What Does Your Bedroom Say About You?

Hi Almost Seventh-Graders!

This is the last week of school as we head into summer vacation. Hooray!


What are your favorite items in your bedroom?

What do they say about who you as a person – the things you like, your hopes and dreams, how you spend your time, and what you think is important in life?

Two small paragraphs and watch your sentences.


  1. One of the favorite items in my bedroom would be the bulletin boards the hang on both sides of my walls. Most of them are pictures of me younger, with friends and playing sports. I like to remember things that enjoyed or did when I was younger compared to what I do now. Some of my friends don’t go to the same school so if I don’t see them, at least I remember them. Another favorite thing in my room is all the awards and trophy’s. Most of them are from tennis and other sports. My oldest one is from when I did dance and triathlon’s. My favorite would be the Battle Of The Books one because that trophy took the most work to get.
    I think this says that I have tried and done lots of different hobby’s and I don’t have a favorite. One of my dreams is to get all the way to the U.S open for tennis, even though it could take a while. I think this shows that I am a creative person that likes to try different things academically and athletically. Overall, I believe that it is important to express yourself and try new things even if it might be out of your comfort zone. You could end up enjoying it and becoming very good at the new hobby!

  2. One thing in my room that says a lot about me is my computer, and on the weekends I sometimes play with my friends. We talk about sports and have fun for that time. When you have a computer it can distracted you for a while and that can help you because if you use tech like a computer. You will have a little more experience when you use tech you have no clue how it works and that helps you.

    Also one other thing is my room that says a lot about me is my bean because to me that shows That sometimes I like to just stop everything and lie down in the giant bean bag. Sometimes when I’m so tired at night after brushing my teeth I’ll just sleep I’m the bean bag.

  3. Kaja

    Some of many of the items that means a lot to me are my track and soccer medals. I have my soccer medals hanging on my curtain rod. They mean a lot to me because soccer means a lot to me and they have memories of each tournament I played in with my team. It is also very sad to see my medals and my pictures of my team of the walls because my soccer team is breaking apart next year. So the medals on my curtain rod, the posters and pictures of my team on the walls, and a few trophies on my desk mean so much even when they are just metal because they hold memories. These medals will bring my spirt up for when I hopefully join the woman’s USA soccer team. My track metals also mean so much because I won all of them just from this year!
    A few other things that mean a lot to me in my room are my drawing. Most of the really good ones are in a folder and on my refrigerator, but other good ones are on my walls. Mostly paintings and sketches are on the walls. This means a lot to me because, there are pictures from when I drew in alpha and now in 6th grade. A lot of them show my personality for sketching drawings of humans and dogs. I love my draws because they mean a lot to my heart when I look at them and when they remind me of the memories just like my medals. I will never forget sketching my drawings and paintings, and I will never forget wining my medals with my team.

  4. What my bedroom says about me

    When thinking about what my favorite item in my bedroom I have got to go with my soccer cards. I love these soccer cards because of how my friends and I would trade them. Also the feeling when opening a card packet to see what soccer player you will get. The feeling was exciting. My friends and I would spend hours playing against each other. That is my favorite item in my bedroom.

    This say that I love soccer. My hopes and dreams is to successful become a good soccer player. I usually spend my time kicking the soccer ball in the garage. In my opinion I think having a successful job that keeps your life stable is important in life.

  5. I love my bedroom, it is cozy and just the right size. One of my favorite items in my bedroom are my mini basketball hoop because it represents sports, which I love. Another one of my favorite items in my bedroom is my bed, this is because it is very comfortable and is just the right size for me.

    I think this says that I am a active kid and I like spending my time playing sports. I think this also says that i am a type of person that enjoys their sleep. Also I think this says I am the type of person that hopes to have a very comfortable bed when they grow up. This also says that I think being active outside, playing a sport, and getting good sleep is important in life.

  6. My favorite thing in my bedroom is my memory board. I like my memory board because it has a lot of my ribbons and metals from swimming this is special to me because it reminds me of my passion that I love swimming. Another thing that is special to me is my pictures. The pictures are special to me because they are all from a vacation, and when I look at them they remind me of my memories at that place. It’s important to my life because I love making memories with my family and I wait to make more this summer. Last but not least my favorite thing in my room is my french doors because it looks over the brick road that I live over. You can also see downtown at night when all the buildings are lit up. This is important because I love Florida because the pretty sunrises, and sunsets, and also the palm trees.

  7. Some of the things i like in my room is my medals and trophies. They are my soccer medals and my 2 trophies and 1 medal from battle of the books. They were from i played at a soccer club for 1 month every year for five years from i was six years old! i will play next season to. The trophies and medal were from my 5th grade battle of the books, we won the school competitions then won the competitions at Berkeley against five other schools and got a big trophy in Ms. T’s room. They all say that i like to read and play sports.
    Another thing in my room that i like is my painting on my desk, i painted it when i was six. It was of the ocean and i hung it up above my desk so when i do homework i can look at It. It says that i love to draw and paint and make art.

  8. One of my favorite items in my is my bed because it is a bunk bed at the top there is my bed but at the bottom I have a bean bag area where I read and what movies. What it says about me as I person is that I spend most of my time there, when I am not at ice skating. It has a carpet, bean bag, and a miniature library. My dog (Coco) and I lay down on my bean bag sometimes. I have photo underneath my bed of me ice skating and a bunch of drawling that I painted when I was younger. My bed is important because my dad made it for me and he even made a bed for my brother. The reason why I think it is important in life is it comforting when I sleep.

    The reason why it is going to help me in the future is because it is going my get all the rest I need. And all my dream are in my bed. The miniature library is going to help me learn and the ice skating photo are going to help me remember those memories when I was younger.

  9. My bedroom has a full size bed next to a desk and a nightstand with a watch case with 4 watches in it. My room also has a dresser with a flatscreen. I’d have to say that my favorite items are my watches. They make me feel on track and keep me in line as well as looking elegant. I think that my furniture shows that I spend my time lounging watching Netflix on my flatscreen. I think having fun and taking a break is important every once in a while which is what I use my room for.

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