Be the Designer

Welcome to your class blog, sixth-graders!

This week’s post allows you to be creative and inventive. Let your imagination run wild!

Your job is to design a new, more efficient storage system to replace the lockers in your middle school.

You should include the following criteria in your design:

Must be able to lock in some way

Must have some student identification

Must have the capability to store books, book bag, etc.

What would your new storage system look like?

Where would it be located?

What would you call it?

Anything else?

One good paragraph. Remember to use complete sentences, punctuation, and as much correct spelling as you can.



  1. If I could design a it would be named Locker X. It would have face recognition and a built in Alexa. The lockers would also be twice the size of the normal lockers. Because they would be twice the size Locker X would take up both sides of the hall. Locker X will become the newest, tech savvy, most innovative locker to exist.

  2. If I were to create a more innovative design for our lockers, its acronym would be T.L.T. That stands for Tech Lockers Today. I think an ideal location would be the hall, which is where all of the lockers are located anyway. The new storage system would be slightly bigger, and more self maintained. The reason why I wouldn’t make it way bigger is because I want to create space for more lockers. Since it would be bigger than today’s standard locker size, it would have a dedicated shelf for your backpack, textbooks, and other things that need to be safe and secure. Speaking of security, we have already made sure that the only way it would unlock is with voice recognition. We’ve also built in a vocal assistant, which greets you in a friendly manner and manually will have your necessary textbook ready based on your schedule. We have also made sure that it is very portable, and can shrink down to the size of an eraser. Essentially, this is the ideal locker for any type of reason, especially education.

  3. If I could design a new locker system I would make en electronic locker. It would be located in the halls. The locker would open from the students handprint. The locker would have a voice and you can choose what accent. You could also choose what color you want it to be. It would be see through until you make it a color. Then LED lights would shine inside the glass and you would not be able to see through. Once you open your locker you can organize the locker and then tell it to set it to main. Then when your done with a book, you can just set it where ever and when you close the locker it would reset beck to main. You can also tell it to call you anything. And it will only respond to your voice.

  4. If I could design a new locker system I would have it be very modern it would be have a number and it would be white and have a finger print lock like on a iPhone but it would be on a locker. They would be shaped like a square be in a room that’s not a Classroom. it would open automatically and once you fingerprint it recognized. Inside it would have a outlet where you could charge your iPad while your at a class that you don’t need your iPad . I would have it have shelfs and a Led light on the top. On the door there’s white board like notability but built in your locker door.

  5. My lockers would be located in your advisory. The lockers would be Locked with face Id. The locker will have the shelf’s of your choice. The lockers name is easy open lockers. The locker will have enough storage room for your bag books and any other objects. You will be allowed to choose what you want your color to be. Part of the locker will be a freezer section for any water or food you need to save. The face Id is helpful because no one can get in. With a lock somebody my hear your code but with face Id no one will get in. This is why easy open locker are the best.

  6. If I could create any type of storage area for school I would create the Walking Robot Locker. The robot locker would look like a robot, you can design it any way you want. The robot would 5 feet tall and have lot’s of storage.Ways you could lock the locker and unlock the locker is by placing your hand on the robots hand and the robot could recognize you. The robot can walk and talk. If you have to bring multiple books to class it will follow you so you don’t have to carry all of your books. The robot can hold as many books you want it to. If you need extra storage the robot can extend. The robots have to charge so when your not using the robots they will stay in the hall next to your class

  7. The Locker right now is to small, how would you change it?
    In this instance, I would totally have some thing really cool way to have a locker that would be totally original. First I would have a giant container filled with water, and then have a secret button that drains the water so you reach in and grab a key, hidden somewhere in the tank. The key would open a locker that expands in to a locker, the size of four lockers!!! So it would totally be able to store my stuff. And it would also only unlatch with voice identification. But This would be located the same place the lockers are now. This amazing locker is made out of a special expandable material, that is unknown yet, YET! Finally the name drumroll please————— the amazing expanding water lock!
    That would most indefinitely, be my favorite way to have and open a locker.

