Which Creative Video Writing Prompt Do You Choose?

Hi Students,

Today you will choose ONE of the creative video writing prompts to respond to. Be sure to listen to the directions all the way through to the end of each video. You may have to watch/listen to the video twice to hear all directions. You might want to jot down the questions from the video, so you know what to answer.

1. Creative title, so it is easy for the reader to know which video you are answering to.
2. Three paragraphs: intro, details, conclusion
3. Watch sentence structure
4. No silliness

Have fun! We cannot wait to read what you write!


  1. This is the monster house. This house is located in the middle of the Amazon. It is a mansion built in the Mangroves were you can find lots of animals. The leaf cutter ants are one of the best things included in this mansion. They are your own severs in the kitchen. Next you have a giant bedroom which you can change when ever you want. Located in the bedroom is a giant tank which houses lots of different fish. It also has an ancient Egyptian pharaohs tomb located inside. Many people want to buy this home because it has a giant net that catches mosquitos. Magical people want this house because the pharaoh grants the power for you to do anything good. Our client is a pizza maker that owns Freddys pizza. The house is going for seven million dollars. We hope you buy this house in the Amazon.

  2. A bird watching secret mission
    Our mission is to stop the evil Zuck snake from placing a bomb in the park. We work for the American eagle corporation. We are trying to stop the Zuck snake he came from the sewers and he can squirt water out of his mouth.
    We are disguised as bird-watchers because the Zuck snake hates birds and anything to do with them. So he stays away from them most of the time. The hidden dangers are if the Zuck snake bites you could turn into a Zuck snake. We brought a robot to defuse the bomb if the Zuck snake places it. Also we brought tranquilizer gun so if we spot the Zuck snake we can catch it because he is also really fast and smart.
    My team consist of Jack, Noah, and Evan and Jack is our computer guy. Also Noah is our body guard and Evan is our bomb defuser. Then I am the team leader. Our command station is a bunker under the park we have a camera at every spot a in the park. So the Zuck snake will never get past us

  3. Mysterious Realtors

    Hi, my name is Sonoma from mysterious realtors and I was contacting you to see if you were still looking for a house. I sell old vintage homes from the 1800s with a story, they are huge houses but there are a few things we need to go over before you sign the final papers.This house is like no others it was one of the most famous witches from Salem houses, witch Saint Claire and they say it is still haunted there.
    This house is different because you won’t have to do the cooking she will do it for you, they say that cooking was one her passions. If the house senses danger it will disappear, but it can only be seen by magical people no mortals. But watch out there are some booby traps set in the house, if you see a red block don’t step on it, that’s what triggers the traps to go off. If you see the furniture floating don’t be freaked out it’s just Ms. Saint Claire practicing her magic. The floor plan is pretty simple it is a ten bedroom and seven bathroom home, but as you move in the house it will recognize witch rooms you do use and witch ones you don’t, and it will accommodate. Also be careful who you let in because in the past some people have let others in that are not good, and end up getting hurt. There is so much power in that house that people might want it, so just be careful.
    This house goes for 1.2 million dollars. If you don’t think this is a good offer you can call up some of my other clients such as Luke Skywalker, Snow White, and Pinocchio and see how they like the houses I have offered them. If you do then contact me at (111)-215-4446.


    Hi journal, it’s me, Billy! I got an invitation to an elite ninja school! The food here is really weird because we have to have a certain amount of proteins and carbs and vegetables per day. The kids here are super athletic, just like me. There are a lot of rules here because you know, we have weapons and NINJA SKILLS. There are rules like if you fall off the climbing wall, you have to do 300 push ups and mostly you just have to do push-ups or run around the building til night fall, wearing and electric suit that electrocutes you if you stop. Speaking of the building! We live on an island, the only way to get there is by plane so we can’t run away.

    Hi journal, it’s me again. I had to put on the uniform today, it was super cool. Mine was black but some people got white ones, white is for beginners. The teachers are super mean but I like it. We take tests every day, like push up tests, running tests, punching tests, strategy tests, and of coarse, the infamous swimming tests. That is basically all of my classes for the day but not the P.M.B. Physical Mental break. That is my favorite class. Our training center has a climbing wall, a boxing ring, a gym (because we need more time exercising) , a sweat room and a orthodontist (you would be surprised how many wines we get hit in the mouth).

    Hey journal, it’s me. It is the end of the school year and I have gotten very good at flip soccer, where you have to do do a back flip before you kick the ball. And building scaling races are very fun. I also got to keep a switch blade, a katana, and a six pack (the six pack I earned) but still! I am going to miss this place, but I will try to continue the training at home on our summer break. Goodbye electric suit, goodbye mean teachers, goodbye pushups, and see you again soon!


    Attention, anyone looking for a magical home! I am Avery, the best magical real-estate agent you will every come upon! I sell magical mansions! They can disappear, open on command, fly, go around, etc! Our houses are very special and you will not find a house like the ones my company and I sell. The houses can be located anywhere, as they are very movable, if you tell the house to move to a location, the house will do so. My clients like to move their houses very often, but their favorite spot is probably the beach.
    We have a once in a life time opportunity with this current house we are selling! A three story, modern mansion! In this house we have a lot of special features. We have doors that open on command, the house can fly, dig itself under ground and teleport. The stairs can move and the the laundry room can disappear completely. This is a brand new house, built in 2016. You should buy this house because its great for anyone! It is magical and a great choice for a big or small family. There are 4 bedrooms, 1 1/2 bathrooms, a master bathroom, a kitchen, a TV room, a movie theater, a laundry room, a dining room and a play room. There is a beautiful backyard with a pool that has color changing water! This is a very nice house with a nice open floor plan. The first floor includes the open floor plan of the kitchen, the TV room and the dining room. There is also a bathroom with a sink, a toilet and lots of shelves for storage. In the second floor there is all four bedrooms, one being the master bedroom. In the master bedroom there is the master bathroom. On the second floor there is also a full bathroom, with a shower, sink, counter, toilet and shelves for storage. In the master bedroom, there are 2 sinks, a shower, a bath and a toilet. On the second floor there is also a spacious laundry room that can disappear. On the third floor, there is the movie theatre and the playroom. However make sure you do not open the door that says, “enter here” because even though it says you should enter the door, you should not. The people who go in to the “enter here” are never seen again. This room is for enemy’s you want to trick. Other than that, this is a great house!
    This house is amazing, and is worth every penny. For just 1.7 million dollars, this house can be yours! I hope you consider this amazing deal, and if you have any questions please call me, Avery at 123-456-7890 or email me at magicalmansions@gmail.com. You can visit our website at magicalmansionsbyavery.com to learn more about my company and I. If you question how good my houses are read my reviews on yelp! Taylor Swift filmed her magical “Look what you made me do” music video in one of my houses that I was selling. This is a once in a life time opportunity, call before someone else does!

