Be the Designer

Welcome to your class blog, sixth-graders!

This week’s post allows you to be creative and inventive. Let your imagination run wild!

Your job is to design a new, more efficient storage system to replace the lockers in your middle school.

You should include the following criteria in your design:

Must be able to lock in some way

Must have some student identification

Must have the capability to store books, book bag, etc.

What would your new storage system look like?

Where would it be located?

What would you call it?

Anything else?

One good paragraph. Remember to use complete sentences, punctuation, and as much correct spelling as you can.



  1. Oh man! If I got to design lockers it would be spectacular! First, I would create a face scan that scans your face to unlock the locker. You would need to be standing still for it to scan your face, so if you were just walking by your locker it wouldn’t scan your face(for safety reasons). The lockers would be labeled by your choice, so you could choose what your locker will be identified by. When you open your locker(that is the common size of a locker)there would be a remote that expanded the locker by going into the wall. So, if your locker is overflowing you could use the remote for extra space. Also, the lockers would still be located in the hallway, but they would be spread out for more space. Lastly, I would probably name it the penguin lockers(I love penguins!)!

  2. If I could make a special locker it would be a oval shape with neon lights and a giant space to walk around in like a room and I could chill in it! On the outside of the locker it would be a neon color glowing and oval for the shape. The flor would be memory foam and couches and a giant tv, next to the tv there would be a snack bar. The is a robot arm that can hold my bag!

  3. If I could make my own special locker, I would make it use a number combo code that is up to 8 digits long. Some student identification would be having your locker number large enough visible to the entire hallway. The way my locker would be able to store your stuff, would be with a sliding door that goes vertical to open. It would have multiple built in shelves with a mini fridge. The locker would have shiny silver paint, and a light of your choice color. It would be inside, inside a building. I would call it, The Omega.

  4. If I could customize my locker I could customize my locker it would be in the breezeway. I would make the lock with a finger print so it is impossible to open and the locker. The locker will be bulletproof so no one can come in. The locker will be 6 foot tall and 4 foot wide. There will be a secret underground path that leads to any part of the school and has its one roller coaster in the path so you get to class quicker.
    So other people don’t go on the roller coaster you need to do a finger print.
    One of the tunnels leads to my friends lockers. But if they want to go on the roller coaster the need to click a button that contacts me and I if I say yes the door will open.
    Another tunnel leads to my house but no one has access to. The roller coaster will take me to my house in 1.2 seconds. The way I lock my locker is with an access code.

  5. If I could make my own locker system one day I would split half of the lockers and put them on the other side of the hall. The lockers would extend vertically to hold maximum capacity the locker could hold. Inside the locker there would be three built in shelf’s with lights on the walls. The lockers would have a number located on the top of the locker visible to the hall, to ensure the student knows which locker is his/hers. To ensure the safety of the students items there will be a six digit code to put in to open the locker. The name for this system would be Goliath.

  6. My locker would be the size of the seventh grade locker. It would light up when you open it and you can customize it. There would be a screen made of pixie glass(a bullet proof glass)and has full Internet access. A aluminum 5star blue tooth key board can come up with the push of button. There is a secret door with a secret room. There is also air conditioning and a deluxe leather recliner a electric deluxe couch. there is also a PlayStation, a xbox, a Nintendo switch and a gaming pc with a plasma tv and unlimited secure internet access . There is a charging station and a hotplate. It also has a refrigerator, a freezer and stove, and a oven. there are tunnels leading to every part of the school. Only certain people can access them and the tunnels camouflage. The system uses finger scans and metal detectors, and DNA scans to open it. You can customize its colors and add stuff on it. The locker would be made of titanium and can hold up to 1000tons of stuff. One of the secure tunnels leads to all my friends lockers and the boo ya boys hideout mini mansion. If the power goes out we have many generators, batteries, and back up energy to keep everything running for about 100 year. I would call it the Raftor boo ya boys Bxl2.O

    1. Good job Patrick! I like how you named it the boo ya boys locker. I thought that was funny. I also like how you put in a bunch of gaming consoles. Great job Meng!

  7. My idea is to have lockers that are full size lockers so that books won’t fall on your head. It locks when you close the locker it. It opens by scanning your eye. It has a screen with your picture on it. You say which locker shelf you want to come out and it does it. You have a hook for your gag to hang on. It would be grey. It would be named the locker 2.9. It would run on solar panels.

