had forgot to bring it in the morning. The next day they went back to work, this time they brought their pump and Jerry decided to help them with their grapes because he forgot his pump.

    I decided to right about the grapes because I felt like I could make a funny story. Even though halfway through I forgot what my story was I got on track like the characters in my story.

  37. Bing, Bing, Bing. The noise of Zach’s alarm clock that woke him every morning. Still trying to wake up, Zach rolled over to look at his alarm clock. As he tried to see the small numbers, his eyes woke up immediately by sunlight outside. 7:50. I’m going to be late to work at the peanut gallery.

    When he got to the gallery, he saw his friend (Tim) at the drill cracking peanuts. Zack was a security guard to make sure that nobody would steal the Monapeanut or The Last Peanut (famous piece of art). He saw some one looking at The Last Peanut. That was his favorite piece. As the day rolled by, he found himself in his bed where he had started the day

    I chose this picture because I thought it was interesting how instead of using clay or paint they use peanuts for a art gallery. Also somebody’s job is to crack peanuts instead of stone. I find it cool how the smaller people can manipulate thing into stuff that we could never imagine

  38. Traffic crowded the harbor as I noticed everybody taking pictures. That was the second day I moved here from Chicago. People looked at me, I looked at them with confusion, and suddenly two people came up to my car. They said that it is an important castle/tower that survived through two wars. I took pictures but was stuck in traffic.

    I sat there for an hour beeping and yelling until I heard sirens out of my open car roof. I received many calls from my kids, wondering where I was. I told them that I was just heading home from shopping but was completely stopped in traffic.

    Later that night Brinkley, my two year old daughter, cried until I made it home to the big house on Hawaii Avenue in Virginia. This time we all drove out together and had a great time talking by the memorable sight with many friends and family. The Stone family had an amazing time with each other. Did you ever see this tower of remembrance in real life?

    I chose this picture because I thought it was interesting with all of the action and motion going on in it. For example people stopping and taking pictures and driving. This could have happened in real life!

  39. “Hahahahaha!” Jason laughed as he pegged Eric with a snowball. “Man, this giant mountain or whatever it is, is really fun.” “Yeah I know right?!” Eli agreed. Jason then threw a snowball at Eric again, but missed and obliterated the snowman’s head instead. “Ha! Missed!” SPLAT! “OW!”

    “Oh man that was fun” Eric laughed when they were finished. Who’s up for some ice cream?” “Ooh yeah let’s go” Jason agreed. “But it’s freezing outside!” Said Eli. “WHO CARES!” the others shouted. “Meh I guess you are right.” “I SCREAM YOU SCREAM WE ALL SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM!” They changed as they departed the messy scene.

    When they got to the ice cream shop they all chose the same flavor and sat down. “We should do that again” Eric said. Just then three bells rang from the houses one block away. “Oop. That’s our moms. catch you guys tomorrow!” Eric said. “Bye.”

    I chose this image because it was the only one that inspired me to write on whichever way I wanted to. There were kids and a snowman that I could do whatever I wanted with them.

  40. Once apron a time there were the’s two boys who’s names were Bob and Jeff. Bob and Jeff had a grandpa who was supervising them. They tricked grandpa in to go out on a walk Bob and Jeff brought there skate boards. They go out the door they are walking along the street and Bob and Jeff see a house that is twice the size of a mansion.

    Bob and Jeff ask if they can go in the house grandpa says no but then Bob and Jeff said I will give you a scratching card grandpa says ooo yes. Bob and Jeff goes back to the house get a latter and Gomes back. Bob puts up the latter they all clime up hop through the window they all stand up and look from a table and say wow.

    They see a giant avocado run over to it. They look at there skate boards and hop on the avocado and they start doing flips with there skate board like a short aerial, and a backside with a trick.

    I chose this image because I just think that it’s kind of funny that they don’t notice that the are skate boarding on an avocado.

  41. On a hot August day three friends were lounging on the couch. “I’m bored. Can we do something besides sit here all day?” Tim said. Tim always wore jeans and a blue shirt. He says they go well with his blond hair. “ Well what do you want to do?” Asked Jim. Jim is a blond headed kid with a knack for skateboarding. “Why don’t we go to the skate park?” Jim suggested. “Um. How about no!” Jack replied.
    “Why not?” Tim and Jim asked. In unison.
    “Has anyone noticed my leg?” Jack questioned. Jacks leg was broken from a skate boarding incident a while back. “Of course we have. You can watch.”

    Whoosh! Jim could feel the wind dance across his face while he gracefully weaved around Tim who was working on his tricks. Jack watched them longingly. Boy did he want to jump on that skate board and destroy that half pipe! “You know what. I’m going to do it!” Jack said to himself. He limped up the ramp to the half pipe and grabbed Tim’s skate board. “ Hey, what are you…” Tim yelled but before he could finish jack dropped into the half pipe. All the two heard from on the deck was, “My leg!” I think I broke it!.”

