What Does Your Bedroom Say About You?

Hi Almost Seventh-Graders!

This is the last week of school as we head into summer vacation. Hooray!


What are your favorite items in your bedroom?

What do they say about who you as a person – the things you like, your hopes and dreams, how you spend your time, and what you think is important in life?

Two small paragraphs and watch your sentences.


  1. I have a whole shark mouth with teeth next to my tv. It means that I like to go on adventures and I like to go on fishing trips. It says that about me because when I went to Key West I saw this at the market place and I decided to get it because it looks cool. So that means when I grow up I would like fishing to be one of my hobbies.
    I have a tackle football picture of our team. I also have a picture of just my self. I have these because I like watching football, playing flag football, and playing tackle. I even played in the spring game. Overall I like playing and watching football in general. One day I hope that I will be a professional tackle football player one day when I grow up.

  2. My bedroom is filled with many things. Some I collect, some I have gotten from other places around the world. I have many books in my room. I love to read! Whenever I get the chance I lay down in my bed take out a book and start reading. I was able to make my own library. I have shelves in my room and I labeled them for each book I have. Another item that I have is markers, pencils, and paper. I also love to draw! I love to draw because sometimes when I’m upset it helps me get my frustration out. And it’s a way of expressing my feelings and doing what I love.

    these items say that I love to read and draw. And that is how I like to spend my time. Whenever i can I either take out a book or draw. And I think school is now the most important thing in life right now. So whenever I have homework I usually do it. These are the things I love and care for in the time i have on this world.

  3. There are two things in my room that I’ve had for a long time. Some model planes and an old Lego set. I’ve had the planes for six years. They’re kind of important because even though I don’t use them, they kind of started my hobby of planes. They were given to me as gifts, so they also have a bit of a sentimental value. It kind of shows my enjoyment for planes, a hobby I still have today.
    I’ve gotten tons of Lego sets, but there was one I got as a four year old that made me want to make a city. Even though the set is long gone, I still remember it because it not only made me like Legos and made me want to make my own stuff, but it got me interested in building and designing stuff.

  4. One of my favorite items in my bedroom are the different dollars I have from different countries. I really do love these because it shows how much I love to travel and see knew places. I have lots of basketballs as well as trophies in my room too. Sometimes I pick the basketballs up and bounce/play with them. It shows how much I love to play basketball. I also have some more important items. For example, I have my science games and books in my room. This shows that I love science a lot. I read and play them a lot.

    I also have lots of pictures of when I was younger. These pictures are extremely important to me because they help me see how I’ve grown. I don’t why, but it brings me joy to see all the progress I have made in my 12 years of being alive. I have tons of inspirational and positive quotes as well. I just always prefer to stay positive, and the quotes help me do that.

  5. My most favorite things in my room are my awards. Why the awards in my room are my most favorite items in my room is because they remind me of what I can do. The awards in my room are my favorite items because they also help me remember my victories and accomplishments when I feel stressed or annoyed with myself. They also tell a story that when I want to, I can do anything.

    I keep my awards out and not in a closet for a special reason. The reason I keep my awards out and not in a closet is so I remember who I am. They remind me that I am a hard worker and that spending a little more time on something or going a little bit farther than normal is me, and I enjoy it. I enjoy looking at those awards and remembering who I am. That is why I keep my awards out and not in a closet.

  6. In my room, some of my favorite items are my books. I enjoy sitting in my bed, and reading a good book. Along my walls are built in bookshelves that go as high as the ceiling. All of the shelves are completely filled with books that I’ve read. I mostly like fiction, fantasy, and adventure. I enjoy getting lost in the books imagining the different worlds in the stories. When I’m older and have a job, I would want to on the side, write.