  8. Have you ever wanted to create a better locker for your stuff? I definitely do, if I were to design a more efficient locker I would make it so it would scan your face like an iPhone X, That would make it so you can get in. You would locate it by having your own design that you could paint on the front. You would put in your stuff and it will suck it up but when you need something it will shoot whatever you need. I would make it just about the same size that it already is. Maybe a little bigger so the vacuum has space. I would call it a vacuum locker because of the giant vacuum in it. I think it would be efficient and helpful. Do you?

  9. In my updated locker I would have fingerprint locks.When you’re done you would lock them by just shutting them. Students can identify them by the lockers being different shades and colors on each one to be more fun. The lockers would have the capability to store many things because it would be five feet high with many permanent shelving made of metal. When you look at the lockers would you would see something very simple with one color and a button to open it.These interesting name of these lockers is “finger storage”. The lockers would be located outside the classrooms.

  10. If i updated my locker I would have key locks. So when you open the lock and finish, you will put it on the locker and lock it with the same key. I would do a picture for some student identification. It would be able to fit a book bag and a sport bag and your school books. It would be tall skinny with two shelves. I would put the new lockers in the hallway so it wouldn’t distract a class if it was in your home room. I would call it Key locker

  11. I think a more efficient storage system to replace the lockers would still be a locker but it would be more fun. It would be able to lock and unlock by eye scanning and it would have the students identification by an object or animal that they really like. It would be a life size animal so it will be big enough for all your books and bags. It would have really nice outside made of a material that looks like the outside of your animal. I would call it the tech-o-animal. Also, when you feeling sad it can jump and nod. It would be located in the hallway with shelves between each of them so they don’t damage the others, we could put a ladder against the wall near the tech-o-animals so you can reach all of them. I chose this design because it would be more fun then gray lockers with no significant design and it would also be more fun because when you go up to it you can stroke it like a pet and will jump like a pet. This is the secret, deep inside there will be a gum ball machine!

  12. If I changed our lockers I would change, our lockers to safes. I would probably use a fingerprint to unlock the safe. The parent/guardian could go buy a sticker saying you first and last name and our graduation year. I mean I would make it it is wide and tall/long. It would be a black box that has a pad you would put your palm/ hand on it and it would say, “verification failed” or it would say “access granted”. It would be located on the wall that are lockers are currently on. I most likely would call just casually the safe.

  13. I think instead of regular lockers we should have high-tech lockers. They lock when you place your finger on it or a voice recognition code. You can change the color of your locker when you want to you can also make it put a picture of yourself on it. With my locker you will be able to hide inside of it and still have a lot of room with charging spots in side, also it has a built in cooling system inside also a moneymaker inside. It will look like a high-tech locker with cool lights and it also has your schedule on it, you can also see what’s inside of it. It’s called high-tech lockers, and its made of vibraniom. They can change their size so you can put it in your pockets.

  14. If you had the choice to design your dream locker then what would you put in it?In this post you will find out the features that I would put in a locker that I could design myself. First for my locker I would get rid of the combination locks and put finger print software on the locker so you can be in and out quick and make it to class in time. With the finger prints, I would put the name of the student on top of it so the student knows it’s his/hers locker.

    How Would I design It?Well,I would design it so it is two doors opening up either way. I would do this so the one door would not go into your neighbors locker. It will also be one locker taking up the whole space so no one can bang their heads on the top locker. For position I would put it out in the hallway so it will be easy to get your stuff and go to your next class. For inside the locker I would put hooks for your backpack and jacket. Also I would add a floating shelf for books so you could put your sports bags on the bottom.

  15. If I could redesign our lockers I would make little cubbies made out of energy that unlock with your hand print. It would adjust its size based on what your storing in it. And you would recognize it because you could type your name in it once it was yours, and the name would show up on it. It would look like a little energy cube, only two would be stacked on each other and then you would go on to the next set. The lockers would be located in the hall. I would call them energy cubes. And I created the energy cubes to make a easier and more secure locker.

  16. I believe that having large high tech lockers in our advisory is more efficient than the locker system that we currently have. I would create a face id and password device on the outside of the locker to keep all your stuff save. Our new lockers would be much taller and wider than they are now so we can fit all of our books, backpacks, lunchboxes, etc. There will be 5 minutes between each class so you can have more time and not be stressed. It will be optional to carry your backpack around. You would put your name outside the locker so we know who’s is who’s. The lockers would be located in our advisor’s room so there aren’t too many people trying to get to the lockers at once. The new lockers will be next to each other so there are no top and bottom lockers. On the inside of your locker you can decorate it how you like. There will be a shelf in the middle of it so you can organize it however you want. I will make a device where you tell it what you need for homework and then it reminds you what to bring home at the end of the day. Also the device inside the locker will tell you what you need for class everyday. I think this will be more efficient than the lockers we have now.