  6. I’m here part of M-Home Corp. trying to sell this extravagant home. Located in Edinburgh Scotland is a beautiful Hobbit hole only for the most elite of people. This will include Elvish people, Hobbits, and any wizards that want a lavish and magical home.
    The home is 10000 square feet. With a small price of eleven million pounds. There’s also enough space for a magic spell room if need or a whole room dedicated to jewels. The home has seventeen bathrooms and nineteen rooms, four full kitchens (cauldrons included). Three story’s top to bottom is all a rustic modern design. This home will deceive the many for its glory. This home can disappear into nowhere looking like a hill to all mortal humans. Though not many pass by this area. This will insure safety and protection from any intruders. This home also has a backyard with a cloaking fence so no one can see into your privacy.
    This magical home can be an amazing vacation home for the most elite of people. Please come to this location from Saturday to Sunday for a full house tour (cookies included). Anywhere from twelve to eight you are welcome. Make sure you stop by. MHome Corp thanks you.

  7. Recently, I was excepted into an elite force along with two other of my very close friends. The operation is called Bird-way Views and is on a remote island in the Pacific featuring, you guessed it, BIRDS! Our cover is a bird watcher because what else would we be doing on an island of birds, spying one someone to get top secret info.. No, why would we? Fine… you caught me, we are secret agents. Don’t tell anyone though. Our mission is to spy on the secret villain called Birdcatcher! He catches birds, kills, and sells them for money. As an elite group of superheros and spies we need to stop him.
    My group consists up of my two great friends Katé and Sophie as my awesome sidekicks. They help me so much and I am so grateful for them. They are one of the main reasons why I still am applied. I wanted to go home because I was feeling home sick but once they joined too they made me fell like I was at my home becuase they are just so supportive. They help me in life and I can’t live with them. They also help in the missions by being the best and being the logic behind all of the plans and distractions. Without them there is no plan of defeating the evil in the world.
    The dangers of this mission is that we could possibly hurt the environment and risk our lives to save the birds. Our plan also consists of one of us going to the evil side to attempt to rescue him and then arrest him as they try to help untie him. It was pretty well thought of by Katé and Sophie. We only use the equipment that police would use and we don’t try to not hurt anything unless totally necessary. So wish us luck as we go on this daring mission to save the birds.

  8. A few months ago, I was accepted to be a spy for an organization called Birdies. Our leaders are a man named Tom, who has obsessed over birds for twenty years, and his best friend Jerry, who loves reading mysteries. So, we solve mysteries by spying, but the only way we can afford the equipment is by Tom. So, if he agreed to buy equipment, we would have to be disguised as bird watchers. Kara and Sophia are in my group, but there are twenty groups in Birdies. Each of us has a tan jumpsuit, binoculars, a eavesdropping device, a voice disguiser, molding clay, lock picking tools, a backpack, silent shoes, a computer, a backpack, sunglasses, a rope, a pocket knife, and a high tech phone. Also, a tracking device is put in the back of each of our necks along with microscopic cameras in the nose and back. Are mission is to eliminate all illegal wildlife hunters. Unfortunately, in a recent ambush we lost 7 Birdies to illegal hunters. They took all their gear, so now they are more prepared than before, and are ready to go to war. However, we have the location of their base, because they took the 7 Birdies back with them. Our base is completely hidden. It is in the middle of the Atlantic, with tunnels that have silent bullet trains to every country. There are also 10 deadly obstacles that block any intruders from getting in. This information is top secret so keep your mouth shut, for if you tell……

  9. Magical Portal House

    In the center of Mars, there is a magical house. It is a modern house, a ranch, and an amusement park. It is whatever you want it to be. You control everything in the one kilometer by one kilometer area, even the temperature, gravity, and you can throw away food with a thought.
    You can put anything there and take anything out. The house is super secret because if you go through a portal in the “closed” bathroom stall at Paul’s Pizza you’re there.
    This house is $83,333.33 per month and $1,000,000 total. The house is located in the center of Mars.

  10. Flablisha Fab
    This is a new offer for a home on Fablisha Avenue for 11.3 million. This house includes 65 switch rooms, soul servants, driverless helicopter defense, and a built in magical reactor. The house itself on the main level not including the switch levels, is three thousand square feet and considered a extremely large penthouse. You can banish and call rooms at will from Diotress, the storage goddess.

    The house is permanently bonded to your name unless you die, meaning if you want to leave your house, you have to use an incredible amount of manna to unbind yourself. Beware of this if you are an athletic person.

    If you want to buy this house you have to have at least the Bane of Archimedes, the staff of myriad, and a bottled cloud. You can either have these items, or something equal or above in power.

    The open house and tour is at three o’clock sharp and we will be displaying all 65 rooms so don’t be late. You can contact me at 666-666-6666 And remember I’m the devil.

  11. Birdseye View

    Recently, I was accepted into an elite group of spies disguised as birdwatchers. The organization is called Birdseye View. Birdseye View has a large campus beneath the NYC Subway Station. It consists of sleek black buildings and a bird sanctuary. It has many labs and offices, which are all used by are 607 members. Our mission is to end bird abuse in our area(which is quite common).
    Last week, two men, Aaron Oslo and Chris Lester, had been capturing birds using extended butterfly nets. The birds we being sold on the black market for $8,000 each. My team is Kara, Kate D. and Andrea(newly recruited). My team’s mission is to find Aaron and Chris and turn them in. Once behind bars, we’ll make Aaron and Chris fess up about where the birds are. After taking the birds back from wherever they are hidden, and getting back the birds that were sold, we will bring them to a bird hospital south of Manhattan.
    The spies who are part of the Birdseye View organization are disguised as bird watchers because we can easily detect thieves and birds without question. If we look like bird watchers, it doesn’t matter we aren’t judged when looking at birds, people messing with them, and writing down observations. Even so, there are many hidden dangers when perusing a mission such as ours. Aaron and Chris know that the situation is being addressed. Many news reports have aired regarding the missing birds. Aaron and Chris may have a plan against ours or weapons that could be used to stop us. We have our own equipment, though. When going on missions, we bring phones, binoculars, ropes, and bird veterinary equipment. With this equipment, we can spot desired suspects, tie hands together, call the organization, and care for hurt birds.
    On this mission, Andrea with keep watch of any body questioning us or if the suspects are someplace else. Kate Danielson and Kara are observing the suspects and the birds, writing down important information as they go. I oversee the whole thing and strategically plan escape routes and traps. We are off to save the birds, Birdseye View is ready to fly

  12. The School for Elite Ninjas

    As my mom drove me through the valley to the ninja school a guard popped out of nowhere and asked in Japanese with a very thick accent
    ” Show me the invite.”
    So I did then he said in English to go ahead. Turns out it wasn’t a Guard it was a student training and he bowed to me saying namaste. We saw a huge pagoda on the top of the mountain to the left.