    Another favorite item of mine in my room is a trophy. It’s for a competition called battle of the books where you memorize book facts and compete against other teams. I was the captain of my team and we beat the other two teams at our school and went to play against eight other schools. We beat the second place team by thirty six points and got a new record for our age group of battle of the books. I really enjoyed the whole thing from reading the books to memorizing the information, and last competing in the battle. Overall I really enjoy reading and books

  7. One of my favorite items in my bedroom is my poster board with a collage of photos. The pictures say that first off I love taking pictures, and I never want the memory to ever end so I spend a couple minutes of my day to just look at these photos. I like that I can just glance at the photos and have a flash back/ memory of it and how I had such an amazing time. My hopes are that my wall room is filled with photos of past memories. I think it’s important because I will always have photos from past memories that I can look upon and smile.

    Another one of my favorite items are my two cabinets in a corner of my room. It can hold so much storage and it keeps me super organized. My hopes are to be a very organized person in the future and this will help me achieve that goal easier. I spend my time adding and organizing the things on my cabinets I think that everyone should be organized as well and spend a little of their time just to know where everything is, and trust me you probably would spend more time looking for something then organizing your whole room.

  8. Some of my favorite things in my bedroom are my softball trophies. They are from all of the years I have played softball at NELL( Northeast Little League). I get a trophy ever year I play there. I have a trophy from 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017. I didn’t get one this year because I played at school. My softball trophies say that I love softball because I have played for so long. I also like to play catch with my dad outside when there is nothing else to do.

    Another thing that is my FAVORITE thing in my room is a picture of my best friend and I, my best friend was Mae. The picture was taken when we were about 7 or 8. It was at my birthday party were we painted treasure chests. That picture is so special to me because I hardly ever get to see Mae anymore since I switched schools. When I look at the picture, it reminds me of the goods times with her. I really like spending time with my friends when I have time to! My friends are all super nice to me, and I wish I could have a picture of a great memory with all of them.

  9. In my bedroom I have a Periodic Table. I like I because it is something fun to look at whenever I’m bored. I hope to become a U.N ambassador so knowing the things elements can do will fit my campaign. There are 118 elements on there and many are harmless but beneficial. Some are rare and constantly being fought over. Like the cobalt issue in D.R.C.

    I have a world map in my room as well. I usually research certain countries for vacation. I plan on going to Athens, Winnipeg, and Sydney. They are all great. But I want to travel London the most.

  10. My favor items in my room are my trophies, my model and R/C cars, my PS4, my rock and mineral collection, and last but not least my workout box. All of these are my favorite items in my room. I love looking at the trophies because everytime I look, I’ll think to myself and say that’s not enough. So then I just strive for more
    I love my model cars because I can always take it apart and put it back together, its almost like a real car. I love my RC car because it goes really fast. My PS4 is always by my side. I love my mineral collection because my papa found all of the minerals. I love my workout box because it helps me strive for more trophies

  11. In my room I have my bead. I sleep in it. I also have a black belt. That I got from doing marshal arts. I’m prod of it because I worked hard to get it. I also have a big black couch that’s comfy. I like to read in it. I also have a big book shelf because I like to read.

    In my room I also have a beanbag. It’s sports decorated because I like sports. I have a lot of hockey trophies. I really like to play hockey.

  12. One of my favorite objects in my room is my blanky. My blanky is soft and I had it since I was born. When I go on trips I always bring it with me, also when I go watch movies. I hope to keep my blanky for my whole life.
    Another object I like in my room is my shark picture. When I’m in my room doing nothing I always look over at my shark picture. I like my shark picture because he always looks at me with a smile. Also my grandfather was a shark fisherman who loved sharks.

  13. My favorite items in my room are my PS4/Play Station 4, my bed, and my green screen. I like my PS4 for obvious reasons (PLAY-station). But I like my PS4 for other reasons like how some of the exclusives it has are fantastic and how it’s controller works well with its button layout. I like my bed because maybe after a long day of homework, or arguments or just a bad day, it’s nice to just lay in a soft bed a drift to sleep. I like green screen because I always like to experiment with special effects.

  14. One of my favorite things in my room is my bed. I like my bed because I sleep a lot. I do a lot of things in my bed, like playing fiddle ball against the wall. Also I like to binge watch tv, one more thing that I do is I do my homework. I like to do stuff in my bed because I am very lazy and if I get tired then I just go to bed.