  8. If I were to deign a new way to store school things it would be called locker 2.0. The lock would consist of a finger print scan. Once you opened the locker it would be wider and longer. It would have a shelve with multiple drawers for each class and in the back a space for a backpack. There would be a touch screen on the inner locker door were you could press a few buttons and the drawer with the things you need for your next class would pop out. For lunch storage there would be a built in microwave were you could type in what food or drink you want and it would appear in microwave. For decorations there would be different settings on the touch screen if you pressed the pink setting the locker would turn pink and decorations would appear in the microwave. It would have a built in basketball net, mirror, and amplifiers, and it cleans it self. And here’s the kicker it only costs the low price of 1,999,999.99 per locker.

  9. My locker will lock by thumb print for identification. you will have to say your name. it will be 5 feet wide so you can store anything in there. My new storage system would look like I huge safe with many different places to store lunch, bags, and books. It will be located in your pocket so you can bring it where you go it will be folded up in a little square. I’d call it pocket lockers. It Would also be indestructible so nothing could ever harm it and it would be safe and big enough to hide in it.

  10. If I could redesigns the lockers I would name the lockers easy locker. I would put the lockers in the lockers still in the hallways. To identify the lockers there would be numbers still. There would be no top or bottom lockers it would just be one big on instead but many of them so that all your books would fit. There would be a thumb print that you put up to the locker to unlock it also inside the locker would hand you books to you so you would never be late. You would type in what you want for you food if you were getting sage and it would be in you locker. After school it would help you with you homework. It would clean your locker for you. It would have a speaker inside if you name was called in car line. Your day would be easy with the easy locker.

  11. If I could make my own storage system, I would make a massive locker with spaces for certain things. Like for example, I could have have a space designated for sports gear. A space for books. And more backpack and binder space. You need to fit your football helmet? No problem. This locker can fit a helmet perfectly. To open it there is a 4 digit code that can open the locker. If a light turns green, then you can open the locker. If the light turns red, it won’t open. Do you not want other students to see you type your code? No problem. This locker has a thumb print on it. Next to the code, there is a thumb reader for you. You can open the locker when the light turns green. You want top or bottom? No problem. This locker spans the whole height. This locker is 30 inches wide. Its so big. It is made of Aluminum. The lock system is designed by Apple.
    This locker is the future of lockers.

  12. The think that the lockers should have a thumb print locker.One reason is in the regular locker if you have a code and you forgot it or the combination is not working that takes a long time to do ,but with a thumb print lock you just put your finger on it and it unlock you locker and you can get to your stuff. There are numbers on the bottom of the locker so you will know it is yours. I think there should be to slots in your locker so you can put your book or sport bag for you sport or if you don’t do a sport you can just store your extra books. It would look like a fat locker with a metal line down one side books the other side is sports. The location of the locker would be the hallway because there is a lot of room. The Thumb Print Locker.

  13. If I created a locker I would call it Students Best Friend. It would be kind of like the lockers we have here, but one locker would go from floor to ceiling. But since you can’t reach the top it would have a ladder on the door. At the very top of your locker there would be a nice soft seat for you to hangout in. At the bottom there would be manny sections for your books also there would be several hooks for you to hang your bag and/or lunch bag. This looker would be located in the hallway like now. You could find your locker because you can put your name in a letter slider. My lock would be a finger recognition or a passcode to lock you would just push a lock button. I didn’t put too much technology into my locker because I wouldn’t want it to take over the world, that would be a interesting story!

  14. For the lock on my locker it would have a thumb print ID, if someone tries to get into your locker that isn’t you it will electrocute them. It will be bigger on the inside with a designated area for everything to fit and have a certain place to store it. It will look the same on the outside as our current lockers but the insides will have built-in shelves, and a screen with all of your homework displayed. It would be located in the same place as our lockers now. I would call it the lockers of the future. Maybe I would add in a robot that gave you your books for the next class.

  15. If I were to design a new locker system I would make it with a lot of technology. At each end of the hallway there would be two open cut ins in the wall. And then there would be a touch screen on top of it. It would scan your face and then you could choose what you want by simply tapping it. It would be the same size as a locker but it would organize it for you. Then when you were done getting the books, or your book bag, you would it would hit finish and it would automatically lock. Then the next person could use it. I would call it Robotic Lock it.