    We pulled up to the pagoda and there were a lot of people jumping from poles most were wearing white but some people were wearing black jumping from the poles that were about 10 feet tall. There was someone with a long thin beard and a thin mustache wearing a robe with a dragon design wrapping around it. He bowed to us and walked us inside. There was a tall ceiling, big chandelier and two floors with dorm rooms. He said that his name was Master Joan. My mom said bye to me, bowed to master Joan, and left after I unpacked all my stuff.

    He called for me and gave me a bright white ninja suit and a white belt he gave me a grappling hook, ninja stars, and one 2 foot long samurai sword and a 1 foot long samurai sword. He called all the others and said that we are playing capture the sword and he said whoever captures the sword which was inlaid with gold and glowed with a silver light gets to keep it. The rules were that you had to use karate and could not use a sword. I won the sword by sneaking up on the sword and grabbing it.

  13. Buy The Spire Today

    Hello, wizard, if your reading this, then you must be looking for a home. Recently we have gotten a tower that may be perfect for you! It has great magical potential and we are selling it for the low price of 216,000 gold!
    The Spire is a large multi leveled tower located in the center of the Mana Fields, which gives anyone in The Spire great magical power. Whether you are a wizard, sorcerer or warlock, The Spire has plenty of things for you. It has a brewing stand, for any and all potions you may want, an enchantment table, if you want to alter physical objects to their maximum potential, and an observatory, for using the stars to make your magic even more powerful. Each of the ten floors serves a different purpose, most being for a certain element, but the 7th 8th and 10th floors are for the amenities mentioned above, and the 9th is a common area with things for non magical houses. We have also enchanted The Spire to make it invisible and intangible to anyone without the key, which is toggle-able on the first floor. Due to its location in the Mana Fields, mana wyrms may attack, but The Spire’s defense of enchanted bows should ward them off, but even if they are relentless, they should be no match against a powerful wizard such as yourself.
    You can have all of this and more in The Spire if you go to the location of the house and cast “spirius pucah” and throw the gold into the air. If you do that, you will get a ring of keys with infinite keys to the house. This is a deal of a lifetime. Keep being a wizard, and remember to recommend Eclipse Corperation to any wizard or witch in need of a house.

  14. Velcrom Omega Theaters!

    If you are looking for a place to watch some of the latest hit movies, this is the best place to do it. The seats recline, and the cushion is perfect. Your legs are not going to fall asleep, because these seats will have you wanting to stay forever. Oh yeah, and the seats fly.

    This movie theater is a very large computer. It goes to Rotten Tomatoes and looks at the ratings. It only shows the best movies. You can rent one of the smaller theaters, and invite your friends to watch YouTube or play video games on the big screen. The prices for this theater are amazing. The most expensive food item was $4.00. What a bargain!

    As for the 3D showings, they are extraordinary! Holographic images make you seem like you are actually there! Fight scenes are much more realistic! And those space battles… they will have you in shock. And don’t even get me started on the VR experience.

    96% percent of people thought this was helpful.

  15. Elite Ninja Training Academy or ENTA

    I open the mail. I see something, it says Elite Ninja Training Academy. I open it and it talks about how I got into a Elite Ninja School. It has a shiny coal black uniform attached to the letter. I stare at it and gaze the left side. It says Elite Ninja Training Academy or ENTA. I immediately jump in excitement and thunder to my home to read more about it.

    Ninja school? I’ve always wanted to go to a elite ninja school. I wonder what weapons we’ll use? Shurikens or swords? Ehhh… maybe nunchucks? I can’t wait to get started!. I wonder what subjects we’ll learn. Maybe we’ll learn to disarm other people’s weapons. I can’t wait to tell this to my parents and my brother. Maybe they’ll be excited, or maybe puzzled. My parents thoroughly checked it to see if it is fake. And they said yes. I pounce in excitement. “IM’ GOING TO A NINJA SCHOOL” I screamed

    Four weeks past since I went there and I found it pretty exciting. We learned to disarm each other and how to use weapons like a ronin sword. It was an amazing experience at the Academy. I’m going there next year too.

  16. The Mystery Mansion!

    Today I am selling the Mystery Mansion. This house is huge and a little bit freaky. The house its self is 20,000 square feet! Thats not even including the lawn. The Mystery Mansion has 78 bedrooms and 56 bathrooms. More then 500 mysterious animals live in this house.

    The Mystery Mansion has quite a few weird features. Some of them are the doors can disappear, the mirrors in the house show a different person then the one standing in front of the mirror, and every room has more then one secret passage that you can enter through. It has one hidden danger though, at any time any animal can come out and attack you if your not paying attention to the moving passages.

    I also have quiet a few quirky clients. Most of my clients are either dragons, monsters, or vampires. These homes are located far in the middle of the ocean. You must cross two bridges before you enter or you will be cursed. This house is risky but gorgeous and huge. Will you consider buying the Mystery Mansion?

  17. Ninja School

    I was just walking outside to get the mail when I saw this envelope addressed to me and I opened it and It said that I was invited to join a a spy school! I told my parents and they said I should go, so I packed my things and drove down to the ninja school. I was surprised that it really wasn’t that hidden and it was actually right out in the open under cover as a rundown warehouse.
    I have just arrived to the spy school a week ago, and it is awesome! So far I have learned how to take down other ninjas and stay hidden in plain daylight. I thought that we would be wearing black suits but for training, we are wearing white suits. I have two bunkmates and we have all become very good friends.
    I miss my parents all the time, but I text and call them a lot so I can stay in touch with them. The teachers here are very nice and they are really funny. We have a lot of laughs in class and it kind of reminds me of my old regular school. So far I really like Ninja school and I can’t wait to see what’s to come next.

  18. The School for the Cool

    Dear diary, or journal whatever ninjas call you but today I went to my first day if ninja school. I have to say it is awesome there. The school is top secret so I had to take special bus to school. My new school is under water! So after the bus dropped us off at the dock we went on to a submarine that took us to the biggest (and coolest) place I have ever seen. All we did was train to be awesome ninjas! We got to use flying stars as frisbees in P.E. It might not have been the smartest idea because Jimmy got his hand all most cut off but that’s why we do this. So when we become awesome ninjas and someone throws a knife or something sharp at us, we can catch them.
    There was time to look out at the sharks eating fish but I was watching for too long so I had to fight the One. The One is the toughest, strongest, and best ninja there is in this school. Whenever anyone gets in trouble we they have to try to take him down. I was up and I was so scared I ran. Surprisingly, I wasn’t chased and beaten up. At lunch we are only allowed to eat kale smoothies so we stay healthy. They were really good. After lunch we get to learn par core. I just one day I learned how to do a front and back flip. It’s pretty awesome.
    When the day is over we have to take off our ninja uniforms, that are blue, so no one knows that we are ninjas. The submarine ride was the best. There were turtles, sharks, and even dolphins. When I got home my homework was to run two miles. That didnt take me too long but I just had to tell my mom I had to get my endurance back up for soccer. Today at my new school was fun. But I’m not allowed to tell anyone, not even my mom. See you tomorrow journal!