    The End

    I chose this photograph because I used to skate and I really love avocados. Once I saw that pictures I felt as if i could write hundreds of stories about it. This author truly does have a talent and I’d like to see more of his work. Also I liked playing with little model people and creating an even bigger world around them. This shows that there are so many types of art. We just have to find the right one for us.

  42. Justin never listens to his dad. He never listens to anyone. He neglects his responsibility and never does ANYTHING he should be doing. His responsibility level compared to his father’s makes it hard to believe they could be related in any way. Justin is a trouble-maker like he is born to be one, and his father tells him that he in fact, is. He has only one friend, David, and David is just as much a trouble maker as Justin. They go to different schools, so David and Justin only see each other after school, usually meeting at the skate area in avocado Park, located in the middle of the Guacamole Neighborhood.

    He has to keep it a secret from his father, because his father has banned skating from Justin’s life. If you asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up, he would tell you he wanted to skate. So would his friend. Despite causing so much trouble at school, he always work pads and a helmet to stay safe. If his father found him bruised from skating, he would never see the skate park AGAIN. He had been keeping a clean record for a year, making various excuses for being late, from staying in detention and the teacher forgetting he was there and left, to tutoring kids that need help with homework. His father never suspected anything.

    Until, one day, his dad decided to go for a walk in the park to get some fresh air and saw some kids playing at the skate part of the park. There was a man telling them to get off the property, where they were skating, and they refused. Justin’s dad went to investigate. He recognized one of the boys from fifteen feet away, and instantly got angry. He started yelling, and Justin yelled too. They argued, but Justin’s dad was a professional at arguing. Justin knew he was losing, so he screamed one last word at his father, and ran home.

    Justin never saw David again. He would never pick up a skateboard in the entire rest of his life. From that point on, he started to actually try hard in school, be the nicest kid in his class, and go on to Harvard. And he did. The only time he ever saw a skate related place from that point on was when he brought his kids to see his hometown of tabletop city. And never again.

    I chose this picture because I didn’t think anyone else was choosing it. It was also the least discriptive of a picture, with only three figures and one food item. It was a very interesting picture indeed.

  43. One early morning Ted, Ned and Ariel were exploring the kitchen, Ariel had brought her skateboard because she wanted to ride it around incase they found something. Ted still had a broken leg from falling off the half-pipe at the sink. But when they came across tons of giant brown oval fruits, they didn’t know what to think of it.

    Ned had tried climbing up one of these mysterious fruits, but needed a little hoist from Ariel. Ned had pulled Ariel up, and Ariel couldn’t believe her eyes. They had found a half-pipe that fit perfectly into this weirdly shaped fruit! She called down to Ted, “Hey Ted!”
    Ted looked up at them, “Yeah?”
    Ariel responds, “We found a half-pipe in this fruit!”
    Ted frowns, “Cool, it’s just that I have a broken leg.”
    Ariel starts doing some tricks on the hollowed out center of the fruit. There was another part of the fruit that was almost exactly the same, just with a brown ball where her new half-pipe was. Ned decides to jump down to Ted to give him company while he is standing there by himself as Ariel was doing tricks. It was like a forest of the browned outside fruits, and it was sticky!

    Ariel had noticed something, There were many, many, many fruits! Except there was one thing, where could they find their way out? It was like a forest of these fruits, they were amazing half-pipes for Ariel, but did they know how to get out? Ariel began grimacing, was there anyone else also lost in the maze of avocados, and if there were, how long have they been stuck in there? The reason I picked this photo was because it was very out of the ordinary compared to the other photos for me.

  44. It was time to go to the huge birthday party with all of Kate’s friends. It was Victoria’s 9th birthday party. She got a big gift that she thought her friend Victoria would like it has all sorts of crafts in it. She packed it all up with a big pink bag and wrote Victoria with her neatest handwriting. She put her card in at the bottom of the bag and stuffed the rest of the bag with pink tissue paper (Victoria’s favorite color). Kate was so excited she slipped on her white jeans with rainbow dots on it and a white blouse on that has plants of rainbow colored paint.

    Finally the clock struck twelve she slipped on her pink shoes, grabbed the pink bag and headed out the door. She got in the car and waited five minutes which felt like forever! Finally she felt the car stop, they arrived! She herd pop music on and kids talking and screaming with joy as they played tag at the party. She saw pink towers with white dots with fire on top. There was a was a white climbing wall with rainbow items to grab on. There was also a gray ladder and the rest you could climb up. She climbed up her mom went over to talk with the rest of the parents. She placed her present under the pink climbing rock. Behind the climbing rock there was a white table with pizza and cake on it. All of a sudden someone snuck up on her and she jumped! It was Victoria. They all played tag and climbed the rock wall.