  16. If I could design new lockers they would be awesome. People are always trying to shove and squeeze in if they have a bottom locker. But what if there was no top or bottom one. I would install dark, red, mini, steal vaults for everyone. But it gets better… they would be hovering. If you wanted to, you could store extra stuff under your locker. It would not even be a locker. The new name would be the Ultra Vault. It always takes two long to open lockers, so instead you would use thumb print. Thumb prints would be a lot easier to.So you don’t get your locker confused, their would be holograms in front of your locker showing your number. It would be located at the same place as the old lockers. The Ultra Vault is the locker of the future!

  17. My design for a new locker is one that locks and unlocks with your fingerprint. It is made to identify the owner. The locker would greet you once you have opened your locker. If you wanted to give the locker your schedule, it would memorize it, and would tell you what your next class is. It could also tell you when to leave for your classes. It would also have a rapid charging station that charges your devices super fast. It would also tell you if you had an email or text. It could tell you the weather and the news. It would have a printer that would copy your work if you need it too. You could also order things online, like amazon. It would have room for everything too! I would call it the “Smart Locker”. It would be located wherever you wanted to. The “Smart Locker would be everything!

  18. I would design a locker that it lock with the tap of a button. It would also have finger Identification. You can have multiple fingerprints on it so teachers can have easy access. The locker would have a shelf with 2 layers. One fo your book bag and one for your books. It would be located close to the door so you can get to lunch faster. it would display your name on the outside.I would call it Finger Locker 2000.

  19. What should middle school lockers look like? What should they have inside of them how big will they be? If you can design it what would you do? If I could design middle school lockers I would give everybody huge lockers wide and long. A bunch of hooks on the top to hang backpacks, sport bags and, lunchboxes. I would have it really clean on the inside and a bunch of nice built in shelves for books. So it’s secure I would have a fingerprint and you can add other people’s fingerprints. So if somebody went to go put something in your locker for you they could get in. If it’s somebody’s fingerprint that you have not programmed then it will shock them and not open. When you open your locker you will have a nice bright light so you can see what you are grabbing out of your locker. It’s big enough so nothings crammed inside. It will have any name you set it up to. That’s what my middle school locker would look like.

  20. Instead of lockers, I have a new idea for a storage system to help students store theirs backpacks and books. This system will be called “The Helper, because this new system will be helpful in every possible way. First, The Helper will look like a locker on the outside, with the exception of it painted white. This is because I find white a color that will make The Helpers look neat and clean, unlike silver. Instead of locks and combinations, we will use Touch ID. The students will put their finger prints into the program, so when they need to get to their locker, they will scan their finger and it will unlock. This helps students get their Helper open easier and faster. Next, inside The Helper, there will be the students schedule projected onto the back wall of The Helper. That way students will know what class to get to next. This time, The Helpers will be spaced out from other Helpers, so students won’t have to be crowded around other students when trying to open The Helper. The Helper will be bigger than standard lockers, so there is more room to store textbooks and other items. Lastly, The Helpers will have the students name in neat text on the front of The Helper, so students will know which one is theirs. I hope you enjoyed my pitch!

  21. If I could make a locker, The registration would be a Face ID to lock. The locker would also have a hologram that shows your schedule and all your homework. Then there would be a little robot hand that would hand you your books. But before you close the locker the locker would say have a nice day. It would be made of reinforced titanium. It would also be so far hollowed in, it would be a place that you could do your homework in peace. Complete with a beverage dispenser of anything you want. With completed furniture and the security would shock anyone other than the owner.

  22. My locker would be kinda boring on the outside, just a regular grey locker with no decoration. At first when you see it you will probably think that this is the most boring locker I’ve ever seen! But you just have to wait and see what is inside!
    First you go to the normal looking boring lock…. but little did you that this lock isn’t normal. When the owner of the lock sets their hand on the lock it automatically opens by itself!
    You didn’t see that coming did ya! Once the locker is open you almost fall to the floor with excitement! The second the locker open all you see is….. FOOODDDDDDD!!! candy, burgers, French fries, coca-cola, and more!

    That is all of the top of the locker! You look down and there is a little storage unit with space to fit my binder books and… MORE FOOD! There is a hook at the very top of the locker that holds my back-pack and extra extra long twizzlers!!

    That’s not all! At the top of the locker there is a little compartment where you can store anything! In my case The only thing I stored in there is food.
    In the very VERY back of my locker there is a secret safe! Only I can get in. All I do I’d look into the camera and it identifies my eyes opening the safe. Now what’s inside is the MOST important! 100 pounds of CHOCOLATE KISSES!!!!