  19. Homes in a Hole

    There are many of these homes around the world. The homes has many magical things inside of them. Inside of the home there are chairs that float around and if you want to sit down one will come to you. In the home you can walk through walls, and only certain people can. When you are in the house you can teleport to any room without walking to the room. Each resident has their own space, it is kind of like an apartment complex. Each person has an amount of space that they can do anything with. Each room has all of the things I just said. In each of the rooms you also get a magical teleportation device that you can use to teleport yourself around the complex. This can only be used inside of the complex. This device can only teleport you to places in the complex, not around the city.

    The outside of this house is just the underground. There are tunnels that lead to the outside but they are hidden so normal people don’t enter them. This is what you would use it you want to get around the city. Like I said before the teleportation device can not get you to the city. The tunnels are painted a dark shade of purple. When you get to the end you have to climb a ladder to the top. People can’t find this because it is magical, and it only appears when a wizard or someone who lives in the home goes to exit to get out, or trying enter. If anyone sees a wizard or magical person enter, that person will have their memory erased immediately. You have to do what you have to do to keep this a secret. This rarely happens because of how hidden these are.

    The holes are only put in certain areas where people are not likely to find them. The holes are normally placed under buildings so people can not dig under it and discover them. The largest hole is located in California. It has a total of 40 residents living there!! Only some wizards and magical people re looked to live in these holes. There are many of these homes around the world. There are a bunch in the USA, and even more in other places. In each of the states in the USA the amount of homes averages of about 7 per state. Some homes are smaller or larger than the others. We have to have all these homes around the world because there are so many magical people around you. You don’t know the person next to you could be the most skilled wizard in the world

  20. Yesterday I was walking down the street and I stopped to look at an abandoned building. There was a sign outside the building that said it was for sale, and the title above the door told me it was an old cinema. From the outside I could hear strange noises coming from the inside. I heard a noise that sounded like grunting and could hear what sounded like chewing. I realized someone else might be in there, so I opened the door quietly and crept in. When I looked up, I noticed it was much bigger on the inside than it had looked from the outside. Lots of people were eating this strange blue goop in a bottle, which looked quite disgusting. People were also eating burned popcorn with a green drizzle on top. A creepy film was playing about a vampire, and all of a sudden someone jumped out of the movie and sat with the people in the front row! I screamed and slapped a hand over my mouth, but it was too late. All the people in front of me turned around and growled, and I realized they were all monsters! I ran down the hallway and opened a door, shutting it behind me. I turned around and saw a man that looked like a magician creating a film with small paper dolls. The dolls were moving on their own without anyone touching them. Without looking up, he said “Oh Samantha, there’s nothing to be afraid of.” I grabbed the door handle and ran out, reaching the door I came in through. I pulled it open and ran out, and then I hurried over to your house so I could tell you the story.

  21. The Tiny Gold Mansion

    Hello. I am Libby and today I would love to tell you a little bit about the tiny mansion. Our mission is to have a house that doesn’t take up a lot of space that has A LOT of space.
    The tiny mansion has a great exterior with sleek gold rimming. The door is made with thick, pure silver. Once you enter the tiny house, you will see the biggest, shiniest, fanciest chandelier you will ever see! As you travel throughout the house, you will see that everything is made from pure gold and silver. Even the plumbing, light switches, lights, and water. My clients are usually people that go crazy over money. These include people from movies that have spoiled characters in movies. They usually are looking for high quality houses for low prices so we meet that expectation. If you know someone with this quality, it would be a perfect match. The magician this house is that when you are outside, you will only see a tiny, tiny, tiny house. When you walk in it is the biggest house in the history of houses.
    I know what you are thinking, you think that this house would be 5,000,000,000,000 dollars. But, this house is at the low price of $5,000! If you are interested in paying this low price for this high quantity, please call now at (123)-456-7890.

  22. Ocean homes

    This house is under the Gulf of Mexico. To be specific it’s under a island in the middle of a big land of water there. To get to this house there is a special face recognition to get you under the water into the house when you get into the house the door just disappears. When your in the house there is one path changing stair case it flip flops ways to what ever way you want to go you can either go to the living room or you room. Where your standing once you get into the building is the kitchen and the dining room.
    In the living room there is a couch and a reclining chair. They both can float but only the chair can move all around the house too unlike the couch. There is also a TV that can show any movie and any channel in the world.
    Once you get into the actual room there is a elevator that you can order food and drinks from but something you should be worried about is some of the food is poisonous. But there is an expanding bed that can go from a two feet wide bed to a two hundred feet wide bed. In your bathroom there is unlimited bathroom need like hair brushes, tooth brushes, tooth paste, hairspray, etc. There is also a shower that can turn into a bath and expand to over 100 feet wide. The last room is a room made from clear thick plastic and you can see the ocean from all around and see all the critters that live there but the magic part is that when you go swimming close to the house you can see the animals but they can’t see you.

  23. I’m an Agent for All Homes

    My business is Bella’s Real-Estate. My company will serve all different people. Even people with scary, crazy pets. My mission is to not make any person uncomfortable.
    Bella’s real-estate houses will be all sizes and shapes. Some will be mansions, regular houses, and some could even look like castles. In my houses there will be these amazing moving staircases. They will go to every room in the house and they feel like they are not even moving. Some dangers of my houses or complaints are that there is sightings of ghost. This is probably fake so no need to freak out. And or get worried. My houses will have at least two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Some will have five bedrooms and five bathrooms. There will always be the same kitchen in each house. The kitchens will have tons of room and some cauldrons. All the houses will have garages also. You could hang there anytime you want. My house are found from Transylvania to Pennsylvania. So just stop by my office or contact me at [865] 345-876.
    I have done my job now so it’s your job to contact me and get these houses. They are super affordable. My houses can be rented or bought. Rented prices are from 950$ to 2000$.
    Buying prices are from 14000$ to 35000$

  24. Mystical Estates

    In the extravagant area of England is a mansion like no other. It is not for the common is what they would call it but only for magical people. Such as wizards, witches, hobbits and other magical people. This house goes for 1,000,000 pounds which is 1,433,075. U.S. Dollar. It comes with 1 maid or butler your preference and 15 rooms and 7 bathrooms. So would you be interested contact me by email or phone call.`
    Here are some of the houses layout and information in depth. The was built in 1868 so its old but its the best house in the business and, you don’t have to about people with no magical abilities going to knock on your door. It has to two floors, attic, and a basement which looks small but its very enormous Some magical features this mansion has is that the stairs go in and out of the walls when you say. Also that there are secret rooms where they open by a spell you say and create so only the people that know can get in the rooms. Those are some of the features that are there but you can find the rest on your own. That is the mansions layout and features this magical place has.
    From hearing all that about as I said, this is the best in the business and there’s non like this place. It’s the best place to do many activities and make your spells. So are interested as I said contact me by email or phone call.