    Something else that I like is my balcony. I like my balcony because I like to sit out on it. Something that I like about my balcony is my hammock. On some nights I sleep on my hammock because it is very comfy, and I like the cool air outside.

  15. I have a chandelier in my room. I have it for light. I have it because I hate dark rooms. I spend most of my time outside and very little in side and on an electronic. I also have a rug because I don’t want my feet to be cold. It shows that I like warm stuff.

  16. I have many items in my room! Some of my favorite items in my room is my hedgehog and my dog. My hedgehog’s name is Kiwi. One of my dog’s name is Amber. My dog is always in my room at night because she sleeps on my bed with me. I love my dog Amber and my hedgehog Kiwi.
    These pets show how much I love animals. I’m always with my hedgehog Kiwi. I also always have Amber in my room at night. This shows I love to spend my time with my pets. Maybe one day my job will involve animals…

  17. Some items that are in my room are my name in giant letters. This represents me because it is my name. Another thing in my room that represents me is my photos. This represents me because it shows what the most exiting moments in my life.
    Some more items that represent me are my phone. It represents my connection with the internet. In my room I have a frog painted on my wall. This represents my childhood. The last item that represents me is my bed covers. This represents my love for sleep.

  18. My favorite items in my bedroom are a window seat, my speaker, and my fish. My window seat is where I can look out the window and watch movies. My speaker plays music for any mood that I am in. I listen to music and it calms me down when I am stressed.
    My fish is a big part of my room. She is pretty, and her tank adds decoration to my room. I also like my painting of flowers because my mom got it for me.

  19. In my bedroom, I have a desk, bed, and dresser. I also have my ipad, computer, and tv. On my dresser, I have all my books, inside it there is my books. On the floor, there is a been bag, and a bear rug. On my bed, I have three pillows, and two blankets.
    What this says about me as a person is I like to read. I like having fun playing, and watching my technology. My hope is to to be great at swimming. In my bedroom, there is many swim metals, ribbons, and many different swim related objects. In my bedroom I spend my time reading books for fun. I also watch Netflix on my ipad, or play games. What I think is important in life is swimming, and education. I show this by my swim items, and by all my many books.

  20. Certain things in my room represent me. For example I have Rubik’s cubes in my room. And just by looking at that you can see that I like puzzles. Although i don’t have a dream to be a professional Rubik’s cube solver I would like to keep it as a habit. Throughout my life. Solving one of them from time to time helps me keep my mind sharp, especially during the summer.

    Another thing might be my laptop, which you could guess I play video games, and type my homework on. Although I’m not the type of kid that spends all day playing video games. I still do play with my friends whenever I can. I wish to play with my friends still. But I do not want a future in gaming, I want a steady job and want to gaming as a hobby.

  21. My favorite items in my bedroom are my bed and my computer. They are the only fixed things in my room that I care about. My bed has shelves that I can store books in, and I play games and watch videos on my computer.
    It tells that I love reading and video games. The fact that I don’t have anything else I care about shows that I spend almost all of my free time using these. Most of my books are unread which shows that I mostly read on my phone.

  22. My favorite items in my room are my pets. I have fish tanks on both my dressers, animal tanks, etc. I have a small bowl tank for brine shrimp on my window seat and I have my frog tank beside my bed drawers. I also have many drawers with animal supplies. I have many pictures of my dogs that are alive and have past in my room. I have empty spots in my room that will be filled with new animals soon. I have lots of plants and quotes in my room. I do not have any paintings in my room because I am currently remodeling.
    What my room says about me is that I love animals. My animals mean a lot of me because it is something that is just mine and I take care of them. I have lots of plants because they are pretty, match my room theme and are easy decorations to take care of. I like my room because it is very organized. All of my clothes, skincare products, etc. are organized very well. I like my room because it is a calm place. I have a book shelf too which keeps me entertained when I am bored. Overall I am very happy with my room!