  23. My locker would be called the Smart lock. It would be made out of the same magnetic material, so then everyone can still decorate with magnetic locker decor. The lock would open with either Face ID or Thumbprint. It would welcome you and start a timer until you next class starts. When you open it, a light automatically turns on. On the door, you’re schedule will light up and it will tell you what your next class is and how much time there is until the next break/lunch. It has a hook for your backpack, and a small shelf underneath for your lunch box. All your books are on a shelf that’s easy to access. Once you’re finished and you close the door, it locks itself. Hope you enjoyed my paragraph!

  24. My dream locker for this school is really actually not a locker. Well In the future they might, but my design is futuristic so I guess it is a locker. Anyways, my locker design is a full height locker. So like a block of four lockers into one. So it’s huge. There would have to be another hallway because they are huge. There has to be a passcode so you make your own. In words! Not like an actual lock. Like your iPad passcode. Then it grants you access and type what you want from your locker and it spits it out. If you want to put it back there is another slot so you can slip it back in. To make sure students know it is theirs, they can name in words. If the tech isn’t working then you can open it up with the passcode also. Then you walk inside, place your bag in the special spot and leave. Inside their will be a fountain drink machine and a fridge along with a microwave. Also an outlet to charge your iPad. If your passcode doesn’t work there is a face ID. If someone tries to get into your locker, it immediately alerts the principal and they get to talk the teachers. I hope my design goes somewhere and comes to life!

  25. If I created a locker it would be big and a fun locker. For the lock it will be a baseball with combinations instead of just a lock. It would be dead center of the locker. The locker would be painted and have a jersey number on it. This locker could have a basketball hoop, soccer net or a field. These lockers will be really big so you still have a lot of room for school stuff. I would call it the sports locker. This would be a really wide locker so all the stuff would fit. You could even play a game of football, soccer or basketball in your locker. There will also be sidelines were you can drink some water or Gatorade. You could also eat at the buffet.

  26. Firstly, the new lockers would have a schedule on them, and it would change every class period. The locker would have, on the schedule, what you need for that class.
    The lockers would be wide enough to fit an overstuffed suitcase. Then, there would be a book shelf inside for all of your books. There is also an outlet for charging, and a mini fridge for your food. Inside the mini fridge , there would be a small water fountain to fill your bottle. There is a small light at the top of it, and it makes the whole locker seem glowing with light. To get in, you would tap or clap the locker an amount of times, special for each locker, and it would open. If you forgot your code, you would say your favorite book, pet, movie, etc. and it would open, and tell you your code.
    Also, you don’t have to open or close it, because once you do the password, it’ll open or close. These lockers also remind you of upcoming tests and your homework. The locker will be the color of your choice, and you’d be able to decorate it. It will also have a cool fact about you, that no one else has. The locker will be a cube, and will be close to your height. You won’t have to stoop or go on your tippy-toes to reach your books.

    1. I find it cool that your schedule is on the locker, that would be very efficient, especially the fact it reminds you of tests and homework. I also like the color idea. Good job!

  27. I would make the lockers two lockers wide and none on the bottom lockers. I would also add a face I.D and the lock would open if it was me. The defense system would be a computer telling the person trying to break in to “heck off” and if they tried to break in again the would get launched back into the wall. It would be in the hall way and I could fit 15 adults inside. It will contain my bed, lights, infinite amounts of any food, a fridge, any beverage, an outlet, and an Xbox. It will be made of titanium and it will be called Locker De Locker.

  28. I am going to design a new and improved locker. I am going to have a full sized locker with shelf’s for all the books and folders you need for every subject. I am going to use a finger print scan to unlock the locker. On each locker, it will say your name at the top. There is a variety of colors for the lockers and you can choose any color you would like. On the side of your locker will be a cup holder for your water bottle and snack. Right next to it will be a hook for your lunch box. Across from the cup holder will be a hook for your bag of P.E. clothes. Lastly, the back of the locker has a hook for your backpack. On the door of your locker will be a pen and pencil holder, a small whiteboard calendar and a mirror. The lockers will, be located in your classroom so that when the bell rings, it won’t be so crowded trying to make your way to your locker. My newly designed locker will be called school storages.