  25. Gandalf’s Castle For Sale.

    Do you need a home where you can’t be found? Then this is the home for you, it has a secret road that leads to it. But not just any secret road this road can only be seen by the buyer(s). This house is in the middle of Utah forest, near Park City. The forest that it is in the middle of stretches for miles either way. This location is also amazing because, it is a huge castle with secret tunnels, a moat, and a 20 meter tall wall. This house also can’t be seen by anyone other than the buyer. The floor plan is great because the house will change to whatever you want it to look like, but only on the inside.
    This castle is great for everyone and for families big or small. The castle also changes its location every week to a different part of the forest. But there will still be a road that leads into the city. This place is also special because it comes with all of its original furniture. The furniture is very old but is as good as new. The house has 5 bathrooms and 4 half baths, a kitchen, TV room, and more.
    This place is also great because it has a magical pool of youth, a apple tree of fortune, and your very own horse that is as fast as a bullet train. This place has so much to do and see so you can rarely get bored. It is also special because in the kitchen all you have to do in the kitchen is say a command and the robot will make it for you. Overall for such a big place it is cheap for only 10 chests filled with gold or 5 chests full of gems. You can call me or email me at specialhomes@gmail.com and my number is 987-654-3210. If you don’t have enough money than call me and we may be able to lower the price.

  26. Ice cream Spy

    My mission as a spy working for S.I.P.S.O. (Secret Ice cream Protecting Spy Organization) is to defend and protect what brings children the most joy, ice cream. At Home Base, all ice cream threats are analyzed. There have been reports around town about ice cream robberies. If this madness isn’t stopped then children will never be happy again!

    Over the past few years S.I.P.S.O. has narrowed down to one suspect. The Anti Dairy Organization or A.D.O. They have been suspected for all sorts of dairy crimes. And of course this isn’t an easy job. Ice cream can be as dangerous as it is delicious. A.D.O. has been known to show no mercy to trespassers. But where there are enemies there are also alliances. The American Bird Corporation has been a reliable ally since S.I.P.S.O. helped them solve a different case. So anyway they pulled some strings and were able to get some of our spies into their parks. That’s why most spies are disguised as bird watchers.

    There are many kinds of agents that work for S.I.P.S.O. There’s the surveillance team that keep watch over the city. There’s a field team that go face to face with enemy agents. There’s also the research and development team. Not only do they analyze the information from the field, they also build the gadgets. Like the binoculars that turn into nunchucks. They also make the communication devices. But the greatest invention is the spy pen. It looks like a normal pen but it writes in invisible ink, has a voice recorder and a camera, and can spray pepper spray.

  27. Well come to the SUA. Well since you probably don’t know what this Agency is I will give you a little backstory. The SUA was created in the middle of the Cold War to help the US. We would go undercover in Russia and recover important information so the US could be prepared for if any attack would happen. After the war the organization was left unattended. But that is when a rich man named Thomas Hekelbrowm helped to bring up the agency back on its feet. And now to skip to the present we are a private spy agency that protects the world from any threat. And now to get to what you are here for.
    You all are part of a specially selected, elite group of agents that will work together to take down a terrible gang. This Mafia is located in Venezuela or at least its headquarters. At first we thought that they were a little threat but in these recent years they have proved otherwise. The Mafia is called The Mad Gang and they find people around the would till they go mad. And then they order them to go bring back another family member to also get tortured. You will be disquised as a group of bird watchers. And will be positioned on top of a mountain overlooking the base. You will he inserted into the environment 2 weeks before a big event is happening and all of the leaders will be at the party. By day you will observe the base with your binoculars and by night you will come closer to the base and and see where all the entrances are and when each shift happens. Finally when you have collected enough information you will infiltrate the base and take out the leader and then blow up the base. We hope that this will make the remaining people stop their ways out of fright.
    This is your team: Agent Melisa Burns, she specializes in Base observation and Agent Andy Walship dose also aswell. Next Agent is James Thomas, he is a expert marksman and great with any weapon you throw at him. Agent Clarissa West, is an expert with any type of grenade of bomb. And that brings us to Squadron Leader Stephen Smith. He is an expert marksman and amzing with any type of bomb or grenade. He can drive any military vehicle. Stephen Smith is one of the best agents we have. So this briefing is over. You will take of at 13:00. There will be a last minuet briefing at 12:15. Get some rest you’ll need it.

  28. Hi,
    I am Gandalf. And I am part of a real estate buisness for magical homes. The house I am currently looking to sell is a large mansion on an abandoned mountain. The interior has a large underground dungeon which is also perfect for renevating into a lab. Now the rest of the house is furnished with red velvet carpet on the floor. Velvet cushions on the furniture and the tables and other wood furnishings are made of the highest quality cherry wood. The house has three main floors (not including the dungeon). But now moving on to the rooms of the house it contains two master bedrooms, a master kitchen, and one guest room with a bedroom and a kitchen. The previous owner also left some decent ply sized rooms empty which can be converted to anything. There is also twelve bathrooms throughout the house, and one outhouse in the back yard. Although the house can be bought by anyone I would recommend a lot more for a large hobbit family, or a practitioner of magic. Or if you would really like to but this house it would be good to live in or a half year getaway or vacation house.

  29. Hi there! I’m a real-estate agent for Magical Homes Corp! Are you tired of a NORMAL home? Do you wish you had way more space in your home for a lower price? WELL NO MORE! Our magic homes range from mansions that have coat funiture that turns into butlers and maids exept now there sentient furniture, to a middle class home where one specific drawer in a cabinet which has the anomalous power to spout out INFINITE SPORKS! Now you might be asking “How can drawer spout out silverware and never run out of materials, let alone make a tool for eating?” The answer is we don’t know! But who cares? It’s MAGICAL I GUESS! You might also wonder who are clients are. And here a few! We have a clone of Shaquille O’Neil renting a house with a basket ball court that 600 square miles. We have this wizard renting a house with a micro climate (climate is tropical) housing several thought to be extinct creatures from 100 million years ago. We a frog named Carol who lives in a hole in a swamp which when entered for the first time, grants you immortality and enlightens you! Be careful around though! For instance if the cabinet is left open in the middle class home, you could cause major damage and drown in spork. As well the sporks can’t be destroyed unless the cabinet door is closed, but also can’t escape the house. At first the “they can’t escape the house” may sound good, but the problem is eventually it’d become so dense you’d CREATE A BLACK HOLE AND DESTROY EARTH. The way we’ve kept this a secret is we erase the memory of all former clients. If your seeing this though it means the CIA is back after u- I MEAN the CIA is back to pay us for our humanitarian work on the side, OR YOUR JUST A VERY SPECIAL PERSON BEEN SELECTED! YAAAAAAAAAAA! Don’t wait, BUY NOW before it’s TOO LATE!