  23. My room is filled with lots of things, but when you go into my room all you see is a jungle. From the pig to the tarantula my room has lots of animals. I have a tarantula, frog, a uromastyx, a Skinny Pig, a scorpion, and two Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches. These animals mean a lot to me because I love animals and I want to study them. I go outside and catch lizards and sometimes I go fishing. In my room I have two shark mouths and 20 shark teeth. I also have a dead shark in a bootle. That’s why I love to go shark teeth hunting with my family. I love my room and I can’t wait to welcome some more animals to my room.

  24. My bedroom if filled with many things, but my favorite collection of things are my birgies. Birgies are flags that sailors use to distinguish clubs from different clubs. From every club that I go to for sailing, I buy a birgy. This collection is tied with a bungee and hangs from my window.

    This says a lot about me like that I like to keep memories of where I have been. It says that I am a sailor because they are from sailing clubs. But it also says that I spend a lot of my time sailing out on the water.

  25. Some of my favorite items in my room are the year books I have, because its from all of my years as a kid with my friends. Also, it reminds me of all the friends I had growing up from kindergarten to 5th grade to now. Another favorite item I have in my room is a bobble head from the first Rays game I ever went to with my mom which is a Evan Longoria. Those are the favorite items of my room and the reasons why.

    I would say those items describe me as caring person and someone who wants to talk and have great time with people. I spend my time sometimes playing video games or hanging out with my friends or family when I can. Think what’s important in life is to have friends and try to have a positive mental attitude as much as you can.

  26. I have a lot of objects in my room but one of the items that I will forever cherish and keep in my room is my dog’s blanket. My dog Mini had Canine Cushions since she was a puppy. She was my closet friend I have ever had. When she had to get put down my life turned away from me and I felt like I lost my best friend. I had loved her for 11 years and her memory still sits in my head. I have a blanket of hers sitting on the top of my bed every night and all day long. I alway think of her no matter what. When we got our next dog I had a sentimental connection like I have known her my whole life. Something about her reminded me of Mini. This says to me that I am the kind of person that takes memories and cherishes them. If something dear to me goes away and I have something of theirs I will cherish it.

  27. My room is filled with many things. Some of them include pictures of me with my friends and family, dog toys, and my bed. I also have three flags from different yacht clubs around the world. They say that I have dogs, I been to at least three different yacht clubs, and I like to sleep.

  28. In my bedroom I have lots of items that mean a significant much to me, but my favorite things in my bedroom is my succulent collection. I have all different types some have blue pots others have red concrete pots that I made. I usually spray them once a week with a gentle spray bottle because succulents survive a long time without water. I hope that one day I could fill my whole shelf full of them. This is one dream I have of doing. I chose succulents because they don’t need intense care. Also it’s very manageable.
    The other important part of my room is my gaming set up. I think that enjoying yourself by playing out side or playing inside is an important part of life. My set up includes a microphone, a solar panel keyboard, and a monitor with my computer next to it. I find that I play an average of twelve hours a week just having fun and playing video games. I really like playing video games and I think it’s a very fun thing to do.

  29. I have a lot off soccer medals in my bedroom, they all mean a lot to me. The soccer medals are from when I was about 4 to when I still play the sport now and I am 11 so a long time. I also love my drawing desk because drawing is a big part of my life it’s how I relax and make the stress of school go away. I love my big window in my bedroom because the sunlight can come in and I usually open it so I can hear the wind.
    Soccer is my life it’s basically what I do every single weekend, I want to be on the USA women’s national team when I am older. I love to draw it’s how I express my feelings without even saying them, I like to draw Disney characters the most and objects. My window is the best, I hate to turn the lights on right when I get home so I just usually open my window. Why turn on the lights when you have natural light right outside, wait till it gets dark to turn on the lights, save energy!