  29. For making a new, efficient locker, I’ve decided to call it Key-Wii. They lock automatically when you close it. The way to open it, is you put in a password on a screen on the door. The password has a meter to tell you weather your password is to weak or strong enough. It is very spacious on the interior, it can fit up to 3 binders and still have more room for about 5 more books! It comes with hooks to hang coats and a shelf that you can remove. (The shelf is for your bag or anything else you want to put on a shelf). It would be tall, about 5’9, the color would be a metallic silver, and it would be 5 feet long. It would be located a hallway or a room where 2 classrooms intersect, both advisories on different sides.

  30. My new and improved locker design is going to have a fingerprint scanner for a lock on it because it’s faster and easier to use. It will have your name engraved into it so you no which ones yours. It will have a hanger in the back of it so you can hang your backpack up. It will also have secret compartments on the side to hold your books in. It will have an electric planer so you no what you have for homework. When your looking at it, it will be the size of two full size lockers and has see through bulletproof glass. It will be located on the sidewall of your school. It will be named the, Cole3000. That’s what my new and improved locker will be like.

  31. If I had to redesign the locker system, I would have a number pad. You can press the combination of numbers on the pad and unlock the locker. They would be twice as big as they are now because my locker now is kind of small for me. I am a top locker, I have to wait for the bottom locker to be finished before I can unlock my locker. I would have two people share the lockers. One has the top and one has the bottom but have one door. They would have a built in shelf to place your backpack and lunch box in. The bottom will be for your books. There will be a built in file shelf for your unused papers. There will also be a built in light because it’s kind of dark in the lockers. The lockers would still be located in the halls but the lockers will be on both walls. The lockers will be called lockers. The identification will have your name on the locker.

  32. It would be made of solid gold, with diamond encrusted edges, a finger print lock to the nearest nanometer, speckle some emeralds and rubys and amethyst for pazaz, and you have ten percent of the budget out of the way. The inside would be sound proof and big enough to fit a swordfish from head to toe, not to mention the sea-silk backpack with a diamond handle. There would be an M&M dispenser and ice for my 99.9 percent gold and sapphire water bottle. A fish tank build into the back, holding live fish of all colors, lit by a bright blue light that makes the whole locker sparkle. Elexa would be build in, and not your standard, 100 dollar Alexa, it may as well be made by Sky Net (the better half). It would answer any question in exact accuracy, play music that would calm you down by reading your nerves and select the perfect song, and close the door FOR you. A minifridge filled with snacks, lunch, and Figi water kept at below freezing would be on a side wall under a voice lock. My books would be at the top of the locker above the fish tank, on million dollar stands that, is also voice locked. And the most important thing of all, the one detail I’ve been waiting to give this ENTIRE article. It. Would. Be. A. Top. Locker. Duunn duunn duunnnnnnn!!!

  33. For my newly designed locker I would make a storage space called facelocker. This locker would be able to lock by using face recognition, much like the Apple iPhone named iPhone X. Instead of a standard locker, it would scan your face to see if it was actually you trying to open your space. For student identification, you could press a button on your storage space to have it say your name aloud. For example, once you press the button, it might say “Emily’s locker.” The storage system would be shaped like a locker. This length would be about 48 inches long and 24 inches wide. It would also be twice as deep as standard lockers are now. It would have enough space to put all your belongings, and you will extra space to maybe place a school project in there or a band instrument. This storage system would be located in the hallway. It would be hung up on the wall, not stacked. It would be low or high enough for the owner of the locker to reach it.

  34. My more efficient new locker is a medal locker but it has wooden shelving that can move up and down in any spot depending on what you want it at. The wooden shelving is also built in and you would have the same locker from 3-12 grade. The shelving can hold your books, lunch, and backpack etc. The way it will lock and unlock is a Face recognition and you have to be less than a foot away for it to unlock. To unlock you will close the door and press a button to lock when you leave. On the outside it will say your name and locker number too. The name is Face Locker because it has Face recognition and it’s a locker too. It would look pretty close to the same locker except its a little bigger and it will have a different lock and name and number on the Face locker too. You can choose what color your Face locker is too. The locker would be where all the lockers are now.