  30. Are you looking for a home with something special about it? If so, you are in luck! There is a new house on the market…this house is not just any ordinary house… it’s MAGICAL!
    This house is so special because of its ability to be whatever you want. This house can be whatever you want like a mansion or a cabin. This house can have a huge trampoline and zip lines going through the house. The location of the house is on the beach with crystal clear water and ice white sand. The weather there would never get to hot and the water would be the perfect temperature. The sun would never burn you and make you cherry red. Someone who is magical would fit right into this home. There are wand charging stations and a magical hot tub that revives you and makes you even more powerful.
    The name of this house is the Dream House. This is the hottest house in the market! If you want this house you better act quick! Contact us at http://www.magical.house.com if you want this dream house…

  31. Hi my name is Davis and I work for the mystical group of magical homes. I make the top quality homes. I make mansions. My house are only made for the people who want to live an expensive house. My houses usually go for around 200,000,000 or more.

    The most expensive house I did was for the ocean man. The house consists of 5 stories and is at the bottom of the ocean. There is rotating stair cases and expanding rooms. The floors are moving and the rooms are the size of a normal house. The house has a transportation room where there are teleportation stations. One to the supermarket, one to the movies and one to the land. Now my normal houses have a strange floor plan. I have to have many floor plans accounting for every move of the stairs. I have to make the houses far away from society. If anyone finds it I have to make an invisibility protocol.

    If you want a house build by me then I will build one for you. Just remember it will cost a lot of money and will take a lot of time to build. Then you could tell all of your friends and your family about your cool house.

  32. I am a real estate agent. This home is in a small town in South Africa. Their are only a few houses in this area, so there are no bothersome neighbors. The home I am selling is beautiful and magical. It has a huge kitchen with an oven that cooks everything in seconds. The cabinets are a door to upstairs, and have endless storage. The house is painted blue, but the paint is color changing. The staircase has a door to the upstairs so you don’t have to walk up the stairs. I’m positive the new home owners will love their home!

  33. Intorducing the new magical home! The location of this home is in the middle of the earth. It was owned by the creators of the earth but they sadly past away today. Some features of the house is it has a portal to Publix. So you can get food easily. It is a 3 story house and it has a a forest backyard. In the backyard there’s a lake and trees. It is probably for people who love to explore things. There’s also a clock that tells all. There’s a water bed and a pool in the house. But best of all there’s lots of rooms that haven’t been explored! Also the house is alive so if you disrespect it you better run.

  34. I just got invited to go to a ninja school! At my new school we get to wear a special uniform it is a black ninja costume and it is specially infused with the same material from the black panther. At my school we take ninja kill, attacking ocean mans. Hopefully our teachers will have cool costumes too and be super cool. Also they will be able to jump 50 Feet in the air. The ninja gear that we will have is ninja spikes, a sword and and spear! Our building is in the high mountains in the Himalayas on Mt. Everest and with Chinese things on the roof. We have a rock wall a river and a rly cool water slide down the mountain with traps all around it! For sports we have ninja ball were we flip on seesaw’s until one of us fall, it is super fun! The rules of the school are to master zen don’t kill people unless needed and be one with nature.

  35. I’m here in Florida on a mission to find and destroy all camera birds in the sky. We have to believe that there is a guy behind this problem, making fake birds with cameras in them to spy on the citizens.
    Our group works for the ESBT Ending Secret Bad Things. We are trying to stop Richard Brown he is the man behind the camera birds. The whole reason we are dressed up as bird watchers is because there is a bird watching competition this weekend and it is the right time to strike. The only thing we have to watch out for is suspicious behavior towards our group.
    I can not tell you he rest of the group because I don’t want to put any of there life’s in danger. We are using special sun glasses that detect false birds. All the rest of the equipment is in our RV. It has all things that we would need for shutting it down. So look up in the sky and see if somethings watching you.

  36. Dear journal

    If I when to a school for ninjas the uniform would be black close. The subjects would be Stelth, and karate. The teachers would be old wise people. We would start off with harmless things than we would get more dangerous objects as our skills increase. The building would have pads on the Flores and walls and it would be in the mounts. The sports would be like wrestling and things like ninja star throwing. The rules would just be to not kill anybody.

  37. Magic Homes For Sale

    If you are a witch, or wizard looking for a magical home, and don’t know where to look. Well here is the home for you. This a giant under ground castle house it is hidden in the mountains. It is located in the Himalayan mountains. It is dark, quiet, and not many dangers. Only one danger in the winters it can cold, and you can freeze to death. Even though there is this danger it is unlikely it is deep in the mountain to stay warm.
    It has fire pits all around the castle which light when you walk by. There is also a magic garden which makes it look like your above ground. You never need to take car of it, and the plants will never die. The floor plans are the garden surrounds the castle then inside there is a giant hall for feasting. Then there is the magical library to the left of the dinning hall. In the library there is every book in the world, and keeps growing. A special feature is you just say the title of a book, or say what genre you want. Then the books fly to you for you to read. Then on the other side of the house there are 10 bed rooms with a dresser, bed, chairs, desk, and couch. Then upstairs there is a potion room for brewing stuff. Then next to it a laboratory to practice spells, and test experiments.
    The outside of the castle is covered with stone, and metal work. It is a beautiful house with lots more hidden features. It is a cheap affordable house worth your money. If you would like to find out more, or buy any bonus features contact me. I am always up for new clients in my own castle in the mountains. I am there everyday so don’t worry about what time to come.

  38. A Hogwarts-Penthouse

    Hi, Barry Durt of, We Need Your Wallet Empty, here. So, Hogwarts is renting out the dorms of the now disbanded Slitheren for just Googolplexian dollars a nanosecond. This house is equipped with the owner killing pet, Basil the Basilisk, who tragically ate Cerberus and Draco Malfoy. And eighteen million levitating candles and one trillion beds.

    You there, Gandalf, would you happen to be interested in this home? It will protect you from that nasty ghost dragon that has been following you with that terrible smelling mist. It will also protect you from the evil goblins that are on the lookout for you.

    However I do want to give you a fair warning about the previously mentioned, Basil the Basilisk, and that one floor board that will throw you into a parallel dimension. The repair man unfortunately is now in a universe containing pathways to places that continue to become more and more convoluted the farther in you go.

  39. Omg, I found a movie theater. It is kind of magical. But we have to go back I love it. It is located on 16th Avenue not that far away from here. We have to go they are sowing the new Avengers movie and I really want to see it. The movies are magical. How cool. I will tell you more about it on the way there.