  30. My two favorite items in my bedroom include my rug and my neon sign. My rug is a large, white, thick, braided rug I placed under my bed. It doesn’t cover the wood flooring throughout the entire room, but does cover a large portion of it. It is really textured, but the material is soft, so my cats love sleeping and playing on it. My neon sign is a white, LED, and wave-like. It is the first thing you notice when you walk into my room because of the look and size. It is a statement piece, yet very simple.

    My neon sign shows that I like loving a life that is bold and unique, but also simple and easy to turn on and off(control what happens, such as drama and forget bout the bad things). I love anything vibrant or unexpected, because people who change the world by standing up and stating their points boldly are the people I’ve always looked up to. On the other hand, I don’t cherish my rug due to the vibrancy of it. I enjoy my rug because because my cats enjoy it. I love my cats to the moon and back and wouldn’t trade them for anything. If they love my rug, I love it, too. My rug is important to me because it connects to the happiness of my my cats, but I think about it as something bigger. I’ve loved animals all my life and wanted to be a veterinarian for 4 years(until I discovered my love for business). I will do whatever it takes to make an animal happy, whether it is mine, or an abandoned dog in the street.

  31. My favorite item in my room is my Massachusetts sports poster. This is the celtics guy with the Patriots’ logo as a head holding a Bruins logo instead of a basketball and Red Sox. I’m a huge sports fan and love the Massachusetts teams. I’m looking forward to getting a Lightning logo soon.
    My second favorite thing in my room is my football bag. I have all my football gear in there. I have my gloves, mouthguard, jerseys, eyeblack, and cleats. The bag also has a Patriots logo on it.

  32. My favorite items in my room are a drawing that my dad made when he was a kid that I presume is is him and his mother that says “No matter what, I will always be proud of you” and a PC that I built with my dad. It was the first PC that I successfully built as the the one we tried to build before that was rendered non functional due to copper traces in the motherboard being snapped during installation.

    These things are special to me because they help me remember my parents even when they aren’t there. It is very useful when I am stressed out about something.

  33. My favorite item is my PS4. Another item is my soccer ball. They say I like soccer and video games. I hope to be a video game developer and I want to play soccer in college. I spend my time playing video games and playing soccer. Playing soccer is video games are important because it is important to have fun.

  34. One thing in my room that is very important my room is my trophies because they remind me of the time I did karate or the time I did dance. Another thing in my room that is important to me is my makeup because I love doing my makeup just for fun.

    One more thing that is in my room that is in my room that is important to me is my pictures of my friends and family. The pictures are important to me because it reminds me of my friends and family.

  35. My favorite item in my room is my shelf that is full of legos. There are sets that are a decade old and a month old. They represent my childhood and the present. My second favorite item is my minifigure collection. It is a large box filled with minifigures from the sets I have built.

  36. One of my favorite items in my room are my trophies and awards from dance competitions. These show that I work hard to get all of the awards. One of my favorites is when my team and I got first overall and a double platinum. It was amazing and my teacher was so proud of us. This shows that I work hard everyday.

    Another thing about me is that I love fashion. Mostly Lilly Pulitzer I have leggings, shirts, dresses, and a bunch of other clothes. I got my love for Lilly clothes from my mom. I mostly like it because there beautiful patterns and how you can always stand out in a crowd with it on.

  37. I have a few memorable things in my room. My first memorable, thing is my first communion box and rosary. My grandma gave it to me when i got my first communions in second grade. The rosary is made of my brith stones and it is really pretty. That is the first 2 memorable things I have.
    The second thing i have is a picture wall. It is filled with pictures of my friends and family so i will always remember the people i enjoyed being around. The final memorable thing I have is a row of keychains. It is keychains of all the places I have been. This helps me remember what trips i have been on and were i have been. It also tells me what idid there. These are the memorable things i have.

  38. My room is a place where I spend a lot of time. In my room I have many things that mean a lot to me. Two things that really show meaning to me are my cat and objects my exchange student gave me as gifts. These include a hand made jewelry box, a painting, and a wood circle with my name customized on it.