  35. Imagine the bully of your school notices that your locker is unlocked. The only think I can think of is bye bye lunch money. Well fear not, I, Duran have a solution. My locker would feature a full proof lock. You might be asking what lock could be full proof? I believe with a few minor alterations a thumbprint scanner could be an amazing addition to the common day locker, and when you close it the locker will conveniently lock by itself. It would provide a safe and easy way to keep your locker locked. Not only would my locker be safe it would be comfortable. In the bottom corner there would be a pocket. When you put your lunchbox in and close the flap it will keep your lunch fresh and cold. Every locker would have the students name in bold above the thumbprint scanner to make sure nobody tries to use the wrong number. My locker would also have space for all your bags and books. At the bottom of the locker there will be a nice little area to place your back pack. Above it you would have your binder and IPad. And up top you wold have space for your many books and supplies.
    My locker would look similar to the old lockers, except for the thumbprint scanner which would be where the combo lock is located now. My locker would be in the same place the lockers are now to maximize simplicity. My locker would simply be called My locker.

  36. If I got to design my own locker the first thing I would do is Face ID to make it faster to get your books. Also the numbers would be bigger so it is easier to see. Also, it would have button inside that would pop out the books that you need so that books will be easier to get. Instead of being located just on the one wall, we would be using both walls. Something else that I would like is you would be able to to walk inside and there could be a small TV so we could watch a movie during Study Hall if you have nothing else to do. It would be called the Carsonater and soon I hope school will be using it.

  37. Let me start with this. If I had to make a new storage system for our school I would make it modern and high tech. First of all I would have a customizable nameplate for the student instead of a number. Second, I would make fingerprint or retina recognition to unlock the locker. It would lock automatically when closed and would not creak and squeak when opened. It would have one shelf that the students could move anywhere they want in the locker. Drawers that come out from the back of the locker for pencils and pens and dividers that are glued to the sides of the locker for keeping papers organized. The shelf provides the ability to create a section for a book bag and a section for the books if he or she wants it that way. The new lockers would be located in exact same spot they are now, would be painted blue, and be the exact same size. If I had to come up with a name for this storage system it would be THE NEW TRANSFORMED LOCKERS!! If money didn’t exist, that’s what I would do to upgrade my schools storage system.

  38. If I could make my own locker I would make it at least five feet tall and 2 feet wide. It would identify you by your fingerprint and automatically open and when you close it you would have to do your fingerprint again to open it. If not it will automatically lock.
    It would be located in the hallway of whatever school it’s at school. It would look like any normal locker except the place the lock would normally be there would be a finger pad. The inside would already have shelves so the family wouldn’t have to go and buy there own. The only idea I have for the name of the locker would be the Vault Locker.

  39. Have you ever wished your locker was better then it is now? My idea is to make the lock on the locker be a thumbprint instead of a combo lock so it is more time efficient. Also it would be nice if the locker was see-through so you didn’t need to unlock just to see if you had something at school. Also it would have your name on it on the outside. It would still stay out in the hall still. This is because if it was in your advisory and you needed to get something in class it would disrupt your advisor’s class. It would be a little bit bigger then it is now also.

  40. Have you ever imagined what your own spark of ideas would look like inside a locker of your own? Well with our imaginations we can be creative! Some of my imaginative ideas for my personalized lockers is adding a Touch ID locker code system. I would also make the lockers bigger. This is a lot easier than spending a minute trying to get your old fashion lock open. This way all you have to spend is a couple seconds and your locker/lock will open. Another idea of mine is to have a build-in shelf with labels of different subjects. These two shelf’s go across the lockers inside. Because of this idea it will make students more organized and earlier to class. How do you know which of the 100 lockers is yours? If you half to memorize a locker number plus your codes that takes a lot of time… there can be a sticker with your name on it on the front of your locker of some decoration or some sort of differentiate of the different lockers. Kids can still have fun by decorating the inside of their locker. My locker that is unique in its own way is simply called organized space, because of the extra more advanced up to date technology.

  41. Locker Update!
    Have you ever wondered what else you could store your books and backup in a different kind of locker. Well I think that I can make a way for it to be better than an old locker and change it with a brand new nice one. The way I would like to fix the lockers is that you could make the lockers wider and taller for sports bags to fit in there. Also they shouldn’t have to have P.E. lockers so they don’t have to make and extra trip and don’t have to memorize and extra lock combination. I also think we should use direction locks so it is even more fancy. I also think we should just keep locker numbers the same thing.