    They all ate pizza and some cake. Victoria opened her presents and they all played with the new toys she got. They had a blast! Kate’s Mom came over and it was time to go Kate checked her moms watch and it was already three! Kate was sad to leave, she hugged her friends, and said goodbye. They hopped in the car and drove off. Kate was thinking her birthday was coming up soon! She was so excited and had so many ideas of what to do! It was time to start planning! I choose this picture because it had so much color I saw it right away, it caught my eye, it also had some of my favorite foods in it! That is why I choose this picture.

  45. Hi my name is Harold. I am a fine person, but sometimes I freeze up and for no reason. It’s crazy, I cant stand it. But my favorite thing to do is have a lot of fun. The word fun puzzles me. I could ponder on this word for hours. Fun, it makes me think where can I have the most fun. and why do I care so much about fun. Guess what, yesterday my best friend Harry told me he was having a party at his house. But it was only going to be lit by candles. I asked fi their was anything I should bring or do. All he told me was no lights.

    The next day I woke up and I start walking and then I freeze again. I go to the local market to get a gift for Harry. I thought I would get him sweets and a huge birthday card with moving gears. I went up and down the isle looking for the right card, they all seemed to girly or really weird. None of them spoke to me. One said for a friend, naturally I picked it up. All the moving parts were amazing so I bought that and some cookies. I drove right over to his house to set up. Everybody was there and I was like an hour early. There was a huge cake in the middle of the room. I had to get a ladder to get up there. Well the ladder wasn’t long enough. So I thought that this was a great time to be very heroic. I climbed up the treacherous terrain and I backflips on top of the cake. I thought it would be a good idea to help people so I used my super strength to pull everybody up on them cake and have a good time.

    At the end o the day I’m just some guy that freezes all the time. I think that I am a pretty cool guy. I chose this picture because it looked like the people were having a fun time. Then my ideas started brewing. That is why I chose this story.

  46. One sunny afternoon tod and jerry went to the Skatepark called The Avocados. It was a hidden skatepark in the fields of Avocados and only a few people knew about it. It was for pro skaters only but Tod always said “no matter the jump, full send!” That’s how he go confident in himself to do any jump he wanted but the Avocados where bigger than anything they’ve seen before. The smallest jump was a 30 foot drop in and Tod and Jerry where a little more careful. The only people there was two people, one in a body cast who left immediately and this older guy who was in crutches.

    Then both boys creeped toward the edge. “After you” tod said to jerry. Jerry wasn’t scared so he dropped in, immediately the look on his face was a look of fear! Jerry’s board started to wiggle and jerry got to the edge of the ramp and flew into the air without the board under his feet. Tod had to do something so Tod dropped in the ramp and was trying to control his board so he could save jerry. Jerry was in the air on his way down and Tod was below him, Tod caught him and boom the both hit the floor like a penny of the Eiffel Tower!

    Jerry was okay with some injuries that weren’t bad but Tods injuries were way worse! Tods eye was bleeding and he broke is legs and one arm and pulled his calf. Just because he tried to save his friend, and that’s what true friendship is called! The doctor said to Jerry, “he will be okay no injuries that could be fatal and he just needs time to heal.” Jerry hugged Tod with appreciation and hope.

    The reason I chose the Avocado photo is because it seemed easy to make a story out of. It also reminds me of when I skateboarded!

  47. Hello. What’s up? It is a beautiful day. There’s no rain and you can’t see the floor. Oh. Wait, that’s not snow that’s coconut shreds and I am indoor so there is no weather. My life is very crazy. I apologise. I forgot to introduce myself. My name is. Actually I don’t have a name. One day those other guys called me carrot nose. Actually that sound kind of cool. My name is carrot nose!

    Some snowballs are flying around me. I see some blackish brown thing at the edge of the coconut shreds. The two hardest questions that I have ever asked my self are how did those other guys get snow balls if there is no snow? My second question is what’s the brownish black stuff? Ow! A snowball just hit me! You need to improve your aim. My grandma throws better than you and she can’t even throw!(When I say you I am not talking about the reader. I am yelling to the other people on my small world.) I can’t stand being hot. The other guys aways snow ball fight. Hey that’s weird.