  17. If I could change lockers.First I would upgrade the locks , because I hate combo locks because their so confusing. So I was thinking of doing a lock with a fingerprint scan on it, so whenever a new year comes they could reset it and then put the new student’s fingerprint on it and It’s much more easier than combo locks! Also I would change the regular lockers to more skinny lockers because I cant fit as much things as I want in my locker and it would really help. Then for student Identification the plate where the locks are I would put a digital strip and then instead of numbers it would be the student names. The lockers would be located in the same place they’re in right now. The way the inside is like is it would have a built in shelf. So students don’t have to buy shelves, and the shelf’s wont move around when they put their stuff in their its much more easier, and I would call this new locker “The Locker 2.0!”

  18. For the lockers they will be smart lockers. The halls are so crowded when class gets out so the solution to that is to have 2 skinny lockers. The locker will open like 2 front doors. The way the lockers will lock will be finger recognition. When the student comes up to their locker there will be a screen. The student then will press their finger on the screen and then the locker will automatically open. The way you can recognize your locker is the student’s name will be on the front. Since we are going for that high tech look the lockers will be made of glass. If the student does feel comfortable with their locker being glass they are welcome to spray paint their locker. The locker will come empty so the student can choose their storage system. For my locker I would have a cloth shoe rack on one side so I can put a hair brush, extra shoes, perfume, and Breath mints. On the other side of the locker the bottom half I would have my books. On the top half I would 3 hooks for my umbrella, backpack, and my jacket.

  19. If I could create a locker it would be able to lock soon as you close it and it will open by your finger print. The way it would identify that it’s you is by numbers in your birthday. 12 inches wide and 15 inches long and it would be able to hold 1 book bag a draw string book bag your lunch bag and it would be able to hold your books. It would be made out of stainless steel it would be grey with a iPad to get your finger print and so you can see your schedule. It would
    be located in the hallway. I would call it a locker.

  20. I think that the lockers should have Touch ID to make it easier for the student to open, but it still would be secure. It could have some shelf space that have the capability to move to create a more open space. My storage system would be a space gray color. The easy open locker secure and functional space heavy duty armor protects from any body who tries to break in. It has a great TouchID system which makes so secure NO ONE WILL BREAK IN.

  21. I’d rather go to a school for padawans. Mainly because I’m a huge Star Wars fan. Being a Jedi sounds really cool, learning to use the force, wield a lightsaber, stopping Sith Lords. Sounds fun, right? Well, it doesn’t stop there. I’d always beg my mom to buy me chocolate because I LOVE chocolate, so if I was a Jedi, I’d just use a Jedi mind trick and I can grab the chocolate and go. Easy-peasy. I’d also trick my mom into getting a parakeet. But, why a PARAKEET?! You may ask. Because my mom LOATHES birds. My brother and sister had 2 love birds, my mom hated the birds so much, one day she decided to send them into the wild. So, tricking her into getting a parakeet would be so fun.

  22. I would want to be a Wizard because I could cast spells and do magic. I would enjoy being a Wizard so I could do spells to appear in other places and help ones in need like using magic to stop a bank robbery or a heist in a museum. I also think it’s cool because you have a wand to do magic with. It would be fun to learn all the spells. If I go somewhere like Hogwarts I could play Quidige. I could read books full of interesting words such as silencio if someone is bothering me, or maybe lumious if to dark out. Being a Wizard would be really fun once learn how to do spells and not be like Rohn Weasley.

  23. Oh man if I could go to Demi god school my life would be complete. I would be Maui’s daughter. I would have the dope tattoos every time I did a good deed. I want to be a Demi god because they go down in history as a good person and a hero. I think it would be lit to go to Demi school because they teach you how to be strong and help others. Plus you either get a power to control earth or water or fire. I mainly would be most excited for the dope moving tattoos.

  24. For your school locker I think that the locker should automatically lock. It should also have a Touch ID like on an IPad,there should be some sort of keyboard, and if you prefer you could just punch in a password of your preference instead of the fingerprint. The locker should be at a good enough size so that you could fit all your school supplies. The lockers should be located close enough to the teachers room so no fights would break out. Finally, I think a good name for it would be the Pro Locker 2.0 which suits my locker because it would be sorting out lots of issues and problems.

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