  42. If I could create my own locker I would put them outside because then the hallways wouldn’t be as crowded. There would be a touch screen on the front that says the students name and has a Face ID on it to unlock your locker. On the the touch screen you would tap which class you were going to and it would hand you all you things for that class. There would also be an option where you could just open you locker and get your things yourself. The lockers would be bigger then the ones we have now, and you wouldn’t have a locker above or below you. There would also be a compartment to store your sports bags for after school.

  43. If I could design my own locker I would put a face recognition the front of the locker for easy and fast access. Each student will be assigned a locker with the number of the locker. Inside the locker will have a personal assistant built in the locker. Your personal assistant will assist you with finding your books and getting to class on time. There will be a large screen that has all the books. The student will pick there book and it will be dropped from the top of there locker. When the student books there books back it will be lifted back to the top. The lockers will be located in the classrooms. The name of the locker is called the LocKo.

  44. If I had the chance to design a locker there would be a a huge room with walk in lockers and it would be tall. It’s locks will be the same as the normal lockers. It would have a magnet with your name engraved on it. It would have hooks, shelves, and drawers. It would have magnetic walls so you can put all your cool ideas that are magnetic with tiled floors. To get out it will be the same as the outside but with no lock. It would have a small table and paper and pencils that come with it. And that is how I would design my locker.

  45. If I were to design a locker, I would manufacture a machine to have your supplies sent to your class right away just by the push of a button. If your supplies are intended to stay right where they are there will be a button labeled, “Store”. There will be numbers to indicate the code of the locker (not the same as a lock for a locker). The reason why I would get rid of the locks are because, most of the people who use the locks in our school have many problems trying to open their locker. My locker would look just like a modern day locker but would have some plastic designs just for comfort (hitting your head). There will be a tube to send your supplies to the class you wish and, a pickup area in the classroom so you will move them to your desk. Now, for the last and best part (that probably won’t) what will it be called? I will call it……… a locker. 😀

  46. Is your small old locker not working for you, well have a better idea than to cram everything in.
    Now the Mega Locker 2000 is the new and viral locker that has unlimited space and only you can get into! The locker will scan your hand and your face for your idea. If anyone try’s to get into your locker, the locker itself will pick you up and toss you away. It has great safety features.
    Now, this locker has unlimited space and it also has voice activation. By what I mean by that is, that you could literally ask your locker “Can you please give me my math books, please,” and will do it. This locker will make your first day much easier and you won’t have to cry about. This is the Mega Locker 2000 and we will the your day awesome, one book at a time.

  47. If I were able to change our school lockers I would start off by changing the lock. Students can scan their fingerprint to open the locker. It saves time, nobody can guess your code and you can’t forget it! For the actual locker design, though, I would make it bigger and have more storage units. A unit for your bag, books and supplies! The whole locker would be full of shelving. Then, lockers will end up less messy since you have room for everything you need. My final adjustment would be the ability to decorate the outside of your locker! This makes the hallways more colorful and personalized. It can also help students remember which locker is theirs!

  48. Have you ever wanted to fit all of your books and all your stuff too. Well with my idea you can fit all of your books and more. What is my idea you ask? It is a pop out locker. With my idea you can make your locker walls to pop in or out. It would look like a normal locker but there is a space between the lockers. The lock looks like a keypad but you make your own locker code. Have you ever had a problem when you forget which locker is yours? My idea can help that problem, your locker will have your name and favorite sports team on your locker. On the inside you pick your favorite sports team and anything else you like. Then there locker will change to that theme you chose. This locker is called the all in one locker.

  49. My futuristic locker will have a touchscreen witch controls what color you want it to be. The touch screen also can let you in by just putting your thumb on it and it’ll let you in. You’ll be able to set up the background screen to be your schedule. In side of my locker it’ll have drawers/ cubbies. You’ll be able to put your supplies in the drawers for every class There will also be two outlets for your iPad and iPhone. On the very top you would have your name in bold letters so people know it’s your locker. The lockers wouldn’t be sorted by numbers like ours are, they would be sorted by first name. There will also be a place to put your hoodie.

  50. We have to think of our own lockers that we could design.So we could paint the lockers green on the outside and gold on the inside to make it match our schools colors. The lockers will have cabinets for your books and drawers for your school supplies. Then there is a secret door behind to go back and play Xbox then there is mini fridge and a full candy and food bar.

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