    My cat means a lot to me because obviously he is my pet. Also because he is fun to hang out with and play with. The presents from my exchange student mean a lot to me because it is a reminder of the fun times we had together. These presents will always have a place in my heart because they are from one of my friends that I still stay in touch with but might not ever see again.

  39. On my desk in my room, I have a collection of playbills and scripts. Some are fro when I went to New York. Others are from shows I’ve done. I’ll go through them sometimes to remember the feeling of excitement when I read them the first time.

    I also have all my badges, souvenirs, and medals from thespians. I bought a purple masquerade mask there. I keep my badges and medals on my desk where I can see them. Looking at them gives my confidence. They help my remember the feeling of success.

    All these items have one thing in common. They are connected to my personality. I love to go places and watching shows. I am a very artistic person. I love to tell and watch story preformed on a stage.

  40. My favorite spot in my room is where I keep my medals and trophies. The medals shows that I work hard and that I don’t give up. One goal is… In a 3 years I want to have earned 10 first place metals. This spot also shows that I spend my time practicing and working to get better at volleyball. Something that is important in life is working hard. It you don’t work hard you will not be able to succeed and accomplish your goals. To accomplish your goals and succeed you have to work hard and push through until the end.

    Another thing that is is important to me is my blanket. This blanket is important to me because I have had it since I was a baby. When I was younger I would take it everywhere I went. I would take it to Disney, the zoo, but never to dinner! This also shows that I like stuffed animals! I don’t like the ones that have no meaning, I like to collect stuffed animals from places I have gone. I always sleep with my blanket and one of the stuffed animals. They kind of come as a pair!

  41. My favorite thing in my room is my picture of Silver Star Ski and Sport. This is my favorite photo because I have been there many times, and also the photo is of there mascots. The mascots are two dogs that I have know for 9 years. This photo is also my favorite because it reminds me of all of the memories on those vacations. My second favorite thing in my room is my MVP golf trophy for the final tournament. This is important to me because I spend a lot of time playing golf. I play so much because my dream is to get a scholarship to the University of Alabama in golf.

    In my room I also have a picture of my family. This picture is important to me because family is very important in life. Also sadly some of those people can never be in a picture with me again. In my free time I like to see friends, ride my bike, and play golf. Also sometimes I get to go see family or go boating.

  42. My favorite items in my room is my set of books, because I enjoy reading books and they are all really good written books. I read all of them and I spent a good time on reading all the books. I always liked reading books when I was young and I enjoyed them greatly. I think reading books is important and it helped me learn new vocabulary words. My books represented how I progressed over the years in America.

    My second favorite item in my room is my alarm, because it can play music and it helps me wake up in the morning without me being cranky. It reminds me of how I love music and how I enjoy it. I spend about 20 minutes in my bedroom listening to the radio at 6:00.

  43. My favorite items in my room is my medals and trophies. They reminded me of the different things I accomplished in school and in after-school activities. For example: My student of the month Award. All me swimming medals and trophies and my soccer medals.

    My goal in life is to be successful, to be healthy, and fit. My student of the month award shows that I want to be a good citizen and I want to do well in school and life. My swimming awards show that I want to stay healthy and fit. Together it shows that I want to be a good and kind citizen as well as a successful citizen.

  44. My favourite item in my bedroom is my my desk and Rubik’s cubes (which is mostly dedicated to Rubik’s cubes and things of that matter). What they say about me as a person is that I like a challenge and that I really like puzzles. Rubik’s cubes are very important in my day to day life. In the car, I have one. In my room, I have multiple. At school, I have one. At the doctor or practically just anywhere, I have one. That shows to just how much I love Rubik’s cubes. My biggest dream is to go toa competition and meet Feliks Zemdegs, the current world record holder with 4.73 seconds, or I’d want to meet Matts Valk, the previous world record holder for 4.74 seconds.

  45. My favorite item in my room is bed. I like my bed a lot because it’s really comfortable and pretty big. I do a lot of stuff on my bed. I do homework and I binge watch Netflix, YouTube and, Animal Planet. What this says about me is that I’m sometimes very lazy. It can also means that I like to be comfortable when doing my homework. It could mean I like to sleep but I can never take a nap in the middle of the day unless I’m in a car.