    The theater sounds really creepy. There are screams and dripping noises. But don’t be afraid it is harmless. They show mostly action movies but on a special occasion they will have romantic movies also. The movies are magical because they suck you in. It is like you are in the world of the movie. You can get up and walk around and the items in the movie seem real. The creator of the magical movies is not known. The people who know about the theater have been looking for the creator for years, no one has found anything about the creator yet. But maybe one day. But any way, back to the topic. No one knows how the movies are made because that is a secret that only the creator knows. But the movies are still awesome. They serve popcorn and candy. But the cool thing about this candy and popcorn is that they float into your mouth so you don’t have to move a muscle. The movie theater is usually pack with kids our age because only kid like use can find the ticket to get in. Cool right?

    Look were here. I cant wait to see the movie. I am really craving some popcorn and those floating M&Ms. I am so excited to be bringing you here. You are going to love it I guarantee it. Well lets go find our seats and go to the bathroom before the movie starts. Come on!

  40. If I made a ninja school then then there would be a small uniform you had to where darker clothes during spring and fall and white clothes during winter in the snow and also never will or ever where white at night even if walking around.
    We you’ll have archer ranges but instead of arrows it would be ninja blades. We would also have a parkour section that also teaches people to use grappling hooks we would also have a huge room for learning to hit dummies and use sword. Our place would be in the hills and it would be inside and out side of a mountain there is a trail that leads to the top of the mountain where the terrain park is and where they play parkour tag. Most of the special stuff is in the mountain so random people can’t do what these people do. And our place will be huge and some parts the only way to them is parkour.
    We would play parkour tag where you have to jump up and down over stuff and the rules are that when you get tagged the person who tagged you have 3 seconds to get away. We also will play hide and go seek and if you were found before 5 minutes in very fine light you will be kick from ninja school and mind erased

  41. Oh my gosh dude I just got back from the coolest thing ever! So I was walking and it was a really windy and my hat flew into this building so I go and chase it and I realized it’s not a normal building it’s a movie theater. Then I realized I have a couple hours to kill and I buy tickets for a movie. I get in line and I realized all the movies have weird titles like “little red riding witch.” So I buy my ticket and get into line for snacks but all they had was toad legs, yuck.

    So I get into the theater and sit down and there’s a bunch of witches and they will not be quiet and they’re all cackling. Finally the movie starts and they be quiet, the movie was really weird because it was 3D but you could eat all the food in the movie and smell everything. Oh did that wolf smell terrible. After the movie I started talking to some of the witches, and they asked if I wanted to get dinner with them at the caldron cafe. I said “sorry I must be getting home before my mom gets mad if I’m late for dinner.” Then they rode off on their brooms.

    Then I came straight here to tell you all about it and I can take you there. “When they went back to the movies the girl opened the door and it was empty.”
    “Where did it go”
    “There goes your imagination again”
    “No I swear it was here”

  42. Magical Movie Theatre

    I have just gotten back from the craziest thing I have ever seen! I was walking down 4th street when gold sleek doors opened, I walked inside to discover a abandoned movie theater.
    When I went inside there was loud orchestra music playing. Almost like you could envision them sitting right there. I started thinking about how to get out, then a adventure movie started playing. I soon realized whatever I was thinking it was playing on the monstrous screen above me. I thought about it and decided that this was a magical movie theater. The most magical thing about it was that you made the movies, and they came from your mind. Whatever you could be thinking about was playing until something new came into your head. If you are hungry there are some new foods you can try. A common thing to get is popcorn with salt from the Red Sea. If you are thirsty drink some witches brew, made fresh from the cauldron. There typical audience any magical or mystical beast you can think of, a typical guest would be the Pegasus who flies right in.
    This is a great place to spend any free time, it is open 48 hours! Please come, you know you won’t regret it. It is once in a lifetime chance to visit the Magical Movie Theatre!

  43. Elite ninja school
    You have just been invited to attend an elite ninja academy. But first you have to know what you are going to be using. These are the things that you have to know before going to the academy.
    There will be a uniform and it is going to be a ninja suit. It would be black and it would have tools and gear in it. The subjects that you would learn at the school would be history.You will learn how to defend your self in hand to hand combat.You will learn how to fight with a weapon and will learn to ride a horse. The weapons and tools that you will have are ninja stars, nunchucks, swords and bows and arrows. The building will be a remote monastery in the mountains. It is 2 stories and looks like a Chinese temple. There is going to be a rock wall, a training facility and a field with grass to train. The sports you would do are tumbling, gymnastics and horse back riding. The rules in the academy would be 1.) No running 2.) No getting out of the barracks in the middle of the night 3.) No bad role models 4.) Only do something when your supposed to do it.
    Now that you know what you have to be ready for in the academy you will have easy sailing from here. Have a good time at the ninja academy and good luck.

  44. The Biggest House On The Block

    Do you think your out of ordinary well this home is way out of the ordinary because it’s magical. The stairs change colors and this house is a mansion no one but the owner knows what’s inside. One thing that’s weird is sometimes I think my clients are magic just like this house because they never show their face. Also they never really talk which is strange. This house is very private and all the windows are tinted and no intruders will come in. At night you can’t even see the house, every once and a while the beds start to float when you sleep the doors disappear in the morning. If a plate were to break it would pop and be back together. The house is almost like a hotel this house can survive any problem that comes to it. If you by this house you will not regret it because I can guarantee you will never sell it ever again. The locating is very surprising because it’s in the middle of California.

  45. The Birdwatching Freaks

    I am a spy and I work for a organization called CYS. My team and I spying on a man named Cyrus. He has been a wanted criminal on the run for months now. Cyrus has been robbing banks and selling illegal weapons.

    One of my partners named Jackson has hacked into Cyrus’s phone and heard he was meeting a some guy named Evan in a park in Detroit. If my team and I could somehow get close enough to hear what they are doing maybe we could now where Cyrus is going next. My other partner named Will came up with a idea of becoming a bird watcher. The hidden danger is if he spots us listening to there conversations. When we’re spying on Cyrus we’re going to need a couple of walkie talkies.

    When Cyrus was leaving all of team jumped out of nowhere tackling him to the ground knocking him out. Soon enough we handcuffed Cyrus and we transported him to the most secure, high on security, and toughest prison in the world for the rest of his life.

  46. Ninja Academy

    I had just walked outside to check the mail, but i found a different gold and black envelope in the mailbox, i opened it and it said, Welcome To Ninja Academy! I screamed and ran idside before i can read the rest, i had always wanted to go to ninja academy! So i went to bed waiting for the next day.