    That gigantic snow ball wasn’t there a minute ago and where did they get all that snow? Hey that snow ball is rolling straight to me. Why is the guy on the same side as me taking cover behind me. Hey, that snow ball is not stopping. It’s about to crush me! Aaaaaaaa! Run! Oh yah, I forgot. I am a snow man and I can’t run! The other guys are cheering. Then the ball tumbles in front of me. Ouch! I just got knocked over. The other person moves. They continue to play. Hey put me back together! It is useless. I want to play but what do I know about that. I am just a broken snowman.I chose this picture because it was my favourite picture. I think it was a very creative idea and I think it looks really good. I really liked the shredded coconut for snow because it looks really good

  48. Today was the day of the peanut museum’s grand opening! Everything was currently being unboxed from it’s carful packaging. All the peanuts had to be cased in a hard shell during travel. Meanwhile, people anxiously waited at the doors, tickets in hand. It wasn’t easy for the workers to concentrate with all the noise though…

    All of the sudden everyone heard a loud crack coming from inside. They gathered around the windows, pushing and shoving the get a look. Apparently one of the peanuts had been sliced in half by a worker, opening it’s case! Everybody gasped once they saw the result. The peanut’s dust swept around the room. It cleared in less than a second, and people started seeing something shiny in the distance. Inside the peanut had been a crystal gem!

    Soon the rest of the peanuts had been taken from their shells, and the gem had been put on display, along with its original peanut. At first, everyone thought a tragedy had occurred that day. A priceless artifact, split down the middle, but it had actually been a day in history. That day, they discovered the first peanut gem, but do other peanuts have gems too?

    I decided to choose the peanuts image because I wanted to try something different, other than the cake or cupcake. Once I saw the image, I almost immediately thought of a story plot about a peanut museum. I thought it would be creative and unique!

  49. Jonny and Charlie were the best skateboarders in town. Both kids were very caring and always were a good sport. Next week was the biggest skateboarding competition in California and Jonny and Charlie had plans to win. In order to win the brothers would have to practice a lot. Jonny suggested just practicing in their empty pool but Charlie felt he needed somewhere more advanced. The closest skate park near them was 5 miles away.

    The brothers woke up early that morning and headed to the bus station with their skateboard and gear. When they got to the skatepark it was very strange looking. “It almost looks like a giant avocado!” Charlie said in amazement. No one was there so the brothers wanted to get as much practice as they could before people came. They climbed up the ladder onto the giant green avocado. “Are pool is bigger than this.” Jonny explained. “It will do for now” Charlie said with disappointment.

    Both kids went up and down the walls doing crazy flips. Once they came to a stop Charlie went to the edge of the avocado and looked at an old man with a hurt foot. “Aw man I feel so bad for him” Charlie said. “It must be horrible not being able to ride” Charlie explained. “I know how he feels. Remember the time I broke my foot and I couldn’t skate last year’s competition.” Jonny said with his head down low. Charlie nodded and turned back to the old man. It looked as though he was crying. “Is he crying?” Charlie questioned.

    The brothers climbed down the avocado and raced to the old man. “What’s the matter sir?” Jonny asked. “Just seeing you young boys skating made me remember when I used to skate,” the old man was named Fred and he lowered his head while holding onto his cane. They all sat next to each other by a giant avocado and he began to tell the brothers stories about skating. You could see the old man feeling better. “The skatepark can wait.” They all laughed while the time flew by. “We ought to get some practice in but it was nice talking to you sir.” Jonny said with a smile. “I hope the best for you boys good luck.” Fred said and he was off.

    A week went by of the kids practicing and the kids were getting ready for the competition. They were up next and the old man came into their head. “I’m going to win for Fred,” Jonny said. “Same here,” Charlie said. “Up next… Jonny Sander!” The man said on the speaker. The boys won 1st and 2nd Place with knowing it was because of Fred’s luck.

  50. “Wow! It’s beautiful” exclaimed Marco when he saw the Arch de Crisp for the first. “I wish we had this in Germany!” He said. Marco got to drive around the Arch de Crisp before he went to his hotel to unload his bags. When he pulled up to the Marriott he said “I think I am going to unpack for awhile, them at night I will go and explore!” Marco said then he went to his room and started to unpack but then he slowly drifted off to sleep…

    “That was a good sleep!” Marco exclaimed and then jumped out of bed and raised down stairs to start his journey. Since the French Open was happening, Marco went there first. He loved how the players hit green peas back and forth with their broccoli rackets. Then, Marco went to the Louvre. The Louvre is a fascinating peanut gallery with tons of famous peanuts like the Pona Lisa, made by Leonardo de Pavinci. Marco went for some lunch after he left the Louvre. He decided to go for some escargot and caviar. He didn’t really like it because he thought that the caviar was to salty and that the escargot was a dead snail.

    When Marco’s appetite was finished, he decided to go to the Eiffel Croissant. He enjoyed how he could see all of Paris from up there. Then he went to then Arch de Crisp. Finally, Marco could take a big bite out of it. He was so exited he could barely breathe. He sprinted towards it and jumped onto it. He took the biggest in the world but it was worth it. It tasted so good, he carved out a hole bag full for the plane ride home. Marco wasn’t done eating yet. He for some Macarons to and loved it. Over all, Marco had the time of his life in Paris!

    I chose this picture because I love Rice Crispies and that I love geography, so that is how I know what the big Arch is. The Arch de Triumph.

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