    My cat loves to get in my bed while I’m in it. My cat will cuddle with me sometimes. I have a bunk bed, so she’ll jump on my dresser and then to my bed. She’ll curl up by my feet or head. I hope that my cat will still do that when we move because I’m going to have a different bed. My cat means so much to me and I hope she doesn’t die soon.

  46. Some of my favorite items in my room are my books. I have books from when I was younger, books from my parents or friends, and books that I am still reading. I enjoy reading fiction and fantasy books the most. I like to read, so it helps that I have a small collection above my bed that I can read whenever I like. I have a reading chair in my corner that I read in sometimes. My cat sometimes sits with me when I read and sleeps on my bed during the day.

    I also like to collect small items like rocks or stones. I have a drawer filled with many types of rocks that I collect when I get a chance. I have some jewelry with small stones or rocks on them that I wear on special occasions. Most of the rocks I get are from special places or are a memory from something fun I have done.

    I ran cross country, so I have a shirt and some other things to remember the accomplishments our team made. The shirt is one that I got when we made it to regionals. I also ran track, and I have photos of when we won the championship meet.

  47. The most important item in my room is my dogs little blanket on the end of my bed. This is important because I love my dog and she means the world to me. It is white fuzzy blanket that has holes and and tares in it. My dog Roxy sleeps with me every night no matter what house I am at wether I am at my dad’s or my mom’s house. This says a lot about my personality. It says I love my pets, my family, and all things dog related. And that is true. When Roxy and this blanked came into my life it changed me a lot. In a good way.

    The second item in my room is my large Whine The Pooh Bear. It is one of my favorite items because I have had since the day I got home from the hospital when I was born. It means so much to me. On its little red shirt that he wears it says baby’s first Pooh Bear. It sits in a corner with the rest of my large collection of stuffed animals. I love Pooh Bear very much. This tells a lot of things about me. That I love stuffed animals, I love Whine The Pooh, I love Disney and much more. It tells people that I am soft on the inside. And this is all true.

  48. One of my favorite items in my room is my metal. I got it when I did Jr. Thespians. My friend and I got a superior on our duet, which brought us to states, where we got a superior again, therefore, we got a metal. Another one of my favorite things decorates my room. When I was younger, I did a lot of community theatre. The people there made up the shows, so it was nothing special. One of the shows I did was a mashup of a bunch of broadway musicals, so our backdrop was full of billboards. At the end of the show, we cut up the backdrop. I got the best part, the Broadway street sign. It now hangs up above my headboard.
    Some other things I really like are my record player, my guitar, my ukulele, and my professional microphone! As you can see I am huge on singing and acting and I love writing songs. I want to be in movies one day, and maybe even be on broadway!

  49. I have a closet a computer and a cage for my bearded dragon. My absolute favorite thing in my room is my Bearded Dragon his name is BJ that stands for beardy Jr. I named him that because my first Bearded Dragons name was Beardy and he died of a sickness. My second favorite thing in my room is my computer because I have made a lot of friends and love to stream to YouTube and twitch also interact with people I do not know and will probably never meet.

    I think the purpose of life is to help people not once not twice but when ever we can. Even if the thing you are doing is small like waving to people you see they might not remember it after 5 minuets but they thought about if for a little. If this thing will kill you and save others you should do it if it is something you can stop

  50. My favorite things in my bedroom are my signed baseball and my 1923 silver eagle dollar coin. The reason I like my ball so much is because it is signed by my favorite baseball players including Chris Archer. The reason I like the coin so much is because it is one of the only memories of my grandmother. They say that I like sports and I like my family.

    I like baseball soccer and hanging out with my friends and family. My dream is to become an architect. If I’m not an architect then I would be a professional baseball player. When I have free time, I usually go out side and play, if not, then I sometimes play inside with my brother. What I think is important in life is to be healthy and don’t let other people down. You should be honest and trust worthy.

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