    RING RING RING went my alarm clock. I quickly went to the car and my dad drives me to the place, the uniform was a black ninja suit with gold stripes. I hopped out of the car to see a big underground tunnel with a poster saying “ninja academy here” pointing to the tunnel. A little bit fishy at first but i went with it. Underground was a huge fortress with a little sign that said the rules the 2 rules were 1. Don’t complain and 2. Be as tough as a ninja. This was no ordinary school rules. Next was the classes, there were only 2 ninja classes, 2 teaches and 2 sports to play. This school REALLY loved the number 2. The 2 subjects were math and history (of ninjas), the 2 teachers were really nice, and the 2 sports were ninja ball and ninja gymnastics, for ninja ball, we climbed the rock wall while having to pass the ball with our team, to win we had to cross the line in the rocks. The gadgets were things like grappling hooks, chains, and freeze rays.

    The last thing we did today was a full tour of the whole place, we saw all the ninja features of the place like the locker room just for ninja suits, the rock walls were shaped like a ninja mask and the whole place was filled with posters with ninja quotes on them from the people that had graduated ninja school. But it was time for me to go home. I hopped in the car and my dad drove off to our house

  47. The Sly Spy

    My name is Terry Elwins and I had the most amazing, interesting, and incredible day. First, I was walking to the mail box to pick up the mail and saw a red envelope with my name on it! I read it and it said that I was accepted into a spy team. I looked around and saw a van that had radios on it with a bird on it. The van read, Bird-Watchers. That was a boring name but a man in the car started to wave at me and told me to come here. My mom said to never talk to strangers but this guy seemed nice. So I went over but he then dragged me by the collar and threw me in the van. All I saw was black until I heard a sound coming from the out side of the van and then a white light shown.
    “Howdy Sir 1-45! I’m Ted!”
    I had so many questions: where was I? How did I get here? Then there was black again.
    I couldn’t see anything but a voice started to explain how I had a name that was a number and how I was a spy and how they were secret spy’s pretending to be bird watchers so they could sneak into a bad guys house and destroy him. I heard his name was Edii The Destroyer.
    I then saw white again and a robot popped his head at me.
    “Oh your awake good!”
    “WHERE AM I?” I yelled.
    The robot started to explain how I was in an under ground spy base. And how there were weapons that were made of clay and how they could set a target on somebody and destroy them. He also talked about all the other spy members that had jobs like: Serena (1-889), she had the job of making weapons and Leon (7-453), he had the job of making the food in the spy base. I was apparently Terry (1-45) who was a destraction so Ted could sneak in the bad guy’s house and destroy him with out the bad guy (Edii) noticing him.
    “Wait…so I’m a distraction? Wait…what are the hidden dangerous of this weird job?” I asked.
    “Oh my, there are none actually. We made a clay bubble that sinks in your skin that makes it so you can never die or get hurt.” Ted said.
    I was amazed and happy. This sounded like a fun job.
    I slept in a spy chamber that night contemplating about spying and destroying. It sounded fun and amazing but scary and what would my parents think? The next morning I had to wake up at 4:30 to get my training done but, an unexpecting surprise came. It was Edii! The spy base was under attack! Everybody screamed exept Ted and I. We stood our ground. I was scared inside though.
    “Attack!” Ted yelled.
    So I listened and got a target clay zapper thing and tried to zap and attack Edii. Nope he just grasped the zapper and broke it. I gulped and ran. Ted was mad and furious of me running away. Oops. So I stopped and ran back helping Ted.
    “Ahaha! What an easy child I can defeat.” Edii said.
    I stared at him until suddenly he zapped Ted. I didn’t know Ted much but I knew a random guy can’t just kill somebody. The worst part was Ted wasn’t wearing a bubble protector.
    “Nooo!” I yelled. Edii then fell back because I pushed him into a wall mad! Somehow he got crushed into the wall. This even scared me. Edii screamed in pain. And that was the end of Edii. I’m glad bad guys can’t get bubble protectors.
    I ran to Ted grabbing his leg.
    “Please Wake Up!”
    No movement. All the other spy’s came along and grabbed my hands. They made a circle that cured Ted! How?!? I didn’t understand the powers of spy’s but I did like that Ted was back. I had more questions about all this but I left that for a different day. I guess the distraction plan didn’t work but at least Edii is gone. After Ted was recovered, He told me that spy’s were disguised as bird watchers because Edii hates birds and would avoid the van and not suspect anything. Ted also answered a few other questions. Ted was amazing! And Ted was my knew friend.

  48. I got a real-estate job a week ago, it’s been interesting. Real-estate is a normal home job for most people, but not for me. I buy and sell homes, but not ordinary ones, I sell enchanted houses for magical people. These homes are castles and are big.

    These homes open and close doors magically and also make you all course meals. You have to look out for hidden dangers such as lamps falling, windows randomly exploding, and floors cracking. These homes are very hard to get out of. This is because these homes have floor plans like a maze. The clients that I sell to are magical and are not ordinary people. These homes are located in gated neighborhoods were no one can see them.

    Trust me these homes will give you a jump scare but are surprisingly beautiful when you get used to them. One day maybe you will come across one of these houses. All I have to say is, be careful when you buy homes. Also remember never judge a house by its looks.

  49. Looking For A New Home? Magi-Cool Homes Is Here To Help

    If you’re looking for a nice house that has a bit of charm (and you’re magical), 436 McMagic St may be the right choice for you. This house was built in 2040 (remember, it’s magical). It’s previous owners, or future owners, were scientists who were bored with living in the same house every day.

    Because of this, every day, it changes into a different building. One day it’s a mansion, the next day it’s a coffee shop. The decision maker is that the inhabitants of the houses become your butlers for the day! More importantly, you don’t have to pay them. You can also do whatever you want in it! One day it could be bank, and you can get money, or it can be a restaurant, and you can eat as much food as you want. However, you must get out of the house before it changes each day, or else you’ll get transported back with the house to its original location. But of course, there is a cost.

    As long as you can spare the daily operating cost of each building (not including taxes because they’re, let’s say, a bit pricy) and the basic utilities. Also comes with a pool, 12 car garage, and some fancy cars.

    Call us at 727-Not-Real.

  50. Bird Spying

    My mission is to spy on people who are wanted and if I see somebody then I will chase them down and bring them to the police. I work for a who dog that can talk. His name is Jerry. He came in the business because nobody ever thought that he would be a spy and then soon became the boss of our business. I am a bird watcher because nobody would think birdwatching would be a spy thing.
    Some dangers are that there is another spy team but they are very bad. They are called breathers. They have stolen 6.2 million dollars since they were created. They are a big threat to us because they know that our base is in Washington. And we don’t know where there’s is. We would move but our base cost 928.8 million dollars and the size of Rhode Island.
    We use umbrellas that can turn into a sniper in less than 2 seconds. We also have binoculars that can turn into a pistol in less that 8.3 seconds. We have about 6.2 thousand spy’s and most of them are birdwatchers but some of them do Uber.

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